Decolonization and African Society

The Labor Question in French and British Africa
Author: Frederick Cooper
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521566001
Category: History
Page: 677
View: 3481
Large-scale comparative study of African labor and colonial policy.

Decolonization and dependency

problems of development of African societies
Author: Aguibou Y. Yansané
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 321
View: 6682

Cold War and Decolonization in Guinea, 1946–1958

Author: Elizabeth Schmidt
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0821442562
Category: History
Page: 320
View: 5859
In September 1958, Guinea claimed its independence, rejecting a constitution that would have relegated it to junior partnership in the French Community. In all the French empire, Guinea was the only territory to vote “No.” Orchestrating the “No” vote was the Guinean branch of the Rassemblement Démocratique Africain (RDA), an alliance of political parties with affiliates in French West and Equatorial Africa and the United Nations trusts of Togo and Cameroon. Although Guinea’s stance vis-à-vis the 1958 constitution has been recognized as unique, until now the historical roots of this phenomenon have not been adequately explained. Clearly written and free of jargon, Cold War and Decolonization in Guinea argues that Guinea’s vote for independence was the culmination of a decade-long struggle between local militants and political leaders for control of the political agenda. Since 1950, when RDA representatives in the French parliament severed their ties to the French Communist Party, conservative elements had dominated the RDA. In Guinea, local cadres had opposed the break. Victimized by the administration and sidelined by their own leaders, they quietly rebuilt the party from the base. Leftist militants, their voices muted throughout most of the decade, gained preeminence in 1958, when trade unionists, students, the party’s women’s and youth wings, and other grassroots actors pushed the Guinean RDA to endorse a “No” vote. Thus, Guinea’s rejection of the proposed constitution in favor of immediate independence was not an isolated aberration. Rather, it was the outcome of years of political mobilization by activists who, despite Cold War repression, ultimately pushed the Guinean RDA to the left. The significance of this highly original book, based on previously unexamined archival records and oral interviews with grassroots activists, extends far beyond its primary subject. In illuminating the Guinean case, Elizabeth Schmidt helps us understand the dynamics of decolonization and its legacy for postindependence nation-building in many parts of the developing world. Examining Guinean history from the bottom up, Schmidt considers local politics within the larger context of the Cold War, making her book suitable for courses in African history and politics, diplomatic history, and Cold War history.

Weder arm noch ohnmächtig

Eine Streitschrift gegen schwarze Eliten und weisse Helfer
Author: Axelle Kabou
Publisher: Lenos Verlag
ISBN: 3857879211
Category: Political Science
Page: 260
View: 5062
In ihrer provozierenden Analyse rechnet die Kamerunerin Axelle Kabou mit den afrikanischen Eliten ab - und mit einer Haltung, die mehr als vierzig Jahre nach der Unabhängigkeit immer noch alle Schuld am Elend Afrikas der Sklaverei und dem Kolonialismus zuweist. Ihre brisante Hauptthese: "Afrika will sich nicht entwickeln." Mit Blick auf Asien, das es geschafft habe, aus der Abhängigkeit vom Westen herauszukommen, meint die Autorin, es sei höchste Zeit, dass Afrika sich für seine Geschichte selbst verantwortlich fühle und sein Schicksal in die eigenen Hände nehme. Afrika sei nämlich "weder arm noch ohnmächtig".

Human Rights, Development and Decolonization

The International Labour Organization, 1940-70
Author: D. Maul
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230358632
Category: Political Science
Page: 412
View: 8672
An innovative diplomatic and intellectual history of decolonization, post-colonial nation building and international human rights and development discourses, this study of the role of the ILO during 1940–70 opens up new perspectives on the significance of international organisations as actors in the history of the 20th century.


Das Ende der Imperien
Author: Jürgen Osterhammel,Jan C. Jansen
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406654657
Category: History
Page: 144
View: 543
Kaum ein Vorgang veränderte die Welt im 20. Jahrhundert so sehr wie das Ende kolonialer Herrschaft in Asien und Afrika. In systematischen und chronologischen Kapiteln beschreibt das Buch diesen Prozess mit seinen weiten Ausläufern im gesamten Jahrhundert und bietet lokale, imperiale und globale Erklärungen an. Es fragt nach den Auswirkungen der Dekolonisation auf Weltwirtschaft, internationales System und Ideengeschichte sowie nach den vielfältigen langfristigen Folgen für die ehemaligen Kolonien und Metropolen.

Africa Since 1940

The Past of the Present
Author: Frederick Cooper
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521776004
Category: History
Page: 216
View: 6394
This textbook bridges colonial and post-colonial history to explain the effects of political independence on the populace.

