Cryptography Made Simple

Author: Nigel Smart
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319219367
Category: Computers
Page: 481
View: 1836
In this introductory textbook the author explains the key topics in cryptography. He takes a modern approach, where defining what is meant by "secure" is as important as creating something that achieves that goal, and security definitions are central to the discussion throughout. The author balances a largely non-rigorous style — many proofs are sketched only — with appropriate formality and depth. For example, he uses the terminology of groups and finite fields so that the reader can understand both the latest academic research and "real-world" documents such as application programming interface descriptions and cryptographic standards. The text employs colour to distinguish between public and private information, and all chapters include summaries and suggestions for further reading. This is a suitable textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in computer science, mathematics and engineering, and for self-study by professionals in information security. While the appendix summarizes most of the basic algebra and notation required, it is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of discrete mathematics, probability, and elementary calculus.

Kryptografie verständlich

Ein Lehrbuch für Studierende und Anwender
Author: Christof Paar,Jan Pelzl
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662492970
Category: Computers
Page: 416
View: 9821
Das Buch gibt eine umfassende Einführung in moderne angewandte Kryptografie. Es behandelt nahezu alle kryptografischen Verfahren mit praktischer Relevanz. Es werden symmetrische Verfahren (DES, AES, PRESENT, Stromchiffren), asymmetrische Verfahren (RSA, Diffie-Hellmann, elliptische Kurven) sowie digitale Signaturen, Hash-Funktionen, Message Authentication Codes sowie Schlüsselaustauschprotokolle vorgestellt. Für alle Krypto-Verfahren werden aktuelle Sicherheitseinschätzungen und Implementierungseigenschaften beschrieben.

Mathematical Principles of the Internet, Volume 1

Author: Nirdosh Bhatnagar
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351379143
Category: Computers
Page: 1022
View: 9021
This two-volume set on Mathematical Principles of the Internet provides a comprehensive overview of the mathematical principles of Internet engineering. The books do not aim to provide all of the mathematical foundations upon which the Internet is based. Instead, they cover a partial panorama and the key principles. Volume 1 explores Internet engineering, while the supporting mathematics is covered in Volume 2. The chapters on mathematics complement those on the engineering episodes, and an effort has been made to make this work succinct, yet self-contained. Elements of information theory, algebraic coding theory, cryptography, Internet traffic, dynamics and control of Internet congestion, and queueing theory are discussed. In addition, stochastic networks, graph-theoretic algorithms, application of game theory to the Internet, Internet economics, data mining and knowledge discovery, and quantum computation, communication, and cryptography are also discussed. In order to study the structure and function of the Internet, only a basic knowledge of number theory, abstract algebra, matrices and determinants, graph theory, geometry, analysis, optimization theory, probability theory, and stochastic processes, is required. These mathematical disciplines are defined and developed in the books to the extent that is needed to develop and justify their application to Internet engineering.

Information Security and Cryptology - ICISC 2014

17th International Conference, Seoul, South Korea, December 3-5, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
Author: Jooyoung Lee,Jongsung Kim
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319159437
Category: Computers
Page: 448
View: 7300
This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology, ICISC 2014, held in Seoul, South Korea in December 2014. The 27 revised full papers presented were carefully selected from 91 submissions during two rounds of reviewing. The papers provide the latest results in research, development and applications in the field of information security and cryptology. They are organized in topical sections on RSA security, digital signature, public key cryptography, block ciphers, network security, mobile security, hash functions, information hiding and efficiency, cryptographic protocol, and side-channel attacks.

Applied Cryptography and Network Security

12th International Conference, ACNS 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 10-13, 2014. Proceedings
Author: Ioana Boureanu,Philippe Owesarski,Serge Vaudenay
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319075365
Category: Computers
Page: 586
View: 944
This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security, ACNS 2014, held in Lausanne, Switzerland, in June 2014. The 33 revised full papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 147 submissions. They are organized in topical sections on key exchange; primitive construction; attacks (public-key cryptography); hashing; cryptanalysis and attacks (symmetric cryptography); network security; signatures; system security; and secure computation.

Information Security and Cryptology

7th International Conference, Inscrypt 2011, Beijing, China, November 30 -- December 3, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Author: Chuan-Kun Wu,Moti Yung,Dongdai Lin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642347045
Category: Computers
Page: 396
View: 5698
This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology, Inscrypt 2011, held in Beijing, China, in November/December 2011. The 24 revised full papers presented together with 2 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 80 submissions. The papers present research advances in the areas of information security, cryptology, and their applications.

