Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities

Author: Daniel J. Ryan
Publisher: Jist Works
ISBN: 9781593578138
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 292
View: 830
This complete career planning and job search guide for people with physical and mental disabilities has been completely updated to reflect the newest job search technologies and techniques. It will help readers identify their strengths; explore career options; find job openings; explore the hidden job market; write resumes, cover letters, and follow-up letters; and perform well in interviews. The author shows readers how to tell potential employers about their disabilities and ask them for reasonable accommodations, and helps readers understand and navigate employment law as it applies to them.

Making Self-employment Work for People with Disabilities

Author: Cary Griffin,David Hammis
Publisher: Brookes Pub
Category: Education
Page: 242
View: 6911
This guidebook provides counselors, employment specialists, and transition professionals with the guidance they need to help individuals with disabilities start and maintain their own small businesses.

The Job Developer's Handbook

Practical Tactics for Customized Employment
Author: Cary Griffin,David Hammis,Tammara Geary
Publisher: Brookes Pub
ISBN: 9781557668639
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 243
View: 6870
One of the most practical employment books available, this forward-thinking guide walks employment specialists step by step through customized job development for people with disabilities, revealing the best ways to build a satisfying, meaningful job around a person's preferences, skills, and goals. Internationally known for their innovative, proactive job development strategies, the authors motivate readers to expand the way they think about employment opportunities and develop creative solutions. Readers will get fresh, proven tips and ideas for every aspect of job development for youth and adults with significant support needs: discovering who the person is and what he or she really wants ensuring goodness of fit between employer and employee finding--or creating--"hidden jobs" in smaller companies empowering people through resource ownership (investing in resources that employers need) skillfully negotiating job duties while managing conflicts that might arise creatively maximizing benefits using social security work incentives encouraging family support while respecting the individual as an adult To make each part of job development easier, the book arms readers with practical content they can really use: easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines; checklists of critical questions to answer; success stories in both urban and rural settings; and sample scenarios, dialogues, and interview questions. Equally useful to veteran professionals and those just starting out, this compelling guidebook breathes new life into the job development process and helps readers imagine a wider world of employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Real Work for Real Pay

Inclusive Employment for People with Disabilities
Author: Paul Wehman
Publisher: Brookes Pub
ISBN: 9781557667533
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 350
View: 6305
'Inclusive Employment' serves to empower those with disabilities by providing an overview of the philosophies, practices, tools, and policies for developing and implementing community-based employment programs.

The Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs

Author: N.A
Publisher: JIST Works
Category: Job analysis
Page: 272
View: 3659

Career Development, Employment, and Disability in Rehabilitation

From Theory to Practice
Author: David R. Strauser
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826195636
Category: Psychology
Page: 481
View: 5278

Working Relationships

Creating Career Opportunities for Job Seekers with Disabilites Through Employer Partnerships
Author: Richard G. Luecking,Ellen S. Fabian,George Tilson
Publisher: Brookes Pub
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 275
View: 5530
All businesses have needs. People with disabilities have the skills and desire to work. As employment specialists work to match employers with job seekers, they need to do more than understand the job seeker's personal and professional goals--they also need to know exactly what the employers are looking for. That's what Working Relationships is about: securing satisfying jobs for people with disabilities by fostering partnerships between employment specialists and businesses. A must-read for all employment service providers and for anyone interested in employment of people with disabilities, this book helps readers understand the theoretical framework for improving career development practices through relationship building understand what employers want and expect from employment service providers learn about the building blocks of strong partnerships with employers: beliefs and values, communication skills, multicultural competence, ethics, and self-efficacy find practical guidelines for getting to know both job seekers and employers, marketing proactively to businesses, matching job seeker characteristics with employer needs, and using the tenets of quality customer service when working with employers consider the possibility of non-traditional employment through customized job consultation discover strategies for improving job retention and promoting career advancement for people with disabilities explore specific ways to make employment service programs more customer-oriented, convenient, and understandable to employers Filled with helpful case studies and examples, this valuable resource will help employment specialists develop strong, respectful partnerships with businesses--partnerships that will lead to rewarding careers for people with disabilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability

