Global Corruption Report: Sport

Author: Transparency International
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317443756
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 372
View: 1902
Sport is a global phenomenon engaging billions of people and generating annual revenues of more than US$ 145 billion. Problems in the governance of sports organisations, fixing of matches and staging of major sporting events have spurred action on many fronts. Yet attempts to stop corruption in sport are still at an early stage. The Global Corruption Report (GCR) on sport is the most comprehensive analysis of sports corruption to date. It consists of more than 60 contributions from leading experts in the fields of corruption and sport, from sports organisations, governments, multilateral institutions, sponsors, athletes, supporters, academia and the wider anti-corruption movement. This GCR provides essential analysis for understanding the corruption risks in sport, focusing on sports governance, the business of sport, planning of major events, and match-fixing. It highlights the significant work that has already been done and presents new approaches to strengthening integrity in sport. In addition to measuring transparency and accountability, the GCR gives priority to participation, from sponsors to athletes to supporters an essential to restoring trust in sport.

Sport, Peace, and Development

Author: Keith Gilbert,Will Bennett
Publisher: Common Ground Publishing
ISBN: 9781612290867
Category: Political Science
Page: 510
View: 5558

Sport, Social Development and Peace

Author: Kevin Young,Chiaki Okada
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1783508868
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 312
View: 4191
This volume is part of the early systematic inquiry into the analysis of sport as a developmental device. The book features an international roster of global experts. The chapters represent three groups: theory and philosophy, empirical research in 'on-the-ground' case studies, and those using circumspection to construct cases regarding evaluation.

Sport and International Development

Author: Aaron Beacom
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230584403
Category: Social Science
Page: 276
View: 620
Investigating the capacity of sport to act both as a conduit for traditional development assistance activities and as an agent for change in its own right, this book argues that sport can contribute to the development process, particularly where traditional development approaches have difficulty in engaging with communities.

Intelligent Environments

Methods, Algorithms and Applications
Author: Dorothy Monekosso,Yoshinori Kuno,Paolo Remagnino
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1848003463
Category: Computers
Page: 211
View: 7477
Relatively new research ?elds such as ambient intelligence, intelligent envir- ments, ubiquitous computing, and wearable devices have emerged in recent years. These ?elds are related by a common theme: making use of novel technologies to enhance user experience by providing user-centric intelligent environments, - moving computers from the desktop and making computing available anywhere and anytime. It must be said that the concept of intelligent environments is not new and beganwithhomeautomation. Thechoiceofnameforthe?eldvariessomewhatfrom continent to continent in the English-speaking world. In general intelligent space is synonymous to intelligent environments or smart spaces of which smart homes is a sub?eld. In this collection, the terms intelligent environments and ambient int- ligence are used interchangeably throughout. Such environments are made possible by permeating living spaces with intelligent technology that enhances quality of life. In particular, advances in technologies such as miniaturized sensors, advances in communication and networking technology including high-bandwidth wireless devices and the reduction in power consumption have made possible the concept of intelligent environments. Environments such as a home, an of?ce, a shopping mall, and a travel port utilize data provided by users to adapt the environment to meet the user’s needs and improve human-machine interactions. The user information is gathered either via wearable devices or by pervasive sensors or a combination of both. Intelligent environments brings together a number of research ?elds from computer science, such as arti?cial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, and robotics as well as engineering and architecture.

Gender, Sport and Development in Africa

Cross-cultural Perspectives on Patterns of Representations and Marginalization
Author: Jimoh Shehu
Publisher: African Books Collective
ISBN: 286978306X
Category: Social Science
Page: 154
View: 7097
Drawing on various theories and cross-cultural data, the contributors to this volume highlight the various ways in which sport norms, policies, practices and representations pervasively interface with gender and other socially constructed categories of difference. They argue that sport is not only a site of competition and physical recreation, but also a crossroad where features of modern society such as hegemony, identities, democracy, technology, development and master statuses intertwine and bifurcate. As they point out in many ways, sport production, reproduction, distribution and consumption are relational, spatial and contextual and, therefore, do not pay off for men, women and other social groups equally. The authors draw attention to the structure and scope of efforts needed to transform the exclusionary and gendered nature of sport processes to make them adequate to the task of engendering Africa's development. --

Rural Development Planning in Africa

Author: Meleckidzedeck Khayesi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349952974
Category: Political Science
Page: 253
View: 1480
This book applies a range of theories that focus on current concerns in rural Africa. The contributors lay out the conceptualization, analysis, methods, assumptions, perceptions, and ideas considered in each individual case. Specifically, this project inspires research in the field of rural development in Africa through multi-faceted endeavors that promote the ability of planning to uplift people’s well-being and quality of life.

Article 31 [electronic resource]

the right to leisure, play and culture
Author: Paulo David
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9004148825
Category: Law
Page: 33
View: 2143
This volume constitutes a commentary on Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is part of the series, "A Commentary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child," which provides an article by article analysis of all substantive, organizational and procedural provisions of the CRC and its two Optional Protocols. For every article, a comparison with related human rights provisions is made, followed by an in-depth exploration of the nature and scope of State obligations deriving from that article. The series constitutes an essential tool for actors in the field of children's rights, including academics, students, judges, grassroots workers, governmental, non- governmental and international officers. The series is sponsored by the "Belgian Federal Science Policy Office,"

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Author: M. McGillivray
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 023059493X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 249
View: 7352
This book provides analytical insights into if and how the targets adopted by the international community are likely to be achieved. A key feature of the analysis is the recognition that most of the MDG targets are endogenously related. These inter-dependencies are crucial not only in analysing the MDGs but also devising strategies.

