The Vocation Lectures

Author: Max Weber,David S. Owen,Tracy B. Strong
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 1624660045
Page: 176
View: 9809
Originally published separately, Weber's 'Science as a Vocation' and 'Politics as a Vocation' stand as the classic formulations of his positions on two related subjects that go to the heart of his thought: the nature and status of science and its claims to authority; and the nature and status of political claims and the ultimate justification for such claims. Together in this volume, these newly translated lectures offer an ideal point of entry into Weber's central project: understanding how, as Weber put it, "in the West alone there have appeared cultural manifestations [that seem to] go in the direction of universal significance and validity."

The History of Science and the History of the Scientific Disciplines

Author: N.A
Publisher: Edicions Universitat Barcelona
Category: Geography
Page: 63
View: 6604

El político y el científico

Author: Max Weber
Publisher: Alianza Editorial
ISBN: 9788420639642
Category: Political Science
Page: 233
View: 8614
En los trabajos que componen EL POLÍTICO Y EL CIENTÍFICO precedidos por un prólogo de RAYMOND ARON en esta edición-, MAX WEBER (1864-1920) reflexiona acerca de la contraposición entre el quehacer del investigador y el comportamiento del hombre de acción. Por una parte, las virtudes del político parecen incompatibles con las cualidades del hombre de ciencia; por otra, sin embargo, existe una comunicación dialéctica entre conocimiento y acción, ya que el saber objetivo favorece un comportamiento racional y aumenta las probabilidades de conseguir las metas que el político se propone. Otras obras de Max Weber en esta colección: «La ética protestante y el 3espíritu2 del capitalismo» (CS 3805) Y «Escritos políticos» (LB 1531).

Cuban Studies 33

Author: Lisandro Perez,Uva De Aragon
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre
ISBN: 0822970716
Category: History
Page: 280
View: 7960
Cuban Studies has been published annually by the University of Pittsburgh Press since 1985. Founded in 1970, it is the preeminent journal for scholarly work on Cuba. Each volume includes articles in both English and Spanish, a large book review section, and an exhaustive compilation of recent works in the field.

The Politics of Social Policy Change in Chile and Uruguay

Retrenchment versus Maintenance, 1973-1998
Author: Rossana Castiglioni Nunez
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135475636
Category: History
Page: 168
View: 739
This work explains the causes of social policy reform in Chile and Uruguay in the areas of health care, pensions and education. Until the 1970s, Chile and Uruguay shared striking similarities.

The Politics of Technology in Latin America

Author: Maria Ines Bastos
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134799365
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 272
View: 821
This collection sets out to explore technology policy in Latin America during the 1970s and 1980s. It is based on country studies and industry studies in the main Latin American economies and examines the political turmoil surrounding protected industrialisation in these countries.

Análisis político y electoral

Publisher: Editorial UNED
ISBN: 843626309X
Category: Political Science
Page: 613
View: 7797
El presente volumen reúne algunos de los textos seminales que configuran las diferentes aportaciones sobre los sistemas de partidos, el comportamiento electoral y la cultura política, así como de las instituciones representativas. Estos textos muestran el acentuado pluralismo temático y metodológico de la Ciencia Política. Sugieren vías para una comprensión global del origen y desarrollo de las diferentes cuestiones y enfoques en vigor.

Doce lecturas fundamentales de ciencia política

Publisher: Editorial UNED
ISBN: 8436263596
Category: Political Science
Page: 613
View: 1039
En el primer capítulo se resuelven los problemas sobre circuitos en los que intervienen fuentes de corriente continua. En el segundo, los correspondientes fenómenos transitorios que se producen al conectar un circuito a una fuente de tensión continua. En el tercero se exponen las soluciones a problemas de circuitos con corrientes sinusoidales (c. a.). En el cuarto capítulo se estudian las soluciones de problemas con redes eléctricas en corriente alterna. Todos se corresponden con los propuestos en Teoría de circuitos y electrónica.

La razón estrangulada

La crisis de la ciencia en la sociedad contemporáneaLa crisis de la ciencia en la sociedad contemporánea
Author: Carlos Elías
Publisher: DEBATE
ISBN: 8499924689
Category: Science
Page: 480
View: 8699
Un ensayo sobre los problemas de la ciencia en la sociedad actual. «Estudiar ciencias ya no seduce.» Este reciente titular de prensa es el eje de este penetrante ensayo dedicado al declive de la ciencia y la cultura científica en la sociedad occidental. Pese al importante papel que desempeñan la ciencia y la tecnología en el mundo que nos rodea, su prestigio se desvanece en todos los países occidentales, no sólo en el nuestro. Observador de la situación desde su doble condición de científico y periodista, Carlos Elías advierte que la principal causa de esta decadencia reside en la cultura mediática moderna, que constriñe y dificulta el desarrollo y el ejercicio de la ciencia. Así, al rehuir lo complicado y primar lo simple, el aumento del poder y la influencia de los medios de comunicación (cine, televisión, periodismo, etc.) van de la mano del menoscabo de la ciencia y la investigación científica, una situación que sólo podremos revertir si los científicos aprenden a controlar y utilizar los medios de comunicación para que no se vuelvan en su contra.

