A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers

Author: Tony Penston
Publisher: TP Publications
ISBN: 0953132315
Category: English language
Page: 124
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A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers, Tony Penston, 2005

A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers,
Author: TP Publications
Publisher: Bukupedia
Category: Study Aids
Page: 131
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This book is in fact the new edition of A Grammar Course for TEFL Certificate. The change of title is to reflect a completely revamped work and serve a wider readership. The commendations for the first edition have justified my main main objectives: to present the essentials of tesol grammar in a concise and user-friendly way, making them comprehensible in a short period and easily locatable during lesson planning. Like the first edition, this book has been written mainly for participants on a teacher training course, but with the increase in content it should also serve well as a reference for practising teachers. It presupposes a native-speaker or near native-speaker level of competence in English, but takes nothing for granted regarding the reader's knowledge of grammar. It gets straight to the point, knowing what the teacher needs and not wasting space with what they don't. I am cognizant of the value of coursebooks and recommend their use to varying degrees, hence the many extracts from coursebooks in this publication. But besides the coursebook there is a growing popularity of the use of authentic materials, games, instant lessons, etc, so the teacher now has to operate with more unpredictable language in the classroom. Today's language learner is sophisticated and demands both communicative activities and competent grammar explanation. Where the matching tasks in this book are used in tutorials the tutor should cut out and mount/laminate the sections for group/pair work where possible. The tutor may also project the task/answer. Copyright is waived for such tutor activities but I would stress that no further copying is allowed under copyright legislation and it is strongly recommended that each course participant should have a copy of this book. It must be stressed that the activities in this book are designed for teachers, not for language learners. The extracts from ELT coursebooks and the Teaching Notes are intended to show the difference between what the teacher should know and what and how they should teach. I would here like to include a few points on what I believe an English language teacher should know about grammar and its teaching: 1. The teacher should know the terminology, because it is very difficult to explain a grammar rule without knowing the names of the items affected by that rule. 2. The teacher should know the structure rules, simply because most learners are comparing those of English with their own while they learn, and clear explanation should be available to the student on request. 3. The teacher should know how to fit the semantic (meaning) with the grammatical, i.e. we don't just explain the what of the structure, but also the why, the use/function of the structure. The good teacher knows how to teach the 'feeling' for the language besides the structure of it. 4. The teacher should know when to teach grammar, better said, exploit grammar to aid the learning of the language. This involves knowing whether their students are the type who use grammar as a 'mental framework' for language acquisition (this sounds abstract but this type is evidenced by constant questioning about grammatical points, often consequently drawing accusations of testing the teacher). It also involves waiting till learners become curious about a grammar point and being able to present a grammar lesson on that. 5. The teacher should know when not to teach grammar, that is, not to present grammar for grammar's sake. Primarily the teacher is a teacher of English communication, not of English grammar, and these in effect are two different subjects. Native speakers never had to learn (consciously) the grammar of their own language in order to communicate. 6. The teacher should know how much grammar to teach at each level. Most experienced teachers know when to tell a white lie in order to keep information simple and not overwhelm slow learners or learners at lower levels. This book should go some way towards providing the skills outlined in the points above. Remarks and suggestions from users of this book would be greatly appreciated.

Englische Grammatik für Dummies

Author: Geraldine Woods
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 9783527705054
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 352
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Sie mussen jetzt englische Grammatik pauken und Ihr Schulenglisch ist schon ein wenig eingerostet. Sie haben Kunden im Ausland? Da sollten die E-Mails verstandlich sein. Sie mussen eine Prasentation auf Englisch halten? Oder bereiten Sie sich auf den TOEFL vor? Englische Grammatik ist nicht wirklich spa?ig. Da hilft nur dieses Buch von Geraldine Woods, die locker, witzig und leicht verstandlich auch die kompliziertesten Regeln der englischen Sprache erklart. Und auf einmal macht Grammatik lernen Spa?.