Girls, HIV/AIDS and Education

Author: N.A
Publisher: United Nations Publications
ISBN: 9789280638141
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 32
View: 1495
Providing good-quality basic education and skills-based prevention education is fundamental to reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS, particularly for girls. Girls are at greater risk of contracting the disease, bear a disproportionate share of its burden and comprise the majority of new infections globally. Yet, because of persistent gender disparity, they are often denied an education and thus protection against infection. This joint project with The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, provides graphic and tabular evidence that links sexual knowledge/behaviour and educational level among young people. It outlines three priorities that support schools in protecting girls and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS: getting and keeping girls in school; proving life skills-based education; and protecting girls from gender-based school violence.

World Youth Report 2003

The Global Situation of Young People
Author: United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs
Publisher: United Nations Publications
ISBN: 9789211302288
Page: 409
View: 4481
Young people make up almost one fifth of the world's population, with close to 85 per cent living in developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. This publication considers the parallel realities that govern the lives of young people throughout the world, exploring the opportunities, achievements and hopes that exist for some, as well as the lost potential, inequalities, vulnerabilities and discrimination that affects many youth. This review is based on the findings of a UN expert group meeting, held in Helsinki in October 2002. Issues discussed include: current trends and priorities for global youth policy, focusing on the ten priority areas highlighted in the 1995 World Programme of Action for Youth to the year 2000 and beyond; as well as five new issues of concern that have emerged since then, focusing on the impact on young people of globalisation; information and communication technologies (ICT); HIV/AIDS; armed conflict situations; demographic changes, family structures and intergenerational relations.

Children, Youth and Development

Author: Nicola Ansell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136815082
Category: Social Science
Page: 508
View: 2814
The new updated edition of Children, Youth and Development explores the varied ways in which global processes in the form of development policies, economic and cultural globalisation, and international agreements interact with more locally specific practices to shape the lives of young people living in the poorer regions of the world. It examines these processes, and the effects they have on young people’s lives, in relation to developing theoretical approaches to the study of children and youth. This landmark title brings together the stock of knowledge and approaches to understanding young people’s lives in the context of development and globalization in the majority world for the first time. It introduces different theoretical approaches to the study of young people, and explores the ways in which these, along with predominantly Western conceptions of childhood and youth, have influenced how majority world children have been viewed and treated by international agencies. Contexts of globalisation and growing international inequality are explored, alongside more immediate contexts such as family and peer relationships. Chapters are devoted to groups of children deemed to be in need of protection and to debates concerning children’s rights and their participation in development projects. Young people’s health and education are considered, as is their involvement in work of various kinds, and the impacts of environmental change and hazards (including climate change). The book introduces material and concepts to readers in a very accessible way and within each chapter employs features such as boxed case studies, summaries of key ideas, discussion questions and guides to further resources. This edition has been updated to take account of significant changes in the contexts in which poor children grow up, notably the financial crisis and changing development policy environment, as well as recent theoretical developments. It is aimed at students on higher level undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as researchers who are unfamiliar with this area of research and practitioners in organisations working to ameliorate the lives of children in majority world countries.

Report On The Global Aids Epidemic 2004

Author: Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.
Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN: 9789291733552
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 231
View: 5809
This flagship report presents the considered views on the state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), which comprises nine United Nations system agencies. It includes analysis of all aspects of the epidemic, from the spread of HIV, to treatments, to the availability of resources. It also provides country-by-country figures on its extent.


photos by kids from the Nairobi slums
Author: Lana Wong
Publisher: Booth-Clibborn
Category: Photography
Page: 192
View: 9833
The photographs in this book were taken by the Shootback Team, a group of 31 kids, aged twelve to seventeen, from Nairobi, Kenya. They live in Mathare, one of the largest and poorest slums in Africa. Two years ago, these kids had never held a camera. Today, their photographs are exhibited, published and collected around the world. Equipped with $30 plastic cameras, the Shootback Team has been photographing their lives, and writing about them since September 1997. Through their own words and pictures, this book tells their story.

African Soccerscapes

How a Continent Changed the World's Game
Author: Peter Alegi
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781849040389
Category: Soccer
Page: 179
View: 9527
From Accra and Algiers to Zanzibar and Zululand, African football today reflects the history and culture of those who play the game and how they have shaped it in a distinctively African manner. Football may obey global rules, but the influence of magicians and healers, the nurturing of different tactics and styles of play, and local forms of spectatorship give football in the continent a cultural and sporting imprint all of its own . In African Soccerscapes Peter Alegi explores how football was influenced by colonialism, the growth of cities, independence, and global capitalism. Regional differences and the links between sport, culture and politics feature prominently in his book. In the independent era football offered a rare form of 'national culture' in ethnically diverse nations and symbolized pan-African unity and solidarity through the anti-apartheid struggle and the campaign for more guaranteed places for African teams in the World Cup finals. Huge numbers of Africans play overseas, disproportionately rewarding European leagues at Africa's expense, and this phenomenon is discussed, as are the recent privatization of the African game, football development programs and the growth of women's football

Sex Education in the Schools

Author: Douglas Kirby
Publisher: N.A
Category: HIV infections
Page: 81
View: 3824
Sexuality and HIV education programs in schools / Douglas Kirby (p. [1]-41) -- Truth and consequences : teen sex / Douglas J. Besharov with Karen N. Gardiner -- Risks and realism : teen sex / Douglas J. Besharov -- Sex educators for young see new virtue in chastity / Jane Gross.

Technical Report Series

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Public health
Page: N.A
View: 7365

Report on the Global Hiv/Aids Epidemic

Author: Joint United Nations Programme on HIV, AIDS.,Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.,Marais Hein,Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv/Aids Unaids Staff
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9789291731855
Page: 226
View: 1109