Questions God Asks Us

Author: Trevor Hudson
Publisher: Struik Christian Media
ISBN: 1415310092
Category: Religion
Page: 208
View: 6821
Instead of always looking for answers in the Bible, Trevor Hudson suggests that we start thinking more carefully about the questions that God asks. God desires a conversational relationship with us, and He shows this desire by asking questions. God also gives greater dignity to us by allowing us to wrestle with the questions rather than if we are simply given answers. Questions God Asks Us presents ten questions – five from the Old and five from the New Testament – which God had asked and is still asking us as well. They include: Where Are You? Where Is Your Brother? What Are You Doing Here? Who Do You Say I Am? Do You Want to Get Well? Why Are You Crying? There is a much greater power to transform us in a question than there is in a straightforward answer – each chapter includes a section with practical suggestions to answer God’s question and discover this for yourself. It also includes discussion questions for study groups.Questions God Asks Us is bound in a handy gift format with beautiful full-colour images printed on gloss art paper.

Questions God Asks

Unlocking the Wisdom of Eternity
Author: Israel Wayne
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
ISBN: 161458382X
Category: Religion
Page: 144
View: 7420
UNDERSTANDING THE OMNIPOTENT GOD… WHO ASKS QUESTIONS OF US Why would God ask anyone a question? We ask questions when we don’t understand. Yet, the Creator of the universe who spoke all that we see into being asks questions. Unimaginable power and wisdom are already His. As strange as it may seem to us, the Bible is filled with questions God asks. He is not the one who needs answers – these questions help us to understand both God and ourselves. Delve into the answers found by Job, Adam, Cain, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, and others Examine our fundamental assumptions about God, human nature, relationships, origins, and purpose Learn about godly character and God’s transforming message Find a powerful supplement for family worship, Bible study, and personal devotions in the Questions God Asks. Stop demanding answers from God and begin answering the questions He asks of us.

Asking God Your Hardest Questions

Author: Lloyd John Ogilvie
Publisher: Shaw Books
ISBN: 0307768910
Category: Religion
Page: 256
View: 8406
With warmth and clarity, the now-retired chaplain for the United States Senate offers thoughtful, biblical insights to modern questions.

Who Made God?

And Answers to Over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith
Author: Ravi Zacharias,Norman L. Geisler
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310315301
Category: Religion
Page: 240
View: 8471
In the quest for the truth, you need to know what you believe and why you believe it. Who Made God? offers accessible answers to over 100 commonly asked apologetic questions. Bringing together the best in evangelical apologists, this guide is standard equipment for Christians who want to understand and talk about their faith intelligently. Part one answers tough questions about the Christian faith such as:• Who made God? • How can there be three persons in one God? • What is God’s ultimate purpose in allowing evil? • Where did the universe come from? • How long are the days of creation in Genesis? • Did Jesus rise from the dead? • Are the records of Jesus’ life reliable? • Does the Bible have errors in it?Part two answers tough questions about other faiths, including Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Reincarnation, Buddhism, and Black Islam. Relevant stories, questions for reflection and discussion, and a comprehensive list of suggested resources help you dig deeper so you can be prepared to give careful answers that explain the reasons for your faith.

101 Questions Children Ask about God

Author: David Veerman
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9780842351027
Category: Religion
Page: 240
View: 2627
Any caretaker of children will appreciate these concise, thoughtful, easy-to-explain answers to some of the most important questions children will ever ask.i

Your Questions, God's Answers

Author: Peter Kreeft, Ph.D.
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1681497697
Category: Religion
Page: 125
View: 5854
Kreeft uses Scripture to provide God's answers to the most common and important questions young people ask about the deeper meaning of life, their own identity, overcoming failure and temptation, the mystery of God's love, and much more. But these are questions asked not just by teens - they are the same questions adults often ask, and God's answers, as found in the Bible, respond to the deepest needs of people of all ages.

A Reasonable Response

Answers to Tough Questions on God, Christianity, and the Bible
Author: William Lane Craig,Joe Gorra
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802483844
Category: Religion
Page: 432
View: 8180
Followers of Jesus need not fear hard questions or objections against Christian belief. In A Reasonable Response, renowned Christian philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig offers dozens of examples of how some of the most common challenges to Christian thought can be addressed, including: Why does God allow evil? How can I be sure God exists? Why should I believe that the Bible is trustworthy? How does modern science relate to the Christian worldview? What evidence do we have that Jesus rose from the dead? Utilizing real questions submitted to his popular website, Dr. Craig models well-reasoned, skillful, and biblically informed interaction with his inquirers. A Reasonable Response goes beyond merely talking about apologetics; it shows it in action. With cowriter Joseph E. Gorra, this book also offers advice about envisioning and practicing the ministry of answering people’s questions through the local church, workplace, and in online environments. Whether you're struggling to respond to tough objections or looking for answers to your own intellectual questions, A Reasonable Response will equip you with sound reasoning and biblical truth.

