The Paintings and Frescoes in the City That Invented Art, 1250-1743
Author: Ross King,Anja Grebe
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
ISBN: 9781631910012
Category: Art
Page: 704
View: 6119
This is the most comprehensive book on the paintings and frescoes of Florence ever undertaken, with more than 2,000 beautifully reproduced artworks from the city's great museums and churches-produced in the same manner as BD&L's The Louvre and The Vatican. Every painted work that is on display in the Uffizi Gallery, The Pitti Palace, the Accademia, and the Duomo is included in the book, plus many or most of the works from 28 of the city's other magnificent museums and churches. The research and text are by Ross King (best-selling author), Anja Grebe (author or The Louvre and The Vatican), Cristina Acidini (former Superintendent of the public museums of Florence) and Msgr. Timothy Verdon (Director of the artworks for the Archdiocese of Florence).

Art of Renaissance Florence, 1400-1600

Author: Loren W. Partridge
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780520257740
Category: Art
Page: 241
View: 3249
"Rich and engaging. This account of Florentine art tells the story of who commissioned these works, who made them, where they were seen, and how they were experienced and understood by their viewers. Includes a useful timeline, glossary, and series of artists' biographies."--Patricia L. Reilly, Swarthmore College "An extraordinarily useful book, not only for teachers, but also for historically minded travelers interested in an illustrated guide to the art of Renaissance Florence."--Evelyn Lincoln, Brown University "Clear and compelling. The well-chosen illustrations include ground plans and diagrams of key architectural monuments and sculpture. The updated, judicious bibliography is a resource for anyone tackling the vast scholarship on the art of Renaissance Florence."--Cristelle Baskins, editor of The Triumph of Marriage: Painted Cassoni of the Renaissance

Art & Architecture, Florence

Author: Rolf C. Wirtz
Publisher: Konemann
Category: Architecture
Page: 560
View: 3375

Paintings in the Vatican

Author: Carlo Pietrangeli,Guido Cornini,Anna Maria De Strobel,Maria Serlupi Crescenzi
Publisher: Bulfinch Press
ISBN: 9780821223161
Category: Art
Page: 605
View: 4904
Shows and describes Vatican paintings in chronological order, from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, including works by Giotto, Bellini, da Vinci, Caravaggio, Poussin, Titian, and Michelangelo

The History of Florence in Painting

Author: Cyril Gerbron,Stefano Calonaci,Neville Rowley
Publisher: Abbeville Press
ISBN: 9780789211453
Category: Art
Page: 495
View: 3075
A landmark volume that tells the story of the quintessential Renaissance city anew, through its art Placed at the heart of Italy, Florence was already in the Middle Ages a center of commerce and fine craftsmanship. Spurred on by a few powerful dynasties of merchants and financiers—above all the Medici, but also the Strozzi, the Pitti, and others—the city became the leading force in the Renaissance of the arts, literature, and science. Challenging the primacy of the Venetian Republic and even the city of the Popes, Florence attained a glory that was reflected down through the later centuries of Medici rule. And Florence was all along a city of painters, who recorded its sights; the likenesses of its leaders and luminaries; its battles, civic myths, and patron saints; and, of course, the changing tastes of their Tuscan patrons. In this magnificent volume are assembled a wide variety of artworks, both familiar and rarely seen, that, interwoven with an authoritative text, illustrate the eventful history of Florence—from the age of Cimabue and Giotto, through the High Renaissance of Leonardo and Michelangelo, to the Mannerism of Vasari and Bronzino, and even to the era of modern travelers like Sargent and Degas. The History of Florence in Painting is a feast for the eyes and the intellect, and worthy companion to the previous volumes in this series, The History of Venice in Painting, The History of Paris in Painting, and The History of Rome in Painting.

Paintings in the Uffizi & Pitti Galleries

Author: Mina Gregori,Antonio Paolucci,Marco Chiarini
Publisher: Bulfinch Press
ISBN: 9780821220849
Category: Art
Page: 648
View: 819
This magnificent gathering of more than 800 exemplary paintings from one of the world's greatest collections of European art has been lovingly reproduced in lavish full color. Over 800 color plates. Boxed.

Paintings of the Prado

Author: J. Rogelio Buendía,Museo del Prado
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780821222355
Category: Art
Page: 652
View: 1086
Historical overview of the Prado museum and its collections.

