Islam, the People and the State

Political Ideas and Movements in the Middle East
Author: Sami Zubaida
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781850437345
Category: Political Science
Page: 192
View: 3596
The recent prominence of Islamic politics in the Middle East, notably the Iranian revolution and its ramifications, has raised important questions about society, politics and culture. It has posed a challenge to the main theoretical approaches in the social sciences from Marxism to modernization theory and it has given some credence to the idea that the world of Islam is essentially distinct from Europe, and follows a course of development dictated by its own history and culture. In this book, Sami Zubaida challenges these diverse opinions in favour of a general political sociology capable of dealing with the historical and cultural personalities of societies and situations in the region. He argues that rather than being "revivals" of historical ideas and institutions, current political and social developments in the Islamic World are, in fact, uniquely modern phenomena.

Law and Power in the Islamic World

Author: Sami Zubaida
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781850439349
Category: History
Page: 248
View: 6937
Islamic law (the Shari'a) and its application is a central issue in contemporary Islamic politics and culture. Starting from modern concerns, this book examines the origins and evolution of the Shari'a and the corpus of texts, concepts and practices in which it has been enshrined. The central paradox in this history is one of power: the Shari'a is jurist's law, theoretically derived from sacred sources, yet dependent for its institution and application on rulers, with their own agendas and priorities. Sami Zubaida here considers key historical episodes of political accommodations and contests.

State, Power and Politics in the Making of the Modern Middle East

Author: Roger Owen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134432917
Category: Political Science
Page: 296
View: 1787
Roger Owen has fully revised and updated his authoritative text to take into account the latest developments in the Middle East. This book continues to serve as an excellent introduction for newcomers to the modern history and politics of this fascinating region. This third edition continues to explore the emergence of individual Middle Eastern states since the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War and the key themes that have characterized the region since then.

Islam, Secularism, and Liberal Democracy

Toward a Democratic Theory for Muslim Societies
Author: Nader Hashemi
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199886520
Category: Religion
Page: 310
View: 4780
Islam's relationship to liberal-democratic politics has emerged as one of the most pressing and contentious issues in international affairs. In Islam, Secularism, and Liberal Democracy, Nader Hashemi challenges the widely held belief among social scientists that religious politics and liberal-democratic development are structurally incompatible. This book argues for a rethinking of democratic theory so that it incorporates the variable of religion in the development of liberal democracy. In the process, it proves that an indigenous theory of Muslim secularism is not only possible, but is a necessary requirement for the advancement of liberal democracy in Muslim societies.

Islam in the World Today

A Handbook of Politics, Religion, Culture, and Society
Author: Werner Ende,Udo Steinbach
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801464897
Category: Religion
Page: 1136
View: 663
Considered the most authoritative single-volume reference work on Islam in the contemporary world, the German-language Der Islam in der Gegenwart, currently in its fifth edition, offers a wealth of authoritative information on the religious, political, social, and cultural life of Islamic nations and of Islamic immigrant communities elsewhere. Now, Cornell University Press is making this invaluable resource accessible to English-language readers. More current than the latest German edition on which it is based, Islam in the World Today covers a comprehensive array of topics in concise essays by some of the world's leading experts on Islam, including: • the history of Islam from the earliest years through the twentieth century, with particular attention to Sunni and Shi'i Islam and Islamic revival movements during the last three centuries; • data on the advance of Islam along with current population statistics; • Muslim ideas on modern economics, on social order, and on attempts to modernize Islamic law (shari'a) and apply it in contemporary Muslim societies; • Islam in diaspora, especially the situation in Europe and America; • secularism, democracy, and human rights; and • women in Islam Twenty-four essays are each devoted to a specific Muslim country or a country with significant Muslim minorities, spanning Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union. Additional essays illuminate Islamic culture, exploring local traditions; the languages and dialects of Muslim peoples; and art, architecture, and literature. Detailed bibliographies and indexes ensure the book's usefulness as a reference work.