Ask Me Anything, Lord

Opening Our Lives to God's Questions
Author: Heather C. King
Publisher: Discovery House
ISBN: 1572938668
Category: Religion
Page: 272
View: 1753
When God calls people to make an impact, feelings of fear, doubt, and insufficiency can often get in the way. In Ask Me Anything, Lord, Heather C. King reminds readers that God can use questions in Scripture to uncover their fears, challenge their thinking, and help them overcome. Exploring some of the encounters God had with people throughout the Bible and sharing her own experiences, King encourages readers to draw closer to God, receive the fullness of His blessings, and boldly move forward. This soul-searching book includes additional resources for personal reflection, group discussion, and life application. Ask Me Anything, Lord is perfect for women’s small group study.

Questions and Answers on Conversations with God

Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing
ISBN: 9781612830681
Category: Self-Help
Page: 400
View: 7664
Millions of readers have come to value the Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch, which has now been translated into twenty-six languages. Many thousands of those readers have had questions for him--questions about religion, good and evil, physical and mental health, death, prophecy, the nature of God and the universe, prayer, angels and devils, spiritual paths, relationships, and much more. In Questions and Answers on Conversations with God, Neale, with characteristic wit and wisdom, responds to the most compelling and provocative of these letters; and the result is a book that is profoundly enlightening and inspiring. By relating the messages in the dialogues of CWG to the personal issues and everyday experience of individuals, Neale's answers illustrate the direct link between spiritual and physical reality, clearly demonstrating how what we do and who we are in our lives is a result of how we think and what we believe. This book gives us all the opportunity to look at ourselves, to change ourselves, and thus, perhaps, to change the world.

The God Questions

Fourth Edition
Author: Hal Seed,Dan Grider
Publisher: Hal Seed
ISBN: 0978715306
Page: 196
View: 8263

Questions of Truth

Fifty-one Responses to Questions about God, Science, and Belief
Author: John Polkinghorne,Nicholas Beale
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 9781611640038
Category: Religion
Page: 201
View: 4321
How did the universe begin? Can God's existence be proven? Do humans matter more than animals? For many years people have sent the scientist-turned-priest John Polkinghorne these and other questions about science and belief. In question-and-answer format, Polkinghorne and his collaborator Nicholas Beale offer their highly informed opinions about some of the most frequently asked of these questions. Readers can follow their own paths through the book, selecting questions that interest them and looking at the additional material if they choose. This unique book will help Christians clarify their beliefs regarding difficult issues and better face challenges--from within and from others--to their faith.

Great Questions God Asks

Questions That Unlock the Great Issues of Our Lives
Author: Kathy Call
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532631081
Category: Religion
Page: 218
View: 9094
The Bible is full of questions asked by God of his people. Each of these questions challenge us to struggle with some nagging issue or problem inside us that simply refuses to go away. God’s great questions probe the deepest issues of our lives—questions of identity, of adequacy, of balance, of assurance, of mercy, of renewal, of perspective, of ultimate hope, of perception. As the characters in the Bible of whom these questions were first asked wrestle with their answers, we as readers of this book find ourselves wrestling with the same questions in our lives—bringing us face-to-face with ourselves and with God himself.

Jesus Is the Question

The 307 Questions Jesus Asked and the 3 He Answered
Author: Martin B. Copenhaver
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426795971
Category: Religion
Page: N.A
View: 321
Contrary to some common assumptions, Jesus is not the ultimate Answer Man, but more like the Great Questioner. In the Gospels Jesus asks many more questions than he answers. To be precise, Jesus asks 307 questions. He is asked 183 of which he only answers 3. Asking questions was central to Jesus’ life and teachings. In fact, for every question he answers directly he asks—literally—a hundred. Jesus is the Question considers the questions Jesus asks—what they tell us about Jesus and, more important, what our responses might say about what it means to follow Him. Through Jesus’ questions, he modeled the struggle, the wondering, the thinking it through that helps us draw closer to God and better understand, not just the answer, but ourselves, our process and ultimately why questions are among Jesus’ most profound gifts for a life of faith. A game-changer of a book.

God, I've Got a Question

Biblical Truth for Our Deepest Concerns
Author: James Merritt
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736940022
Category: Religion
Page: 224
View: 5403
James Merritt, popular pastor, author, and host of the television show Touching Lives, knows that when people wrestle with doubts, they are missing out on the security, promises, and power of Christ. Avoiding academic lingo, Merritt presents relatable, relevant responses to the hard questions that seekers and Christians hesitate to ask or answer: Why is there so much suffering in the world if God is in control? How can I discover God's will for my life? Why is Jesus the only way to God, and how can I defend this? What should I do about the moral gray areas of my life? Why should anybody believe the Bible? Whether read straight through or used as a reference for specific topics, this insightful resource reveals the uncompromised truths of the Christian faith and the depth and importance of its precepts for every person, every life.

