Death Dot

Author: Mrs Shawn T. Upton
Publisher: Quantalore
ISBN: 9781619473140
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 210
View: 4218
In a parallel present, where everyone is born with a black mole on their wrist that lightens the nearer they are to death, a 16-year-old girl finds there is more to life than simply knowing when you will die. Ivy's mortality mole, otherwise known as a "death dot," is Black 6. Her best friend Charlotte's is already Grey 2. Their anticipated progression through the ten shades of Black, Grey and White so far indicate an average lifespan. However, they don't feel so lucky. Their shades might shift... the rate of change could increase... and they are teenagers. In their world, anyone young facing White-or worse, nearing White 10-is better off dead. Until Ivy refuses the shame of White.

Dreamnesia: Retrospect

Author: S. T. Upton
Publisher: Quantalore
ISBN: 9781619473164
Category: Fiction
Page: 428
View: 6826
Blink. Breathe. Stand there, indecisive. In a moment, it might be hunger, fatigue, a chill or a yawn. Whatever the involuntary response they stimulate deep inside your head, you haven't the capacity to scrutinise it. Because you can't remember. Don't worry. Most of us can't. Wilden Stokes can't seem to shake his recurring dream about Sadie, the girl who sits near him in Psychology. Every time he falls asleep she's there, growing more desperate, urging him to follow her dream instructions when he wakes. Following his own intuition, he discovers a force that conceals its influence over humanity through the forgetting of dreams, and he is soon forced to face the consequences of his past. Awake and asleep.

Modernize Your Resume

Get Noticed Get Hired
Author: Wendy Enelow,Louise Kursmark
Publisher: Emerald Career Publishing
ISBN: 9780996680301
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 224
View: 7887
Based on todays real-world job search trends, Modernize Your Resume shows you how to craft a winning resume to meet the complexities of todays highly competitive and technologically driven employment market. The entire job search process is evolving at a remarkably rapid pace, and your resume is at the foundation of it all. In this book, youll learn to: * Write tight, lean, clean, and laser-focused content to keep your reader engaged. Focus on information that is relevant and integrate keywords that are vital to being found online. * Create a distinctive design to make your resume stand out and capture attention. Getting noticed is step #1, so make that happen and youre on your way. * Understand how to use todays modern resume for both person-to-person job search as well as electronic, digital, and mobile search technologies. * The 80+ resume samples demonstrate these strategies in action for real-life job seekers whove excelled in their search campaigns. The samples showcase the resume writing work of Enelow, Kursmark, and many of their colleagues who are also well respected for their expertise in resume strategy, writing, format, and design. Clear guidelines and easy-to-follow examples give you practical know-how for building your own powerful resume that will serve all of your job search needs. Youll learn what works, why it works, and how you can make it work for you. The resume book weve all been waiting for from resume industry leaders Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark. Rich Feller, Past President, National Career Development Association

Wow! Resumes for Administrative Careers: How to Put Together A Winning Resume

Author: Rachel Lefkowitz
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780070371026
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 209
View: 1156
The first and only resume-writing handbook designed expressly for secretaries and other office workers, this savvy guide shows you how to use leading-edge strategies to sell yuor special skills, talents, and achievements in a polished, powerful resume that will dazzle employers. Best of all, you'll learn how to beat the competition with a trageted resume that zeroes in on a prospective employer's exact needs. Loaded with precise details, samples, and examples, it reveals how to hook an employer's interest in the first few lines; enhance all job descriptions with powerful, professional wording, transform even menial job tasks into impressive information; discover and showcase skills and achievements you never even knew you had; customize your resume to specific job positions, write a dynamite cover letter; and much more.

Career Smart

Five Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand
Author: Sherri Thomas
Publisher: Booklocker.Com Incorporated
ISBN: 9781601453662
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 108
View: 1211
An insider's guide to getting bigger promotions, better clients, and a richer career life, this reference may take readers' careers from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Play of Daniel Keyes' Flowers for Algernon

Author: Bert Coules,Daniel Keyes
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435232931
Category: English drama
Page: 128
View: 8209
The Heinemann Plays series offers contemporary drama and classic plays in durable classroom editions. Many have large casts and an equal mix of boy and girl parts. This play is a dramatization of Daniel Keyes's story about a retarded adult who desperately wants to be able to read and write.

Culture and Health

Applying Medical Anthropology
Author: Michael Winkelman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470462612
Category: Medical
Page: 512
View: 6635
Culture and Health offers an overview of different areas of culture and health, building on foundations of medical anthropology and health behavior theory. It shows how to address the challenges of cross-cultural medicine through interdisciplinary cultural-ecological models and personal and institutional developmental approaches to cross-cultural adaptation and competency. The book addresses the perspectives of clinically applied anthropology, trans-cultural psychiatry and the medical ecology, critical medical anthropology and symbolic paradigms as frameworks for enhanced comprehension of health and the medical encounter. Includes cultural case studies, applied vignettes, and self-assessments.

