Heat of the Moment

Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Publisher: cbt Verlag
ISBN: 3641167426
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 352
View: 5932
Lyla McAfee kann die Klassenfahrt nach Florida kaum erwarten: Sommer, Sonne und Boyfriend Derrick. Mit dem sie „das erste Mal“ in Angriff nehmen will. Aber dann läuft rein gar nichts wie geplant. Erst muss sie mit Bad Boy Beckett zum Flughafen fahren, dann liefert sie sich einen schlimmen Streit mit Derrick und stellt nach der Ankunft fest, dass sie ein Zimmer mit Aven und Quinn teilt, ihren ehemals besten, inzwischen entfremdeten Freundinnen. Als Lyla dann noch eine E-Mail von sich selbst erhält, mit der Botschaft: „Lerne zu vertrauen!“, kommt sie ins Grübeln. Nicht nur über Aven und Quinn, sondern auch über Beckett ...

In the Moment In the Moment

Author: Kolk Hanco
Publisher: Europe Comics
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: N.A
View: 6806
"In the Moment" is a modern Romeo and Juliet in two different time dimensions. In this unusual love story, Dutch author Hanco Kolk and Flemish author Kim Duchateau have found a particular way of working together, in which each of them draws one time dimension. Rafael Falstaff falls hopelessly in love with Sylvia, a chronowoman. He can see her, but he doesn't see her move, nor can he touch her, because they would both die if he did. But he's happy with just seeing her, until he realizes her life is in danger. He then decides to take action, with all that it entails... A story in two parts.

The Heat of the Moment in Treatment: Mindful Management of Difficult Clients

Author: Mitch Abblett
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393708845
Category: Psychology
Page: 368
View: 6075
How to warm up to the clients that stop you cold. Have you experienced the anger, fear, doubt, and frustration that most clinicians feel but rarely put words to? Have you ever overreacted to a client in session or found yourself overwhelmed by the work with that client in your caseload? Are you looking for tools to manage your most “difficult” clients? Chances are, you’re like all other clinicians: At times you play “tug-of-war” with those in your care. The Heat of the Moment in Treatment is for clinicians looking to explore, reassess, and transform the way they treat their most difficult clients. With carefully designed mindfulness-based exercises, self-assessments, and skill development activities, this workbook helps clinicians understand their own role in therapeutic interactions, as well as how to proactively respond to tough client behavior in ways that improve the prospects for successful treatment. Author Mitch Abblett acts as a sensitive, expert guide, laying out a roadmap for the toughest of clinical encounters that almost all therapists face, whether seasoned or just starting out. His use of relatable metaphors, rhetorical questions, and stories from his own experience allows readers to reflect upon their own psychotherapy practice without feeling like there is one right way to deal with challenging clients. The Heat of the Moment in Treatment will help clinicians move beyond assumptions and reactive impulses to their “difficult” clients. Readers will gain proactive clinical leadership skills, while learning how to expand mindful awareness of self and others to access compassion and empathy for any client—even when the “heat” of moment-to-moment interaction in session is hard to tolerate.

Time and the Moment in Victorian Literature and Society

Author: Sue Zemka
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139503073
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: N.A
View: 7434
Sudden changes, opportunities, or revelations have always carried a special significance in Western culture, from the Greek and later the Christian kairos to Evangelical experiences of conversion. This fascinating book explores the ways in which England, under the influence of industrializing forces and increased precision in assessing the passing of time, attached importance to moments, events that compress great significance into small units of time. Sue Zemka questions the importance that modernity invests in momentary events, from religion to aesthetics and philosophy. She argues for a strain in Victorian and early modern novels critical of the values the age invested in moments of time, and suggests that such novels also offer a correction to contemporary culture and criticism, with its emphasis on the momentary event as an agency of change.

The Moment of Christian Witness

Author: Hans Urs von Balthasar
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 0898705169
Category: Religion
Page: 155
View: 1696
Balthasar puts his finger on the precise origin of all those elements in modern Christianity which see the real Jesus Christ as unknowable, the Gospels as merely the confused reflections of later Christians, and Christian tradition as a perpetuation of the mythology.

Speculating on the Moment

The Poetics of Time and Recurrence in Goethe, Leopardi, and Nietzsche
Author: Nicholas Rennie
Publisher: Wallstein Verlag
ISBN: 9783892449683
Category: Chance in literature
Page: 359
View: 7767

The Anointing of the Moment

Author: Henry J. Falcone
Publisher: Booktango
ISBN: 1468918354
Category: Religion
Page: N.A
View: 8433
What is a moment? A snippet of time that makes up our hours, days, weeks, months, years, and seasons. The anointing in each moment can turn our ordinary lives into extraordinary journeys. In his latest book, Henry Falcone explores the Bride and the Bridegroom, using this Biblical parable to teach the importance of being ready when the "moment" comes. Using key points and Scripture truths, he confronts this question: When Christ returns for His Bride, where will you be in the anointing of the moment? Don't put this book down until you are convinced that you know the answer!