For All of Us Who Live with Disabilities, Chronic Pain, and Illness
Author: Cory Silverberg,Miriam Kaufman
Publisher: Cleis Press
ISBN: 157344636X
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 360
View: 6938
The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is the first complete sex guide for people who live with disabilities, pain, illness, or chronic conditions. Useful for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, the book addresses a wide range of disabilities — from chronic fatigue, back pain, and asthma to spinal cord injury, hearing and visual impairment, multiple sclerosis, and more. Expertly written by a medical doctor, a sex educator, and a disability activist, The Ultimate Guide provides readers with encouragement, support, and all the information they need to create a sex life that works for them. The authors cover all aspects of sex and disability, including building a positive sexual self-image; positions to minimize stress and maximize pleasure; dealing with fatigue or pain during sex; finding partners and talking with partners about sex and disability; adapting sex toys; and more.

The School Counselor's Guide to Helping Students with Disabilities

Author: Laura E. Marshak,Claire J. Dandeneau,Fran P. Prezant,Nadene A. L'Amoreaux
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470175796
Category: Education
Page: 366
View: 7590
Down-to-earth advice for helping students with disabilitiessucceed The School Counselor's Guide to Helping Students withDisabilities offers school counselors a practical guide forhandling the complexities of working with children and youth whohave disabilities. The book is organized to correspond with themyriad responsibilities and roles assumed by school counselors inelementary, middle and high school settings. The authors provideboth seasoned and new school counselors with the insight and toolsthey need to successfully promote the academic, personal, social,and career success of students with disabilities. Presents a wealth of relevant disability-related knowledge anduseful strategies Includes information on the most pertinent legislationpertaining to students with disabilities Offers the most effective counseling interventions for helpingyoung children or adolescents experiencing social exclusion becauseof their disabilities Bonus section contains a wealth of disability-specificinformation with implications and practical applications forcounselors This important book brings together experts in two disciplines,school counseling and special education/disabilities, in order toaddress the practicalities and possibilities of working withstudents with disabilities.

Sexuality and Intellectual Disabilities

A Guide for Professionals
Author: Andrew Triska
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315316382
Category: Social Science
Page: 154
View: 9311
This book provides a concise overview of sexuality and gender identity in clients with intellectual disabilities for therapists, social workers, educators, and healthcare providers. It captures the social, political, and legal environment of the late 2010s and bridges the gap between research and practice, with engaging case examples drawn from the author’s own practice. Guidance on everyday issues like dating and sex education is juxtaposed with material on complex, current issues in topics like LGBTQ inclusion and sexual offending. User-friendly "toolboxes" provide brief guides to practical issues like using trans-friendly language and providing family interventions. Accessible enough for students and trainees, but thorough enough for veteran clinicians, this book explores issues that professionals face in providing competent care through the lens of justice and inclusion.

Military-to-civilian Career Transition Guide

The Essential Job Search Handbook for Service Members
Author: Janet I. Farley
Publisher: Jist Works
ISBN: 9781593577315
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 200
View: 7252
This handbook provides a career transition framework for service members and their families. Readers are given exit strategies for gracefully leaving the military; charts, checklists, and worksheets for planning each transition aspect; resume and cover letter samples and strategies; and interviewing and salary negotiation tips. The author also shares advice for surviving the first month on the new job and beyond. This enhanced edition includes a chapter on how to land a federal job, tips for online networking; a directory of online transition tools; and information on employment and retraining options for disabled veterans. An essential roadmap for transitioning service members and their families, this eye-opening guide addresses the entire transition process and includes the family perspective with it.

Preparing Students with Disabilities for College Success

A Practical Guide to Transition Planning
Author: Stan F. Shaw,Joseph W. Madaus,Lyman Lee Dukes
Publisher: Brookes Pub
ISBN: 9781598570168
Category: Education
Page: 293
View: 9823
Outlines the challenges people with disabilities face when they enter higher education, and offers practical solutions for helping them develop the academic and social skills that can provide for a healthy transition to college.

