The Counter Consensus : a Palaeoclimatologist Speaks
Author: Robert Carter
Publisher: Stacey International Publishers
Category: Science
Page: 315
View: 9207
Professor Robert Carter is one of the world's leading palaeoclimatologists, and his work investigates the past cycles of the earth's unpredictable natural climate change, especially over the last few million years of planetary ice ages.

The Wind Farm Scam

An Ecologist's Evaluation
Author: John Etherington,John R. Etherington
Publisher: Stacey International Publishers
ISBN: 9781905299836
Category: Science
Page: 198
View: 9403
The spectre of global warming and the political panic surrounding it has triggered a goldrush for renewable energy sources without an open discussion of the merits and drawbacks of each. In The Wind Farm Scam Dr Etherington argues that in the case of wind power the latter far outweigh the former.

Mind and Cosmos

Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False
Author: Thomas Nagel
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199919755
Category: Philosophy
Page: 130
View: 9015
The modern materialist approach to life has conspicuously failed to explain such central mind-related features of our world as consciousness, intentionality, meaning, and value. This failure to account for something so integral to nature as mind, argues philosopher Thomas Nagel, is a major problem, threatening to unravel the entire naturalistic world picture, extending to biology, evolutionary theory, and cosmology. Since minds are features of biological systems that have developed through evolution, the standard materialist version of evolutionary biology is fundamentally incomplete. And the cosmological history that led to the origin of life and the coming into existence of the conditions for evolution cannot be a merely materialist history, either. An adequate conception of nature would have to explain the appearance in the universe of materially irreducible conscious minds, as such. Nagel's skepticism is not based on religious belief or on a belief in any definite alternative. InMind and Cosmos, he does suggest that if the materialist account is wrong, then principles of a different kind may also be at work in the history of nature, principles of the growth of order that are in their logical form teleological rather than mechanistic. In spite of the great achievements of the physical sciences, reductive materialism is a world view ripe for displacement. Nagel shows that to recognize its limits is the first step in looking for alternatives, or at least in being open to their possibility.

The Lomborg Deception

Setting the Record Straight About Global Warming
Author: Howard Friel
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300161344
Category: Nature
Page: 288
View: 1274
In this major assessment of leading climate-change skeptic Bjørn Lomborg, Howard Friel meticulously deconstructs the Danish statistician’s claim that global warming is “no catastrophe” by exposing the systematic misrepresentations and partial accounting that are at the core of climate skepticism. His detailed analysis serves not only as a guide to reading the global warming skeptics, but also as a model for assessing the state of climate science. With attention to the complexities of climate-related phenomena across a range of areas—from Arctic sea ice to the Antarctic ice sheet—The Lomborg Deception also offers readers an enlightening review of some of today’s most urgent climate concerns. Friel’s book is the first to respond directly to Lomborg’s controversial research as published in The Skeptical Environmentalist (2001) and Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming (2007). His close reading of Lomborg’s textual claims and supporting footnotes reveals a lengthy list of findings that will rock climate skeptics and their allies in the government and news media, demonstrating that the published peer-reviewed climate science, as assessed mainly by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has had it mostly right—even if somewhat conservatively right—all along. Friel’s able defense of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth against Lomborg’s repeated attacks is by itself worth an attentive reading.

Paradise Destroyed

The Destruction of Rural Living by the Wind Energy Scam
Author: Gregg Hubner,Jamin Hubner
Publisher: Blue Blanket Publishing LLC
ISBN: 9780990594338
Category: Wind power
Page: 133
View: 4044
Wind energy. It's free. It's green. It's healthy. It's sustainable. And it's lucrative for property-owners. If only this popular narrative were true. In Paradise Destroyed, Gregg Hubner fully exposes wind energy development for what it really is: a taxpayer scam. And not only is it a scam, but wind farms are a destructive force of 21st-century crony-capitalism that renders local communities divided and land permanently devalued. Hubner recounts his personal experience of wind energy colonization and shares his knowledge of just how much damage wind farms can cause property and property-owners. Complete with up-to-date research on the adverse health effects of wind energy, other chapters address the bane of PURPA legislation, legal risks in signing wind-rights contracts, and a host of other related issues. Whether you are a midwestern farmer considering a wind lease, or an environmental activist trying to save the planet, Paradise Destroyed is an absolute must-read. ." . . a remarkable service in chronicling the devastation wrought by wind farms . . . For those of us who share their love of the Great Plains, let us hope that their struggle has attained more than a stay of execution." -JEFFREY HERBENER, Ph.D Chair of Economics, Grove City College "This is an extremely informative book and likely to become a must-read for anyone that lives around or is considering allowing a wind farm on their property. As a physician . . . I found this book very helpful." -THOMAS RIES, M.D. "At present, wind energy is a losing proposition for all but those developers that benefit from government subsidization of their industry. Hubner gives an accessible overview of how and why this is truly the case." -NORMAN HORN, Ph.D Engineering Post-Doc, MIT

