Jane's Mass Casualty Handbook

Pre-hospital; Emergency Preparedness and Response
Author: Craig DeAtley
Publisher: Janes Information Group
ISBN: 9780710625915
Category: Medical
Page: 372
View: 1568
Jane's Mass Casualty Handbook: Pre-Hospital provides detailed planning, response and recovery information for paramedics and other on-scene emergency responders. This valuable resource identifies critical planning issues and presents important checklists and response considerations in a succinct and user-friendly format. The recommendations provide realistic and useful guidance for the entire pre-hospital system.

Medical Disaster Response

A Survival Guide for Hospitals in Mass Casualty Events
Author: David Goldschmitt,Robert Bonvino
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420061240
Category: Medical
Page: 864
View: 632
While the job of a clinician in a disaster scenario is to save lives without regard for the cause or rationale for the injury, medical and emergency professionals who understand the diverse aspects of a disaster are better equipped to respond effectively. Giving emergency personnel the tools they need to perform in catastrophic situations, Medical Disaster Response: A Survival Guide for Hospitals in Mass Casualty Events addresses the critical planning and response issues surrounding a mass casualty disaster before, during, and after the event. The book presents the fundamental components of a comprehensive medical disaster management plan that provides readers with a framework for developing individual policies to suit their particular institution. It examines natural, man-made, and terrorist disasters, and offers insight into the different strategies required for distinct scenarios, as well as the need to be prepared for the cascade effect of secondary events resulting from the original disaster. Real case studies examining medical disaster response This volume provides a powerful and unique case example through a chronology of the events of September 11th, offering a firsthand account and insight into the quintessential test case for disaster response effectiveness. It also profiles other notorious events—including Hurricane Katrina, the Madrid bombings, the SARS outbreak in 2004, and the sarin gas attack in Tokyo in 2005—as seen through the eyes of the expert contributors who witnessed and responded to these tragedies. The book presents the lessons learned from these events by the contributing authors who acted on the front lines of the medical disaster response. It is a valuable reference manual for emergency planning, response, and healthcare professionals to confront future disasters and help prevent and mitigate destruction and unnecessary casualties.

Assessing Medical Preparedness to Respond to a Terrorist Nuclear Event

Workshop Report
Author: Institute of Medicine,Board on Health Sciences Policy,Committee on Medical Preparedness for a Terrorist Nuclear Event
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309130883
Category: Medical
Page: 188
View: 6842
A nuclear attack on a large U.S. city by terrorists--even with a low-yield improvised nuclear device (IND) of 10 kilotons or less--would cause a large number of deaths and severe injuries. The large number of injured from the detonation and radioactive fallout that would follow would be overwhelming for local emergency response and health care systems to rescue and treat, even assuming that these systems and their personnel were not themselves incapacitated by the event. The United States has been struggling for some time to address and plan for the threat of nuclear terrorism and other weapons of mass destruction that terrorists might obtain and use. The Department of Homeland Security recently contracted with the Institute of Medicine to hold a workshop, summarized in this volume, to assess medical preparedness for a nuclear detonation of up to 10 kilotons. This book provides a candid and sobering look at our current state of preparedness for an IND, and identifies several key areas in which we might begin to focus our national efforts in a way that will improve the overall level of preparedness.

Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology

Author: Nick Bateman,Robert Jefferson,Simon Thomas,John Thompson,Allister Vale
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191022489
Category: Medical
Page: 432
View: 6565
Overdose and poisoning are one of the most frequent acute medical presentations seen in emergency departments, and high dependency and intensive care facilities. The Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology provides an authoritative guide for the management of patients with poisoning. Each chapter includes key clinical features and potential treatment options to help physicians to assess the potential severity of the poisoned patient and provide the optimum clinical care. A reader-friendly layout ensures that information is easy to find and assimilate, and topics are self-contained to aid quick diagnosis. Presented in an easy-to-use double-page spread format, highly bulleted and concise, the Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology is ideal for quick referral when an acute problem arises. Contributions from the leading figures in toxicology make this book indispensable for all those involved with the management of poisoned patients, especially trainees and consultants working in emergency medicine, acute medicine, and critical care.

The British National Bibliography

Author: Arthur James Wells
Publisher: N.A
Category: English literature
Page: N.A
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Toxic Trauma

A Basic Clinical Guide
Author: David J. Baker
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319409166
Category: Medical
Page: 238
View: 2411
Winner of BMA Medical Book Award, Highly Commended in Public Health Written for medical professionals, this book provides a concise reference with clear guidelines on how to manage both the victims of chemical agent exposure and the site of the incident. David Baker considers the nature and basic science of the hazards faced as well as the practical management of persons exposed to chemicals and toxins. Praise for the first edition "Toxic Trauma is a welcome addition to the literature. . . . Although written for clinicians, the book contains chapters that should be read by administrators and other health care professionals to ensure they understand and can inform the public in a balanced manner about the logistic considerations, and widespread consequences across systems when an event does occur. Any healthcare library should consider this book an essential text." --Michael Nurok, American Journal of Disaster Medicine "This book excels as a reference for those interested in learning about and designing systems to better handle toxic trauma." --Michael D. Zwank, Doody’s Book Reviews