Tensions of Empire

Colonial Cultures in a Bourgeois World
Author: Frederick Cooper,Ann Laura Stoler
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520918088
Category: Social Science
Page: 463
View: 9308
Starting with the premise that Europe was made by its imperial projects as much as colonial encounters were shaped by events and conflicts in Europe, the contributors to Tensions of Empire investigate metropolitan-colonial relationships from a new perspective. The fifteen essays demonstrate various ways in which "civilizing missions" in both metropolis and colony provided new sites for clarifying a bourgeois order. Focusing on the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries, they show how new definitions of modernity and welfare were developed and how new discourses and practices of inclusion and exclusion were contested and worked out. The contributors argue that colonial studies can no longer be confined to the units of analysis on which it once relied; instead of being the study of "the colonized," it must account for the shifting political terrain on which the very categories of colonized and colonizer have been shaped and patterned at different times.

Britain, France and the Decolonization of Africa

Future Imperfect?
Author: Andrew W.M. Smith,Chris Jeppesen
Publisher: UCL Press
ISBN: 1911307738
Category: History
Page: 254
View: 6346
Looking at decolonization in the conditional tense, this volume teases out the complex and uncertain ends of British and French empire in Africa during the period of ‘late colonial shift’ after 1945. Rather than view decolonization as an inevitable process, the contributors together explore the crucial historical moments in which change was negotiated, compromises were made, and debates were staged. Three core themes guide the analysis: development, contingency and entanglement. The chapters consider the ways in which decolonization was governed and moderated by concerns about development and profit. A complementary focus on contingency allows deeper consideration of how colonial powers planned for ‘colonial futures’, and how divergent voices greeted the end of empire. Thinking about entanglements likewise stresses both the connections that existed between the British and French empires in Africa, and those that endured beyond the formal transfer of power. Praise for Britain, France and the Decolonization of Africa '…this ambitious volume represents a significant step forward for the field. As is often the case with rich and stimulating work, the volume gestures towards more themes than I have space to properly address in this review. These include shifting terrains of temporality, spatial Scales, and state sovereignty, which together raise important questions about the relationship between decolonization and globalization. By bringing all of these crucial issues into the same frame,Britain, France and the Decolonization of Africa is sure to inspire new thought-provoking research.' - H-France vol. 17, issue 205

Beyond Empire and Nation

The Decolonization of African and Asian Societies, 1930s-1960s
Author: Els Bogaerts,Remco Raben
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub
ISBN: 9789067182898
Category: History
Page: 298
View: 2206
The decolonization of countries in Asia and Africa is one of the momentous events in the twentieth century. But did the shift to independence indeed affect the lives of the people in such a dramatic way as the political events suggest? The authors in this volume look beyond the political interpretations of decolonization and address the issue of social and economic reorientations which were necessitated or caused by the end of colonial rule. The book covers three major issues; public security; the changes in the urban environment, and the reorientation of the economies. Most articles search for comparisons transcending the colonial period to the early decades of independence in Asia and Africa (1930's-1970's). The volume is part of the research programme 'Indonesia across Orders' of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation.

The Oxford Handbook of Modern African History

Author: John Parker,Richard Reid
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191667552
Category: History
Page: 560
View: 2925
The Oxford Handbook of Modern African History represents an invaluable tool for historians and others in the field of African studies. This collection of essays, produced by some of the finest scholars currently working in the field, provides the latest insights into, and interpretations of, the history of Africa - a continent with a rich and complex past. An understanding of this past is essential to gain perspective on Africa's current challenges, and this accessible and comprehensive volume will allow readers to explore various aspects - political, economic, social, and cultural - of the continent's history over the last two hundred years. Since African history first emerged as a serious academic endeavour in the 1950s and 1960s, it has undergone numerous shifts in terms of emphasis and approach, changes brought about by political and economic exigencies and by ideological debates. This multi-faceted Handbook is essential reading for anyone with an interest in those debates, and in Africa and its peoples. While the focus is determinedly historical, anthropology, geography, literary criticism, political science and sociology are all employed in this ground-breaking study of Africa's past.


Theorien, Ansätze, Themen
Author: Sebastian Conrad,Andreas Eckert,Ulrike Freitag
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593383330
Category: History
Page: 347
View: 8104
Im ersten Band der Reihe werden Schlüsseltexte der international wichtigsten Vertreter der Globalgeschichte erstmals in deutscher Sprache publiziert: Christopher A. Bayly, Charles Bright, Frederick Cooper, Arif Dirlik, Michael Geyer, Christopher L. Hill, Rebecca E. Karl, Erez Manela, Jürgen Osterhammel, Kenneth Pomeranz und Andrew Zimmermann.

Negotiating Decolonization in the United Nations

Politics of Space, Identity, and International Community
Author: Vrushali Patil
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135903433
Category: Social Science
Page: 206
View: 5523
Combining discourse and comparative historical methods of analysis, this book explores how colonialists and anti-colonialists renegotiated transnational power relationships within the debates on decolonization in the United Nations from 1946-1960. Shrewdly bringing together Sociology, Women’s Studies, History, and Postcolonial Studies, it is interested in the following questions: how are modern constructions of gender and race forged in transnational – colonial as well as ‘postcolonial’ – processes? How did they emerge in and contribute to such processes during the colonial era? Specifically, how did they shape colonialist constructions of space, identity and international community? How has this relationship shifted with legal decolonization?