The Moment

Time and Rupture in Modern Thought
Author: Heidrun Friese
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 9780853239666
Category: Philosophy
Page: 209
View: 6878
Modern philosophical thought has a manifold tradition of emphasizing "the moment". "The moment" demands questioning all-too-common notions of time, of past, present and future, uniqueness and repetition, rupture and continuity. This collection addresses the key questions posed by "the moment", considering writers such as Nietzsche, Husserl, Benjamin and Badiou, and elucidates the connections between social theory, philosophy, literary theory and history that are opened up by this notion.

The Moment of Self-Portraiture in German Renaissance Art

Author: Joseph Leo Koerner
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226449999
Category: Art
Page: 543
View: 6685
The self-portrait has become a model of what art is: the artwork is the image of its maker, and understanding the work means recovering from it an original vision of the artist. In this ground-breaking work, Joseph Leo Koerner analyzes the historical origin of this model in the art of Albrecht Durer and Hans Baldung Grien, the first modern self-portraitist and his principal disciple. By doing so, he develops new approaches to the visual image and to its history in early modern European culture. Koerner establishes the character of German Renaissance art by considering how Durer's and Baldung's pictures register changes in the status of the self during the sixteenth century. He contends that Durer's self-portrait of 1500, modeled after icons of Christ, reinvented art for new conditions of piety, labor, patronage, and self-understanding at the eve of the Reformation. So foundational is this invention to modern aesthetics, Koerner argues, that interpreting it takes us to the limits of traditional art-historical method. Self-portraiture becomes legible less through a history leading up to it, or through a sum of contexts that occasion it, than through its historical sight-line to the present. After a thorough examination of Durer's startlingly new self-portraits, the author turns to the work of Baldung, Durer's most gifted pupil, and demonstrates how the apprentice willfully disfigured Durer's vision. Baldung replaced the master's self-portraits with some of the most obscene and bizarre pictures in the history of art. In images of nude witches, animated cadavers, and copulating horses, Baldung portrays the debased self of the viewer as the true subject of art. The Moment of Self-Portraiturethus unfolds as passages from teacher to student, artist to viewer, reception, all within a culture that at once deified and abhorred originality. Koerner writes a new, philosophical art history in which the visual image is both document of history and living vehicle of thought. He demonstrates the extent to which novel ideas about self and interpretation invented by Renaissance artists and Reformation thinkers informed modern hermeneutics and helped to found our deepest assumptions about art and its messages.

In the Moment

Author: Sandra M. Bringer
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462083900
Category: Fiction
Page: 132
View: 1392
"In the Moment" presents a gritty series of short stories focusing on characters who are raw, honest, unredeemable, marginal, spiritual, and beautiful. Chronicling scenes from life made vividly authentic, all the players are genuine-people we might be or know, snapshots of everyday life. Chance a moment with a stranger, and experience unexpected events. Struggle along with a family whose child will never be any better than at that moment; stay with a rape victim through the horrific aftermath of her trauma. Run for safety in a war zone, and smell the Devil's missile. Get tipsy and dance with grannies, or pine for an ex. Grieve for a life wasted behind prison bars. Does an event define a life, or does the individual define the event? Is it a combination of both, or is it something else entirely? For the short stories of In the Moment, the moment is now-good or bad. That defining moment in a person's life can say volumes about his or her character. We may never know more than we do now; the next step in life's dance is conjecture, a mystery, an uncertainty-but its part in the story is vital nonetheless.

A Moment In Darkness

Author: Lucille M. Martinez
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475994656
Category: Fiction
Page: 272
View: 5373
A Moment In Darkness, give you a brief glimpse into the life of Cleopatra Mitchell. Cleo is a young woman in her mid twenties, trying to make the best out of the lemons that life has given her. Her family still dealing with the death of the patriarch of the family her Father, whom died a year ago. Cleo’s mom has slipped into a mental stupor, leaving Cleo to deal with her eighteen year old pregnant sister Camillah who herself holds several surprise, that have yet been told to her sister. Cleopatra s life continues make drastic changes. along with Cleopatra meeting a stranger during a frighting situation. Many different plots and changes take place as the story of Cleopatra Mitchell unfold, and in the end a deeper understanding of her salvation.

Calm in the Moment

A Book of Lyrics To Ease The Soul As We Grow
Author: Alexandru Sota
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1477244212
Category: Poetry
Page: 368
View: 2221
Calm in the Moment is Romanian author Alexandru Sota’s 2nd published work and is comprised of verses written from 2010-2012. Sota writes spoken word and short flowing narratives that focus around the concept of change and the goal of experiencing happiness in life by placing importance on simple human elements in a language all readers can understand. Sota progressively paints a vivid portrait using social commentaries as his expressive writing drifts through many different emotions by focusing on the need of bridging the past and future without losing our precious calm in the moment... (What the world needs now). Serving as a mentor and sports coach in his community on two different continents over the years, Sota has become a voice for his generation providing useful wisdom for today’s youth. Through urban poetry he urges positive sustainability for children coming up in the world.

