Horse of Karbala

Muslim Devotional Life in India
Author: D. Pinault
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137047658
Category: Social Science
Page: 257
View: 1006
Horse of Karbala is a study of Muharram rituals and interfaith relations in three locations in India: Ladakh, Darjeeling, and Hyderabad. These rituals commemorate an event of vital importance to Shia Muslims: the seventh-century death of the Imam Husain, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, at the battlefield of Karbala in Iraq. Pinault examines three different forms of ritual commemoration of Husain's death - poetry-recital and self-flagellation in Hyderabad; stick-fighting in Darjeeling; and the 'Horse of Karbala' procession, in which a stallion representing the mount ridden in battle by Husain is made the center of a public parade in Ladakh and other Indian localities. The book looks at how publicly staged rituals serve to mediate communal relations: in Hyderabad and Darjeeling, between Muslim and Hindu populations; in Ladakh, between Muslims and Buddhists. Attention is also given to controversies within Muslim communities over issues related to Muharram such as the belief in intercession by the Karbala Martyrs on behalf of individual believers.

The Leader of Karbala

Author: N.A
Publisher: abbas alasfoor
Page: N.A
View: 1980

Visualizing Belief and Piety in Iranian Shiism

Author: Ingvild Flaskerud
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1441186786
Category: Art
Page: 320
View: 1489
The representation of prophets and saints in Islam is erroneously considered nonexistent by many scholars of Islam, Muslims, and the general public. The issue is often dealt with superficially without attention to its deep roots in piety and religiosity. Visualizing Belief and Piety in Iranian Shiism offers new understanding of Islamic iconography and Muslim perspectives on the use of imageries in ritual contexts and devotional life. Combining iconographic and ethnographic approaches, Ingvild Flaskerud introduces and analyzes imageries (tile-paintings, posters and wall-hangings), ritual contexts and interviews with male and female local viewers to discuss the representation, reception and function of imageries in contemporary Iranian Shia environments. This book presents the argument that images and decorative programmes have stimulating qualities to mentally evoke the saints in the minds of devotees and inspire their recollection, transforming emotions and stimulating cultic behaviours. Visualization and seeing are significant to the dissemination of religious knowledge, the understanding of spiritual and ethical values, the promotion of personal piety, and functions as modes of venerating God and the saints.

The Shi‘a in Modern South Asia

Author: Justin Jones,Ali Usman Qasmi
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110710890X
Category: History
Page: 218
View: 1228
""Explores various Shi'i communities across South Asia, revealing the many forms of Shi'i religion within this important region, and examining the responses of these communities to the many transformations of the modern world"--Provided by publisher"--

Fatima: Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide

Author: Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199803934
Category: Social Science
Page: 12
View: 9933
This ebook is a selective guide designed to help scholars and students of Islamic studies find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best available scholarly materials in whatever form or format they appear from books, chapters, and journal articles to online archives, electronic data sets, and blogs. Written by a leading international authority on the subject, the ebook provides bibliographic information supported by direct recommendations about which sources to consult and editorial commentary to make it clear how the cited sources are interrelated related. A reader will discover, for instance, the most reliable introductions and overviews to the topic, and the most important publications on various areas of scholarly interest within this topic. In Islamic studies, as in other disciplines, researchers at all levels are drowning in potentially useful scholarly information, and this guide has been created as a tool for cutting through that material to find the exact source you need. This ebook is a static version of an article from Oxford Bibliographies Online: Islamic Studies, a dynamic, continuously updated, online resource designed to provide authoritative guidance through scholarship and other materials relevant to the study of the Islamic religion and Muslim cultures. Oxford Bibliographies Online covers most subject disciplines within the social science and humanities, for more information visit

Reliving Karbala

Martyrdom in South Asian Memory
Author: Syed Akbar Hyder
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190451807
Category: Religion
Page: 272
View: 5569
In 680 C.E., a small band of the Prophet Muhammads family and their followers, led by his grandson, Husain, rose up in a rebellion against the ruling caliph, Yazid. The family and its supporters, hopelessly outnumbered, were massacred at Karbala, in modern-day Iraq. The story of Karbala is the cornerstone of institutionalized devotion and mourning for millions of Shii Muslims. Apart from its appeal to the Shii community, invocations of Karbala have also come to govern mystical and reformist discourses in the larger Muslim world. Indeed, Karbala even serves as the archetypal resistance and devotional symbol for many non-Muslims. Until now, though, little scholarly attention has been given to the widespread and varied employment of the Karbala event. In Reliving Karbala, Syed Akbar Hyder examines the myriad ways that the Karbala symbol has provided inspiration in South Asia, home to the worlds largest Muslim population. Rather than a unified reading of Islam, Hyder reveals multiple, sometimes conflicting, understandings of the meaning of Islamic religious symbols like Karbala. He ventures beyond traditional, scriptural interpretations to discuss the ways in which millions of very human adherents express and practice their beliefs. By using a panoramic array of sources, including musical performances, interviews, nationalist drama, and other literary forms, Hyder traces the evolution of this story from its earliest historical origins to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Today, Karbala serves as a celebration of martyrdom, a source of personal and communal identity, and even a tool for political protest and struggle. Hyder explores how issues related to gender, genre, popular culture, class, and migrancy bear on the cultivation of religious symbols. He assesses the manner in which religious language and identities are negotiated across contexts and continents. At a time when words like martyrdom, jihad, and Shiism are being used and misused for political reasons, this book provides much-needed scholarly redress. Through his multifaceted examination of this seminal event in Islamic history, Hyder offers an original, complex, and nuanced view of religious symbols.