Weber: Political Writings

Author: Max Weber,Peter Lassman,Ronald Speirs
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521397193
Category: History
Page: 390
View: 8639
Max Weber (1864-1920), generally known as a founder of modern social science, was concerned with political affairs throughout his life. The texts in this edition span his career and illustrate the development of his political thinking on the fate of Germany and the nature of politics in the modern Western state in an age of cultural "disenchantment." The introduction discusses the central themes of Weber's political thought, and a chronology, notes and an annotated bibliography place him in his political and cultural context.

Arts of Perception

The Epistemological Mentality of the Spanish Baroque, 1580-1720
Author: Jeremy Robbins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134708610
Category: Drama
Page: 304
View: 5424
Arts of Perception offers a new account of a key period in Spanish history and culture and a fundamental reassessment of its major writers and intellectuals, including Gracián, Quevedo, Calderón, Saavedra Fajardo, López de Vega, and Sor Juana. Reading these figures in the context of European thought and the new science, and philosophy, the study considers how they developed various ‘arts of perception’ - complex perceptual strategies designed to overcome and exploit epistemic problems to enable an individual to act effectively in the moral, political, social or religious sphere. The study takes as its subject the distinctive epistemological mentality behind such ‘arts of perception’. This mentality was fostered by the creative interaction of scepticism and Stoicism, and found expression in the key concepts ser/parecer and engaño/desengaño. The work traces the emergence, development, and impact of these concepts on Spanish thought and culture. As well as offering new interpretations of specific major figures, Arts of Perception offers an interpretation of the mentality of an entire culture as it made the fraught transition to intellectual modernity. As such it ranges over numerous discourses and formative contexts and provides a wealth of new material which will be of use to all those seeking to understand and interpret the literature, culture and thought of Golden Age Spain. This book was previously published as a special issue of The Bulletin of Spanish Studies.

Latino Politics en Ciencia Política

The Search for Latino Identity and Racial Consciousness
Author: Tony Affigne,Evelyn Hu-DeHart,Marion Orr
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814763871
Category: Political Science
Page: 320
View: 4265
More than 53 million Latinos now constitute the largest, fastest-growing, and most diverse minority group in the United States, and the nation’s political future may well be shaped by Latinos’ continuing political incorporation. In the 2012 election, Latinos proved to be a critical voting bloc in both Presidential and Congressional races; this demographic will only become more important in future American elections. Using new evidence from the largest-ever scientific survey addressed exclusively to Latino/Hispanic respondents, Latino Politics en Ciencia Política explores political diversity within the Latino community, considering how intra-community differences influence political behavior and policy preferences. The editors and contributors, all noted scholars of race and politics, examine key issues of Latino politics in the contemporary United States: Latino/a identities (latinidad), transnationalism, acculturation, political community, and racial consciousness. The book contextualizes today’s research within the history of Latino political studies, from the field’s beginnings to the present, explaining how systematic analysis of Latino political behavior has over time become integral to the study of political science. Latino Politics en Ciencia Política is thus an ideal text for learning both the state of the field today, and key dimensions of Latino political attitudes. Instructor's Guide


Science, Politics, and Crime in the Sea of Cortez
Author: Brooke Bessesen
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1610919327
Category: Nature
Page: 320
View: 9246
In 2006, vaquita, a diminutive porpoise making its home in the Upper Gulf of California, inheritedthe dubious title of world's most endangered marine mammal.Nicknamed "panda of the sea” for their small size and beguiling facial markings, vaquitas have been in decline for decades, dying by the hundreds in gillnets intended for commercially valuable fish, as wellas for anendangered fish called totoaba. When international crime cartels discovered a lucrative trade in the swim bladders of totoaba, illegal gillnetting went rampant, and now the lives of the few remaining vaquitas hang in the balance. Author Brooke Bessesen takes us on a journey to Mexico's Upper Gulf region to uncover the story. She interviewed townspeople, fishermen, scientists, and activists, teasing apart a complex story filled with villains and heroes, a story whose outcome is unclear.When diplomatic and political efforts to save the little porpoise failed, Bessesen followed a team of veterinary experts in a binational effort to capture the last remaining vaquitas and breed them in captivity—the best hope for their survival. In this fast-paced, soul-searing tale, she learned that there are no easy answers when extinction is profitable. Whether the rescue attempt succeeds or fails, the world must ask itself hard questions. When vaquita and the totoaba are gone, the black market will turn to the next vulnerable species. What will we do then?

