Environmental Politics and Policy

Author: Walter A. Rosenbaum
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1506345395
Category: Political Science
Page: 424
View: 341
Walter A. Rosenbaum’s classic Environmental Politics and Policy, Tenth Edition once again provides definitive coverage of environmental politics and policy, lively case material, and a balanced assessment of current environmental issues. The first half of the book sets needed context and describes the policy process while the second half covers specific environmental issues such as air and water; toxic and hazardous substances; energy; and a global policymaking chapter focused on climate change and transboundary politics. Covering major environmental policy initiatives and controversies during President Obama's two terms and capturing the sudden and radical changes occurring in the American energy economy, this Tenth Edition offers the needed currency and relevancy for any environmental politics course.

Environmental Policy

New Directions for the Twenty-First Century
Author: Norman J. Vig,Michael E. Kraft
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1506383459
Category: Political Science
Page: 456
View: 9188
Authoritative and trusted, Environmental Policy once again brings together top scholars to evaluate the changes and continuities in American environmental policy since the late 1960s and their implications for the twenty-first century. You will learn to decipher the underlying trends, institutional constraints, and policy dilemmas that shape today’s environmental politics. The Tenth Edition examines how policy has changed within federal institutions and state and local governments, as well as how environmental governance affects private sector policies and practices. The book provides in-depth examinations of public policy dilemmas including fracking, food production, urban sustainability, and the viability of using market solutions to address policy challenges. Students will also develop a deeper understanding of global issues such as climate change governance, the implications of the Paris Agreement, and the role of environmental policy in the developing world. Students walk away with a measured yet hopeful evaluation of the future challenges policymakers will confront as the American environmental movement continues to affect the political process.

Comparative Environmental Politics

Theory, Practice, and Prospects
Author: Paul F. Steinberg,Stacy D. VanDeveer
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262195852
Category: Political Science
Page: 424
View: 4076
Combining the theoretical tools of comparative politics with the substantive concerns of environmental policy, experts explore responses to environmental problems across nations and political systems.

Public Policy

Politics, Analysis, and Alternatives
Author: Michael E. Kraft,Scott R. Furlong
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1506358179
Category: Political Science
Page: 584
View: 9367
In Public Policy: Politics, Analysis, and Alternatives, students come to understand how and why policy analysis is used to assess policy alternatives. To encourage critical and creative thinking on issues ranging from the federal deficit to health care reform to climate change, authors Michael Kraft and Scott Furlong introduce and fully integrate an evaluative approach to policy. The Sixth Edition of Public Policy offers a fully revised, concise review of institutions, policy actors, and major theoretical models as well as a discussion of the nature of policy analysis and its practice. Both the exposition and data have been updated to reflect major policy controversies and developments through the end of 2016, including new priorities of the Donald Trump administration.

American Politics and Society

Author: David McKay
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118261909
Category: Political Science
Page: 520
View: 5657
Now in its eighth edition, this popular introduction tackles the most recent trends in American politics and society through explanation, analyses, and interpretations of government processes – adding valuable context for students by considering these procedures and developments from an international perspective. Fully updated to take account of the many recent developments in American politics and society – exploring one of the most turbulent political arenas witnessed in decades Features new chapters on environmental politics and the Obama presidency Shifts its focus from the gap between public expectations and government performance to the increasingly divisive ideological climate of America’s political system Benefits from a student-friendly style and design with numerous illustrations and a range of helpful pedagogical features, including chronologies, biographies, and definition boxes highlighting key concepts and controversial issues Offers thought-provoking insights into the social background to contemporary politics in America, while fully embracing the latest developments and considering these from a non-U.S. perspective

Water Policy Science and Politics

An Indian Perspective
Author: M. Dinesh Kumar
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128149043
Category: Science
Page: 326
View: 6997
Water Policy Science and Politics: An Indian Perspective presents the importance of politics and science working together in policymaking in the water sector. Many countries around the developed and developing world, including India, are experiencing major water scarcity problems that will undoubtedly increase with the impacts of climate change. This book discusses specific topics in India’s water, agriculture and energy sectors, focusing on scientific aspects, academic and political discourse, and policy issues. The author presents cases from the interrelated sectors of water resources, supplies, sanitation, and energy and climate, including controversial topics that illustrate how science and politics can work together. Challenges the linear and conventional approaches to water management and water policymaking in India that are also applicable in developing countries across South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa Presents best practice ideas and methods that help science and politics work together Highlights a key gap of communication between science and policy in water research, with solutions on how this can be addressed

