Was lebt im Mittelmeer

Neue, erweiterte und überarbeitete Ausgabe
Author: Matthias Bergbauer,Bernd Humberg
Publisher: Kosmos
ISBN: 344015565X
Category: Nature
Page: 368
View: 8434
Dieser Mittelmeer-Naturführer ist Bestimmungshilfe und Nachschlagewerk in einem. Die erweiterte Neuausgabe bietet eine Zusammenstellung von mehr als 400 der häufigsten und wichtigsten Tiere und Pflanzen. Umfassende Informationen zu Merkmalen, Lebensraum und Verwechslungsmöglichkeiten sowie der KOSMOS-Farbcode helfen bei der sicheren Bestimmung. Ideal für Taucher, Schnorchler, Aquarianer und Urlauber am Mittelmeer.

Periodic Tables Unifying Living Organisms At The Molecular Level: The Predictive Power Of The Law Of Periodicity

Author: Lima-de-faria Antonio
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9813227036
Category: Science
Page: 332
View: 3265
The DNA sequencing of a series of living organisms has elucidated many biological problems. But the internal atomic and electronic evolution of DNA remains to be mapped in detail. RNA and DNA now appear to be the prime determinants of biological evolution leading to the sudden appearance of novel organism structures and functions that emerge "ready made" as a surprise to the organism. This has been demonstrated by the manipulation of genes that led to the sudden production of additional complete wings and legs in flies and birds. The study of this internal atomic construction of macromolecules is being investigated at the large electron accelerators such as the MAX IV Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Lund University, Sweden. The periodicity of the chemical elements is well known from its iconic Table. Significantly, this periodicity can now be seen to extend to the properties of living organisms. Biological properties as different as: flight, vision, luminescence and regeneration, as well as others, show unexpectedly periodic emergence. They resurface, without previous announcement, in most unrelated plant and animal families and they emerge irrespective of whether the organism is a simple invertebrate or a most complex mammal. Moreover, this periodicity does not necessarily start at the cell or DNA levels but appears initially in crystals and minerals, where it is shown to be a pure atomic and electronic process, e.g. in luminescence and regeneration. The assembled molecular evidence led to the construction of Periodic Tables of living organisms, placing them in a position comparable to the periodicity of the chemical elements. Surprisingly, there are striking resemblances between the periodicities of the chemical elements and those of living organisms. In addition, the two types of Tables increase our insight into the events directing atomic evolution since the periodic law established in chemical elements turns out to be applicable to the periodicity of living organisms. The new Periodic Tables introduce a predictive capacity in biological evolution that before was hardly contemplated. Contents: Biological Evolution is Now Being Studied at the Level of Elementary ParticlesThe Unexpected Surge of Periodicity Among Plants and Animals is Anchored to that of Elementary Particles and Chemical ElementsCarnivory in Plants is Not a "Paradoxical Event" but is Due to the Expression of Specific Genes and Chemical Modifications of DNALuminescence Occurs from Minerals to Fish but not Beyond. It is Both an Electronic and a Genetic EventPlacenta in Plants and in Animals. Its Punctuated Emergence is Decided by Common GenesPenis Evolution from Worms to Humans — A Double Penis Occurs in Most Unrelated SpeciesRegeneration Starts in Crystals, Expands in Plants, but Slows Down in Higher VertebratesThe Eye, the Main Organ of Vision, has had an Ordered Evolution Guided By Self-AssemblyFlight in Air, an Explosive Event Throughout Invertebrates and VertebratesHigh Mental Ability has Resurged Without Previous AnnouncementThe Structural and Functional Similarity Between Marsupials and Placentals has Its Roots in the Plant and Mineral WorldsThe Periodic Tables Lead to a Law of Biological Periodicity which has Predictive Power Readership: Researchers in life science, general public. Keywords: Chemical Periodicity;Biological Periodicity;DNA EvolutionReview: Key Features: This book contains a unique treatment of periodicity at the biological level and of DNA's own atomic evolution

