All My Eggs in One Basket

Author: Raymond Francine
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780953285792
Category: Chickens
Page: 326
View: 1533

Eggs in One Basket

Author: Kathy Mackel
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780060292133
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 195
View: 4156
With the help of two middle school classmates and a bear-like talking "dog" from the planet Sirius, seventh-grader Scott Schreiber discovers that he can be a hero in other ways than on the football field.

The One Thing

Die überraschend einfache Wahrheit über außergewöhnlichem Erfolg
Author: Gary Keller,Jay Papasan
Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft
ISBN: 3864149754
Category: Self-Help
Page: 256
View: 9221
Man möchte viel erreichen und die Dinge so schnell und erfolgreich wie möglich erledigen. Doch leichter gesagt als getan: Die tägliche Flut an E-Mails, Meetings, Aufgaben und Pflichten im Berufsleben wird immer größer. Und auch unser Privatleben wird immer fordernder, Stichwort Social Media. Schnell passiert es da, dass man einen Termin vergisst, eine Deadline verpasst und im Multitasking-Dschungel untergeht. Wie schafft man es, Struktur ins tägliche Chaos zu bekommen und sich aufs Wesentliche zu konzentrieren? Die New-York-Times-Bestellerautoren Gary Keller und Jay Papasan verraten, wie es gelingt, den Stress abzubauen und die Dinge geregelt zu bekommen – mit einem klaren Fokus auf das Entscheidende: The One Thing. Der Ratgeber enthält wertvolle Tipps und Listen, die helfen produktiver zu werden, bessere Ergebnisse zu erzielen und leichter das zu erreichen, was man wirklich will.

Serials in the Park

Author: Patricia S. French,Richard L. Worthing
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317718003
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 380
View: 3670
Discover new methods for simplifying the serials management process in today’s electronic era The dawn of the new millennium changed the field of information sciences forever as librarians and researchers alike were barraged with many new concepts and technologies, creating chaos and confusion. Serials in the Park is a breath of fresh air as expert speakers and consultants from the 18th Annual NASIG Conference (2003, Portland, Oregon) focus on the most significant trends and innovations for you and your patrons to use. From the Information Resource Matrix and serials aggregation to digital preservation and fund allocations, this important resource will help you successfully navigate the best path through unfamiliar territory. With Serials in the Park, you’ll have a tangible source to turn to about several noteworthy issues, such as: the rules, principles, and terminology underlying serials cataloging the state of mergers in the serials publishing industry from the viewpoints of a librarian, a vendor, and a publisher the CONSER recommended aggregator-neutral record for electronic serials cataloging the integration of new library systems and how it affects copyright law the barriers and challenges facing clients with disabilities when using electronic resources developing, writing, and using written procedures manuals for technical services the current state of print repositories Along with presentations and workshops presented at the conference, this handy tool includes the hottest topics and the latest reports from reliable sources. With this book, you’ll also receive vital, practical advice on networking, cross-campus partnerships, training and education, and strategies for dealing with the transition from print to digital despite budget constraints. By showing you how to avoid pitfalls and dead ends, Serials in the Park helps you will improve efficiency, reduce the workload in public services, and enhance services to the users.

All in One Basket

Nest Eggs by
Author: Deborah Devonshire
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1848545940
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 368
View: 641
Entertaining, instructive, thought-provoking and hilarious, the unmistakeable voice of Deborah Devonshire rings out of this volume which combines her two collections of 'occasional' writings - Home to Roost and Counting My Chickens. The pieces are broad and eclectic in their subjects, ranging from treasures unearthed while the kitchen was being redecorated, musings about the reason for the reworded town sign, tourism at Chatsworth, a ringside view of both John F. Kennedy's inauguration and funeral, and the value of deportment. No matter what she's writing about she is always affectionate, shrewd and uproariously funny.

And Good Is

Amerikanische Seltsamkeiten aus einheimischer Perspektive
Author: John Madison
ISBN: 3838704754
Category: Humor
Page: 286
View: 5890
Amerika. Unendliche Weiten, Hollywood-Stars und leckere Steaks direkt vom Grill. Oder vielleicht eher laute Horden Verrückter, merkwürdige Politiker und vor Fett triefendes Fast Food? Wie ist es denn nun wirklich, das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten? John Madison und seine deutsche Frau Bettina kennen Land und Leute. Sie wissen genau, warum Amerika das beste Dritte-Welt-Land der Erde und den Amerikanern ihr Präsident immer ziemlich egal ist, wie man einen Hot Dog isst, ohne sich vollends zuzukleckern, und vieles mehr. Und sie zeigen uns Deutschen, dass Amerika und seine Bewohner doch ganz schön anders sind, als wir uns das so vorstellen ...