Places in Motion

The Fluid Identities of Temples, Images, and Pilgrims
Author: Jacob N. Kinnard
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199359687
Category: Religion
Page: 320
View: 3197
Jacob Kinnard offers an in-depth examination of the complex dynamics of religiously charged places. Focusing on several important shared and contested pilgrimage places-Ground Zero and Devils Tower in the United States, Ayodhya and Bodhgaya in India, Karbala in Iraq-he poses a number of crucial questions. What and who has made these sites important, and why? How are they shared, and how and why are they contested? What is at stake in their contestation? How are the particular identities of place and space established? How are individual and collective identity intertwined with space and place? Challenging long-accepted, clean divisions of the religious world, Kinnard explores specific instances of the vibrant messiness of religious practice, the multivocality of religious objects, the fluid and hybrid dynamics of religious places, and the shifting and tangled identities of religious actors. He contends that sacred space is a constructed idea: places are not sacred in and of themselves, but are sacred because we make them sacred. As such, they are in perpetual motion, transforming themselves from moment to moment and generation to generation. Places in Motion moves comfortably across and between a variety of historical and cultural settings as well as academic disciplines, providing a deft and sensitive approach to the topic of sacred places, with awareness of political, economic, and social realities as these exist in relation to questions of identity. It is a lively and much needed critical advance in analytical reflections on sacred space and pilgrimage.

Recent Research on Ladakh 8

Author: Martijn van Beek,Kristoffer Brix Bertelsen,Poul Pedersen
Publisher: Aarhus Universitetsforlag
Category: History
Page: 414
View: 476
In 27 articles, the book presents the range of recent research on Ladakh, a small state in the Himalayas. Discusses the archaeology, history, architecture, politics, religion, gender issues where the Indian subcontinent and Asia meet.

Muslim communities in medieval Konkan, 1610-1900

Author: Mūmin Muḥīuddīn
Publisher: N.A
Category: Religion
Page: 303
View: 1717

Von Null Ahnung zu etwas Türkisch

Dies ist kein Sprachkurs
Author: Vera F. Birkenbihl
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864155487
Category: Self-Help
Page: 130
View: 6360
Sie wollen Türkisch lernen, aber Vokabeln pauken ist Ihnen zu langweilig und Grammatik lernen zu kompliziert? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig, denn mit der Birkenbihl-Methode lernen Sie spielerisch die Grundlagen der türkischen Sprache kennen und bekommen fast nebenbei einen interessanten Einblick in die Mentalität und Denkweise der Sprecher. Mit jeder neuen Sprache, die wir uns aneignen, erweitern wir unseren Horizont und lernen auch unsere eigene Denkweise besser kennen. Gehen Sie auf Abenteuerreise mit Vera F. Birkenbihl.

The women of Karbala

ritual performance and symbolic discourses in modern shi'i Islam
Author: Kamran Scot Aghaie
Publisher: Univ of Texas Pr
Category: Religion
Page: 297
View: 4926
Commemorating the Battle of Karbala, in which the Prophet Mohammad's grandson Hosayn and seventy-two of his family members and supporters were martyred in 680 CE, is the central religious observance of Shi'i Islam. Though much has been written about the rituals that reenact and venerate Karbala, until now no one has studied women's participation in these observances. This collection of original essays by a multidisciplinary team of scholars analyzes the diverse roles that women have played in the Karbala rituals, as well as the varied ways in which gender-coded symbols have been used within religious and political discourses. The contributors to this volume consider women as participants in and observers of the Karbala rituals in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, and the United States. They find that women's experiences in the Shi'i rituals vary considerably from one community to another, based on regional customs, personal preferences, religious interpretations, popular culture, and socioeconomic background. The authors also examine the gender symbolism within the rituals, showing how it reinforces distinctions between the genders while it also highlights the centrality of women to the symbolic repertory of Shi'ism. Overall, the authors conclude that while Shi'i rituals and symbols have in some ways been used to restrict women's social roles, in other ways they have served to provide women with a sense of independence and empowerment.

The Battle of Karbala

A Marsiya of Mir Anis
Author: Mir Babbar Ali Anis
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9789695160442
Category: Elegiac poetry, Urdu
Page: 248
View: 9562

Son of Karbala

Author: Fadhlalla Haeri
Publisher: N.A
Category: History
Page: 234
View: 5185
Shares the author's personal story set against a backdrop of the political history of Iraq and its surrounding regions, in a spiritual memoir that recounts his youth in Karbala, European education, U.S.-based career, and ongoing struggle to find truth and meaning. Original.

