How Plays Work

Author: David Edgar
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 9781854593719
Category: Drama
Page: 220
View: 4333
Distinguished playwright David Edgar examines the mechanisms and techniques which dramatists throughout the ages have employed to structure their plays and to express their meaning. Written for playwrights and playgoers alike, Edgar’s analysis starts with the building blocks of whole plays – plot, character creation, genre and structure – and moves on to scenes and devices. He shows how plays share a common architecture without which the uniqueness of their authors’ vision would be invisible. What does King Lear have in common with Cinderella? What does Jaws owe to Ibsen? From Aeschylus to Alan Ayckbourn, from Chekhov to Caryl Churchill, are there common principles by which all plays work? How Plays Work is a masterclass for playwrights and playmakers and a fascinating guide to the anatomy of drama. 'lucid, deeply intelligent... combines theoretical acumen with the assured know-how of a working dramatist' Terry Eagleton, TLS 'Fascinating... Read it. You will learn a lot' The Stage

The Secret Life of Plays

Author: Steve Waters
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 9781848420007
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 210
View: 8711
A guide to the hidden workings of plays and the trade secrets that govern their writing - by the acclaimed playwright Steve Waters. Drawing on a wide range of drama, both historical and modern, Waters takes the reader through the key elements of dramatic writing – scenes, acts, space, time, characters, language and images – to show how a play is more than the sum of its parts, with as much inner vitality as a living organism. Almost uniquely amongst accounts of playwriting, Waters’ book looks at the ways in which good plays move their audiences, generating powerful emotional responses that often defy conventional analysis. The Secret Life of Plays is for playwrights at any stage of their career, and will inspire and inform drama students as well as working actors and directors. Most of all it is for anyone who has ever laughed or cried in the theatre – and wants to know why. 'Theatre is a live medium, about bodies, sweat and feeling, even if it is informed by ideas and reason. How a thing composed of words manages to carry within it the currents of energy that generate that impression of life is what I want to explore…' Steve Waters 'Steve Waters’ book is like his plays: clear, elegant and stimulating throughout' David Edgar


Author: Frank Wedekind
Publisher: Sovereign via PublishDrive
ISBN: 191066037X
Category: Drama
Page: 186
View: 5644
Complete Lulu plays featuring her entire life from humble existence on the streets of Germany and being rescued by a rich newspaper publisher to her married life, success and spectacular downfall in London. The book includes both Earth Spirit (Erdgeist) and Pandora's Box (Buchse der Pandora) plays.

My First Play

An Anthology of Theatrical Beginnings
Author: Nick Hern
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781848423398
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 192
View: 4127
My first play' is a unique collection of pieces by playwrights, actors and theatre directors - all of them regular Nick Hern Books authors - in response to the simplest of briefs: write about your first play. Candid, hilarious, and often sharply revealing, the resulting pieces - many of them written in the hurly-burly of work on a new production - combine to prove the power of theatre to entrance us, and hold us captive in its spell. Included here are remarkable first-person accounts from many of our leading playwrights: Caryl Churchill performing Cinderella to her parents with a cast of dolls and stuffed animals; Howard Brenton pinching his first main character from a boy's comic; Jack Thorne having to become a thief to get his first play on; Conor McPherson still waiting to write his 'first play'. There are also enthralling insights into the first steps in theatre of some of our principal actors and theatre directors.

So You Want to be a Playwright?

How to Write a Play and Get it Produced
Author: Tim Fountain
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 1854597167
Category: Drama
Page: 132
View: 9452

The Winslow Boy

Play in Two Acts (four Scenes)
Author: Terence Rattigan
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
ISBN: 9780822212645
Category: Drama
Page: 91
View: 9339
THE STORY: What begins as a small incident ultimately grows into a cause celebre nearly shaking the foundations of the government. The incident is simply that of a youngster in an English government school who is expelled for an alleged theft. As

Working on a New Play

A Play Development Handbook for Actors, Directors, Designers & Playwrights
Author: Edward M. Cohen
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 9780879101909
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 216
View: 7874
(Limelight). " The invaluable Working on a New Play ...arrived, to my overwhelming delight and mental profit; I began and finished it in one long, insatiable, and educational night. Everything in it is new, illuminating and informative, lively and clarifying." Cynthia Ozick


Author: Mike Bartlett
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
ISBN: 0822229765
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 56
View: 1304
This vicious comedy is an allegorical deathmatch between business colleagues—full of bizarre power plays and one-upmanship—wherein one of three employees is allegedly going to be fired. The odds against our protagonist are stacked from the outset: rumple-faced sad-sack Thomas never quite gets his footing against opponents Tony, a shark in wolf's clothing, and Isobel, a snaky number with a talent for undermining. In savvy fashion, Mike Bartlett's BULL caters to our baser instincts.