Die Essays von Warren Buffett

das Buch für Investoren
Author: Warren Buffett
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783898790864
Page: 299
View: 7018

Modern Proverbs and Proverbial Sayings

Author: Bartlett Jere Whiting
Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 709
View: 8113
Lists by key word thousands of proverbs currently in use in Britain and the U.S.

Where You Are (Between the Lines #2)

Author: Tammara Webber
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 014134749X
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 5875
The second book in an irresistible New Adult series about hot teen actors by Tammara Webber, author of the New York Times-bestseller Easy. Perfect for fans of Slammed by Colleen Hoover and Breathe by Abbi Glines. With her first Hollywood film released, Emma is pursuing her real dream - she wants to go to university and try to live a normal life. She's put her fractured relationship with Reid behind her and she and Graham are relishing every romantic moment they manage to spend together. A long-distance relationship is an effort worth making for the right person. But Reid is bored and he's used to getting his own way so when his vengeful ex, Brooke, persuades him to join forces to break up Emma and Graham, he relishes the challenge. Will Graham and Emma's tender love be strong enough to withstand the assault?

Cocaine, the Gulf Connection

Author: K. S. McDonald
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1467036757
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 9144

Everything Is Subject to Change

Author: Greg S. Reid
Publisher: Sherpa Press
ISBN: 0981937276
Category: Self-Help
Page: 160
View: 3131

Grammatik und Wortschatz

Vertiefung der Grundlagen / Astrid Stannat ...
Author: Astrid Stannat
Publisher: Mentor
ISBN: 9783580635466
Page: 166
View: 1345
Mit Comiczeichnungen aufgelockerte Schülerhilfe zu grammatischen Problempunkten der Mittelsstufe; geeignet zum selbständigen Erarbeiten wie für den Nachhilfeunterricht.

You Don't Need an MBA to Make Millions

Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur
Author: Tim Moore
Publisher: ECW Press
ISBN: 1550226940
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 257
View: 5307
Tim Moore's summer job in the moving business led to the creation of the largest, coast-to-coast moving company in Canada -- AMJ Campbell Van Lines. With 48 offices, Tim's company generated $125 million in sales. Today, as one of Canada's most successful businessmen, Tim is able to spot and mentor future entrepreneurs. Dozens of ordinary people were tutored by Tim to become successful business operators, and often, millionaires themselves. With his latest venture, Premiere Executive Suites, Tim has progressed from a single condo in Halifax to 400+ suites and townhouses in eight cities across Canada -- in less than five years! In this book, he provides practical advice on how to start and run a successful business. Some of the chapters include "Creating a Second Successful Business," "Real Estate . . . Always a Good Investment," "Partners -- and How to Choose Them," "Nice Guys Finish First," and "Making Your Business Stand Out from the Competition."

Small Stocks for Big Profits

Generate Spectacular Returns by Investing in Up-and-Coming Companies
Author: George Angell
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470437643
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 210
View: 1130
Praise for SMALL STOCKS for BIG PROFITS "George has done it again with Small Stocks for Big Profits. His in-depth experience is invaluable in helping traders explore stocks that are $5 or less, without getting caught up in the fly-by-night idea companies that plague this investment level. He shows you where to look for opportunity and more importantly how to lock in profits in this little understood investment arena. Impressive!" —Noble DraKoln, author of Winning the Trading Game In Small Stocks for Big Profits, George Angell outlines an effective strategy for finding up-and-coming companies with the potential of earning you incredible returns. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this reliable resource shows you how using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis-along with other essential tools-can put you in a position to profit from the explosive growth of smaller companies with undervalued, low-priced stocks. Page by page, you'll discover how to incorporate this proven approach into your own investment endeavors as Angell discusses how to use it to select, place, and exit trade after profitable trade. Small, speculative stocks are quickly beginning to appear on the radar screens of investors around the world. If you want to make the most of your time in this lucrative market, pick up Small Stocks for Big Profits today and put its invaluable insights to work for you.

