Edexcel GCSE English Language: Text Anthology

Edexcel GCSE Eng Lang Text Anthology
Author: David Grant,Esther Menon
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781447982043
Page: 152
View: 4662
This text anthology will support students working towards the Edexcel GCSE English Language qualification (9-1) and includes over 100 fiction and non-fiction extracts.

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) English Language Revision Workbook

For the 9-1 Exams
Author: Julie Hughes
Publisher: REVISE Edexcel GCSE English 2015
ISBN: 9781447987895
Category: English language
Page: 136
View: 7851
Exam Board: Edexcel Level: GCSE Subject: English Language First teaching: September 2015 First exams: June 2017 Revise smart and save! Our Revision Workbooks are designed to help you develop vital skills throughout the course in preparation for the exam with: One-to-one page match with the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) English Language Revision Guide so you can find the practice you need quickly and easily 'Putting it into practice' pages correspond to the Revision Guide pages with exam-style questions and text references. Loads of practice questions in the style of the new exams, with their own set of accompanying texts Guided support and hints provide additional scaffolding and help avoid common pitfalls A full set of practice papers written to match the new specification exactly

The Mortal Immortal

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN: 3849647757
Category: Fiction
Page: 69
View: 4139
The story begins on July 16, 1833, the apparent three hundred and twenty-third birthday of the narrator, Winzy, the self-styled "mortal immortal". Winzy recounts the series of events that lead him to drink an "elixir vitae" at age twenty, during his employment under alchemist Cornelius Agrippa. Winzy was offered gold to stay under Agrippa's tutelage after one of Agrippa's former assistants had "raised [a] foul fiend during his master's absence, and was destroyed by him". Winzy is terrified, but accepts ... (courtesy of mary-shelley-wikia.com)

An Inspector Calls

Author: J. B. Priestley
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435232825
Category: English drama
Page: 79
View: 7972
The Heinemann Plays series offers contemporary drama and classic plays in durable classroom editions. In this play an inspector interrupts a party to investigate a girl's suicide, and implicates each of the party-makers in her death.

Assessing 21st Century Skills

Summary of a Workshop
Author: National Research Council,Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education,Board on Testing and Assessment,Committee on the Assessment of 21st Century Skills
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309217938
Category: Education
Page: 154
View: 962
The routine jobs of yesterday are being replaced by technology and/or shipped off-shore. In their place, job categories that require knowledge management, abstract reasoning, and personal services seem to be growing. The modern workplace requires workers to have broad cognitive and affective skills. Often referred to as "21st century skills," these skills include being able to solve complex problems, to think critically about tasks, to effectively communicate with people from a variety of different cultures and using a variety of different techniques, to work in collaboration with others, to adapt to rapidly changing environments and conditions for performing tasks, to effectively manage one's work, and to acquire new skills and information on one's own. The National Research Council (NRC) has convened two prior workshops on the topic of 21st century skills. The first, held in 2007, was designed to examine research on the skills required for the 21st century workplace and the extent to which they are meaningfully different from earlier eras and require corresponding changes in educational experiences. The second workshop, held in 2009, was designed to explore demand for these types of skills, consider intersections between science education reform goals and 21st century skills, examine models of high-quality science instruction that may develop the skills, and consider science teacher readiness for 21st century skills. The third workshop was intended to delve more deeply into the topic of assessment. The goal for this workshop was to capitalize on the prior efforts and explore strategies for assessing the five skills identified earlier. The Committee on the Assessment of 21st Century Skills was asked to organize a workshop that reviewed the assessments and related research for each of the five skills identified at the previous workshops, with special attention to recent developments in technology-enabled assessment of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In designing the workshop, the committee collapsed the five skills into three broad clusters as shown below: Cognitive skills: nonroutine problem solving, critical thinking, systems thinking Interpersonal skills: complex communication, social skills, team-work, cultural sensitivity, dealing with diversity Intrapersonal skills: self-management, time management, self-development, self-regulation, adaptability, executive functioning Assessing 21st Century Skills provides an integrated summary of the presentations and discussions from both parts of the third workshop.