The Vatican

All the Paintings : the Complete Collection of Old Masters Plus More Than 300 Sculptures, Maps, Tapestries, and Other Artifacts
Author: Anja Grebe
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 1579129439
Category: Art
Page: 525
View: 2534
Presents the art within Vatican City, including works by Michelangelo, Titian, Caravaggio, and Raphael.

The Louvre

All the Paintings
Author: Vincent Pomarde
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 1579128866
Category: Art
Page: 766
View: 959
Collects photographs of all of the 3,022 paintings from the permanent collection of the Louvre currently on display, with introductions to each of the four main museum collections, as well as descriptive and analytical text for over four hundred of the paintings.

An Art Lover's Guide to Florence

Author: Judith Anne Testa
Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press
ISBN: 9780875806808
Category: Art
Page: 269
View: 386
No city but Florence contains such an intense concentration of art produced in such a short span of time. The sheer number and proximity of works of painting, sculpture, and architecture in Florence can be so overwhelming that Florentine hospitals treat hundreds of visitors each year for symptoms brought on by trying to see them all, an illness famously identified with the French author Stendhal. While most guidebooks offer only brief descriptions of a large number of works, with little discussion of the historical background, Judith Testa gives a fresh perspective on the rich and brilliant art of the Florentine Renaissance in An Art Lover's Guide to Florence. Concentrating on a number of the greatest works, by such masters as Botticelli and Michelangelo, Testa explains each piece in terms of what it meant to the people who produced it and for whom they made it, deftly treating the complex interplay of politics, sex, and religion that were involved in the creation of those works. With Testa as a guide, armchair travelers and tourists alike will delight in the fascinating world of Florentine art and history.

The Vatican Art Deck

100 Masterpieces
Author: N.A
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 0316273678
Category: Art
Page: 102
View: 7316
The Vatican is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with more than 5 million visitors each year. It is also home to some of the world's greatest and most exquisite works of art. Its museums, palaces, and grounds house Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and his Pietà, the Raphael frescoes, and the works of Giotto, Fra Angelico, Titian, and Caravaggio, as well as the world's finest statues, manuscripts, architecture, and gardens, and its most precious religious relics.The Vatican Art Deck includes 100 of the most iconic and significant works of art in the Vatican. Each entry includes a a full-size photograph of the art and a 200-word discussion by art historian Anja Grebe on the key attributes of the work; what to look for when viewing it; the artist's inspirations, techniques, and biographical information; the artist's impact on art history; and more. The work is also fully described with its title and the artist's name, the date of completion, the birth and death dates of the artist, the medium that was used, the size of the art (where applicable), the catalog number, and the museum in which the work of art can be found. Perfect for art lovers, students, and armchair travelers, The Vatican Art Deck is a guided tour through one of the most exquisite collections in the world.


The City and Its Architecture
Author: Richard Goy
Publisher: Phaidon Press
ISBN: 9780714846279
Category: Architecture
Page: 320
View: 2452
A historical account of the pivotal centre of Renaissance architecture.

Mad Enchantment

Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies
Author: Ross King
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1632860147
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 416
View: 4899
From bestselling author Ross King, a brilliant portrait of the legendary artist and the story of his most memorable achievement. Claude Monet is perhaps the world's most beloved artist, and among all his creations, the paintings of the water lilies in his garden at Giverny are most famous. Monet intended the water lilies to provide "an asylum of peaceful meditation." Yet, as Ross King reveals in his magisterial chronicle of both artist and masterpiece, these beautiful canvases belie the intense frustration Monet experienced in trying to capture the fugitive effects of light, water, and color. They also reflect the terrible personal torments Monet suffered in the last dozen years of his life. Mad Enchantment tells the full story behind the creation of the Water Lilies, as the horrors of World War I came ever closer to Paris and Giverny and a new generation of younger artists, led by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, were challenging the achievements of Impressionism. By early 1914, French newspapers were reporting that Monet, by then seventy-three, had retired his brushes. He had lost his beloved wife, Alice, and his eldest son, Jean. His famously acute vision--what Paul Cezanne called "the most prodigious eye in the history of painting†?--was threatened by cataracts. And yet, despite ill health, self-doubt, and advancing age, Monet began painting again on a more ambitious scale than ever before. Linking great artistic achievement to the personal and historical dramas unfolding around it, Ross King presents the most intimate and revealing portrait of an iconic figure in world culture.