Concise Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics

Author: Margie Berns
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080965031
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 571
View: 7775
Concise Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics formalizes, organizes and analyzes the relation of knowledge about language to decision-making in practice. It synthesizes research in psycholinguistics, educational linguistics and sociolinguistics, freely crossing subject fields to establish innovative and expert responses to some of the key debates in the field. Authored and compiled by leaders in their various specialties and collated and extensively re-edited from the award-winning Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, Second Edition, this collection will be an ideal one-stop desk reference solution for any linguistics professional and researcher interested in how language operates at the leading edge. Authoritative review of this dynamic field placed in an interdisciplinary context Over 100 articles by leaders in the field Compact and affordable single-volume format

Innovation in English Language Teaching

A Reader
Author: David Hall,Ann Hewings
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113637048X
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 304
View: 2509
This reader provides both theoretical perspectives and practical tools for analysing and understanding how ELT classroom curricula can be analysed, developed and evaluated. The commissioned and classic texts place curriculum change in a philosophical framework and also explore the political and institutional considerations. A series of case studies are provided to highlight both the role of the teacher in curriculum innovation and various processes of planning and implementation. The final section deals with evaluating curriculum and syllabus change.

English Linguistics

An Introduction
Author: Christian Mair
Publisher: Narr Francke Attempto Verlag
ISBN: 3823379569
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 262
View: 9186
"English Linguistics" is a compact and easy-to-use introduction to English linguistics which - is tailored to the needs of students of English at German, Austrian and Swiss universities, - contains graded exercises to motivate students to carry out independent research, and - bridges the gap between linguistics and the literary and cultural-studies components of the typical BA in English Studies. Bachelor-wissen "English Linguistics" goes beyond the usual introduction in offering accompanying web resources which provide additional material and multi-media illustration.

DaF kompakt

Zweibändige Ausgabe. Mit 3 Audio-CDs / Ilse Sander .... .... A1/B1. Hauptbd.
Author: N.A
Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH
ISBN: 9783126761802
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 255
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Lehrbuch der Veterinärhomöopathie

Author: John Saxton,Peter Gregory
Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag
ISBN: 9783830491354
Page: 206
View: 2153

Blick in die Ewigkeit

Die faszinierende Nahtoderfahrung eines Neurochirurgen
Author: Eben Alexander
Publisher: Integral
ISBN: 3641095913
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 256
View: 962
Eine spektakuläre Reise in das Leben nach dem Tod Was geschieht, wenn wir sterben? Gibt es ein Leben nach dem Tod? Fragen, die jeden Menschen berühren und die in diesem Buch auf revolutionäre Weise neu beantwortet werden. Mit 54 Jahren erkrankt der renommierte Neurochirurg und Harvard-Dozent Eben Alexander an einer extrem seltenen Form der Hirnhautentzündung. Er fällt ins Koma. Die Ärzte stellen fest, dass sein Gehirn irreparabel geschädigt ist, und prognostizieren sein baldiges Ende. Doch Eben Alexander kehrt ins Leben zurück – und gesundet innerhalb kurzer Zeit. Minutiös berichtet der Gehirnforscher, was er während des Komas durchlebte: Begleitet von einem Engelwesen taucht er ein in eine Welt ohne Zeit und Raum, in der sich ihm die göttliche Quelle allen Seins offenbart. Hier erfährt er: Wir alle sind Teil eines universalen, unsterblichen Bewusstseins.

Strategies for Teaching English Learners

Author: Lynne T. Díaz-Rico
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780205566754
Category: Education
Page: 484
View: 4178
Thoroughly updated, the second edition includes a description of the unique contributions of non-native-English-speaking teachers make to the teaching of English, up-to-date information on the demographics of English learners and the demand for English teachers worldwide, a profile of an elementary school with an innovative social-justice curriculum approach, suggestions about the use of learning centers in English-as-a-foreign-language elementary classrooms, an expanded definition of culture to include a contemporary emphasis on identity, a critical view about the study of gender and race in the classroom, new ways to incorporate volunteers into classroom instruction, ways to encourage "virtual volunteering," and finally project-based learning and service learning are combined in Chapter 15 as ways to link English learners with the larger community. --From publisher's description.