REVISE Edexcel GCSE (9-1) English Language Practice Papers Plus

For the 2015 Qualifications
Author: Pearson Education, Limited
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781292213231
Page: 120
View: 4759
Priced to meet both your budget and your students' - at only �2.49 (RRP �5.99) for a print copy. Each book contains three complete sets of practice papers with full worked solutions and hints and notes on the marks allocated directly alongside the relevant steps of the solution, so your students can make most sense of them and build their confidence. Designed to survive the rigours of the classroom and home, all the papers are bound into a durable book. Accessible write-in format allows students to take an active role in their revision. Get any print edition of the Practice Papers for the school price of just �2.49 (RRP �5.99) when ordering online. That's a 50% discount on the retail price! Just quote 16REVCC when prompted at the checkout.

Between Silk and Cyanide

Author: Leo Marks
Publisher: The History Press
ISBN: 0752471600
Category: History
Page: 480
View: 8148
In 1942, with a black-market chicken under his arm, Leo Marks left his father's famous bookshop, 84 Charing Cross Road, and went to war. He was twenty-two and a cryptopgraher of genius. In Between Silk and Cyanide, his critically acclaimed account of his time in SOE, Marks tells how he revolutionised the code-making techniques of the Allies, trained some of the most famous agents dropped into France including Violette Szabo and 'the White Rabbit', and why he wrote haunting verse including his 'The Life that I have' poem. He reveals for the first time the disastrous dimensions of the code war between SOE and the Germans in Holland; how the Germans were fooled into thinking a Secret Army was operating in the Fatherland itself, and how and why he broke General de Gaulle's secret code. Both thrilling and poignant, Marks's book is truly one of the last great Second World War memoirs.

A/AS Level English Language for AQA Student Book

Author: Marcello Giovanelli,Gary Ives,John Keen,Raj Rana,Rachel Rudman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107465621
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 320
View: 6332
A new series of bespoke, full-coverage resources developed for the 2015 A Level English qualifications. Endorsed for the AQA A/AS Level English Language specifications for first teaching from 2015, this print Student Book is suitable for all abilities, providing stretch opportunities for the more able and additional scaffolding for those who need it. Helping bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level, the unique three-part structure provides essential knowledge and allows students to develop their skills through a deeper study of key topics, whilst encouraging independent learning. An enhanced digital version and free Teacher's Resource are also available.

A Study Guide for the New Edexcel Igcse Anthology Poetry for the Literature Exam

A Line by Line Analysis of All the Poems With Exam Tips for Sucess
Author: Josephine Pearce
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781537272146
Page: 74
View: 438
A Study Guide for the New Edexcel IGCSE Anthology Poetry for the English Literature Exam: A line by line analysis of all the Poems with Exam tips for success. A Guide to mastering the new Edexcel IGCSE Anthology poems for first examination 2017, with line by line analysis of all the poems, helpful hints on how to compare the poems in the exam. This book is a one stop shop with all you need to know to succeed in the IGCSE English Literature exam. The book itself is designed to fit within a student's study folder. It is ideal for students to work between the anthology and the study notes, giving them everything they need to prepare for the exams.

Anita and Me

Author: Meera Syal
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007378521
Category: Fiction
Page: 336
View: 2406
Nine-year-old Meena can’t wait to grow up and break free from her parents. But, as the daughter of the only Punjabi family in the mining village of Tollington, her struggle for independence is different from most.

Target Grade 9 Writing Edexcel GCSE (9-1) English Language Workbook

Author: Pearson Education, Limited
Publisher: Intervention English
ISBN: 9780435183301
Page: 88
View: 8022
Help your students catch up, keep up and make expected progress in Edexcel GCSE (9-1) English with this new series of intervention workbooks. Now available for the schools price of only �1.99 (when quoting 568OTHR)

