A Contemporary Analysis of Policies, Programs, and Practices
Author: Katharine Kelly,Tullio Caputo
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442694653
Category: Social Science
Page: 128
View: 9859
Community is an elusive yet frequently invoked concept. Terms like community health, community living, community schools, community policing, community development, and community renewal have become part of the contemporary lexicon. What has led organizations, and particularly Western governments, to take such an interest in community, and why this interest now? What has caused the increasing acceptance of community as the primary vehicle through which a wide variety of government programs and services should be delivered? And what has this shift of focus meant for those living and working in communities? Using real-life case studies that include affordable housing and environmental and crime-prevention initiatives, Community is the perfect primer for understanding the theoretical and practical elements of contemporary community policies and practices, ideal for those working, or training to work, at the local level.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

New Directions
Author: Gordon Hughes,Eugene McLaughlin,John Muncie,Open University
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761974093
Category: Social Science
Page: 354
View: 9346
This book provides an essential introduction to the complex issues and debates in the field of crime control and the new politics of safety and security across the globe. The contributions to this volume present a critique of current policy and open up the field of study to new directions.

Theories of Crime and Punishment

Author: Claire Valier
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780582437920
Category: Comportement criminel
Page: 220
View: 4954
This exciting new book in the Longman Criminology Series provides a critical introduction to the principal theories of crime and punishment from the late eighteenth century to the present day. The approach addresses the social and political context from which each theory emerged, as well as its place within the intellectual development of the discipline. Readers are offered guidance on a close reading of the original texts in the area, many of which are by now seen as classics. Both academic and popular ideas and images of crime and punishment are discussed.

Victims and Victimology

Research, Policy and Practice
Author: Jo Goodey
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780582437791
Category: Law
Page: 292
View: 5709
This book provides an introduction to the key debates within the area of victims and victimology. While the mainstay of the text focuses on victim-centred criminal and social justice developments in England and Wales, examples from around the world are provided in order to explore the victims ¿place¿ in the context of wider political and policy debates. The book¿s eight chapters, together with its introduction and end comment, describe and comment on some of the most salient developments, in recent years, in so-called ¿victim-centred¿ justice. Victims and Victimology is suitable for courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The British National Bibliography

Author: Arthur James Wells
Publisher: N.A
Category: English literature
Page: N.A
View: 7084

Psychology in Practice: Crime

Author: Julie Harrower
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444164171
Category: Education
Page: 144
View: 5203
Psychology in Practice is the definitive six-part series on the practical applications of psychology to areas of everyday life, covering crime, education, health, sport, organisations and the environment. Each book in the series examines one unit of the Applications of Psychology section of the OCR syllabus. Psychology in Practice: Crime covers the application of psychology to our understanding of criminal behaviour. Forensic psychology has significantly expanded over recent years and now makes a valuable contribution to the investigation of crime, the development of treatment programmes for offenders, crime prevention, and research which can provide the basis of expert testimony in the courtroom. Key learning aids include: - a set of key terms for each chapter - practical exercises - section summaries and overall main chapter points - recommended further reading and web sites - sample examination questions based on OCR specimen materials.

Psychology and Crime

Myths and Reality
Author: Peter B. Ainsworth
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman Limited
Category: Psychology
Page: 212
View: 8888
Peter B. Ainsworth examines the relationship of psychology to crime, criminals and the different stages and aspects of the criminal justice system in this student text that will also be relevant to general readers trained in law.

Crime and Power

A History of Criminal Justice, 1688-1998
Author: Philip Rawlings
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
Category: Criminal justice, Administration of
Page: 212
View: 7403
"This book presents the first extended history of criminal justice policy in England and Wales from the late seventeenth century to the late twentieth century, and provides an essential historical context for the study of the modern criminal justice system. Crime and Power traces the origins and development of the principal institutions of the criminal justice system - such as the police, capital punishment, transportation and prisons - and shows how governments have responded to crime through reformulations of criminal justice policy. A number of key themes emerge in the period covered by this book, including: how criminal justice policy has come out of the interplay between various factors, such as the relationship between central and local government, the development of bureaucracies, finance, and the contribution of particular individuals; the marginalisation of the victim in the criminal justice system as it became dominated by officials and experts whose supposed accountability and possession of expert knowledge were presented as important in ensuring that the system worked in the public interest. It is suggested, however, that as we stand at the end of the twentieth century, this burcaucracy seems to have failed in its task of controlling crime, and this failure has fuelled many of the current criticisms of the criminal justice system."

Corporate crime

Author: Gary Slapper,Steve Tombs
Publisher: Longman Group United Kingdom
Category: Social Science
Page: 279
View: 1764
This book offers a comprehensive, accessible and student-friendly account of a subject which is becoming of increasing concern and debate amongst criminologists. The key element in its approach will be to look at corporate crime in the broad contexts of theoretical criminology, applied criminology and criminal justice. Chapters in the book set out the types and nature of corporate crime, discuss the various theories that have been developed to explain it, look at recent developments, (such as the increasing size and power of corporate organisations) and their implications for the future, as well as the question of the policing and punishment of corporate crime.