Applied Linguistics

Author: Guy Cook
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780194375986
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 134
View: 1792
This is a series of brief surveys intended for readers new to thé format study of language. Each book contains four parts : survey, an up-to-date overview of the area concerned ; readings, short readings with study questions ; References, a selection of annotated references glossary, explanations of terms, cross referenced to the Survey This structure is designed to allow different groups of readers to focus on different parts of the book according to their interest and need. Applied linguistics addresses the most pressing and controversial areas of contemporary language use, including intercultural communication, political and commercial persuasion, the impact of new technologies, the growth of English, language in education, and foreign language teaching and learning. This clearty written introduction provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the main concerns of applied linguistics today.

Oxford Companion to the English Language

Author: Tom McArthur,Jacqueline Lam-McArthur,Lise Fontaine
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191073873
Category: Reference
Page: 768
View: 1126
The Oxford Companion to the English Language provides an authoritative single-volume source of information about the English language. It is intended both for reference and for browsing. The first edition of this landmark Companion, published in 1998, adopted a strong international perspective, covering topics from Cockney to Creole, Aboriginal English to Caribbean English and a historical range from Chaucer to Chomsky, Latin to the World Wide Web. It succinctly described and discussed the English language at the end of the twentieth century, including its distribution and varieties, its cultural, political, and educational impact worldwide, its nature, origins, and prospects, and its pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, word-formation, and usage. This new edition notably focuses on World Englishes, English language teaching, English as an international language, and the effect of technological advances on the English language. More than 130 new entries include African American English, British Sign Language, China English, digital literacy, multimodality, social networking, superdiversity, and text messaging, among many others. It also includes new biographical entries on key individuals who have had an impact on the English language in recent decades, including Beryl (Sue) Atkins, Adam Kilgariff, and John Sinclair. It is an invaluable reference for English Language students, and fascinating reading for any general reader with an interest in language.

Bulletin of the Foreign Language Center, Tokai University

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Language and languages
Page: N.A
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Teaching English

A Linguistic Approach
Author: John Keen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351012495
Category: Education
Page: 130
View: 3507
Published in 1978, this is a concise and practical guide to the use of linguistic theory and analytical techniques in English language teaching at secondary and tertiary levels of education. Much has been written in this area in the past, but previous emphasis has most often been theoretical. This book is concerned with the realities of teaching, and each technique recommended is explained by reference to actual examples of students’ writing and speech. The underlying theory is discussed only when this serves to clarify practice. John Keen demonstrates how students’ existing grasp of the uses and processes of English can provide a reliable base from which to develop their language skills in a meaningful and effective way. His own experience has convinced him that the sympathetic use of linguistic insights can help in teaching the conventions of spelling and grammar, developing students’ sensitivity to meaning in language and enabling them to use language resourcefully in a variety of contexts – including writing coherently and at length on particular topics. The Bullock Report recommended that language study should be part of every teacher’s training. This book indicates some directions that such a language study might take.

The Teacher's Grammar of English with Answers

A Course Book and Reference Guide
Author: Ron Cowan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521809733
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 709
View: 7012
The Teacher's Grammar of English is a comprehensive resource text designed to help ESL/EFL teachers understand and teach American English grammar. The Teacher's Grammar of English is a comprehensive resource text designed to help ESL/EFL teachers and teachers-in-training understand and teach American English grammar. In addition to complete, up-to-date coverage on form, meaning, and usage, each chapter includes practical suggestions for teaching, as well as a unique section that analyzes common errors made by learners from different first-language backgrounds, based on current research in second-language acquisition. Review exercises throughout each chapter make the book an ideal text for a course on English grammar. An answer key is included.

A History of English Language Teaching

Author: Anthony Philip Reid Howatt
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 394
View: 804
This book traces the history of English language teaching right up to the origins of the communicative approach, ending with a discussion of the impact of applied linguistics on language teaching in both America and Britain.


a journal for the teacher of English outside the United States
Author: United States Information Agency,United States. Dept. of State. Office of English Language Programs
Publisher: N.A
Category: Foreign Language Study
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Foreign languages

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Language and languages
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Linguistic and communicative competence

topics in ESL
Author: Christina Bratt Paulston
Publisher: Multilingual Matters Ltd
Category: Foreign Language Study
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Linguistics at work

a reader of applications
Author: Dallin D. Oaks
Publisher: Harcourt College Pub
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
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