images of love and spring
Author: Frank Zöllner,Sandro Botticelli
Publisher: N.A
Category: Art
Page: 128
View: 5218


Art and Architecture
Author: S. Bietoletti,Antonio Paolucci
Publisher: Hf Ullmann
ISBN: 9783848000081
Category: Art
Page: 528
View: 4034
There can be no doubt about it: this is a magnificent achievement. The illustrated volume Florence: Art and Architecture combines interesting and easily understood texts with an abundance of opulent color illustrations into a first class cultural experience. Prominent Florentine scholars and museum directors accompany the reader on a journey to the unique artistic treasures of this city on the Arno. The experts introduce superb historical buildings and sculptures in their historical contexts, and as "insiders" lead you through world famous painting galleries such as the Accademia and the Palazzo Pitti. Over 500 high quality illustrations, often over more than one page, as well as thematic essays on book illumination, the art of the goldsmith and the treasures of the Medicis round out the text. Whether as an especially beautiful gift or to grace your own bookshelves, this exceptional book is a bibliophile's jewel, and at the same time an enthralling art guide through one of the most gorgeous cities in the world.

Botticelli Reimagined

Author: Mark Evans,Stefan Weppelmann
Publisher: Victoria & Albert Museum
ISBN: 9781851778706
Category: Art
Page: 360
View: 6558
"The Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) is one of the greatest artists of all time. Renowned for the iconic Birth of Venus and Primavera, his work has become part of our collective visual memory, influencing product development, fashion design and artists as diverse as Andy Warhol, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, René Magritte and Jeff Koons. But Botticelli's fame today was by no means a foregone conclusion. Quickly forgotten after his death, he was only rediscovered as an artist in the nineteenth century -- and much of what we know of his work has been pieced together from fragmentary evidence; only three of his works are signed or documented. Since then, ''Botticelli'' has been interpreted in many different ways, and has led to many questions. How does a painter acquire international fame? What made Botticelli a pop icon? Why are his works considered timeless? What is it that makes him so ''European'' that his Venus appears on the 10 cent coin? What we can say -- safely -- is that Botticelli, more than any other Old Master, inspired and continues to inspire modern and contemporary art." -- Publisher's description

Renaissance Intarsia

Masterpieces of Wood Inlay
Author: Luca Trevisan
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780789211262
Category: Art
Page: 256
View: 9210
The first modern survey of a fascinating yet under appreciated art form, abundantly illustrated with new color photography. In this volume, a team of noted Italian art historians trace the evolution of Renaissance intarsia through a discussion of twelve of the most important intarsia cycles. These include the famous studiolo of Federico da Montefeltro in the ducal palace at Urbino; the sacristy of Santa Maria in Organo at Verona, which Vasari described as the most beautiful in all of Italy; and the choir of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo, the cartoons for which were prepared by Lorenzo Lotto. Drawing on the latest scholarship and, in some cases, newly discovered documentary evidence, the authors explain the historical context and iconography of these masterpieces, as well as their connections to the painting, sculpture, and architecture of the time. Their insightful essays are illustrated with some two hundred new color images, the result of an extensive photographic campaign carried out exclusively for this work. Admirably filling in a unique chapter of art history, Renaissance Intarsia will be essential reading for scholars and enthusiasts of art, and a powerful source of inspiration for contemporary artists and craftsmen.

The Art of the Italian Renaissance

Architecture, Sculpture, Painting
Author: Rolf Toman,Achim Bednorz
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783848008391
Page: 464
View: 1540
A comprehensive and richly illustrated introduction to the Italian Renaissance

Gustav Klimt

The Complete Paintings
Author: Tobias Günter Natter
Publisher: Taschen America Llc
ISBN: 9783836527958
Category: Art
Page: 659
View: 1818
The clich that Gustav Klimt was a man of few words who rarely put pen to paper is vehemently dispelled: no fewer than 231 letters, cards, writings, and other documents are included in this monograph that serves as a catalog of the artist's complete paintings.

The Pre-Raphaelites

Author: Michael Robinson
Publisher: World's Greatest Art
ISBN: 9781786644800
Category: Art
Page: 384
View: 1382
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a group of English painters, poets and critics, founded in 1848 by John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt. Now back in print, this book features examples of work by all the key artists and offers an comprehensive overview of the movement.