The Dishwasher

Author: Dannie M. Martin
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 9780393037906
Category: Detective and mystery stories
Page: 252
View: 3023
Finishing a fourteen-year prison term, Bill Malone takes a job at the Star Motel and tries to start over, but his new life is shattered when one of his new friends is raped, forcing Malone into a confrontation with the local mafia. A first novel.

Anthropology and Public Health

Bridging Differences in Culture and Society
Author: Robert A. Hahn,Marcia Claire Inhorn
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195374649
Category: Medical
Page: 730
View: 8982
Through 24 case studies from around the world, the volume provides a powerful argument for the imperative of anthropological perspectives, methods, information, and collaboration in the understanding and practice of public health.

Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes

The Anthropology of Museums
Author: Michael M. Ames
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 0774853034
Category: Social Science
Page: 230
View: 816
Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes poses a number of probing questions about the role and responsibility of museums and anthropology in the contemporary world. In it, Michael Ames, an internationally renowned museum director, challenges popular concepts and criticisms of museums and presents an alternate perspective which reflects his experiences from many years of museum work. Based on the author's previous book, Museums, the Public and Anthropology, the new edition includes seven new essays which argue, as in the previous volume, that museums and anthropologists must contextualize and critique themselves -- they must analyse and critique the social, political and economic systems within which they work. In the new essays, Ames looks at the role of consumerism and the market economy in the production of such phenomena as worlds' fairs and McDonald's hamburger chains, referring to them as "museums of everyday life" and indicating the way in which they, like museums, transform ideology into commonsense, thus reinforcing and perpetuating hegemonic control over how people think about and represent themselves. He also discusses the moral/political ramifications of conflicting attitudes towards Aboriginal art (is it art or artifact?); censorship (is it liberating or repressive?); and museum exhibits (are they informative or disinformative?). The earlier essays outline the development of museums in the Western world, the problems faced by anthropologists in attempting to deal with the often conflicting demands of professional as opposed to public interests, the tendency to both fabricate and stereotype, and the need to establish a reciprocal rather than exploitative relationship between museums/anthropologists and Aboriginal people. Written during the course of the last decade, these essays offer an accessible, often anecdotal, journey through one professional anthropologist's concerns about, and hopes for, his discipline and its future.

Culture Sketches

Author: Holly Peters-Golden
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
ISBN: 0077433033
Category: Electronic books
Page: 321
View: 8281
Ideal for any cultural anthropology course, this brief collection of ethnographic case studies exposes students to 15 different cultures. The groups selected are peoples whose traditional cultures are uniquely their own. Each has distinctive patterns and practices; each has faced the challenge of an encroaching world, with differing results. Moreover, they often provide the prime illustrations of important concepts in introductory anthropology course including Azande witchcraft, Ju/'hoansi egalitarianism, Trobriand kula exchange, and Minangkabau matriliny. As such, this volume can stand alone.

Economics and Morality

Anthropological Approaches
Author: Katherine E. Browne,Barbara Lynne Milgram
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780759112025
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 282
View: 6981
In Economics and Morality, the authors seek to illuminate the multiple kinds of analyses relating morality and economic behavior in particular kinds of economic systems. The chapters explore economic systems from a variety of diverse indigenous and capitalist societies, focusing on moral challenges in non-Western economic systems undergoing profound change, grassroots movements and moral claims in the context of capitalism, and morality-based movements taking place within corporate and state institutions. The anthropological insights of each chapter provide the value of firsthand fieldwork and ethnographic investigation, as well as the tradition of critically studying non-Western and Western societies. Because the moral challenges in a given capitalist society can no longer be effectively addressed without considering the interaction and influences of different societies in the global system, the international ethnographic research in this book can help document and make sense of the changes sweeping our planet.

Bartending Basics: A Complete Beginner's Guide

Author: Thomas Morrell
ISBN: 1435736362
Category: Cooking
Page: 198
View: 9636
"Thomas Morrell has spent over thirteen years in the restaurant and bar industry. He has worked as a busboy, dishwasher, server, host, cook, manager and most importantly as a bartender. Over the years many people have asked him how they can become a bartender too. This book is his answer. Inside you will find information covering: bartending tools and terminology, Thomas' customer service philosophy, beer, wine, distilled spirits, mixed drinks, how to maximize your tips, bartending working environments, bartending professionalism, responsible bartending, finding work as a bartender"--P. [4] of cover.