The Delinquent Teenager who was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert

IPCC Expose
Author: Donna Laframboise,Ian Plimer
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781921421686
Category: Climatic changes
Page: 236
View: 5653
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) performs one of the most important jobs in the world. It surveys climate research and writes a report about what it all means. This report is informally known as the Climate Bible. Cited by governments around the world, the Climate Bible is the reason carbon taxes are being introduced, heating bills are rising, and costly new regulations are being imposed. It is why everyone thinks carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous. What most of us don't know is that, rather than being written by a meticulous, upstanding professional in business attire, the Climate Bible is produced by a slapdash, slovenly teenager who has trouble distinguishing right from wrong. This expose, by an investigative journalist, is the product of two years of research. Its conclusion: almost nothing we've been told about the IPCC is actually true.

The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change

A Guide to the Debate
Author: Andrew Dessler,Edward A. Parson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139486535
Category: Science
Page: N.A
View: 5717
The second edition of Dessler and Parson's acclaimed book provides an integrated treatment of the science, technology, economics, policy, and politics of climate change. Aimed at the educated non-specialist, and at courses in environmental policy or climate change, the book clearly lays out the scientific foundations of climate change, the issues in current policy debates, and the interactions between science and politics that make the climate change debate so contentious and confusing. This new edition is brought completely up to date to reflect the rapid movement of events related to climate change. In addition, all sections have been improved, in particular a more thorough primer on the basic science of climate change is included. The book also now integrates the discussion of contrarian claims with the discussion of current scientific knowledge; extends the discussion of cost and benefit estimates; and provides an improved glossary.

Global Catastrophes

A Very Short Introduction
Author: Bill McGuire
Publisher: Oxford University Press (UK)
ISBN: 0198715935
Category: Nature
Page: 123
View: 362
Life on Earth will eventually come to an end. This work focuses on the many potential catastrophes facing our planet in the future, from global warming and new Ice Ages to asteroid impact, supervolcanoes and mega-tsunami. It looks at the science behind these events and our chances of survival.

A Guide to the End of the World

Everything You Never Wanted to Know
Author: Bill McGuire
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780192804525
Category: History
Page: 191
View: 3415
Life on earth will come to an end. It's just a matter of when. A Guide to the End of the World focuses on the many potential catastrophes facing our planet and our species in the future, and looks at both the probability of these events happening and our chances of survival. Coverage extends from discussion of the likely consequences of the current global warming to the inevitable destruction of the earth in the far future, when it is enveloped by our giant, bloated sun. In between, other'end of the world scenarios' will be examined, including the New Ice Age, asteroid and comet impact, supervolcanoes, and mega-tsunami.

SuperFreakonomics, Illustrated edition

Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance
Author: Steven D. Levitt,Stephen J. Dubner
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062042513
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 304
View: 7724
Superfreakonomics—the smash hit follow-up to the remarkable New York Times bestselling phenomenon Freakonomics—is back in a new full-color, fully illustrated and expanded edition. The brainchild of rogue economist Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner that once again brilliantly challenges our view of the way the world really works is presented with a new, visual, superfreaky dimension added, enhancing the already provocative thinking about street prostitutes, hurricanes, heart attacks, and other seemingly mundane matters that made Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics part of the national zeitgeist.

The Rough Guide to Climate Change

Author: Robert Henson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1405388676
Category: Science
Page: 416
View: 6386
The Rough Guide to Climate Change gives the complete picture of the single biggest issue facing the planet. Cutting a swathe through scientific research and political debate, this completely updated 3nd edition lays out the facts and assesses the options-global and personal-for dealing with the threat of a warming world. The guide looks at the evolution of our atmosphere over the last 4.5 billion years and what computer simulations of climate change reveal about our past, present, and future. This updated edition includes scientific findings that have emerged since the 2007 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as background on recent controversies and an updated politics section that reflects post-Copenhagen developments. Discover how rising temperatures and sea levels, plus changes to extreme weather patterns, are already affecting life around the world. The guide unravels how governments, scientists and engineers plan to tackle the problem and includes information on what you can do to help. Now available in epub format.