Theology in Reconstruction

Author: Thomas F. Torrance
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1579100244
Category: Religion
Page: 288
View: 740
A collection of fifteen essays addressing the basic intellectual challenges to the contemporary Christian church. Professor Torrance deals with such topics as the centrality of Christology in scientific dogmatics, the Reformed and Roman Catholic doctrines of grace, theological education, the relation of theological statements to scientific methodology, the contemporary significance of some past theological giants, and the nature and significance of the Holy Spirit and of the church.

77 FAQs About God and the Bible

Your Toughest Questions Answered
Author: Josh McDowell,Sean McDowell
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736949259
Category: Religion
Page: 240
View: 4172
Real-life, on-the-street Christian apologetics is what readers expect from Josh McDowell. Here, he and his son, Sean, reflect their ongoing research and close engagement with our culture in answers to classic questions such as...Is there scientific proof God exists? How can a loving God send people to hell? Why does God allow suffering? Is the New Testament historically reliable? Aren't there errors and contradictions in the Bible? ...and questions that arise from today's culture: If God is so loving, why can't he be more tolerant of sin? Is God sexist? Is religion the real cause of violence in the world? How can teachings from the ancient cultures of the Bible be relevant to our culture? What's the difference between the Bible and the Koran? 77 FAQs offers the concise, accessible presentations that readers want and need in an apologetic resource-answers they'll turn to for help in everyday life.

Answering the Toughest Questions About God and the Bible

Author: Bruce Bickel,Stan Jantz
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 1441230653
Category: Religion
Page: 208
View: 9722
Bestselling Authors Tackle Difficult Issues for Believers and Doubters When it comes to the big questions about God--Is he real? Why are Christians so unlike Jesus? Does he really care about me?--Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz don't pretend to have all the answers. But they do know how to wrestle with doubt. They welcome questions, and in these pages they ask some of the most important ones you have about God and the Bible. With candor, insight, and a disarming touch of humor, they provide some answers to these critical questions, yet they leave enough space--and grace--for you to keep wrestling, asking, and seeking Truth. There is no shame in asking--after all, even some of the greatest men and women in the Bible had doubts. Don't let your questions go unanswered. What you find might just change your life.

The Question That Never Goes Away

Author: Philip Yancey
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310339839
Category: Religion
Page: 176
View: 8301
Finding Meaning in the Midst of Suffering In his classic book Where Is God When It Hurts, Philip Yancey gave us permission to doubt, reasons not to abandon faith, and practical ways to reach out to hurting people. And now, thirty years after writing his first book, Yancey revisits our cry of “Why, God” in three places stunned into silence by the calamities that have devastated them. At some point all of us will face the challenges to faith Yancey writes about and look for the comfort and hope he describes. There are reasons to ask, once again, the question that never goes away: Where is God when we suffer? And Yancey, once again, leads us to find faith when it is most severely put to the test.

Questions from the God Who Needs No Answers

What Is He Really Asking of You?
Author: Craig Williford,Carolyn Williford
Publisher: Shaw
ISBN: 0877880379
Category: Religion
Page: 128
View: 8999
The God Who Wants Us to Know Him Why would an omnipotent God ask questions of people? Because the questions are not for him; they are for us. InQuestions from the God Who Needs No Answers,authors Carolyn and Craig Williford show how God’s inquiries in the Old Testament reveal who he is and how he wants to be in relationship with us. From “Where are you?” to “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” and “Am I not sending you?” God’s questions encouraged and challenged biblical characters–and they can teach us the same powerful truths today. This in-depth Bible study will help you: ·Discover a deeper and more intimate relationship with God ·Gain a better understanding of the people God questioned in the Bible ·Learn to use God’s questions to unravel the assumptions you have about God’s character and capabilities ·Uncover and study the truths of the Bible and how they apply to us today. Through description, guided reading, and interactive questions, Carolyn and Craig Williford reveal a God whose timeless questions call us to a deeper faith in him.

God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions

Author: Rick Warren
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310326923
Category: Religion
Page: 85
View: 6897
Does the Bible really answer some of life's most difficult questions? How does God provide direction to the common issues that we face? We live in a world where we all have to deal with the realities of stress, failure, crises, loneliness and change. In this six-session DVD study, renowned pastor and bestselling author Rick Warren takes you inside the Bible to discover answers to six of life's toughest questions. Drawing from the examples of different biblical characters who faced the same issues, Warren offers concise, practical insights you can understand and apply in order to move past everyday struggles and experience a life of purpose, peace and significance. Life's difficult questions do have answers. Answers from the Bible that can change your outlook -- and your life. The God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions Study Guide will help you fully engage with the six-session group DVD study. The six DVD session titles include: Session One: How Can I Cope with Stress? Session Two: How Can I Rebound from Failure? Session Three: How Can I Be Confident in a Crisis? Session Four: How Can I Live Above Average? Session Five: How Can I Overcome Loneliness? Session Six: How Can I Ever Change? [Thumbnail DVD image] Designed for use with the God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions DVD.