Vier Fische

Author: Paul Greenberg
Publisher: ebook Berlin Verlag
ISBN: 3827074746
Category: Nature
Page: 320
View: 1312
Der preisgekrönte Autor und passionierte Angler Paul Greenberg nimmt uns mit auf eine Reise über die Flüsse und Meere dieser Welt und erzählt die Geschichte jener vier Fischarten, die mittlerweile überall die Speisekarten beherrschen: Lachs, Barsch, Kabeljau und Thunfisch. Er besucht norwegische Großfarmen, die jährlich 500 000 Tonnen Lachs produzieren - mit Hilfe genetischer Techniken, die ursprünglich bei der Schafzucht zum Einsatz kamen. In Alaska besichtigt er die einzige Fair-Trade-Fischerei der Welt. Er erklärt, warum die Meerestiere zunehmend mit Quecksilber und anderen Schadstoffen belastet sind, und schildert, wie der Mittelmeerbarsch zu einer global nachgefragten Ware werden konnte. Greenberg stellt viele der Fragen, die immer mehr Menschen beim Anblick einer Speisekarte oder der Tiefkühltruhe unseres Supermarkts beschäftigen: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Wild-, Zucht- und Biofisch? Welchen Fisch können wir bedenkenlos essen? Was bedeutet Überfischung eigentlich? Lassen sich Fische wirklich domestizieren wie andere Tiere auch, oder sollten wir generell aufhören, Fisch zu essen? Fische, so Greenbergs Fazit, sind unser letztes wirklich ?wildes Nahrungsmittel. Womöglich nicht mehr lange. Nur wenn wir besser verstehen, unter welchen Bedingungen und um welchen Preis Fisch auf unseren Tellern landet, werden wir dem Lebensraum - und der Nahrungsquelle - Meer mit neuer, dringend gebotener Achtung begegnen.

Crayfishes, Lobsters and Crabs of Europe

An Illustrated Guide to common and traded species
Author: R. Ingle
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940115872X
Category: Science
Page: 281
View: 7487
Fishermen, marine aquarists, biologists studying seashore and coastal waters, and those involved in trading shellfish and even restaurateurs are aware of the great diversity of crustaceans inhabiting the seas around the British Isles, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Crayfishes, Lobsters and Crabs of Europe will enable the reader to identify 42 crustacean species of commercial importance found in these regions during coastal explorations, fishing trips, displayed in public aquaria or available in restaurants, including selected freshwater crayfishes, deep-sea species and some imported species. The book also includes sections on the gross internal and external structure of these Crustacea, their life histories, classification and nomenclature. The book is of interest to students of marine biology and researchers in fisheries science.

Field Identification Guide to the Sharks and Rays of the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Author: Fabrizio Serena
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9789251052914
Category: Fishes
Page: 97
View: 9929
This volume presents a fully illustrated field guide for the identification of the sharks and rays most relevant to the fisheries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea. An extensive literature review was carried out for the preparation of this document. A total of 49 sharks, 34 batoids and 1 chimaera are fully treated. The presence of 5 sharks and 2 batoids included in this field guide, need, however, to be confirmed. The guide includes sections on technical terms and measurements for sharks and batoids, and fully illustrated keys to those orders and families that occur in the region. Each species account includes: at least one annotated illustration of the species highlighting its relevant identification characters; basic information on nomenclature, synonyms and possible misidentifications; FAO common names; basic information on size, habitat and biology, distribution, importance to fisheries, and conservation and exploitation status.

Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe

Author: P. J. Hayward,J. S. Ryland
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199549443
Page: 800
View: 7008
This authoritative guide enables accurate identification of the common components of the inshore benthic invertebrates of the British Isles and adjacent European coasts, as well as a substantial proportion of fish species. This new edition builds upon the strengths of the earlier work and is thoroughly revised throughout to incorporate advances in both the taxonomy and ecology of the organisms concerned.


Westeuropa und Mittelmeer
Author: Patrick Louisy
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783800138449
Page: 430
View: 5305

Mediterranean marine protected areas and climate change: a guide to regional monitoring and adaptation opportunities

Author: N.A
Publisher: IUCN
ISBN: 2831716241
Page: 52
View: 3581

Riff-Führer Indischer Ozean

Malediven, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Südafrika, Mauritius, Madagaskar, Ostafrika, Seychellen
Author: Helmut Debelius
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783440111017
Page: 321
View: 5507

Meerwasser-Aquarium für Dummies

Author: Gregory Skomal, PhD
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 9783527701544
Category: Pets
Page: 336
View: 9046
Die hohen Ansprüche der Meeresbewohner stellen eine besondere Herausforderung für den Aquariumliebhaber dar. Meerwasser-Aquarium für Dummies führt Sie daher nicht nur in die Vielfalt der Fischarten sondern gerade auch in die Kunst ihrer artgerechten Haltung ein. Gregory Skomal unterstützt Sie bei der Auswahl der richtigen Behausung und der Einrichtung des Aquariums. Denn nicht nur Steine und Pflanzen sondern auch die Technik muss stimmen. Er stellt Ihnen die verschiedensten Meeresbewohner vor und hilft bei der Wahl zueinander passender Fische. Viele Informationen zur Fütterung und Pflege der Tiere sowie Tipps zur Vermeidung von Stress für diese empfindlichen Lebewesen lassen das Aquarium und natürlich Ihre munteren Fische in farbenfrohem Glanz erstrahlen!