College Success for Students with Physical Disabilities

Strategies and Tips to Make the Most of Your College Experience
Author: Chris Wise Tiedemann
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781593638610
Category: Education
Page: 143
View: 2291
"College Success for Students With Physical Disabilities" is a college planning guide for students with physical disabilities and chronic medical conditions. Students will learn about their rights under the laws governing education and disability, self-advocacy, choosing a college, how having a physical disability affects admissions testing, the increased responsibilities in college, and how to make sure they get everything they need. The book contains forms, checklists, interviews with other students, advice from college disability services personnel, and profiles of disability-friendly colleges across the United States.

Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummies

Author: Kerry Hannon
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119022851
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 360
View: 2973
Your guide to navigating today's workplace and snagging that perfect job Whether you're searching for a new job by choice or necessity, consider this book your life raft. You'll find all the resources you need to job-hunt—from building an online presence and revitalizing your résumé to negotiating a salary and landing that job! The power of people — harness the power of the people you know — friends and family, former colleagues, social media contacts, and more — to network your way to your next job Mirror, mirror on the wall — rehab your résumé and cover letter, build a positive online presence, acquire social media street smarts, and market yourself on LinkedIn Hang your own shingle — join the growing ranks of the self-employed with advice on launching your own business, working as a freelancer, turning a hobby into a profit, and cashing in on your natural gifts Scope it out — discover which jobs are in demand and expected to grow, what they pay, and whether you're qualified

Raymond's Room

Ending the Segregation of People with Disabilities
Author: Dale DiLeo
Publisher: Training Resource Network Incorporated
ISBN: 9781883302559
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 230
View: 5353
Thirty years ago, as a young man working at a facility for children with autism, Dale DiLeo was shown a tiny, hot, and smelly bedroom. Reserved for those least trusted by staff, this room was lockedfrom the outsideall night long. It was named after Raymond, the rooms perennial resident.Raymonds Room makes a compelling case that people with disabilities are still locked away from the rest of society. They may not be housed in rooms like Raymonds, but they are placed in facilities and programs run by a public monopoly unwilling to change. Using research, anecdotes, humor, and engaging stories, DiLeo takes aim at the billion-dollar disability industrial complex that segregates people with significant disabilities from mainstream life. Calling people with disabilities societys hidden citizens, he describes a system that prevents people from working and living in their communities, despite techniques and approaches that can help even those with the most serious challenges work and have a home of their own. For 230 pages, DiLeo describes the downsides to current practices in the field and then offers up proven alternatives to open Raymonds room.

Shortcut Your Job Search

Get Meetings That Get You the Job
Author: Kate Wendleton
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285753488
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 368
View: 1486
Okay, so you’ve figured out what you want to do with your life, identified the most appropriate job targets, and developed the résumé that positions you perfectly. What do you do now? Shortcut Your Job Search tells you how to find out whom you should be talking to (see our massive bibliography inside), and how to get those people to agree to meet with you. You’ll learn the most effective techniques for getting meetings – and it’s not the way you think! You’ll learn how to market yourself—to plan a whole campaign that runs the gamut from personal contacts to phone, email, social media and targeted direct mail efforts.

Americans with Disabilities

State and Local Issues
Author: N.A
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 073553148X
Category: People with disabilities
Page: 173
View: 9694

Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability

Getting & Keeping Your Benefits
Author: David A. Morton III
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 1413324851
Category: Law
Page: 456
View: 2594
Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability covers the criteria for getting disability benefits for back problems, heart and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, mental issues like depression and anxiety, and 200 more medical conditions. Learn how to match the medical details of your disability to Social Security regulations to make sure you have the right evidence to qualify for the benefits you're due when you apply. This guide is written by a former Chief Medical Consultant for the Social Security Administration whose expert deciphering of the medical portions of SSA regulations will help you understand how you can get benefits. If you've been denied benefits already, this book will tell you how to find out why and what steps to take to prove that you should get benefits on appeal. This edition is completely updated with the latest rules and information plus updated figures for 2018 and many updated medical listings.