Union Education in Nigeria

Labor, Empire, and Decolonization since 1945
Author: H. Tijani
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137003596
Category: History
Page: 176
View: 8143
This book aims to fill some of the gaps in historical narrative about labor unions, Nigerian leftists, and decolonization during the twentieth century. It emphasizes the significance of labor union education in British decolonization, labor unionism, and British efforts at modernizing the human resources of Nigeria.

Exit Strategies and State Building

Author: Richard Caplan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199942706
Category: Political Science
Page: 352
View: 8210
In the past two decades, states and multilateral organizations have devoted considerable resources toward efforts to stabilize peace and rebuild war-torn societies in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, and Sierra Leone. Despite these prodigious efforts, there has been relatively little consideration of the critical questions arising from the "end game" of state-building operations. In Exit Strategies and State Building, sixteen leading scholars and practitioners focus on relevant historical and contemporary cases of exit to provide a comprehensive overview of this crucial issue. By examining the major challenges associated with the conclusion of international state-building operations and the requirements for the maintenance of peace in the period following exit, this book provides unique perspective on a critical aspect of military and political intervention. Deftly researched, Exit Strategies and State Building sheds new light on what is not merely an academic issue, but also a pressing global policy concern.

A Diplomatic Revolution

Algeria's Fight for Independence and the Origins of the Post-Cold War Era
Author: Matthew Connelly
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199881804
Category: History
Page: 424
View: 9154
Algeria sits at the crossroads of the Atlantic, European, Arab, and African worlds. Yet, unlike the wars in Korea and Vietnam, Algeria's fight for independence has rarely been viewed as an international conflict. Even forty years later, it is remembered as the scene of a national drama that culminated with Charles de Gaulle's decision to "grant" Algerians their independence despite assassination attempts, mutinies, and settler insurrection. Yet, as Matthew Connelly demonstrates, the war the Algerians fought occupied a world stage, one in which the U.S. and the USSR, Israel and Egypt, Great Britain, Germany, and China all played key roles. Recognizing the futility of confronting France in a purely military struggle, the Front de Lib?ration Nationale instead sought to exploit the Cold War competition and regional rivalries, the spread of mass communications and emigrant communities, and the proliferation of international and non-governmental organizations. By harnessing the forces of nascent globalization they divided France internally and isolated it from the world community. And, by winning rights and recognition as Algeria's legitimate rulers without actually liberating the national territory, they rewrote the rules of international relations. Based on research spanning three continents and including, for the first time, the rebels' own archives, this study offers a landmark reevaluation of one of the great anti-colonial struggles as well as a model of the new international history. It will appeal to historians of post-colonial studies, twentieth-century diplomacy, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. A Diplomatic Revolution was winner of the 2003 Stuart L. Bernath Prize of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, and the Akira Iriye International History Book Award, The Foundation for Pacific Quest.

Imperien der Weltgeschichte

Das Repertoire der Macht vom alten Rom und China bis heute
Author: Jane Burbank,Frederick Cooper
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 359339670X
Category: History
Page: 612
View: 5873
Für die Herrscher von Imperien galt es stets, die verschiedensten Bevölkerungsgruppen zu integrieren und trotz dieser Vielfalt ihre Macht zu bewahren. Das Repertoire an Machtstrategien, das sie dabei anwendeten, schildern Jane Burbank und Frederick Cooper in einer zwei Jahrtausende umspannenden Reise durch die Geschichte der großen Weltreiche. So konnten Imperien Hierarchien und soziale wie ethnische Unterschiede aufrechterhalten, neue begründen oder sie durch Integration aufheben. Dieser Umgang mit Vielfalt, die jeweilige Politik der Differenz, war – wie Burbank und Cooper zeigen – der Schlüssel für Aufstieg und Niedergang aller Imperien. Mit dieser Erkenntnis ermöglichen sie ein neues Verständnis der großen Reiche in der Weltgeschichte. Und erzählen dabei auf unterhaltsame Weise vom Schicksal zahlreicher Völker und Dynastien: vom antiken China und Rom über das Osmanische, das spanische und das Reich Karls des Großen bis hin zu Russland, Großbritannien und den USA.

International Development and the Social Sciences

Essays on the History and Politics of Knowledge
Author: Randall Packard
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520209572
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 361
View: 4122
"This superb collection assembles a number of stimulating and theoretically current contributions by outstanding scholars."—Angelique Haugerud, author of The Culture of Politics in Modern Kenya


Perspectives from Now and Then
Author: Prasenjit Duara
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415248402
Category: History
Page: 312
View: 2994
'Decolonization' collects challenging perspectives on the process of decolonization in the 20th century, including writings by Ho Chi-Minh & Nehru. This is a move away from Western analysis of the phenomenon, towards the angle of vision of the former colonies.