Cryptography in Constant Parallel Time

Author: Benny Applebaum
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642173675
Category: Computers
Page: 193
View: 2908
Locally computable (NC0) functions are "simple" functions for which every bit of the output can be computed by reading a small number of bits of their input. The study of locally computable cryptography attempts to construct cryptographic functions that achieve this strong notion of simplicity and simultaneously provide a high level of security. Such constructions are highly parallelizable and they can be realized by Boolean circuits of constant depth. This book establishes, for the first time, the possibility of local implementations for many basic cryptographic primitives such as one-way functions, pseudorandom generators, encryption schemes and digital signatures. It also extends these results to other stronger notions of locality, and addresses a wide variety of fundamental questions about local cryptography. The author's related thesis was honorably mentioned (runner-up) for the ACM Dissertation Award in 2007, and this book includes some expanded sections and proofs, and notes on recent developments. The book assumes only a minimal background in computational complexity and cryptography and is therefore suitable for graduate students or researchers in related areas who are interested in parallel cryptography. It also introduces general techniques and tools which are likely to interest experts in the area.

Applied Cryptography and Network Security

4th International Conference, ACNS 2006, Singapore, June 6-9, 2006, Proceedings
Author: Jianying Zhou,Moti Yung
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540347038
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 488
View: 1617
The 4th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security(ACNS 2006)washeldin Singapore, during June6-9,2006.ACNS 2006 brought together individuals from academia and industry involved in multiple research disciplines of cryptography and security to foster exchange of ideas. This volume (LNCS 3989) contains papers presented in the academic track. ACNS was set a high standard when it was initiated in 2003. There has been a steady improvement in the quality of its program in the past 4 years: ACNS 2003 (Kunming, China), ACNS 2004 (Yellow Mountain, China), ACNS 2005 (New York, USA), ACNS 2006 (Singapore). The average acc- tance rate is kept at around 16%. We wish to receive the continued support from the community of cryptographyand security worldwide to further improve its quality and make ACNS one of the leading conferences. The Program Committee of ACNS 2006 received a total of 218 submissions fromallovertheworld, ofwhich33wereselectedforpresentationattheacademic track. In addition to this track, the conference also hosted an industrial track of presentations that were carefully selected as well. All submissions were reviewed by experts in the relevant areas. We are indebted to our Program Committee members and the external reviewers for the great job they have performed. The proceedings contain revised versions of the accepted papers. However, revisions were not checked and the authors bear full responsibility for the content of their paper

Cryptography and Network Security

Author: N.A
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 1259029883
Category: Computer networks
Page: 501
View: 5142

Angewandte Kryptographie

Protokolle, Algorithmen und Sourcecode in C
Author: Bruce Schneier
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783827372284
Category: Computer security
Page: 844
View: 2210

Networked RFID Systems and Lightweight Cryptography

Raising Barriers to Product Counterfeiting
Author: Peter H. Cole,Damith C. Ranasinghe
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540716416
Category: Computers
Page: 355
View: 3078
This book consists of a collection of works on utilizing the automatic identification technology provided by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to address the problems of global counterfeiting of goods. The book presents current research, directed to securing supply chains against the efforts of counterfeit operators, carried out at the Auto-ID Labs around the globe. It assumes very little knowledge on the part of the reader on Networked RFID systems as the material provided in the introduction familiarizes the reader with concepts, underlying principles and vulnerabilities of modern RFID systems.

Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2005

11th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Chennai, India, December 4-8, 2005, Proceedings
Author: Bimal Roy
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540306849
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 701
View: 3000
Asiacrypt, the annual conference of cryptology sponsored by IACR is now 11 years old. Asiacrypt 2005 was held during December 4-8, 2005, at Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai, India.This conferencewasorganizedby theInternational Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) in cooperation with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai. Thisyearatotalof237papersweresubmittedtoAsiacrypt2005.Thesubm- sionscoveredallareasofcryptographicresearchrepresentingthecurrentstateof work in the crypto community worldwide. Each paper was blind reviewed by at least three members of the Program Committee and papers co-authored by the PC members were reviewed by at least six members. This ?rst phase of review by the PC members was followed by a detailed discussion on the papers. At the end of the reviewing process 37 papers were accepted and were presented at the conference. The proceedings contain the revised versionsof the accepted papers. In addition we were fortunate to have Prof. Andrew Yao and Prof. Bart Preneel as invited speakers. Based on a discussion and subsequent voting among the PC members, the Best Paper Award for this year's Asiacrypt was conferred to Pascal Paillier and Damien Vergnaud for the paper entitled "Discrete-Log-Based Signatures May Not Be Equivalent to Discrete Log." I would like to thank the following people. First, the General Chair, Prof.

Security and Control in Information Systems

A Guide for Business and Accounting
Author: Andrew Hawker
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415205351
Category: Computers
Page: 332
View: 6391
With the advent of electronic commerce, and the increasing sophistication of the information systems used in business organizations, control and security have become key management issues. Responsibility for ensuring that controls are well designed and properly managed can no longer simply be delegated to the technical experts. It has become an area in which the whole management team needs to be involved. This comprehensive review, written for the business reader, includes coverage of recent developments in electronic commerce, as well as the more traditional systems found in many organizations, both large and small. Intended for any manager whose work depends on financial or other business information, it includes case studies, summaries and review questions, making it equally suitable as a source text for students of business studies at postgraduate or advanced level.

