Technology and human fulfillment

Author: George W. M. Thompson
Publisher: Univ Pr of Amer
Category: Philosophy
Page: 199
View: 3532
Continues the ongoing dialogue between religion and science. In this volume, the author has focused on scientific or science-based technology rather than just the significance of _pure science_. This complex focus covers a number of issues including scientific theory, public policy, ethical consideration, cosmology, theological conundrums and the age-old issues of the meaning of human life and its fulfillment.

The Poetics of Slavdom: Part III: Njegoš

Author: Zdenko Zlatar
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820481357
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 912
View: 8130
Original Scholarly Monograph

New Econometric Modelling Research

Author: William N. Toggins
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781600215865
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 226
View: 5617
Econometric models are used by economists to find standard relationships among aspects of the macroeconomy and use those relationships to predict the effects of certain events (like government policies) on inflation, unemployment, growth, etc... Econometric models generally have a short-run aggregate supply component with fixed prices, and aggregate demand portion, and a potential output component. Two famous econometric models are the Federal Reserve Bank econometric model and the DRI-WEFA model. This book presents new and important research in this field.

Possessed by the Spirits

Mediumship in Contemporary Vietnamese Communities
Author: Karen Fjelstad,Thị Hiền Nguyễn
Publisher: SEAP Publications
ISBN: 9780877271413
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 186
View: 5406
The essays in this volume examine the resurgence of the Mother Goddess religion among contemporary Vietnamese following the economic "Renovation" period in Vietnam. Anthropologists explore the forces that compel individuals to become mediums and the social repercussions of their decisions and interactions.

Here Comes the New Year!

Author: Lois Brownsey,Wolfgang Knittel,Marti Lantz
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 9780739009505
Category: Music
Page: N.A
View: 3866
A "funtastic" collection of 20 unison and elementary 2-part songs and coordinated activities for the special events and holidays that occur from New Year's Day through the spring. Perfect for grades K-5.

Max Planck

Uncovering the World of Matter
Author: Jane Weir
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials
ISBN: 0743905687
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 6228
Max Planck is one of the most well-known physicists of all time! This interesting biography highlights his incredible life and what he did to make strides in the field of physics. Readers will learn about thermodynamics, entropy, and quantum theory through a variety of vivid images, fascinating facts, and easy-to-read text. Other important physicists are featured as well, including Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, and Sally Ride. To aid in further engagement and better understanding of the content, a glossary and index are provided, as well as a hands-on lab activity!

Agitated Argentums

Author: Farokh Master
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers
ISBN: 9788180565250
Category: Medical
Page: 62
View: 9905
Since time immemorial silver is known to possess disinfected properties and is used to keep drinking water clean. Today we know that silver has the capability to destroy harmful germs in water and eradicate 650 types of disease-carrying germs. Pharmacologically, silver compounds are described as powerful disinfectants from their action in coagulating the proteins of bacteria.

Journey to Avalon

The Final Discovery of King Arthur
Author: Chris Barber,David Pykitt
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781578630240
Category: History
Page: 355
View: 1130
This book reveals the true identity of Arthur, and locates his courts and long-forgotten battle sites such as Badon and Camlan. It also uncovers the secret of the mysterious Isle of Avalon and Arthur's resting place in a Breton church. The authors present a convincing and conclusive answer to the puzzle of King Arthur. Glossary of terms in Welsh and English. Bibliography. Index. 78 illustrations.

Honoring Our Ancestors

Inspiring Stories of the Quest for Our Roots
Author: Megan Smolenyak
Publisher: Ancestry Publishing
ISBN: 9781931279000
Category: Reference
Page: 220
View: 2660
"Honoring our Ancestors provides 50 stories that hold one common thread--the seemingly endless ways to creatively pay tribute to those who came before us. One man built a Viking ship and sailed across the Atlantic; another devoted decades to collecting slavery memorabilia. One family passed a diaper down through four generations, while another staged a scavenger hunt that helped family members get to know their ancestral hometown"--Back cover.

My Only Child, There's No One Like You

Author: Dr. Kevin Leman,Kevin Leman II
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1585584770
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 32
View: 5139
Nationally-known birth-order expert Dr. Kevin Leman knows that every child has unique traits that should be celebrated. If you are an only child, you probably exhibit traits like organization, self confidence, and ambition. With this creative and heartwarming book, Dr. Kevin Leman and his artist son, Kevin Leman II, conclude their popular birth-order series for children. Written specifically for the only child and similar in style to the first three books in the series, My Only Child, There's No One Like You uses birth-order principles to convey love and acceptance to children. The combination of Dr. Leman's trademark humor and Kevin Leman II's colorful and imaginative artwork makes this book a wonderful gift that can be enjoyed by parents and children, as well as the adult only child.