In My Life

The Brian Epstein Story
Author: Debbie Geller
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466865946
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 208
View: 7999
Without the determination, magnetism, vision, good manners, respectable clothes and financial security of Brian Epstein, no one would ever have heard of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. In Liverpool, in December 1961, Brian Epstein met the Beatles in his small office and signed a management deal. The rest may be history, but it's a history that Epstein created, along with a blueprint for all pop groups since. Out of the public eye, Epstein was flamboyant and charismatic. He drank, gambled compulsively and took drugs to excess. But people remember his wit, charm and capacity to inspire affection and loyalty. That's when he wasn't depressed, even suicidal. Epstein was Jewish in a society filled with anti-Semitism. He was homosexual at a time when it was a crime to be gay, and from his teenage days to the end of his life he suffered arrests, beatings and blackmail--all of which had to be kept secret. In In My Life: The Brian Epstein Story, Debbie Geller tells the story of Epstein's complicated life through the reminiscences of his friends and family. Based on dozens of interviews--with Paul McCartney, George Martin and Marianne Faithfull, among others--plus many of Epstein's personal diaries, this book uncovers the truth behind the enigmatic young man who unintentionally caused a cultural revolution--and in the process destroyed himself.

Ten Steps to Financial Stability

Author: N.A
ISBN: 1257818864
Page: N.A
View: 4121

Hermes Pan

The Man Who Danced with Fred Astaire
Author: John Franceschina
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199913064
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 320
View: 5122
Armed with an eighth-grade education, an inexhaustible imagination, and an innate talent for dancing, Hermes Pan (1909-1990) was a boy from Tennessee who became the most prolific, popular, and memorable choreographer of the glory days of the Hollywood musical. While he may be most well-known for the Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers musicals which he choreographed at RKO film studios, he also created dances at Twentieth Century-Fox, M-G-M, Paramount, and later for television, winning both the Oscar and the Emmy for best choreography. In Hermes Pan: The Man Who Danced with Fred Astaire, Pan emerges as a man in full, an artist inseparable from his works. He was a choreographer deeply interested in his dancers' personalities, and his dances became his way of embracing and understanding the outside world. Though his time in a Trappist monastery proved to him that he was more suited to choreography than to life as a monk, Pan remained a deeply devout Roman Catholic throughout his creative life, a person firmly convinced of the powers of prayer. While he was rarely to be seen without several beautiful women at his side, it was no secret that Pan was homosexual and even had a life partner. As Pan worked at the nexus of the cinema industry's creative circles during the golden age of the film musical, this book traces not only Pan's personal life but also the history of the Hollywood musical itself. It is a study of Pan, who emerges here as a benevolent perfectionist, and equally of the stars, composers, and directors with whom he worked, from Astaire and Rogers to Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Bob Fosse, George Gershwin, Samuel Goldwyn, and countless other luminaries of American popular entertainment. Author John Franceschina bases his telling of Pan's life on extensive first-hand research into Pan's unpublished correspondence and his own interviews. Pan enjoyed one of the most illustrious careers of any Hollywood dance director, and because his work also spanned across Broadway and television, this book will appeal to readers interested in musical theater history, dance history, and film.

Conquering an Enemy Called Average

Author: John Mason
Publisher: Insight International, Inc.
ISBN: 9781888103083
Category: Religion
Page: 132
View: 9176
Written to teach people to take the lid off of average lifestyles and live lives of excellence.

Hollywood Musicals Year by Year

Author: Stanley Green
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 9780634007651
Category: Music
Page: 392
View: 9905
A chronologically arranged reference book on the Hollywood musical, with each entry including pertinent facts about a film and a brief essay about the plot and production. Includes hundreds of black & white stills.

Mark's Little Joke Book

Author: Mark Harris
ISBN: 1435720040
Category: Humor
Page: 148
View: 2507
This book is a collection of Popular American Humor. Mark Harris likes to tell jokes and stories. He is part of the large Harris Family that thrives on story-telling. This collection of about four hundred jokes and stories are the best that Mark has heard. Many of the stories are very old and have been told and retold through the years. They have been changed or modified to fit current times or the needs of a particular story-teller. Some of the jokes are of fairly recent origin, but in most cases, a story or joke--whether old or new--cannot be attributed to its' creator. None of the stories originated with Mr. Harris: he is first a story collector and then a story-teller. At any reunion or gathering of the Harris Family, stories are told by those of the current generation. This art is now a family tradition, started generations ago. Perhaps the story that can best be told is that story-telling in the Harris Family will continue long into the future.