Journal of Special Operations Medicine

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Medicine, Military
Page: N.A
View: 7593

EMT Prehospital Care

Author: Mark C. Henry,Edward R. Stapleton
Publisher: Mosby
ISBN: 9780323016506
Category: Medical
Page: 987
View: 8062
Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition of EMT Prehospital Care, 3rd Edition provides a visually-rich, easy-to-read way to learn the EMT-Basic curriculum. Remaining true to previous editions, this new edition follows the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) National Standard Curriculum for EMT-Basic. In addition to covering the essential points of the curriculum, EMT Prehospital Care 3e also goes beyond the curriculum in depth and breadth of content in all chapters, making this book an excellent choice for on-the-job reference. Instructor resources are available; please contact your Elsevier sales representative for details. Opening Scenarios and Case-in-Points are integrated throughout the text and provide a clinical frame of reference. U.S. DOT objectives are integrated throughout each chapter. Illustrated assessment algorithms provide a step-by-step process for learning patient assessment. Treatment protocols summarize the key signs and symptoms and related treatment approaches for common clinical conditions. Expanded information on the Well-Being of the EMT-Basic discusses modes of infection transmissions, standard precautions of infection control, and information on Multiple Drug Resistant Infections. Illustrated skill sheets have been completely redesigned, providing easy-to-follow, step-by-step photographs. Companion CD-ROM supplements the information in the text with interactive case studies, skill challenges, review questions, and visual exercises. "Nuts and Bolts," a new section at the end of every chapter, incorporates a summary, key terms, learning checklist, review questions, further review resources and U.S. DOT objectives - for a one-stop review of all key material. Expanded anatomy and physiology review at the beginning of each clinical chapter aids in reader comprehension. Expanded information on altered mental status and cardiopulmonary resuscitation offers totally up-to-date information on these developing topics. New chapters on Chest and Abdominal Injuries, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Geriatrics, and a new appendix on Domestic Abuse.

Toxico-terrorism: Emergency Response and Clinical Approach to Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Agents

Author: Robin McFee,Jerrold Leikin
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071471863
Category: Medical
Page: 622
View: 8904
The emergency medicine expertise you need to prepare for--and manage--any type of bioterrorist attack! Written by emergency room physicians for emergency room physicians, Toxico-terrorism covers every essential aspect of the emergency medical response to microbial, radiological, and chemical agents of terrorism. Turn to any page, and you'll find lifesaving clinical strategies for the management of patients who have been exposed to a biologic, chemical, or nuclear agent. Features A logical, building-block organization filled with key tables and synoptic boxes Important coverage of pre-hospital and EMS issues Insights into the means of transmission, the modes of dispersal, and how secondary infection and/or contamination can occur Overview of bioterror-specific signs and symptoms A section on emergency department preparedness that reviews critical topics such as nursing triage, hospital/facility security, pharmacy preparedness, and hospital staff issues Up-to-date information on labs, microscopy, and radiology Key diagnostic criteria for all agents Thorough coverage of treatment strategies for all agents discussed in the book Infection control modalities Survey of prophylaxis strategies Valuable section on public health considerations

The Video Source Book

A Guide to Programs Currently Available on Video in the Areas of ...
Author: David J. WEINER
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780787634100
Category: Video recordings
Page: 4029
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National Library of Medicine Current Catalog

Cumulative listing
Author: National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
Publisher: N.A
Category: Medicine
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Tod und Leben großer amerikanischer Städte

Author: Jane Jacobs
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3035602123
Category: Architecture
Page: 220
View: 8686
In The Death and Life of Great American Cities durchleuchtet Jane Jacobs 1961 die fragwürdigen Methoden der Stadtplanung und Stadtsanierung in Amerika, der "New Yorker" nannte es das unkonventionellste und provozierendste Buch über Städtebau seit langem. Die deutsche Ausgabe wurde schnell auch im deutschsprachigem Raum zu einer viel gelesenen und diskutierten Lektüre. Sie ist jetzt wieder in einem Nachdruck zugänglich, mit einem Vorwort von Gerd Albers (1993), das nach der Aktualität dieser Streitschrift fragt.

Books in Print

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: American literature
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Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.


Diagnose, Therapie und Rehabilitation des thermischen Traumas
Author: Lars-Peter Kamolz,David N. Herndon,Marc G. Jeschke
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 321179896X
Category: Medical
Page: 251
View: 7678
Verbrennungen kommen häufig vor, meist als Folge eines Unfalls. Manche Wunden heilen spontan, andere müssen in einem Brandverletzten-Zentrum versorgt werden. Dieses Kompendium bietet einen schnellen Überblick über den aktuellen Wissensstand zur Diagnose und Therapie von Verbrennungen. Erstversorgung, Flächen- und Tiefenbestimmung, chirurgische Versorgung, Haut und Hautersatz sind nur eine kleine Auswahl der behandelten Themen. Das Buch richtet sich an alle Berufsgruppen, die Verbrennungen behandeln, ob als Notarzt, Chirurg oder Pflegekraft.