Slavic Gods and Heroes

Author: Judith Kalik,Alexander Uchitel
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351028685
Category: History
Page: 186
View: 6538
This book offers a radical reinterpretation of the Slavic pagan religion made on the basis of a thorough re-examination of all reliable sources. What did Slavic pagan religion have in common with the Afro-American cult of voodoo? Why were no Slavic gods mentioned before the mid-tenth century, and why were there no Slavic gods at all between the Dnieper and the Order? Why were Slavic foundation legends similar to the totemic myths of the nomadic peoples of the Eurasian Steppe, and who were Slavic Remus and Romulus? What were the Indo-European roots of Slavic hippomantic rituals, and where was the Eastern Slavic dragon Zmey Gorynych born? Answers to these and many other provocative questions can be found in this book.

Great Britain, The Soviet Union and the Polish Government in Exile (1939–1945)

Author: G.V. Kacewicz
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400992726
Category: History
Page: 280
View: 8431
In this book I have attempted to analyze the dilemmas confronting the Polish government-in-exile in London during the Second World War. My main objective has beeen to investigate the actual operation of the Polish govern ment and the overall policies of the British government vis-a-vis the Soviet Union insofar as they had a direct bearing on Anglo-Polish relations. Since the outstanding conflicts over territorial claims, and, ultimately, sovereignty, were between Poland and the Soviet Union, considerable attention has been devoted to the relationship between the Polish and Soviet governments during a most trying and difficult period of inter-Allied diplomacy. This work covers the period of operation of the Polish government on British soil until the resignation of Prime Minister Stanislaw Mikolajczyk in November 1944. Although Great Britain did not withdraw diplomatic recognition from the Polish government until July 1945, the Arciszewski government, formed after Mikolajczyk's resignation, was generally ignored by Great Britain. As with all subsequent governments, including that which exists today, Arciszewski's government functioned primarily as the voice of Poland in the West - a government of protest.

Ruth's Skirts

Author: Kathy Engel
Publisher: Ikon Incorporated
ISBN: 9780945368137
Category: Poetry
Page: 126
View: 8236
Poetry. "RUTH'S SKIRTS is an inspired, captivating work. It exposes the artificiality of the borders between poetry and prose, between poet and activist. Kathy Engel gives us writing that is sensual, compassionate, that penetrates the soul and explores the critical questions of what it means to be human." - Alexis De Veaux

Latin America

The Peoples and Their History
Author: William H. Beezley,Colin M. MacLachlan
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780495050162
Category: History
Page: 278
View: 6399
Edited by Mark Kishlansky, this reader is designed to supplement world civilization books and lectures with a rich array of primary source materials. These materials include constitutional documents, political theory, philosophy, imaginative literature, and social description. Opting for longer selections that allow students to gain a deeper sense of authors and their texts, the editor has chosen each selection because of its ability to raise a significant issue around which classroom discussions or lectures can evolve. This reader contains works that are representative of major civilization complexes (Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Islamic world, and Western civilization).

Wiley IFRS 2007

Interpretation and Application of International Financial Reporting Standards, Book & CD-ROM Set
Author: Barry J. Epstein,Eva K. Jermakowicz
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471798699
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 1072
View: 5840
As the International Accounting Standards Committee makes progress towards widespread acceptance and use of its standards in practices, the need to understand the new standards increases. Wiley IFRS 2007 Complete Set (book + CD ROM) provides the tools for understanding those standards and offers expertise on how to use and implement them.

African, Asian, and Middle Eastern Artists

Signatures and Monograms from 1800 : a Directory
Author: John Castagno
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780810863576
Category: Art
Page: 133
View: 826
John Castagno's Artists' Signatures and Monograms have become the standard reference source for galleries, museums, libraries, and collectors around the world. In African, Asian and Middle Eastern Artists Signatures and Monograms From 1800: A Directory, Castagno has collected the signatures and monograms of artists from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East—including signature examples of artists from China, India, Japan, South Africa, Israel, and many other countries. In addition to the standard signature entries, the book contains sections for monograms and initials, common surname signatures, alternative surname signatures, and symbols. It provides the researcher a reference tool not duplicated elsewhere—one that will save many hours of research.

Anancy, Traveller

Author: Andrew Salkey
Publisher: N.A
Category: Anansi (Legendary character)
Page: 221
View: 4609

Playing for Time

Author: Jeremy Lewis
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 057128115X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 240
View: 9416
The humour of self-deprecation is peculiarly English. Few people do it better than Jeremy Lewis. His first two autobiographical volumes - Playing for Time and Kindred Spirits - are being reissued in Faber Finds to coincide happily with his third volume - Grub Street Irregular - being published by HarperCollins. With a sharp eye for the absurd and a fond sympathy for life's eccentrics, in Playing for Time, Jeremy Lewis treats us to uproarious tales from his time in Dublin in the 1960s, mad escapades in Europe and America, life amidst the snares and delusions involved in growing up in middle-class England in the 1950s, and of his ever unrequited passion for the ever unattainable ffenella. Richard Cobb enjoyed this book so much he managed to review it twice, a quote from one will do.'I like books that make me laugh, and Jeremy Lewis's Playing for Time kept me laughing every night in my local for a week'.