Capturing the Moment in Oils

Author: David Curtis,Robin Capon
Publisher: Pavilion Books
ISBN: 1849943222
Category: Art
Page: 128
View: 5054
One of the attractions of painting outdoors is the challenge of capturing the spirit of a place - changing light, weather and transient conditions demand particular painting skills if they are to be interpreted effectively. Leading painter David Curtis works on location, in all weathers, observing and capturing the subtle effects of light and mood. Oil paint is as good for painting on site as it is for large-scale painting in the studio; it is remarkably responsive; can be applied in many different ways; and it allows time to assess and modify work in progress. In this fascinating book, David Curtis shows how he achieves such expressive and original results using drawings, paintings and stage-by-stage examples. He gives detailed explanations of his two main working methods - for plein-air paintings and for studio compositions - as well as plenty of helpful guidance and advice on choosing materials, exploring techniques, selecting ideas, composition, colour and tone and associated topics. Drawing skills and interpreting the qualities of light are other key issues that he deals with, while his wonderfully evocative landscapes, coastal scenes, interiors and figure compositions provide much inspiration.

The Moment of Decisive Significance: A Heresy

Author: Lance Allan Kair
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1365193640
Page: N.A
View: 4492

A Beginner'S Guide To Mindfulness: Live In The Moment

Live in the Moment
Author: Bohlmeijer, Ernst,Hulsbergen, Monique
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335247350
Category: Psychology
Page: 200
View: 8371
This book helps you experience freedom and cope with stress by combining mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy exercises in an accessible, 9-week programme.

A Moment In Time

Author: Tom Polet
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0557334535
Page: N.A
View: 5771

In the Moment of Greatest Calamity

Terrorism, Grief, and a Victim's Quest for Justice - New Edition
Author: Susan F. Hirsch
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691138419
Category: History
Page: 264
View: 5176
On August 7, 1998, bombs exploded at two United States embassies in East Africa. American anthropologist Susan Hirsch and her husband Jamal, a Kenyan, were among the thousands of victims, and Jamal died. From there, Hirsch went on to face devastating grief with the help of friends and families on two continents, observing the mourning rituals of her husband's community to honor him. When the alleged bombers were captured and sent to New York to stand trial, she witnessed firsthand the attempts of America's criminal justice system to handle terrorism through the law. In the Moment of Greatest Calamity is her story--a tale told on many levels: personal, anthropological, legal, and, finally, political. The book's central chapters describe Hirsch's experience of the bombing trials in a Manhattan federal court in 2001, including a behind-the-scenes look at the investigation leading up to the trial, encounters with some of the FBI's leading terrorism investigators, and many moments of drama from the proceedings themselves. Hirsch reveals the inner conflict that results from her opposition to the death penalty and concludes that the trial was both flawed and indispensable. Hirsch's story of this tragedy and its legal aftermath comes to life through--and is enhanced by--her skills as a social scientist. Her unique viewpoint makes it unlike any other story about terrorism.

Cynthia, in the Moment of Her Dying

Author: Steven J. Stewart
Publisher: Pudding House Publications
ISBN: 9781589982482
Page: 35
View: 1079

Capturing The Moment

The Essence of Photography
Author: Michael Freeman
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1317564170
Category: Photography
Page: 256
View: 1900
This is not a book about the fundamentals of shutter speed or how your camera works; it is a book that will teach photographers of all levels how to work with their cameras to capture moments whether they are occurring quickly or unfolding over many hours. Capturing the Moment is about a gesture, an expression, a ball in the net, a whale breaching, like Marilyn Monroe’s skirt flying up or Alfred Eisenstaedt’s image of a kiss between a soldier and nurse in Times Square. Moments in all forms are the true core of photography, and this book will explain how to anticipate them, recognise them, choose them, and capture them, through the eyes and wisdom of award-winning photographer and celebrated author Michael Freeman.

Choices Book 2: the Moment of Decision

The Moment of Decision
Author: Shirley B. Minges
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469101661
Category: Fiction
Page: 291
View: 2562
Kate and Sam Blake were the recipients of the essence of an ancient civilization. Their tasks; return the essences to their home world and prepare for a war that was prophesized in the sixth century on Earth. Over time, when no war materialized, they became convinced the prophesy was wrong and settled down to relatively normal lives. Kate has been kidnapped. She has been told the prophesy was not wrong and that she is one of the keys to survival of four worlds. Alacea is a key outpost in the coming conflict, but they are on the verge of a civil war. Her abductor is faced with a problem that must be resolved before they arrive at Alacea. Kate has steadfastly rejected the source of the gifts she has received and her own destiny. She must be convinced to overcome the conflicts that plague her. Lives depend on it.