Essentials of Cultural Anthropology

Author: Garrick Bailey,James Peoples
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285415558
Category: Social Science
Page: 320
View: 3003
Brief and affordable, Bailey and Peoples' ESSENTIALS OF CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 3rd Edition, offers you a sound introduction to cultural anthropology. In its concise coverage of the course's core topics, you'll find strong scholarship, rich ethnographic examples, and a unique focus on modern ethnicity and the survival of indigenous peoples. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

A Companion to the Anthropology of Politics

Author: David Nugent,Joan Vincent
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470692936
Category: Social Science
Page: 528
View: 3139
This Companion offers an unprecedented overview of anthropology’s unique contribution to the study of politics. Explores the key concepts and issues of our time - from AIDS, globalization, displacement, and militarization, to identity politics and beyond Each chapter reflects on concepts and issues that have shaped the anthropology of politics and concludes with thoughts on and challenges for the way ahead Anthropology’s distinctive genre, ethnography, lies at the heart of this volume

The Regiment

15 Years in the SAS
Author: Rusty Firmin
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472823249
Category: History
Page: 304
View: 976
From its early beginnings in World War II, the Special Air Service (SAS) has won renown in some of the most dramatic, dangerous and controversial military special operations of the 20th century. It is a secretive and mysterious unit, whose operations and internal structures are hidden from the public eye. Now, one of its longest-serving veterans offers a glimpse into the shadowy world of the SAS. Rusty Firmin spent an incredible 15 years with 'The Regiment' and was a key figure in the assault of the Iranian Embassy in London in May 1980. Newly revised and available in paperback, this is the unforgettable chronicle of Rusty's combat experiences – a fascinating and intimate portrayal of what it was like to be part of the world's most respected Special Operations Force.


Author: Carol R. Ember,Melvin R. Ember,Peter N. Peregrine
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 0205982573
Category: Social Science
Page: 656
View: 7337
Explains how and why human cultures vary so greatly across space and time Anthropology, provides students with a comprehensive and scientific introduction to the holistic four fields of anthropology and the important role of applied anthropology. Readers will understand humans in all their variety, and why such variety exists. It also show students how anthropological skill sets can be applied beyond academia. The fourteenth edition places an increased emphasis on new explanations and the necessity to evaluate these new explanations logically as well as on the basis of the available evidence. REVEL from Pearson is an immersive learning experience designed for the way today’s student read, think, and learn. REVEL modernizes familiar and respected course content with dynamic media interactives and assessments, and empowers educators to increase engagement in the course, better connecting with students. The result is increased student engagement and improved learning. Teaching and Learning Experience This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience- for you and your students. It: Immersive Learning Experiences with REVEL: REVEL delivers immersive learning experiences designed for the way today's students read, think, and learn. Engaging Pedagogically-Driven Design: Learning Objectives in each chapter correspond to chapter summary materials A Clear Understanding of humans: Readers will learn the major variations in human kinship, economic, political, and religious systems and why it is significant. Focus on Contemporary issues: Students will understand contemporary social problems and how anthropology might be used to address them.

Getting a Job Process Kit

Author: Robert H. Zedlitz
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 053845041X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 160
View: 4632
GETTING A JOB: PROCESS KIT, Sixth Edition, a step-by-step guide to help students find and get the job they want, is now better than ever! This up-to-date, hands-on simulation shows students how to identify and match personal skills with job interests, prepare a resume and keep it updated, and research jobs and companies using the Internet and other sources. The simulation begins with a fun and helpful self-assessment, which students then use to research and explore suitable career options. For additional support, the kit reviews the employment process, provides worksheets and advice to boost students' confidence when pursuing employment, and outlines a graceful way to leave a job. An updated RESUME GENERATOR CD, included with each simulation, helps students easily prepare personalized, professional resumes and other employment documents, which they can organize and store in a provided resume cover and employment portfolio. Students can also use the CD to create a personal profile for the job search or review numerous sample employment documents, including resumes and cover letters with correct content and formatting. In addition, the CD includes helpful tips on how to develop a winning resume, what type of cover letter to use and when, action words that sell, and other employment documents to help ease the job search process. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


Author: Barbara D. Miller,Bernard A. Wood,Andrew Balkansky
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780205469468
Category: Social Science
Page: 721
View: 7047
Provides coverage, currency and connections of the four fields and core concepts through out the text to provide students with the most integrated and contemporary understanding of anthropology available. Overview of the four fields of cultural, biological, physical anthropology and archaeology. Anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the interconnection between the four fields of anthropology and access the latest research available in each field.

Research Methods in Anthropology

Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
Author: H. Russell Bernard
Publisher: Rowman Altamira
ISBN: 0759112436
Category: Social Science
Page: 680
View: 2739
Research Methods in Anthropology is the standard textbook for methods classes in anthropology. Written in Russ BernardOs unmistakable conversational style, his guide has launched tens of thousands of students into the fieldwork enterprise with a combination of rigorous methodology, wry humor, and commonsense advice. Whether you are coming from a scientific, interpretive, or applied anthropological tradition, you will learn field methods from the best guide in both qualitative and quantitative methods.