Curso de Teoría Política

Author: N.A
Publisher: Juan Carlos Martínez Coll
ISBN: 8469079050
Page: N.A
View: 7603

The New Critique of Ideology

Lessons from Post-Pinochet Chile
Author: Ricardo Camargo
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113732967X
Category: Social Science
Page: 298
View: 5868
This book offers a new ideology critique for political analysis by revisiting Habermas via a Žižekian reading. The book includes an application of the theory to the case of the political consensus reached in Chile's post-Pinochet.

La física en la dictadura. Físicos, cultura y poder en España 1939-1975

Author: Herran, Néstor,Roqué, Xavier
Publisher: Servei de Publicacions de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
ISBN: 8449032385
Category: Science
Page: 312
View: 1436
Este libro trata sobre el problema histórico de ubicar la física en el franquismo. Física en la dictadura, y no durante la dictadura, porque nos interesan más las relaciones entre el laboratorio, el aula, el despacho oficial, la redacción o la central nuclear —lugares de producción de bienes y conocimiento, espacios tanto públicos como privados de autoridad, comunicación o enseñanza—, que las cronologías del progreso o el retraso. Física en relación con la cultura y el poder porque queremos indagar en las formas de articulación entre una disciplina científica y un régimen político totalitario. El volumen reúne trabajos de una veintena de historiadores, presentados durante el simposio «Historia de la Física en España en el siglo XX: Balance y Perspectivas», celebrado en Barcelona en diciembre de 2011. En ellos se abordan aspectos como la relación entre la física y la industria, la enseñanza de la física, la organización de la comunidad de físicos y las relaciones internacionales de la disciplina. Desde posiciones historiográficas complementarias, los autores ofrecen una lectura novedosa de la relación entre física, cultura, economía y política en la España contemporánea.

Spanish Female Writers and the Freethinking Press, 1879-1926

Author: Christine Arkinstall
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442668849
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 256
View: 3655
Christine Arkinstall’s historical and literary study of female freethinking intellectuals in fin-de-siècle Spain examines the contributions of three intellectuals, Amalia Domingo Soler, Angeles López de Ayala, and Belén Sárraga, to the development of feminist consciousness and democracy. These women wrote for, edited, and published radical and feminist periodicals that, until now, have been left unstudied. This significant gap in the scholarship has left us without an accurate sense of Spanish women’s involvement in the public realm. Spanish Female Writers and the Freethinking Press, 1879–1926 recovers the lost history and literary contributions these women made to the so-called Generation of 1898. Using their extensive published works, Arkinstall not only illuminates the lives of Domingo Soler, López de Ayala, and Sárraga, but traces the connections between feminism, freethinking, republicanism, freemasonry, anarchism, and socialism. By placing these women’s work in the broader literary, social, and political context of the period, Arkinstall’s study makes a major contribution to our understanding of the central role of women in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century democracy in Spain.

Teoría del Estado I. El Estado y sus instituciones

Author: Andrés DE BLAS GUERRERO,Vv.aa.
Publisher: Editorial UNED
ISBN: 843626648X
Category: Law
Page: 464
View: 8793
La finalidad de este libro es la de proporcionar el marco teórico que permita analizar los cambios contemporáneos, así como la persistencia de las instituciones que caracterizan la organización estatal. Su contenido se centra, por una parte, en el estudio de los procesos e ideas que propiciaron el surgimiento y las transformaciones del Estado hasta definirse como un Estado de derecho, democrático y de bienestar, y por otra, en su organización. Es decir, en el análisis de sus instituciones básicas, como la constitución, el parlamento, el gobierno, el poder judicial y la estructura territorial.

El Libro Escolar, Reflejo de Intenciones Políticas E Influencias Pedagógicas

Author: Alejandro TIANA FERRER
Publisher: Editorial UNED
ISBN: 8436258207
Category: Education
Page: 472
View: 1675
Esta obra recoge una selección de los trabajos presentados en el I Simposio MANES, celebrado en Madrid en el año 1996. En esa primera reunión científica organizada por el proyecto se presentaron diversos trabajos centrados en el estudio histórico de los manuales escolares. En este volumen se recogen veintitrés de dichos trabajos, una vez revisados por sus autores a la luz de los debates mantenidos en el encuentro. La obra se organiza en tres partes, dedicada cada una de ellas a un ámbito de investigación de especial relevancia. Con este volumen se abre una nueva línea dentro de la colección, tendente a ofrecer a los investigadores y estudiosos los resultados que va arrojando el Proyecto MANES.

Patrons, Clients and Policies

Patterns of Democratic Accountability and Political Competition
Author: Herbert Kitschelt,Steven I. Wilkinson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521865050
Category: Political Science
Page: 377
View: 4907
A study of patronage politics and the persistence of clientelism across a range of countries.