Arab Cultural Studies

Mapping the Field
Author: Tarik Sabry
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857730827
Category: History
Page: 336
View: 8726
Arab Cultural Studies:Mapping the Field is the first attempt to explore ways of conceptualising and theorising the nascent field of Arab cultural studies. It reflects and engages in an interdisciplinary discussion on the different facets of Arab cultural studies, including gender, economy, epistemology, language, method, politics, literary and cultural criticism, institutionalization, popular culture, creativity and much more. The book presents a meta-narrative about how scholars have thus far thought and re-thought the field. It brings together prominent and emerging experts, writing from both Arab and Western academia, to engage with key complex, epistemic and methodological questions and to articulate in the meantime the new kinds of language and hermeneutics necessary for the appropriation of an historically conscious and coherent field of scientific enquiry into contemporary Arab media, culture and society.

Political Islam in the Age of Democratization

Author: K. Bokhari,F. Senzai
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137313498
Category: Political Science
Page: 258
View: 1774
The continued prominence of Islam in the struggle for democracy in the Muslim world has confounded Western democracy theorists who largely consider secularism a prerequisite for democratic transitions. Kamran Bokhari and Farid Senzai offer a comprehensive view of the complex nature of contemporary political Islam and its relationship to democracy.

Islam, the State, and Political Authority

Medieval Issues and Modern Concerns
Author: A. Afsaruddin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137002026
Category: Political Science
Page: 255
View: 4626
The expert essays in this volume deal with critically important topics concerning Islam and politics in both the pre-modern and modern periods, such as the nature of government, the relationship between politics and theology, Shi'i conceptions of statecraft, notions of public duty, and the compatibility of Islam and democratic governance.

Women, Islam, and the State

Author: Deniz Kandiyoti
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 9780877227861
Category: Religion
Page: 276
View: 7163
This collection of original essays examines the relationship between Islam, the nature of state projects, and the position of women in the modern nation states of the Middle East and South Asia. Arguing that Islam is not uniform across Muslim societies and that women's roles in these societies cannot be understood simply by looking at texts and laws. the contributors focus, instead, on the effects of the political projects of states on the lives of women.--provided by publisher.

Islam, the State and Population

Author: Gavin W. Jones
ISBN: 9781850654933
Category: Birth control
Page: 286
View: 9705
Fertility in many Islamic populations has fallen sharply in recent years, giving the lie to the 'Islamic fertility' argument. Using this phenomenon as a starting-point, the contributors consider what circumstances prompt Muslim populations to experience a sharp fertility decline and ask whether there are elements of Islamic belief that require a different approach to understanding relative fertility trends and reproductive behaviour in Islamic andin non-Islamic populations.

The Muslim Conception of International Law and the Western Approach

Author: Mohammad Talaat Ghunaimi
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401195080
Category: Law
Page: 228
View: 4942
The traditional doctrine of Islamic law in regard to international re lations is well known. The Shari'a includes many excellent provisions about declarations of war, treaties of peace, armistices, diplomatic envoys, negotiations and guarantees of safe conduct. But the fact remains that it divides the world, broadly speaking, into the "Abode of Islam" and the "Abode of 'War," and that it envisages the continu ance of intermittent war between them until the latter is absorbed in the former. In the course of such fighting, and in the intervals in be tween, many civilities were to be meticulously observed; but prisoners of war could be killed, sold or enslaved at the discretion of the Muslim authorities, and the women of those who resisted the advance of Islam could be taken as slave-concubines, regardless of whether they were single or married. The "Abode of Islam" did not, indeed, consist ex clusively of Muslims, for those whose religion was based on a book accepted by Islam as originally inspired and in practice, indeed, those other religions too - were not forced to embrace Islam but only to accept Muslim rule. They were granted the status of dhimmis, were protected in their persons and their property, were allowed to follow their own religion in an unobtrusive fashion, and were accorded the position of essentially second-class citizens. They were also of course, perfectly free to embrace Islam; but for a Muslim to be converted to another faith involved the death penalty.