Journey to the End of Islam

Author: Michael Muhammad Knight
Publisher: Soft Skull Press
ISBN: 1593765525
Category: Political Science
Page: 360
View: 5542
In Journey to the End of Islam, Michael Muhammad Knight — whose work has led to him being hailed as both the Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson of American Islam — wanders through Muslim countries, navigating between conflicting visions of his religion. Visiting holy sites in Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, and Ethiopia, Knight engages both the puritanical Islam promoted by Saudi globalization and the heretical strands of popular folk Islam: shrines, magic, music, and drugs. The conflict of “global” and “local” Islam speaks to Knight’s own experience approaching the Islamic world as a uniquely American Muslim with his own sources: the modern mythologies of the Nation of Islam and Five Percenters, as well as the arguments of Progressive Muslim thinkers for feminism and reform. Knight’s travels conclude at Islam’s spiritual center, the holy city of Mecca, where he performs the hajj required of every Muslim. During the rites of pilgrimage, he watches as all variations of Islam converge in one place, under the supervision of Saudi Arabia’s religious police. What results is a struggle to separate the spiritual from the political, Knight searching for a personal relationship to Islam in the context of how it's defined by the external world.

Das arabische Reich und sein Sturz

Author: Julius Wellhausen
Publisher: de Gruyter
Category: Islamic Empire
Page: 352
View: 7716

On a Steel Horse I Ride

A History of the MH-53 Pave Low Helicopters in War and Peace
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Sikorsky H-53 (Military transport helicopter)
Page: 738
View: 4407

The Blindfold Horse

Memories of a Persian Childhood
Author: Shusha Guppy
Publisher: Tauris Parke Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781850434016
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 246
View: 9770
In an eloquent memoir, the author recreates the lost world of her childhood--a Persia delicately balanced between traditional Islamic life and the transforming forces of westernization--before the oil boom and the eventual overthrow of the Shah. Reprint.

Critical Muslim 5

Love and Death
Author: Ziauddin Sardar,Robin Yassin-Kassab
Publisher: Hurst
ISBN: 1849043825
Category: Social Science
Page: 256
View: 8548
Aamer Hussein takes love to its logical conclusion, Robert Irwin traces the origins of the ghazal (love lyric), Christopher Shackle recites epic Panjabi poems of sacred love and lyrical death, Imranali Panjwani mourns the massacre of Karbala, Martin Rose istaken hostage by Saddam Hussein, Jalees Rahman reflects on Nazi doctors who took delight in deathly experiments, Ramin Jahanbegloo is incarcerated in the notorious Evin prison, Hamza Elahi visits England's Muslim graveyards, Shanon Shah receives valuable guidance on love and sex from the "Obedient Wives Club", Samia Rahman sets out in search of love, Khola Hasan has mixed feelings about her hijab, Sabita Manian promotes love between India and Pakistan, Boyd Tonkin discovers that dead outrank the living in Jerusalem , Alev Adil takes "a night journey through a veiled self" and Irna Qureshi's mother finally makes a decision on her final resting place. Also in this issue: Parvez Manzoor throws scorn on a nihilistic, revisionist history of Islam, Naomi Foyle reads the first novel of a British Palestinian, Ahmad Khan explores the colonial history of The Aborigines' Protection Society, a short story by the famous Fahmida Riaz, Syrian scenarios by Manhal al-Sarraj, poems by Sabrina Mahfouz and Michael Wolf, Rachel Dwyer's list of Top Ten Muslim Characters in Bollywood and Merryl Wyn Davies's "last word" on love and death at the movies. About Critical Muslim: A quarterly publication of ideas and issues showcasing groundbreaking thinking on Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. Each edition centers on a discrete theme, and contributions include reportage, academic analysis, cultural commentary, photography, poetry, and book reviews.

Islamstudien ohne Ende

Festschrift für Werner Ende zum 65. Geburtstag
Author: Rainer Brunner
Publisher: N.A
Category: Islamic civilization
Page: 536
View: 9030

Unburied Memories: The Politics of Bodies of Sacred Defense Martyrs in Iran

Author: Pedram Khosronejad
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135711674
Category: Social Science
Page: 174
View: 3400
Today, almost a generation has passed since the Iran–Iraq war and the memory of it is set to diminish with each passing generation. The following questions emerge. Can we say that the gradual disappearance of war’s memory means that, increasingly, Iranians will see the Iran–Iraq war solely as an historical event? How can we defend or reject this idea? Today, with which elements and values should we look at the Iran–Iraq war memorials and ceremonies? To what extent will war museums and materials culture be influenced by these new values? In the period during and immediately after the Iran–Iraq war (1980-88), national bereavement and commemoration of martyrs was neither apparent in common state policy nor a social need. Even at the turn of the 21st century, anyone walking through Iranian cities, many of which had been the main scene of the bloody massacre and direct targets of the Iraqi Republican Guard, will have found traces of the terrible, almost unimaginable, human losses. However, today’s Iranians can see modern war memorials and monuments in many parts of the urban and rural landscape. Yet, at the same time, the changing landscape has separated Iranians from such remnants of the violence. It can be argued that many people, in their wish to look forward to a more hopeful future, do not wish to be reminded of this period in Iranian history. This book was originally published as a special issue of Visual Anthropology.