Illustrated C Programming (ANSI)

Author: J. Emmett Beam
Publisher: Wordware
Category: Computers
Page: 430
View: 1514
Beam explains the emerging ANSI standard of the C programming language, using examples to provide first-hand experience in entering code, compiling, and running powerful programs. Novices and experts alike will appreciate the logical explanations and clear format.

Programming In Ansi C

Author: E Balagurusamy
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9780070534773
Category: C (Computer program language)
Page: 493
View: 3676
This book presents a detailed exposition of C in an extremely simple style. The various features of the language have been systematically discussed. The entire text has been reviewed and revised incorporating the feedback from the readers. Each chapter has been expanded to include a variety of solved examples and practice problems.

ANSI C Programming Guide

Author: Venkatesh Ramasamy
ISBN: 1304620964
Category: Computers
Page: 168
View: 4661
The book "ANSI C Programming Guide" attempts to provide simple explanation for beginners about the various ANSI C programming concepts. This book is the single source you would need to quickly race up to speed and significantly enhance your skill and knowledge in ANSI C. This has been designed as a self-study material for both beginners and experienced programmers. This book is organized into five parts along with practical examples that will show you how to develop your program in ANSI C. This book a perfect fit for all groups of people from beginners with no previous programming experience to programmers who already know C and are ambitious to improve their style and reliability. Whether coding in ANSI C is your hobby or your career, this book will enlighten you on your goal. Happy Reading !!


Problem-solving and Programming
Author: Kenneth A. Barclay
Publisher: N.A
Category: Computers
Page: 521
View: 7213
A comprehensive introduction to the C programming language - suitable for novice programmers as well as programmers with a knowledge of other programming languages.

Introduction to ANSI C for Engineers and Scientists

Author: D. M. Etter
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780132413817
Category: Computers
Page: 164
View: 3924
This work introduces engineering students to general problem-solving and design techniques through a five-step process that uses the programming language C. Chapter are organized around specific applications drawn from a variety of engineering disciplines

Instant C Programming

Author: Ivor Horton
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 9781874416241
Category: Computers
Page: 463
View: 6207
This book provides comprehensive coverage of the ANSI C programming language for the complete beginner. Starting with the essentials of the PC and programming principles, it covers the full scope of the language and shows how to apply these techniques to writing clean and efficient C code. Readers will learn professional techniques fast.

Applications Programming in ANSI C

Author: Richard Johnsonbaugh,Martin Kalin
Publisher: Pearson
Category: Computers
Page: 875
View: 9200
The introductory text to applications programming in ANSI C assumes no prior programming experience in C or any other language. Sample applications allow students to see the development of a complete C program. This edition includes a chapter on computer systems and program development to provide background for readers with no programming experience, and a chapter on advanced topics. Over 700 new section review exercises are presented, as well as more than 200 programming exercises.

Portability and the C Language

Author: Rex Jaeschke
Publisher: Sams
Category: Computers
Page: 382
View: 5774
Illustrates how to design and write portable C code, and discusses misconceptions, and assesses the impact of the ANSI C standard on compatibility

Complete Book of C Programming

Author: Barry M. Austell-Wolfson,R. Derek Otieno
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780130960931
Category: Computers
Page: 1005
View: 8689
This comprehensive book teaches the reader how to design and write portable elementary, intermediate and advanced batch and interactive ANSI C programs in their entirety, that are easy to read, debug, modify and maintain. The book and accompanying programs comprise a total package designed to satisfy all ANSI C needs in any of the programming environments that embrace the C Standard. The authors incorporate a build-as-you go method beginning the text with a complete billing application programming problem and progressively solving the problem chapter by chapter as programming knowledge grows thereby training the reader to develop programs in a modular, top-down way, as well as maintain and modify code. It also provides useful techniques for maintaining and modifying older “legacy” programs and covers information processing and system concepts. Building Blocks, Using Variables, Introduction to I/O, Expressions, Operators, and Type Conversion, Loops and Conditional Statements, Arrays, Pointers and Strings, Functions, String-Handling & Buffer Functions, Scope and Duration, The Preprocessor, Byte Structure and Bit Manipulation, Complex Data Types and Type Conversion, Files, Dynamic Data Structures and Memory Allocation, Working with the System, Projects & Program Chaining, Controlling the PC Console - Escape Sequences, Memory and Interrupts on the PC, Video Services Interrupts on the PC, Direct Memory Access on the PC, Graphics Mode and the Mouse on the PC, ASCII/EBCDIC Characters, and Extended Keyboard Codes. For programmers, systems administrators, or anyone responsible for programming or maintaining programs and systems written in ANSI C.

