A glossary of later latin

to 600 A.D.
Author: Alexander Souter
Publisher: N.A
Category: Latin language, Postclassical
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Medieval Latin

An Introduction and Bibliographical Guide
Author: Frank Anthony Carl Mantello,A. G. Rigg
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 9780813208428
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 774
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Organized with the assistance of an international advisory committee of medievalists from several disciplines, Medieval Latin: An Introduction and Bibliographical Guide is a new standard guide to the Latin language and literature of the period from c. A.D. 200 to 1500. It promises to be indispensable as a handbook in university courses in Medieval Latin and as a point of departure for the study of Latin texts and documents in any of the fields of medieval studies. Comprehensive in scope, the guide provides introductions to, and bibliographic orientations in, all the main areas of Medieval Latin language, literature, and scholarship. Part One consists of an introduction and sizable listing of general print and electronic reference and research tools. Part Two focuses on issues of language, with introductions to such topics as Biblical and Christian Latin, and Medieval Latin pronunciation, orthography, morphology and syntax, word formation and lexicography, metrics, prose styles, and so on. There are chapters on the Latin used in administration, law, music, commerce, the liturgy, theology and philosophy, science and technology, and daily life. Part Three offers a systematic overview of Medieval Latin literature, with introductions to a wide range of genres and to translations from and into Latin. Each chapter concludes with a bibliography of fundamental works--texts, lexica, studies, and research aids. This guide satisfies a long-standing need for a reference tool in English that focuses on medieval latinity in all its specialized aspects. It will be welcomed by students, teachers, professional latinists, medievalists, humanists, and general readers interested in the role of Latin as the learned lingua franca of western Europe. It may also prove valuable to reference librarians assembling collections concerned with Latin authors and texts of the postclassical period. ABOUT THE EDITORS F. A. C. Mantello is professor of Medieval Latin at The Catholic University of America. A. G. Rigg is professor of English and medieval studies and chairman of the Medieval Latin Committee at the University of Toronto's Centre for Medieval Studies. PRASIE FOR THE BOOK "This extraordinary volume, joint effort of dozens of scholars in eight countries, will be in constant use for research, for advising students and designing courses, and for answering the queries of nonmedievalist colleagues. . . . Medieval Latin provides a foundation for advances in research and teaching on a wide front. . . . Though Mantello and Rigg's Medieval Latin is a superb reference volume, I recommend that it also be read from beginning to end--in small increments, of course. The rewards will be sheaves of notes and an immensely enriched appreciation of Medieval Latin and its literature."--Janet M. Martin, Princeton University, Speculum "A remarkable achievement, and no one interested in medieval Latin can afford to be without it."--Journal of Ecclesiastical History "Everywhere there is clarity, conclusion, judicious illustration, and careful selection of what is central. This guide is a major achievement and will serve Medieval Latin studies extremely well for the foreseeable future."--The Classical Review

Introduction to Medieval Latin

Author: Karl Strecker
Publisher: Georg Olms Verlag
ISBN: 9783615400946
Category: Latin language, Medieval and modern
Page: 174
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a glossary of the vespasian psalter and hymns

Author: N.A
Publisher: Librairie Droz
ISBN: 9782251661544
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The Power of Religion in Late Antiquity

Author: Andrew Cain,Noel Emmanuel Lenski
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754667254
Category: History
Page: 464
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Late Antiquity witnessed a dramatic recalibration in the economy of power, and nowhere was this more pronounced than in the realm of religion. The transformations that occurred in this pivotal era moved the ancient world into the Middle Ages and forever changed the way that religion was practiced. The twenty eight studies in this volume explore this shift using evidence ranging from Latin poetic texts, to Syriac letter collections, to the iconography of Roman churches and Merowingian mortuary goods.The kaleidoscope of perspectives they provide creates a richly illuminating volume that add a new social and political dimension to current debates about religion in Late Antiquity.

An Anthology of Informal Latin, 200 BC–AD 900

Fifty Texts with Translations and Linguistic Commentary
Author: J. N. Adams
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316673251
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: N.A
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This book contains over fifty passages of Latin from 200 BC to AD 900, each with translation and linguistic commentary. It is not intended as an elementary reader (though suitable for university courses), but as an illustrative history of Latin covering more than a millennium, with almost every century represented. Conventional histories cite constructions out of context, whereas this work gives a sense of the period, genre, stylistic aims and idiosyncrasies of specific passages. 'Informal' texts, particularly if they portray talk, reflect linguistic variety and change better than texts adhering to classicising norms. Some of the texts are recent discoveries or little known. Writing tablets are well represented, as are literary and technical texts down to the early medieval period, when striking changes appear. The commentaries identify innovations, discontinuities and phenomena of long duration. Readers will learn much about the diversity and development of Latin.