State and Local Government

Author: Ann O'M. Bowman,Richard C. Kearney
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305888375
Category: Education
Page: 560
View: 6537
The 10th edition of STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT provides comprehensive and completely updated coverage of institutions, political behavior, and policy-making at the state and local level. This bestselling text's theme of increased capacity and responsiveness of state and local government conveys excitement about politics at the grassroots level and is pro public service. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Lone Star Politics

Tradition and Transformation in Texas
Author: Ken Collier,Steven Galatas,Julie Harrelson-Stephens
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1506373631
Category: Political Science
Page: 592
View: 9054
In Texas, myth often clashes with the reality of everyday governance. The Nacogdoches author team (Ken Collier, Steven Galatas, & Julie Harrelson-Stephens) of Lone Star Politics explores the state’s rich political tradition and explains who gets what, and how by setting Texas in context with other states’ constitutions, policymaking, electoral practices, and institutions. Critical thinking questions and unvarnished “Winners and Losers” discussions guide students toward understanding Texas government. This Fifth Edition expands its coverage of civil rights in the state, and includes the contemporary issues that highlight the push and pull between federal, state, and local governments.

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Author: Frank A. Ward
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780131131637
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 610
View: 1223
The aim of this book is to provide an introduction to environmental and natural resource issues and to describe economic theories and methods used by experts working in the field. Case Studies Comprehensive treatment of a wide range of environmental and natural resource issues.A real life introduction to each chapter engages the reader in the application of the topic at hand.Unique chapter on environmental justice. Consultants or other professionals who works with economic analysis of environmental policy.

American public policy

promise and performance
Author: B. Guy Peters
Publisher: N.A
Category: History
Page: 391
View: 6963
Now considered a classic amongst political experts, "American Public Policy" is an excellent overview of the fundamental processes and content of American public policy. Peters gives a clear exposition of the public policy environment from agenda setting to evaluation, identifying the governmental structures and procedures through which policy is designed and implemented. With characteristic flair for lucid and lively discussion, Peters examines the problems, goals, and important issues in substantive policy areas, including health care, social security and welfare, education, energy, environment, defense and law enforcement.A new chapter on social policy covering important contemporary topics such as abortion, school prayer, and gay rights enhances the currency of this accomplished review of public policy.

American Politics and the Environment, Second Edition

Author: Byron W. Daynes,Glen Sussman,Jonathan P. West
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438459343
Category: Political Science
Page: 268
View: 7793
Examines the role of politics in the environmental policy making process. Changing our environmental policy has been at the forefront of many political discussions. But how can we make this change come about? In American Politics and the Environment, Second Edition, Byron W. Daynes, Glen Sussman and Jonathan P. West argue it is critical that we must understand the politics of environmental decision making and how political actors operate within political institutions. Blending behavioral and institutional approaches, each chapter combines discussion of an institution along with sidebars focusing on a particular environmental topic as well as a personal profile of a key decision maker. A central focus of this second edition is the emergence of global climate change as a key issue. Although the scientific community can provide research findings to policy makers, politics can create conflicts, tensions, and delays in the crafting of effective and necessary environmental policy responses. Daynes, Sussman, and West help us understand the role of politics in the policy making process and why institutional players such as the president, Congress, and interest groups succeed or fail in responding to important environmental challenges.

Empirical Political Analysis

Pearson New International Edition CourseSmart eTextbook
Author: Craig Leonard Brians
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315510200
Category: Education
Page: 446
View: 6296
Empirical Political Analysis introduces students to the full range of qualitative and quantitative methods used in political science research. Organized around all of the stages of the research process, this comprehensive text surveys designing experiments, conducting research, evaluating results, and presenting findings. With exercises in the text and in a companion lab manual, Empirical Political Analysis gives students applied insights on the scopes and methods of political science research. Features: Offers comprehensive coverage of quantitative and qualitative research methods in political science, a hallmark since it first published over 25 years ago. Covers the research process from start to finish—hypothesis formation, literature review, research design, data gathering, data analysis, and research report writing. Includes in-depth examples of political science research to give discipline-specific instruction on political analysis. Features a “Practical Research Ethics” box in every chapter to make students aware of common ethical dilemmas and potential solutions to them. Written by political scientists who actively publish in subfields ranging from comparative politics to environmental policy to political communications to voting behavior. Includes learning goals, key terms, and research examples to help students engage and explore the most important concepts.

Massachusetts Politics and Public Policy

Studies in Power and Leadership
Author: Richard A. Hogarty
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 9781558493629
Category: Political Science
Page: 325
View: 7436
This provides an inside view of Massachusetts political arena, including the workings of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, as well as the administrative bureaucracy. The process of policy making and the complexities of on-the-ground implementation are examined.