Finding Your Voice

A Step-by-step Guide for Actors
Author: Barbara Houseman
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780878301676
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 270
View: 6620
Finding your voice can be used as a resource by actors at all levels, form students and young professionals to established and experienced actors. Drama teachers in schools and committed amateur actors who want to increase their vocal skills and understanding will also find it invaluable.


Author: Lucy Kirkwood
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 9781848423503
Category: Drama
Page: 96
View: 4589
When a cryptic message is left in a Beijing newspaper more than 20 years later, Joe is driven to discover the truth behind the unknown hero he captured on film. Who was he? What happened to him? And could he still be alive?

Far Away

Author: Caryl Churchill
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9781854597441
Category: Social conflict
Page: 44
View: 8892
A brilliant and unsettling play from one of the UK's leading dramatists. At the opening of the play, a young girl is questioning her aunt about having seen her uncle hitting people with an iron bar; by the end, several years later, the whole world is at war - including birds and animals. Caryl Churchill's play Far Away is a howl of anguish at the increasing - and increasingly accepted - levels of inhumanity in a world seemingly perpetually involved in conflict. The play was first performed at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, London, in November 2000. SET TEXT: Far Away is a set text for AS/A-Level Drama (WJEC)

His Dark Materials

Author: Nicholas Wright,Philip Pullman
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435233396
Category: Children's plays
Page: 320
View: 756
From the novels by Philip Pullman, this brilliant adaptation by Nicholas Wright of His Dark Materials is sure to be a runaway success with your students - such is the popularity of the original trilogy which has earned wide literary acclaim. Consists of the two critically acclaimed plays performed at the National Theatre both printed in one volume - thus offering exceptional value for money. Invaluable teacher's notes and student drama activities written by Ruth Moore and Paul Bunyan, recognised experts in the area of Drama in English. Philip Pullman worked closely with playwright Nicolas Wright to create the text, and both writers have contributed introductions to our edition. The exciting, highly imaginative storyline, which captivates boys and girls alike, offers a wide range of textual and dramatic investigations. Parts for all the class, and ideal for smaller groups, with potential for interchangeable male/female roles.

Being a Playwright

Author: Chris Foxon,George Turvey
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 9781848426917
Page: 224
View: 2873
The essential playwriting career guide, from the team behind acclaimed new writing theatre company Papatango.


Author: Nina Raine
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 9781848426306
Page: 96
View: 5499
A powerful, painful, funny play that sifts the evidence from every side and puts Justice herself in the dock.

Written on the Heart

Author: David Edgar
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781848422070
Category: Drama
Page: 113
View: 8978
A new play about biblical translation from a top UK playwright, marking the King James Bible's 400th Anniversary.

The Crafty Art of Playmaking

Author: Alan Ayckbourn
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250083087
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 192
View: 9902
For the first time, Alan Ayckbourn shares all of his tricks of the playwright's trade. From helpful hints on writing to tips on directing, the book provides a complete primer for the newcomer and a refresher for the more experienced. Written in Ayckbourn's signature style that combines humor, seriousness, and heady air of theatrical sophistication that Noel Coward would envy, The Crafty Art of Playmaking is a must-have for aspiring playwrights and students of drama.

The Acting Book

Author: John Abbott
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group
ISBN: 9781848421448
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 205
View: 2526
A ‘fast-forward’ acting course covering all the essential techniques an actor needs to know and use – with a suite of exercises to put each technique into practice. The Acting Book offers various ways to analyse a text and to create character, using not only the established processes of Stanislavsky and Meisner, but also new ones developed by the author over many years of teaching drama students. It also sets out a wide range of rehearsal techniques and improvisations, and it brims over with inventive practical exercises designed to stimulate the actor’s imagination and build confidence. The book will be invaluable to student actors as an accompaniment to their training, to established actors who wish to refresh their technique, and to drama teachers at every level. ‘Abbott knows what he’s talking about and has a gift for expressing himself in straightforward, clutter-free language’ The Stage on Improvisation in Rehearsal


Author: Deborah Bruce
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 9781848423688
Category: Drama
Page: 96
View: 6748
"Lou is getting on with her life, carefree and without ties. But this abruptly comes to a halt when her nineteen-year-old god-daughter Minnie moves in to take up a place at university. Minnie's arrival shines a harsh light into the corners of Lou's life -- revealing it to be not as it seems. her relationships are complicated, her neighbours are closing in on her, and the clock is ticking. What does it mean to be a real grown-up? A sharp, dark comedy, Deborah Bruce's Godchild explores the inescapable realities between feeling nineteen and being nineteen."--Page [4] of cover.


Author: Ariel Dorfman
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
ISBN: 9780573651328
Category: Censorship
Page: 83
View: 2144
A censor discovers that the subversive novel he is about to ban is describing his own life and hinting that a terrible fate awaits his son. He must hunt down the author before it comes true...