European Register of Marine Species

A Check-list of the Marine Species in Europe and a Bibliography of Guides to Their Identification
Author: Mark J. Costello
Publisher: N.A
Category: Marine animals
Page: 463
View: 3887

Myxozoan Evolution, Ecology and Development

Author: Beth Okamura,Alexander Gruhl,Jerri L. Bartholomew
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319147536
Category: Science
Page: 441
View: 8068
This book provides an up-to-date review of the biology of myxozoans, which represent a divergent clade of endoparasitic cnidarians. Myxozoans are of fundamental interest in understanding how early diverging metazoans have adopted parasitic lifestyles, and are also of considerable economic and ecological concern as endoparasites of fish. Synthesizing recent research, the chapters explore issues such as myxozoan origins; evolutionary trends and diversification; development and life cycles; interactions with hosts; immunology; disease ecology; the impacts of climate change on disease; risk assessment; emerging diseases; and disease mitigation. This comprehensive work will appeal to a wide readership, from invertebrate zoologists, evolutionary biologists and developmental biologists to ecologists and parasitologists. It will also be of great practical interest to fisheries and conservation biologists. The identification of key areas for future research will appeal to scientists at all levels.

Mediterranean Marine Avifauna

Population Studies and Conservation
Author: MEDMARAVIS,Xaver Monbailliu
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642708951
Category: Science
Page: 538
View: 6005
May I first congratulate, inconditionally, the Association MEDMARAVIS for organizing this symposium and for inviting me re presenting the Sardinian Ministry of the Environment. I would like to assert that such initiatives help a great deal and in a concrete way, Heads of government departments in charge of land use and natural resources. At this first symposium of the Mediterranean Marine Avifau na I must congratulate the scientific faculty for proposing such an ample spectrum of high quality papers dealing with diverse parts of the Mediterranean and beyond. I am sure that their con tributions will further scientific research, will help to pro tect our environment and will lead, more especially, to the ma nagement and conservation of seabirds. To know in order to manage has often been said at this sym posium. In fact, it is not possible to manage thoughtfully and rationally the natural resources without knowing more profound ly how they function. This reasoning is also valid on a more ge neral scale: regional planning of human activities should not disregard the evaluation of the ecosystem.

978 Interactions Between Aquaculture and the Environment

Guide for the Sustainable
Author: World Conservation Union
Publisher: IUCN
ISBN: 8449107679
Category: Nature
Page: 110
View: 2359

Fishes of the Sea

The North Atlantic and Mediterranean
Author: J. N. Lythgoe,Gillian I. Lythgoe
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262121620
Category: Science
Page: 256
View: 864
This photographic and descriptive guide to the fish species that inhabit the North Atlantic and Mediterranean is unique in its emphasis on the appearance of marine fish in their natural habitats. It expands and recasts the Lythgoes' highly regarded first edition published two decades ago. In particular, all of the more than 200 color photographs are new, and most are accompanied by line drawings that emphasize distinctive traits. The fish are arranged by class, family, and species, and succinct descriptions give detailed information about anatomy, distribution, food, and breeding habits. Most of the photographs were taken underwater, providing valuable information on how the fish swims in nature, its true colors and pattern, and whether or not it is camouflaged against its natural background. The geographical area covered in the book includes the Atlantic coastal waters of the United States and Canada north of Chesapeake Bay; the Mediterranean; and from Gibraltar north to the Arctic, including all the coasts of Europe. John Lythgoe, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, is an expert on the appearance and color of fish underwater. The section of the book on the gobies, a group of fish that are as difficult to study as they are interesting, has been contributed by Peter J. Miller. Gillian Lythgoe is a diver, photographer, and the future and managing director of Planet Earth Pictures, whose collection covers a wide range of natural history and environmental subjects.


Author: Michael Begon,Robert W. Howarth,Colin R. Townsend
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662499061
Category: Science
Page: 599
View: 5953
Dieses Ökologie-Lehrbuch führt in leicht verständlicher Weise in die Grundlagen – von den theoretischen Fundamenten bis zu Ihren praktischen Anwendungen - ein. Durchgehend farbige Abbildungen, einfache didaktische Elemente und eine Fülle an Beispielen machen dieses Buch zu einem idealen Einstieg in die Ökologie für Studierende aller Studienabschnitte. Neu in der 3. Auflage sind zusätzliche Erläuterungen in Form von Sprechblasen in den Abbildungen und die neue Gliederung des Textes in 5 Abschnitte. Ökosystem und Biogeochemie werden ausführlicher behandelt und hunderte neuer Studien sowohl für die grundlegenden als auch für die angewandten Aspekte der Ökologie werden einbezogen.

Die Seescheiden von Helgoland

Biologie und Bestimmung der Ascidien
Author: Wolfgang Groepler
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783894329174
Category: Sea squirts
Page: 454
View: 5436

Mediterranean Marine Science

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Aquatic biology
Page: N.A
View: 9467