The C Programming Language

Author: Brian W. Kernighan,Dennis M. Ritchie
Publisher: Pearson Professional
ISBN: 9780131103627
Category: Computers
Page: 272
View: 6522
Introduces the features of the C programming language, discusses data types, variables, operators, control flow, functions, pointers, arrays, and structures, and looks at the UNIX system interface

From Fortran to C

Author: James F. Kerrigan
Publisher: Tab Books
ISBN: 9780830676613
Category: Computers
Page: 298
View: 4342
An in-depth comparison of Fortran and ANSI C programming concepts, with extensive code examples to illustrate the features of each language. This book examines each Fortran command and defines its counterpart in C, describes input/output and error control mechanisms in both languages, and identifies specific C attributes that do not appear in Fortran.

Structured Programming with ANSI C

Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
Author: Denham Evelyn
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780954427009
Category: C (Computer program language)
Page: 33
View: 9694


Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788120308596
Category: Computers
Page: 372
View: 6769
This book introduces computer programming to a beginner using the programming language C. The version of C used is the one standardised by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI C). C has rapidly gained users due to its efficiency, rich data structure, variety of operators and affinity to UNIX operating system. C is a difficult language to learn if it is not methodically approached. Our attempt has been to introduce the basic aspects of C to enable the student to quickly start writing C programs and postpone more difficult features of C to later chapters. The methodology of presentation closely follows the one used by the author in his popular book on PASCAL programming. Those who know PASCAL will find it very easy to learn C using this book.

C by Dissection

The Essentials of C Programming
Author: Al Kelley
Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman
ISBN: 9780805331493
Category: Computers
Page: 687
View: 7756
Highlights of the new edition ANSI C used throughout. Thoroughly tested code available via ftp and compatible with most C systems. More extensive coverage of functions and pointers, which are typical stumbling blocks for the beginner. Early coverage of multifile programs enables the programmer to write properly modular code and produce and use libraries. Early explanation of simple recursion parallels its early introduction in beginning computer science courses. Greater in-depth treatment of recursion reflects computer scientists increasing use of C for implementing sophisticated algorithms. Additional coverage of program correctness and type safety. New section on two-dimensional arrays reflects the growing use of C by computer scientists and engineers. New optional 'Moving to C++' sections at the end of each chapter offer a preview of the C++ object-oriented extensions of C.

Sailing Through C

A Complete C Programming Guide
Author: Farheen Siddiqui
Publisher: Educreation Publishing
Category: Education
Page: 182
View: 1432
The course of C programming is taken by all computer science engineering students. Apart from this C is the first programming language taught in computer sciences course. This book teaches the C language and procedural design to students without any programming background. The text is intended for undergraduate and graduate students. Sailing through C provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts and programming techniques in C. The book also discusses ANSI standard and various programming examples. The units are designed to teach aspects of the C language and to make students aware of what is available to them in writing programs. This includes basic syntax, how to get input and output, what the operators mean, what library functions are available, and how to create functions and use those writing modular programs. The Lessons also teach such basic programming manipulations as finding a maximum in a group, summing array values, and working with random numbers. Written in a clear and lucid style, this student-friendly book has been specifically designed for undergraduate engineering students. With its application-oriented approach and inclusion of exhaustive topics, the book would also be useful for postgraduate students and software engineers.

Programming in Objective-C

Author: Stephen G. Kochan
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0321811909
Category: Computers
Page: 544
View: 4574
Presents an introduction to Objective-C, covering such topics as classes and objects, data types, program looping, inheritance, polymorphism, variables, memory management, and archiving.

Programming with ANSI and Turbo C

Author: Ashok Kamthane
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 9788131704370
Page: 616
View: 4840

Programming In Basic

Author: Balagurusamy
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9780074600559
Category: BASIC (Computer program language)
Page: 317
View: 9600

The Waite Group's C Programming Using Turbo C++

Author: Robert Lafore
Publisher: Sams
ISBN: 9780672303999
Category: Computers
Page: 778
View: 1211
Turbo C++ is an excellent platform for learning C. This book provides examples and step-by-step instructions for learning C by using Turbo C++. It also touches on C++ and object-oriented programming. The disk includes code examples from the book, questions and exercises, and other information.

Object-Oriented Programming with ANSI and Turbo C++

Author: Kamthane
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 9788131703830
Category: C+
Page: 728
View: 5246