The Environment and Society Reader

Author: Richard Scott Frey
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780205308767
Category: Political Science
Page: 388
View: 2321
This is a comprehensive introduction to the issues associated with environmental problems.The author challenges readers to ask themselves questions regarding the complexity and distribution of environmental problems as well as human impacts on and responses to these problems. Readers are also encouraged to examine the scope and nature of environmental problems. Geared toward those interested in the relationship between the environment and society.

An Introduction to Sustainability

Environmental, Social and Personal Perspectives
Author: Martin Mulligan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315519437
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 338
View: 1555
An Introduction to Sustainability provides students with a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and ideas which are encompassed within the growing field of sustainability. The fully updated second edition, including new figures and images, teases out the diverse but intersecting domains of sustainability and emphasises strategies for action. Aimed at those studying the subject for the first time, it is unique in giving students from different disciplinary backgrounds a coherent framework and set of core principles for applying broad sustainability principles within their own personal and professional lives. These include: working to improve equality within and across generations; moving from consumerism to quality of life goals; and respecting diversity in both nature and culture. Areas of emerging importance such as the economics of prosperity and wellbeing stand alongside core topics including: · Energy and society · Consumption and consumerism · Risk and resilience · Waste, water and land. Key challenges and applications are explored through international case studies, and each chapter includes a thematic essay drawing on diverse literature to provide an integrated introduction to fundamental issues. Housed on the Routledge Sustainability Hub, the book’s companion website contains a range of features to engage students with the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability. Together these resources provide a wealth of material for learning, teaching and researching the topic of sustainability. This textbook is an essential companion to any sustainability course.

Green Planet Blues

Critical Perspectives on Global Environmental Politics
Author: Ken Conca,Geoffrey D. Dabelko
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0429973373
Category: Political Science
Page: 402
View: 4639

The Musical Classroom

Backgrounds, Models, and Skills for Elementary Teaching
Author: Carolynn A. Lindeman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351811169
Category: Music
Page: 402
View: 1216
The Musical Classroom: Backgrounds, Models, and Skills for Elementary Teaching, Ninth Edition, is designed for students majoring in elementary or music education. Through eight editions, this book has been a market leader in its field. Its goal has been to help teachers—some who may only have a limited background in music—prepare to make music a part of the daily lives of their students. The model lessons remain the centerpiece of the book's long-lasting success. Supported by a collection of children's songs from around the world, instructional information for learning to play basic instruments, and the theoretical, pedagogical, and practical backgrounds needed for reaching all learners, pre-service and in-service teachers can make their classrooms musical classrooms. NEW to the ninth edition: The 2014 National Core Music Standards Multiple curricular connections to other subjects Expanded soprano recorder instruction unit Addition of the QChord® with Autoharp®/Chromaharp® instruction unit Updated and expanded prekindergarten section A significant infusion of technology throughout the text Mallet-instrument ensemble accompaniments A companion website linking to music sources with numerous resources for both students and instructors

Natural Resource Policy

Author: Frederick Cubbage,Jay O'Laughlin,M. Nils Peterson
Publisher: Waveland Press
ISBN: 1478633999
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 505
View: 3431
Natural resource policies provide the foundation for sustainable resource use, management, and protection. Natural Resource Policy blends policy processes, history, institutions, and current events to analyze sustainable development of natural resources. The book’s detailed coverage explores the market and political allocation and management of natural resources for human benefits, as well as their contributions for environmental services. Wise natural resource policies that promote sustainable development, not senseless exploitation, promise to improve our quality of life and the environment. Public or private policies may be used to manage natural resources. When private markets are inadequate due to public goods or market failure, many policy options, including regulations, education, incentives, government ownership, and hybrid public/private policy instruments may be crafted by policy makers. Whether a policy is intended to promote intensive management of natural resources to enhance sustained yield or to restore degraded conditions to a more socially desirable state, this comprehensive guide outlines the ways in which natural resource managers can use their technical skills within existing administrative and legal frameworks to implement or influence policy.

American Foreign Policy Since WWII 19th Edition

Author: Steven W. Hook,John Spainer
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1452226717
Category: Political Science
Page: 423
View: 7940
The classic text on American foreign policy, Hook and Spanier's book has long set the standard in guiding students through the complexities of the field. Giving students the historical context they need, the book allows them to truly grasp the functions and frequent dysfunctions of the nation's foreign policy agenda.

Environmental Law in a Nutshell

Author: Daniel A. Farber
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780314290304
Category: Law
Page: 318
View: 5217
Farber's Environmental Law in a Nutshell provides a foundation for understanding environmental law. Expert text includes coverage of various areas, from acid rain and atomic energy, to waste disposal and wetlands. Touches upon the many statutory and common-law regulations shaping the world in which we live.