The Revenge of Gaia

Earth's Climate Crisis & The Fate of Humanity
Author: James Lovelock
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465008666
Category: Science
Page: 208
View: 9789
The key insight of Gaia Theory is that the entire Earth functions as a single living super-organism. But according to James Lovelock, the theory's originator, that organism is now sick. It is running a fever born of increased atmospheric greenhouse gases. Earth will adjust to these stresses, but the human race faces a severe test. It is already too late, Lovelock says, to prevent the global climate from “flipping” into an entirely new equilibrium that will threaten civilization as we know it. But we can do much to save humanity. In the tradition of Silent Spring, this is a call to address a major threat to our collective future.

The Climate Chronicles

Inconvenient Revelations You Won't Hear from Al Gore--And Others
Author: Joe Bastardi
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781984371409
Page: 222
View: 2644
Bastardi's love for the weather and climate drove him to write The Climate Chronicles, an expose' of the true climate change agenda. By drawing on many of the over 150 blogs and articles he has written on the matter, he shows how weather and climate are being weaponized, politicized, and in reality distorted by academia, media and even religious leaders to advance a cause that is counter to our nation's best interests, A must-read for anyone that loves weather and climate, and the freedoms that are being attacked in our country today, and is curious enough to question what they are being told.

Taken by Storm

The Troubled Science, Policy, and Politics of Global Warming
Author: Christopher Essex,Ross McKitrick
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781552639467
Category: Nature
Page: 356
View: 6048
The physical phenomena in climate and weather are among the most complex in nature, and science can say very little about what they will do in the future. Yet a large international policy framework has been built precisely on the assumption that we know what is happening and how to control it. InTake by Storm, Christopher Essex and Ross McKitrick prove this assumption false, carefully explaining the science of climate change and deconstructing the widespread myth of global warming. They argue that the connection between science and society is disintegrating, and they propose a vital first step toward repairing this relationship. From Chapter 10 ofTaken by Storm: “It is understandable that people think only a handful of ‘marginal’ critics have doubts {about global warming}. The critics, when not dismissed as ‘contrarians,’ are often referred to as ‘skeptics.’ …They have also been called ‘dissidents,’ bringing to mind internal opponents of the Cold War Soviet Union. Lately, the terms ‘deniers’ and ‘climate criminals’ have become more common as the political nastiness has grown…We have shown, page after page, that certainty on the subject of the future direction of climate is impossible…that anyone who thinks we can predict the climate only courts the laughter of the gods.â€

The War Against Boys

How Misguided Policies are Harming Our Young Men
Author: Christina Hoff Sommers
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439126585
Category: Social Science
Page: 288
View: 3798
An updated and revised edition of the controversial classic—now more relevant than ever—argues that boys are the ones languishing socially and academically, resulting in staggering social and economic costs. Girls and women were once second-class citizens in the nation’s schools. Americans responded w ith concerted efforts to give girls and women the attention and assistance that was long overdue. Now, after two major waves of feminism and decades of policy reform, women have made massive strides in education. Today they outperform men in nearly every measure of social, academic, and vocational well-being. Christina Hoff Sommers contends that it’s time to take a hard look at present-day realities and recognize that boys need help. Called “provocative and controversial . . . impassioned and articulate” (The Christian Science Monitor), this edition of The War Against Boys offers a new preface and six radically revised chapters, plus updates on the current status of boys throughout the book. Sommers argues that the problem of male underachievement is persistent and worsening. Among the new topics Sommers tackles: how the war against boys is harming our economic future, and how boy-averse trends such as the decline of recess and zero-tolerance disciplinary policies have turned our schools into hostile environments for boys. As our schools become more feelings-centered, risk-averse, competition-free, and sedentary, they move further and further from the characteristic needs of boys. She offers realistic, achievable solutions to these problems that include boy-friendly pedagogy, character and vocational education, and the choice of single-sex classrooms. The War Against Boys is an incisive, rigorous, and heartfelt argument in favor of recognizing and confronting a new reality: boys are languishing in education and the price of continued neglect is economically and socially prohibitive.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Author: John Perkins
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 9781576755129
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 250
View: 8315
Perkins, a former chief economist at a Boston strategic-consulting firm, confesses he was an "economic hit man" for 10 years, helping U.S. intelligence agencies and multinationals cajole and blackmail foreign leaders into serving U.S. foreign policy and awarding lucrative contracts to American business.

A History of the Science and Politics of Climate Change

The Role of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Author: Bert Bolin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521880823
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 277
View: 3958
A history of the IPCC for researchers and policy makers in climate change.

Climate Change

Natural Or Manmade?
Author: Joe Fone
Publisher: Stacey International Publishers
ISBN: 9781906768959
Category: Science
Page: 248
View: 5925
Argues that scientists are manipulating the data on climate change in order to promote a specific agenda.