The Islamic State: True Concept and Eradicating Misconceptions (Khilafah)

Author: N.A
Publisher: Minhaj-ul-Quran Publications
ISBN: 0955188822
Page: N.A
View: 5115

Islam, Democracy, and the State in North Africa

Author: John Pierre Entelis
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253211316
Category: History
Page: 228
View: 5475
"Rarely is a collection of essays as coherent and of such uniformly high quality as is this one. This book makes a major contribution to our efforts to understand, and so competently interact with, the forces of political, economic, and social change in states where Islamic ideals form a vibrant component of the culture." —American Historical Review "Fielding a veteran team of American Maghribi specialists, this book discusses Islam and politics, human rights, aspects of political economy, and the international dimension of prospects for democratization in Islamic North African states.... All chapters advance useful arguments based on solid research." —Foreign Affairs In the late 1980s, misguided economic policies, bureaucratic mismanagement, political corruption, and cultural alienation combined to create a popular demand for change in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. It seemed for a time that a new and more open politics would transform the region. Instead, authoritarian states mobilized to repress the populist opposition led by politicized Islamist movements. Analyzing developments over the last two decades from the perspectives of political culture and political economy, leading American scholars provide insights into the region's continuing political crisis.

Fundamentalist Islam and Israel

Essays in Interpretation
Author: Raphael Israeli
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780819191991
Category: Religion
Page: 219
View: 9409
This book provides an in-depth account and analysis of Islamic fundamentalism today, and how it has an impact on Israel's relations with the Arab and Islamic worlds. In light of recent events, the book is important for the whole Western world, which now confronts revivalist Islam, both in the Middle East and Europe itself, and even in such far-flung fragments of European civilization as the United States and Australia. This book should be of great help for the West in developing a proper understanding of, and a strategy for dealing with, this movement. Co-published with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Islam and the Secular State

Author: Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im Na,ʻAbd Allāh Aḥmad Naʻīm
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674033760
Category: Religion
Page: 336
View: 3540
What should be the place of Shari'a - Islamic religious law - in predominantly Muslim societies of the world? In this book, a Muslim scholar and human rights activist envisions a positive and sustainable role for Shari'a, based on a profound rethinking of the relationship between religion and the secular state in all societies.

Turkish Islam and the Secular State

The Gülen Movement
Author: M. Hakan Yavuz,John L. Esposito
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815630401
Category: History
Page: 280
View: 585
"The book cogently traces the origins of Gulen's ideology and his early efforts to propagate his views through educational activities. It details the various strategies employed by Gulen's followers to put his ideas into practice, both in Turkey and around the world. Contributors describe its intellectual and religious formation, its spread across Turkey and Central Asia, and its influence on citizens outside the movement, including leading Turkish politicians."--BOOK JACKET.

Ethnic Identity and the State in Iran

Author: A. Saleh
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137310871
Category: Social Science
Page: 233
View: 2272
While the Islamic Republic has employed various strategies to mitigate the worst excesses of inter-ethnic tension while still securing a Shi'a dominated "Persian hegemony," the systematic neglect of ethnic groups by both the Islamic Republic and its predecessor regime has resulted in the politicization of ethnic identity in Iran.

Ethno-Nationalism, Islam and the State in the Caucasus

Post-Soviet Disorder
Author: Moshe Gammer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134098537
Category: Political Science
Page: 256
View: 8774
With the region of the Caucasus with its ongoing, and even deteriorating, crisis and instability and its strategic and economic importance increasingly at the front of the world's attention, this volume presents and discusses some of the complexities and problems arising in the region such as Islamic terrorists and al-Qaida. Scholars from different disciplines who specialise in the Caucasus analyze key topics such as: discussions of grass root perceptions the influence of informal power structures on ethnic conflicts in the Caucasus Russian policies towards Islam and their destabilising influence the influence of Islamic revival on the legal and social situations nationalism and the revival of pre- and sub-national identities shifts in identity as reflected in demography reasons for the Chechen victory in the first Chechen war the involvement of Islamic volunteers in Chechnya. With the situation in Chechnia likely to spread across the entire North Caucasus, this cutting edge work will be of great value in the near future and will interest political scientists and regional experts of Russia, Central Asia, Caucasus, Middle East and Turkey, as well as NGOs, government agencies and think tanks.

Between the State and Islam

Author: Charles E. Butterworth,I. William Zartman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521789721
Category: History
Page: 256
View: 1834
How Middle Eastern peoples in the past two centuries lived outside the region's politico-religious structures.

‘Ali Shari’ati and the Shaping of Political Islam in Iran

Author: K. Chatterjee
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230119220
Category: Political Science
Page: 274
View: 2690
This book tells the story of how Shari'ati developed a language of political Islam, speaking in an idiom intelligible to the Iranian public and subverting the Shah's regime and its claim to legitimacy.