Crime Reduction Partnerships

Author: Colin Rogers
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199288977
Category: Law
Page: 322
View: 1202
The Blackstone's Practical Policing Series covers a range of topical subjects of vital importance in today's policing arena. Each practical guide contains clear and detailed explanations of the relevant legislation, accompanied by practical scenarios, illustrative diagrams and useful checklists. Packed with a wealth of information, the Blackstone's Practical Policing Series ensures you have ready access to the tools you need to take on any policing challenge. This unique book discusses and explains the practical aspects of crime reduction partnerships from a police officer's perspective. Policing communities in the UK has changed dramatically over the past 15 years and the partnership approach to crime reduction has introduced new ideas and different ways of policing. The book begins by discussing what a crime reduction partnership is and goes on to give examples of typical community problems. It describes how the theory of crime reduction partnerships can be put intopractice and contains useful case studies and examples. The book also considers all relevant legislation and case law that has been introduced to deal with crime and disorder using the partnership approach. The book uses a blend of theories and practical examples, including examples of best practice, information boxes, scenario boxes and key points to note. Flowcharts and summary sections are also included to help officers consolidate and apply their knowledge. Written in an accessible and straightforward manner, this book is an essential best practice guide for police officers and other professionals involved in crime reduction activities.

Latin American politics and society

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 3423

Juvenile Justice

Youth and Crime in Australia
Author: Chris Cunneen,Robert Douglas White
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195512236
Category: Social Science
Page: 420
View: 2751
Provides an introduction to the main concepts and issues in juvenile justice, and provides a consolidated overview of the dynamics of youth crime and the institutions of social control. The book not only provides basic information about the actual workings of the juvenile justice system but also raises a number of questions.

Gesellschaft auf einen Blick 2009 OECD-Sozialindikatoren

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264075712
Page: 140
View: 5938
Welche gesellschaftlichen Fortschritte haben die OECD-Länder zu verzeichnen? Wie wirksam sind ihre Maßnahmen im Hinblick auf die Förderung des sozialen Fortschritts? Gesellschaft auf einen Blick schafft eine Basis für die Beantwortung dieser beiden ...

The politics of crime prevention

Author: Brigitte C. M. Koch
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Ltd
Category: Social Science
Page: 213
View: 7571
This book is a comprehensive account of crime prevention policy in England and Wales. It examines crime prevention policy under the Conservative Government and examines the direction that the newly elected Labour administration is taking. Particular attention is paid to the years 1995 to 1997. The book goes beyond the Home Office and examines the roles of the Police, Probation, Crime Concern, NACRO, the Local Government Association and the role of the national Community Safety Network in national crime prevention policy making. It examines how some agencies influence policy and how others have struggled to have a voice.The methods used to conduct the research include interviewing key persons involved in national crime prevention policy making; distributing questionnaires to police and probation officers of all ranks in Boroughville; and analyzing documents from various organizations such as the Police Probationer Training manual and minutes to the Association of Chief Police Officers sub-committee on crime prevention from their inaugural meeting in September 1986 until May 1995.

Warum Strafe sein muss

ein Plädoyer
Author: Winfried Hassemer
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783550087646
Category: Strafe
Page: 365
View: 3564


Zur Soziologie abweichenden Verhaltens
Author: Howard S. Becker
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658012544
Category: Social Science
Page: 197
View: 2227
​ „Der Mensch mit abweichendem Verhalten ist ein Mensch, auf den diese Bezeichnung erfolgreich angewandt worden ist; abweichendes Verhalten ist Verhalten, das Menschen als solches bezeichnen“: Es ist einer der klassischen Sätze der Devianzsoziologie in einem der Klassiker des Feldes. Howard S. Becker betont fernab von alten und simplistischen Fragen danach, „warum Menschen Regeln brechen“, welche Situationen und welche Prozesse dazu führen, dass Menschen in Positionen geraten, in denen sie als „Regelbrecher“ betitelt werden, wie sie mit diesen Positionen umgehen und sich auch gegen diese wehren. „Außenseiter“ erschien erstmals 1963 in New York und wurde 1981 bei S. Fischer in deutscher Übersetzung publiziert. Seit den frühen neunziger Jahren vergriffen, liegt hier nun eine von Michael Dellwing überarbeitete und herausgegebene Version vor.

The institutional dynamics of culture

the new Durkheimians
Author: Perri 6,Gerald Mars
Publisher: N.A
Category: Culture
Page: 1134
View: 2478

Das Panoptikum

Author: Jeremy Bentham
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin Verlag
ISBN: 388221113X
Category: Philosophy
Page: 221
View: 732
Überwachen und Strafen Im Panoptikum, Jeremy Benthams idealem Gefängnis- und Erziehungsbau, werden die Delinquenten permanenter Überwachung durch einen Aufseher unterzogen, der im Mittelpunkt eines kreisförmigen Gebäudes sitzt. Aber zu welchem Zweck? Michel Foucault interpretierte in seinem Werk Überwachen und Strafen (1975) Benthams Bau als Prototyp für die latente Perversion bürgerlicher Aufklärung, die Schizophrenie eines Liberalismus, der stets das Gute will und stets das Böse schafft. Aber stimmt das wirklich? Die erste deutsche Übersetzung von Panoptikum offenbart die Aktualität von Benthams Gedankenwelt. Als Begründer des Utilitarismus und Anhänger des Wirtschaftsliberalismus war er davon überzeugt, dass der Kapitalismus der wahre Schlüssel zum Glück des Menschen ist - und nichts anderes als den Weg zum Glück wollte er mit dem Panoptikum jedem Menschen ebnen. Ebook-Version ohne Interview mit Michel Foucault.

Ökologie der Angst

das Leben mit der Katastrophe
Author: Mike Davis
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783492238199
Page: 541
View: 3275