Visual Cryptography for Image Processing and Security

Theory, Methods, and Applications
Author: Feng Liu,Wei Qi Yan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319096443
Category: Computers
Page: 145
View: 891
This unique book describes the fundamental concepts, theories and practice of visual cryptography. The design, construction, analysis, and application of visual cryptography schemes (VCSs) are discussed in detail. Original, cutting-edge research is presented on probabilistic, size invariant, threshold, concolorous, and cheating immune VCS. Features: provides a thorough introduction to the field; examines various common problems in visual cryptography, including the alignment, flipping, cheating, distortion, and thin line problems; reviews a range of VCSs, including XOR-based visual cryptography and security enriched VCS; describes different methods for presenting color content using visual cryptographic techniques; covers such applications of visual cryptography as watermarking, resolution variant VCS, and multiple resolution VCS. This logically-structured and comprehensive work will serve as a helpful reference for all researchers and students interested in document authentication and cryptography.

Die Kunst des Vertrauens

Author: Bruce Schneier
Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG
ISBN: 3826692160
Page: 464
View: 3681
In dieser brillanten Abhandlung, die mit philosophischen, vor allem spieltheoretischen Überlegungen ebenso zu überzeugen weiß wie mit fundierten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen aus der Soziologie, Biologie und Anthroplogie, geht der IT-Sicherheitsexperte Bruce Schneier der Frage nach: Wieviel Vertrauen (der Individuen untereinander) braucht eine lebendige, fortschrittsorientierte Gesellschaft und wieviel Vertrauensbruch darf bzw. muss sie sich leisten?

Security and Privacy in Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks

Third European Workshop, ESAS 2006, Hamburg, Germany, September 20-21, 2006, Revised Selected Papers
Author: Levente Buttyan
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540691723
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 192
View: 1710
Theseproceedingscontainthepapersofthe3rdEuropeanWorkshoponSecurity and Privacy in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (ESAS 2006), which was held in Hamburg, Germany, September 20–21, 2006, in conjunction with the 11th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2006). This year, a total of 44 full papers were submitted to ESAS. Each subm- ted paper was reviewed by at least three expert referees. After a short period of discussion and deliberation, the Program Committee selected 14 papers for presentation and subsequent publication in the workshop proceedings. This c- responds to an acceptance rate of 32% – a respectable rate by any measure. In addition to the presented papers, this year’s workshop also featured two keynote speeches and seven project presentations. In the ?rst keynote, Jean-Pierre Hubaux (EPFL) gave an overview of “Security and Cooperation in WirelessNetworks”.ThesecondkeynotewasgivenbyPimTuyls(Philips)onthe interesting topic of “Grey-Box Cryptography: Physical Unclonable Functions”. The project presentations covered the following European Projects: S3MS, SeVeCom, BIONETS, CASCADAS, MOBIUS, EYES and UbiSecSens. Unf- tunately, the extended abstracts of these presentations could not be included in the proceedings. As the Chairs of ESAS 2006, we are very happy with the outcome of the workshop that clearly demonstrates the continued importance, popularity, and timeliness of the topic: Security and Privacy in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks.

Geheime Botschaften

die Kunst der Verschlüsselung von der Antike bis in die Zeiten des Internet
Author: Simon Singh
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783423330718
Category: Ciphers
Page: 458
View: 6411

Guide to Computer Network Security

Author: Joseph Migga Kizza
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 184800916X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 476
View: 2018
This authoritative guide on computer network security covers current security solutions and best practices in both fixed and mobile computer networks. It includes chapters on "handling disasters" and "security in mobile network systems."

Computer Network Security

Author: Joseph Migga Kizza
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387204733
Category: Computers
Page: 535
View: 444
A comprehensive survey of computer network security concepts, methods, and practices. This authoritative volume provides an optimal description of the principles and applications of computer network security in particular, and cyberspace security in general. The book is thematically divided into three segments: Part I describes the operation and security conditions surrounding computer networks; Part II builds from there and exposes readers to the prevailing security situation based on a constant security threat; and Part III - the core - presents readers with most of the best practices and solutions currently in use. It is intended as both a teaching tool and reference. This broad-ranging text/reference comprehensively surveys computer network security concepts, methods, and practices and covers network security tools, policies, and administrative goals in an integrated manner. It is an essential security resource for undergraduate or graduate study, practitioners in networks, and professionals who develop and maintain secure computer network systems.

Data Privacy and Security

Encryption and Information Hiding
Author: David Salomon
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387003115
Category: Computers
Page: 465
View: 7621
An essential resource and monograph for all security researchers and practitioners who want to understand and effectively use 'both' information hiding techniques and encryption to protect digital data and have secure communications. All major topics and techniques are presented in an accessible style and suitable for specialists and nonspecialists.