Joyce in the Belly of the Big Truck; Workbook

Author: Joyce A. Cascio
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780976237310
Page: N.A
View: 1228

Eine Erinnerung an Solferino

Author: Henry Dunant
Publisher: Theclassics.Us
ISBN: 9781230455570
Page: 38
View: 1795
Dieses historische Buch kann zahlreiche Tippfehler und fehlende Textpassagen aufweisen. Kaufer konnen in der Regel eine kostenlose eingescannte Kopie des originalen Buches vom Verleger herunterladen (ohne Tippfehler). Ohne Indizes. Nicht dargestellt. 1863 edition. Auszug: ...zum dritten Male zwei der grossten Machte der neueren Zeit sich im blutigen Kampfe massen, wurden noch immer die zahlreichen und traurigen Menfchenreste jenes Tages gesammelt, die selbst auf dem Kirchhofe die Kreuze und Grabsteine mit Blut bedeckten. Gegen 9 Uhr kam ich nach Cavriana; es war ein in seiner Art einziges und grossartiges Schauspiel, den Kriegstrain zu sehen, welcher das Hauptquartier des Kaisers der Franzosen umgab. Ich suchte den Herzog von Magenta, den ich die Ehre hatte, personlich zu kennen. Da ich nicht genau wusste, wo in diesem Augenblicke sein Armeecorps lagerte, so liess ich mein Cabriolet auf einem kleinen Platze halten, gegenuber dem Hause, in welchem seit Freitag Abend Kaiser Napoleon wohnte; und so befand ich mich nun plotzlich inmitten einer Gruppe von Generalen, welche auf einfachen Strohstuhleu oder selbst auf holzernen Schemeln sassen, und in der Frische des Abends, gegenuber dem improuisirten Palaste ihres Herrschers, ihre Cigarren rauchteu. Wahrend ich mich erkundigte, in welcher Richtung ich den Marschall Mac-Mahon treffen konne, befragten diese Generale ihrerseits den mich begleitenden Corporal, welchen sie neben meinem Kutscher sitzend fur meine Ordonnanz hielten): sie wollten namlich wissen, wer ich sei und zugleich erfahren, welchen Auftrag ich wohl haben konne; denn es siel ihnen nicht ein, dass ein gewohnlicher Tourist sich allein in die Lager wage und, bis nach Cavriaua gekommen, zu so spater Stunde noch weiter wolle. Der Corporal, der selbst keinen Aufschluss geben konnte, blieb naturlich sehr schweigsam hieruber, obgleich e

Inside IS - 10 Tage im 'Islamischen Staat'

Author: Jürgen Todenhöfer
Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641175526
Category: Political Science
Page: 288
View: 5270
Jürgen Todenhöfers Report über den IS-Terror Im Sommer 2014 führte Jürgen Todenhöfer mehrere Monate lang Gespräche mit deutschen Islamisten (via Skype), die sich dem IS-Staat angeschlossen haben. Die Erkenntnisse, die er in diesen Gesprächen gewann, sind mehr als erschreckend und enthüllen die mörderischen Absichten des sogenannten Kalifats, das einen weltweiten Gottesstaat errichten will und dabei auch vor Massenmorden nicht zurückschreckt, selbst unter Muslimen. Nach der Erweiterung Ihres Staates im Nahen Osten, bei der sie die Nachbarstaaten unterwerfen wollen, haben sie Europa und den Westen im Visier. Im November 2014 fuhr er als bislang weltweit einziger westlicher Journalist in das Zentrum des IS-Staats, nach Mossul, hielt sich dort 10 Tage lang auf und führte weitere Interviews. In seinem Buch beschreibt er eindringlich seine Erlebnisse vor Ort.

Menschlichkeit für alle

die Weltbewegung des Roten Kreuzes und des Roten Halbmonds
Author: Hans Haug
Publisher: N.A
Category: Human rights
Page: 715
View: 3121

Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie

Author: Jarg-Erich Hausamen,Egbert Machtens,Jürgen F. Reuther,Harald Eufinger,Alexander Kübler,Henning Schliephake
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642178014
Category: Medical
Page: 760
View: 3412
In dem Band sind alle Eingriffe der Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie detailliert beschrieben und in über 1000 Zeichnungen illustriert. Darüber hinaus geben Experten der MKG-Chirurgie Tipps für die Anwendung im OP-Saal. Dargestellt werden Implantologie, septische Chirurgie, Traumatologie des Kiefer- und Gesichtsbereichs sowie die Behandlung der Lippen-Kiefer-Gaumenspalten und die Chirurgie des Gesichtsschädels, die Tumorchirurgie inklusive der plastisch rekonstruktiven Chirurgie und der modernen Verfahren des mikrovaskulären Gewebetransfers.