Reference Sources on the Internet

Off the Shelf and Onto the Web
Author: Karen R. Diaz
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780789003584
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 266
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The most user-friendly book on Internet library research to date, Reference Sources on the Internet: Off the Shelf and Onto the Web gives you a core list of online resources that will save those who visit your library considerable time. Its menu of current reference sites will help you wade through the mire of irrelevant, unreliable material and zero in on the cyberinfo that will more economically and accurately satisfy your users’needs. While online research has by no means replaced in-house paper materials, Resources on the Internet makes it clear that you can?t ignore the timely information that hovers only in cyberspace, outside the traditional library?s four walls. In this book, you?ll learn which search tools are out there, how to determine source reliability, and how to quickly frame a reference need in light of the existing collection of Internet resources. Here?s a quick search list of what you?ll find: a comparative study of existing search engines pinpointing career, government, patent, and geographical information sites covering education, psychology, finance, social science, and private business international trade sites accessing information on gender and cultural issues the performing arts, architecture, world history, languages, and literature sports and entertainment sources life, biological, and earth science sites In an era of library research where surfing the Internet for germane data too often means plowing through the home pages of Vanna White and Pennzoil, Resources on the Internet will teach you the idiosyncracies of the existing search engines while schooling you in how to weed out the propaganda. You?ll save yourself and your researchers time, and you?ll find yourself surfing from the stillwaters of research stagnance to the pipeline of library productivity.

The 1995 Genealogy Annual

A Bibliography of Published Sources
Author: Thomas Jay Kemp
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780842026611
Category: Reference
Page: 397
View: 3109
The Genealogy Annual is a comprehensive bibliography of the year's genealogies, handbooks, and source materials. It is divided into three main sections. FAMILY HISTORIES-cites American and international single and multifamily genealogies, listed alphabetically by major surnames included in each book. GUIDES AND HANDBOOKS-includes reference and how-to books for doing research on specific record groups or areas of the U.S. or the world. GENEALOGICAL SOURCES BY STATE-consists of entries for genealogical data, organized alphabetically by state and then by city or county. The Genealogy Annual, the core reference book of published local histories and genealogies, makes finding the latest information easy. Because the information is compiled annually, it is always up to date. No other book offers as many citations as The Genealogy Annual; all works are included. You can be assured that fees were not required to be listed.

American Book Publishing Record

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Publisher: N.A
Category: American literature
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Publisher: N.A
Category: Books
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The Reference librarian

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Publisher: N.A
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American Indian Women

A Guide to Research
Author: Gretchen M. Bataille,Kathleen M. Sands
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Category: Reference
Page: 423
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Faculty Career Paths

Multiple Routes to Academic Success and Satisfaction
Author: Gretchen M. Bataille,Betsy E. Brown
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275987480
Category: Education
Page: 205
View: 4288
Faculty Career Paths examines the multiple ways faculty travel through the academic environment--from graduate student to post-doc, to contingent, tenure-track, non-tenure track, or senior faculty--recognizing that, as the environment for higher education changes, so must the administrative approach to recruiting, hiring, and retaining faculty. Based on national research as well as studies done within the diverse, 16-campus University of North Caolina system, the authors provide practical advice to administrators in higher education.

Native American Women

A Biographical Dictionary
Author: Gretchen M. Bataille,Laurie Lisa
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135955875
Page: 412
View: 2636
Containing biographical sketches of approximately 270 Native American women, this book shows the many important roles they occupy in both contemporary and traditional culture. Arranged alphabetically, entries describe the contributions of Native women in fields like law, medicine, art, and education. Appendixes list entries by areas of specialization, decades of birth, state or province, and tribal affiliation. A selected bibliography is also included.

Indigenous Criminology

Author: Cunneen, Chris,Tauri, Juan
Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 1447321758
Category: Social Science
Page: 176
View: 4785
Indigenous Criminology comprehensively explores Indigenous people’s contact with criminal justice systems in a contemporary and historical context. It addresses both the theoretical underpinnings of the development of a specific Indigenous criminology, and canvasses the broader policy and practice implications for criminal justice.

Gunga Din Highway

A Novel
Author: Frank Chin
Publisher: N.A
Category: Fiction
Page: 404
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Follows two generations of the Kwan family, weaving mythology and humor into the lives of a Chinese American family and their life in Hollywood's movie business

Digital Histology

An Interactive CD Atlas with Review Text
Author: Alice S. Pakurar,John W. Bigbee
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118211367
Category: Medical
Page: 264
View: 342
Praise for the First Edition: "An excellent resource to review fundamental concepts that craft our understanding of the human body." —The American Biology Teacher Digital Histology: An Interactive CD Atlas with Review Text offers a complete introduction to histology with superbly clear and thoroughly labeled images andillustrations within an elegant navigation structure. While the printed book provides a handy, consistentlystructured outline for your review of key issues in thestudy of human histology, the CD-ROM is an inter-active, annotated digital color atlas of micrographs. Features new to this edition include: Over 1,200 light and electron microscopic images (almost 500 more images than in the first edition) that can be superimposed with labels and descriptive legends New electron micrographs with diagrammatic overlays highlighting structural features New sections on mitosis and meiosis, which contain stage-by-stage diagrams detailing structural events A side-by-side diagrammatic comparison of thestages of mitosis and meiosis Expanded coverage of supporting cells in nervous tissue; gametogenesis in the male and female reproductive systems; and hemopoiesis The CD-ROM provides interactive learning on both Mac and PC platforms. In addition to its hundreds of new images, this new edition features a navigational tool that tracks current locations within the contents, as well as allowing linear and nonlinear access to any screen. It also features randomized viewing of images, especially helpful to use alongside the self-quizzes. Digital Histology is an indispensable learning tool for students and teachers in medicine, histology, human biology, anatomy and physiology, and pathology.

Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices

Author: Elliot N. Dorff,Louis E. Newman
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
ISBN: 0827608624
Category: Religion
Page: 124
View: 9303
How do we use power once we?ve gained it? Is it completely for our individual benefit, or do we use it to help our neighborhoods, or society at-large? What kinds of decisions must CEOs and business owners make regarding suppliers and customers? How should bosses treat workers? Teachers treat students? Parents treat children? Government treats citizens? Power dynamics affect people on a political level, a social level, and a deeply personal level as well. The newest volume in the Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices series examines these dynamics and includes essays by such fine contributors as U.S. Representative Henry Waxman, NBC Universal Television-West Coast President Marc Graboff, and author and scholar James Diamond.

The American Diary of a Japanese Girl

Author: Yoné Noguchi
Publisher: N.A
Category: Japanese fiction
Page: 261
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Marine Historical Ecology in Conservation

Applying the Past to Manage for the Future
Author: John N. Kittinger,Loren McClenachan,Keryn B. Gedan,Louise K. Blight
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520959604
Category: Nature
Page: 312
View: 5898
This pioneering volume provides a blueprint for managing the challenges of ocean conservation using marine historical ecology—an interdisciplinary area of study that is helping society to gain a more in-depth understanding of past human-environmental interactions in coastal and marine ecosystems and of the ecological and social outcomes associated with these interactions. Developed by groundbreaking practitioners in the field, Marine Historical Ecology in Conservation highlights the innovative ways that historical ecology can be applied to improve conservation and management efforts in the oceans. The book focuses on four key challenges that confront marine conservation: (1) recovering endangered species, (2) conserving fisheries, (3) restoring ecosystems, and (4) engaging the public. Chapters emphasize real-world conservation scenarios appropriate for students, faculty, researchers, and practitioners in marine science, conservation biology, natural resource management, paleoecology, and marine and coastal archaeology. By focusing on success stories and applied solutions, this volume delivers the required up-to-date science and tools needed for restoration and protection of ocean and coastal ecosystems.

Challenges in Professional Supervision

Current Themes and Models for Practice
Author: Liz Beddoe,Allyson Davys
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 0857008439
Category: Social Science
Page: 248
View: 8715
Challenges in Professional Supervision draws on the latest research and theory to explore issues, trends and developments in supervision work. The provision of excellent supervision is strongly linked to improved performance and staff retention. In this book, supervision is examined across a broad range of settings, addressing concerns common to a range of professions, including health, social work and counselling. The book is divided into two sections: the first describes the contemporary themes in professional supervision and the second discusses the models and skills being employed to deliver it. Issues such as supervising ethically, practitioner wellbeing and managing the process are all explored. There are also chapters on group supervision, supervision of managers and how to have difficult conversations. This book is ideal for managers and senior practitioners in health and social care with an active interest in developing, energising and inspiring their supervision practice, as well as academics interested in keeping up-to-date with developments in the field.

With All Thine Heart

Love and the Bible
Author: Ilan Stavans,Mordecai Drache
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813547970
Category: Religion
Page: 185
View: 7751
"In these fascinating conversations, a brilliant literary scholar turns his meticulous attention to familiar texts of the Jewish Bible that speak of love and human emotion. What results is a uniqueness of perception, as well as a transforming experience for the reader:'ùSherwin B. Nuland, author of How We Die "Ilan Stavans bites into the apple and invites us to share the fruit of his knowledge. The perfect guide to the biblical universe, he spins brilliant metaphors that help us re-envision not only the timeless tales but also our own time-bound world:'ùRuth Knafo Setton, author of The Road to Fez "An essential topic, scrutinized with profound knowledge, insight, and acuity. A wonderful, precious book:'ùNorman Manea, author of The Hooligan's Return Is the Bible actually a love story between a deity and a people? And what does this love story have to do with the modern world? In With All Thine Heart distinguished cultural critic Ilan Stavans engages in a conversation with freelance writer Mordecai Drache about love in the Bible. Addressing a wide range of topics, from biblical archaeology and fundamentalism to Hollywood movies, lexicography, and the act of praying, the dialogue between Stavans and Drache shows how the Bible is a multidimensional text and one that, when considered over the course of history, still has the power to shape our world. Organized chronologically from Genesis to Exodus and followed by insightful meditations on the Song of Songs and the Book of Job, With All Thine Heart is a delightful intellectual and spiritual treat.

Sister Swing

Author: Shirley Lim
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN: 9814484385
Category: Fiction
Page: 340
View: 2289
Sister Swing chronicles the growing up years of three sisters. It follows their transplant from a relatively sheltered life in Malaysia to the raw realities of the United States. It illuminates the complex relationships between the sisters, and gently but firmly explores the morals, values and mindsets of growing up Asian in a Western world.

The Changing Faces of Employment Relations

Global, comparative and theoretical perspectives
Author: David Farnham
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9781137027122
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 672
View: 8355
An engaging examination of employment relations that provides an up-to-date, comprehensive introduction and critical review, drawing upon global, comparative and theoretical analyses. Ideal as a core text for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The Mixquiahuala Letters

Author: Ana Castillo
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 9780385420136
Category: Fiction
Page: 138
View: 1430
A series of letters focuses on the relationship between two strong and independent Latina women and traces the changes in their lives from their travels together in Mexico during their youth to their lives in the United States as they reach middle age