Cambridge IGCSE® English Literature

Author: Anna Gregory,Mike Gould,Alex Melville,Kurt A. Johnson,Chris Green
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 9780008262037
Page: 272
View: 1502
Help your students develop the skills and understanding to succeed in IGCSE(R) Literature in English. The Student Book provides an ideal companion to the Cambridge IGCSE(R) and IGCSE(R) (9-1) course for first examination in 2020, giving students the tools they need to tackle their own set texts in depth and tackle examinations with confidence. Exam Board: Cambridge International Examinations Level & Subject: IGCSE Literature in English (0475), IGCSE (91) Literature in English (0992) First teaching: September 2018 First exams: June 2020 Collins is working with Cambridge International Examinations towards endorsement of this title. - Build the fundamental skills and understanding: The first part of the book introduces the essential skills, concepts and terminology. The second part of the book shows students how to apply these skills to poetry, prose and drama. - Help all students make good progress. Chapters move from teaching the underlying skills and concepts to asking students to apply them in passage-based, discursive and unseen tasks. Regular Check your progress' features help your classes to measure their progress, while annotated responses show them how to improve. - Support all learners with clear differentiation. Introductory chapters build learners' confidence, the main chapters offer greater depth, while extension lessons help all students reach their full potential. - Practical for the classroom: the book is clearly organised into lessons and packed with activity. Each two- or four-page section in our Student Book is supported by a double-page lesson plan in the Teacher Guide. - Engage students with rich, varied, text extracts from a variety of periods and cultures. Texts representing the different genres in the syllabus allow students to compare writers' choices and their effects. - Flexible for teachers: the clear book structure and lesson headings allow teachers to dip in to find lessons to build into their own schemes of work.

Revise Edexcel

Edexcel Gcse English Language and Literature Revision Workbook Foundation
Author: Janet Beauman,Alan Pearce,Pam Taylor,Racheal Smith
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9781446904404
Category: English language
Page: 148
View: 8052
With Revision Workbooks for question practice and Revision Guides for classroom and independent study, our revision resources are the smart choice for those revising for GCSE English.

New GCSE English Language and Literature Revision Guide - For the Grade 9-1 Courses

Author: CGP Books
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781782943662
Page: 96
View: 1322

Edexcel International GCSE - Physics Essentials

Author: Sue Gardner
Publisher: Letts & Londsale
ISBN: 9781844197415
Category: International General Certificate of Secondary Education
Page: 112
View: 2349
This revision guide helps prepare students for the Edexcel IGCSE Physics exam. IGCSEs are becoming increasingly popular with schools and are viewed by many as more rigorous than the standard GCSEs. Can be used in conjunction with the Collins Edexcel IGCSE Student Book for thorough exam preparation.

The Tell-Tale Heart

Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Publisher: Charles River Editors via PublishDrive
ISBN: 1614307768
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 7693
Edgar Allan Poe (19 January 18097 October 1849) was an American writer best known for stories of mystery and horror.Poe also wrote poetry, including the well known poem The Raven.Not much is known about Poes untimely death, but it cannot be debated that he has had a great influence on American literature.

A Study Guide for the New Edexcel Igcse Anthology Non-Fiction for the English Language Exam

A Line-By-Line Analysis of the Non-Fiction Prose Extracts with Exam Tips for Success
Author: Josephine Pearce
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781541126855
Page: 66
View: 7904
A guide to mastering the new Edexcel IGCSE Anthology Non-fiction prose extracts, for first examination in 2017, for the English Language exam. This book has a line by line analysis of all the extracts, with a detailed explanation of all the literary techniques. It is a one stop shop with all you need to succeed in the IGCSE English Language exam. The book itself is designed to fit within a student's study folder. It is ideal to work between the anthology and the study notes, giving them everything they need to prepare for the exams. If you buy this, you might also wish to purchase the companion "Study Guide for the New Edexcel IGCSE Anthology Poetry for the Literature Exam," also by Josephine Pearce.

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-1939 Student Book

Author: John Child
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781292127347
Page: 160
View: 815
Supporting great history teaching: developing confident, articulate and successful historians. Our new resources* include 16 Student Books - one for every option in the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History specification - for first teaching from September 2016.

REVISE Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics Foundation Revision Workbook

For the New 2015 Qualifications
Author: Harry Smith
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781447987925
Page: 136
View: 4021
Our Revision Workbooks help students develop vital skills throughout their course in preparation for the exam.

Edexcel International GCSE - Biology Essentials

Author: Lynn Winspear
Publisher: Letts & Londsale
ISBN: 9781844197392
Category: Biology
Page: 112
View: 2640
This revision guide helps prepare students for the Edexcel IGCSE Biology exam. IGCSEs are becoming increasingly popular with schools and are viewed by many as more rigorous than the standard GCSEs. Can be used in conjunction with the Collins Edexcel IGCSE Student Book for thorough exam preparation.