The Power of Words

Essays in Lexicography, Lexicology and Semantics : in Honour of Christian J. Kay
Author: Graham D. Caie,Carole Hough,Irené Wotherspoon
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042021217
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 231
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This volume comprises essays in lexicography, lexicology and semantics by leading international experts in these fields. The contributions cover Old, Middle and Present-Day English and Scots, and specific subjects include medical vocabulary, colour lexemes, and semantic and pragmatic meaning in terms for politeness, money and humour. In the area of Old English studies there are articles on kinship terminology and colour lexemes, and in Middle English a semantic and syntactic study of the overlapping of the verbs dreden and douten. Many of the essays make use of the Historical Thesaurus of English project at the University of Glasgow, and pay tribute to its Director, Professor Christian Kay; e.g., one article demonstrates how the HTE, a project which is at the interface between historical semantics and lexicography, may present a rich resource for information about the lexicalization of concepts within our culture, such as changing social attitudes in the area of will, consent and coercion. Other resources, such as The Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English, and the Oxford English Dictionary provide a rich source for information on historical lexicography, semantics and editing. A number of essays concern the Scots language, such as an analysis of evaluative terms in modern Scots speech and writing, the rich potential of rhyme in Scots, and the role of lexicon in th- fronting in Glaswegian.

Magic and Magicians in the Greco-Roman World

Author: Matthew Dickie
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415311292
Category: History
Page: 380
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This study is the first to assemble the evidence for the existence of sorcerors and sorceresses in the ancient world. Compelling and revealing in the breadth of evidence employed this will be an essential resource.

Go Forth, Christian Soul

The Biography of a Prayer
Author: John Stuart Lampard
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1498207588
Category: Religion
Page: 234
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The prayer "Go forth Christian Soul, on your journey from this world" has supported generations of Christians in the moments of their dying. In this original biography of the prayer known as the Proficiscere the author traces the history of this well-known text from its origins in eighth-century France to the present day. During 1,200 years of biography we meet an extraordinary range of people whose lives have affected or interacted with the life of the prayer. These include Thomas Cranmer, William Caxton, Cardinal Newman, General Gordon of Khartoum, Edward Elgar, and Cardinal Basil Hume. Versions of this famous prayer have found their way into contemporary funeral liturgies. The author draws on liturgical scholarship history and not least his own experiences as a minister to the dying. At the end of this biography you will never look on your own dying, or that of others around you, as you have before. You will be better prepared, at your death, to hear the words "Go forth Christian Soul."

Old English Literature and the Old Testament

Author: Michael Fox,Manish Sharma
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442620269
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 408
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It would be difficult to overestimate the importance of the Bible in the medieval world. For the Anglo-Saxons, literary culture emerged from sustained and intensive biblical study. Further, at least to judge from the Old English texts which survive, the Old Testament was the primary influence, both in terms of content and modes of interpretation. Though the Old Testament was only partially translated into Old English, recent studies have shown how completely interconnected Anglo-Latin and Old English literary traditions are. Old English Literature and the Old Testament considers the importance of the Old Testament from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, from comparative to intertextual and historical. Though the essays focus on individual works, authors, or trends, including the Interrogationes Sigewulfi, Genesis A, and Daniel, each ultimately speaks to the vernacular corpus as a whole, suggesting approaches and methodologies for further study.

No One Seeks for God

An Exegetical and Theological Study of Romans 1.18-3.20
Author: Richard H. Bell
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161468643
Category: Religion
Page: 359
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The Song of Songs

Commentary and Homilies
Author: Origen
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809102617
Category: Religion
Page: 385
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Origen's Commentary, the first great work of Christian mysticism, is characterized by extraordinary richness of thought and depth of mystical conception. The Homilies seem to have been written only a few years after the Commentary-probably before 244.

Selected Sermons; Homilies

Author: Peter Chrysologus
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 0813211174
Category: Religion
Page: 462
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American Journal of Philology

Author: Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve,Charles William Emil Miller,Benjamin Dean Meritt,Tenney Frank,Harold Fredrik Cherniss,Henry Thompson Rowell
Publisher: N.A
Category: Classical philology
Page: N.A
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The Carmelite Rule, 1207-2007

proceedings of the Lisieux Conference, 4-7 July 2005
Author: Evaldo Xavier Gomes
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788872881026
Category: Religion
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Late Latin

Author: Einar Löfstedt
Publisher: N.A
Category: Latin language
Page: 215
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The Harley Latin-Old English Glossary, Edited from British Museum Ms Harley 3376

Author: Robert Thompson Oliphant
Publisher: N.A
Category: English language
Page: 224
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Guide to the sources of medieval history

Author: R. C. van Caenegem,François Louis Ganshof
Publisher: North-Holland
Category: Reference
Page: 428
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