Julius Caesar

A Life from Beginning to End (Gallic Wars, Ancient Rome, Civil War, Roman Empire, Augustus Caesar, Cleopatra, Plutarch, Pompey, Suetonius)
Author: Henry Freeman
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781532872273
Page: 42
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Julius Caesar A little over 2000 years ago a man named Julius Caesar changed the world. Even if you had never heard of him his lasting legacy has no doubt had an impact on your life. No doubt, even the very calendar that you use is based upon the system he created, with the month of July bearing his name. So who was this man that singlehandedly changed the course of history? Inside you will read about... - The Underpinnings of a Republic - The Real Struggle Begins - When in Rome - The Ides of March This book follows the life and legacy of the man whose life stood as a footnote between Republic and Empire. The man who has inspired playwrights, governments, and the very days of the week, the life of Julius Caesar is an incredible journey to behold.

Alexander the Great

The Macedonian Who Conquered the World
Author: Sean Patrick
Publisher: Oculus Publishers
ISBN: 1938895185
Category: Biography & Autobiography
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If you want to learn about one of history’s greatest military commanders and uncover some of his secrets of drive—drive that enabled him and his small army to first subdue all of Greece and then the mighty Persian Empire—then you want to read this book. Some people like to think that geniuses are so inherently extraordinary that they navigate their journeys with clairvoyant ease. This simply isn’t true. Greatness does not come lightly. It requires that you make sacrifices of time, interests, and—sometimes—possessions. The further you move toward greatness, the more greatness demands from you. But all barriers yield to one mythical quality: drive. The will to persist and overcome. To never give up. To never accept defeat. Few stories better illustrate this better than the life of one of the most extraordinary warriors the world has even known; a man of legendary ambition, will, and grit: Alexander the Great. In this book, you’ll be taken on a whirlwind journey through Alexander’s life and conquests, and not only learn about the successes and mistakes of one of history’s greatest conquerors, but also how to awaken a fire in your own life and adventures. Read this book now and learn lessons from Alexander the Great on why drive is so vital to awakening your inner genius, and learn insights into the real power of purpose, how to defeat the insidious force of “Resistance” that holds us back, and more.


Life of a Colossus
Author: Adrian Goldsworthy
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300139198
Category: History
Page: 592
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In this landmark biography, Goldsworthy places Caesar firmly within the context of Roman society in the first century B.C.

The October Horse

A Novel of Caesar and Cleopatra
Author: Colleen McCullough
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743214692
Category: Fiction
Page: 800
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In her new book about the men who were instrumental in establishing the Rome of the Emperors, Colleen McCullough tells the story of a famous love affair and a man whose sheer ability could lead to only one end -- assassination. As The October Horse begins, Gaius Julius Caesar is at the height of his stupendous career. When he becomes embroiled in a civil war between Egypt's King Ptolemy and Queen Cleopatra, he finds himself torn between the fascinations of a remarkable woman and his duty as a Roman. Though he must leave Cleopatra, she remains a force in his life as a lover and as the mother of his only son, who can never inherit Caesar's Roman mantle, and therefore cannot solve his father's greatest dilemma -- who will be Caesar's Roman heir? A hero to all of Rome except to those among his colleagues who see his dictatorial powers as threats to the democratic system they prize so highly, Caesar is determined not to be worshiped as a god or crowned king, but his unique situation conspires to make it seem otherwise. Swearing to bring him down, Caesar's enemies masquerade as friends and loyal supporters while they plot to destroy him. Among them are his cousin and Master of the Horse, Mark Antony, feral and avaricious, priapic and impulsive; Gaius Trebonius, the nobody, who owes him everything; Gaius Cassius, eaten by jealousy; and the two Brutuses, his cousin Decimus, and Marcus, the son of his mistress Servilia, sad victim of his mother and of his uncle Cato, whose daughter he marries. All are in Caesar's debt, all have been raised to high positions, all are outraged by Caesar's autocracy. Caesar must die, they decide, for only when he is dead will Rome return to her old ways, her old republican self. With her extraordinary knowledge of Roman history, Colleen McCullough brings Caesar to life as no one has ever done before and surrounds him with an enormous and vivid cast of historical characters, characters like Cleopatra who call to us from beyond the centuries, for McCullough's genius is to make them live again without losing any of the grandeur that was Rome. Packed with battles on land and sea, with intrigue, love affairs, and murders, the novel moves with amazing speed toward the assassination itself, and then into the ever more complex and dangerous consequences of that act, in which the very fate of Rome is at stake. The October Horse is about one of the world's pivotal eras, relating as it does events that have continued to echo even into our own times.

The Death of Caesar

The Story of History’s Most Famous Assassination
Author: Barry Strauss
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451668813
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 352
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In this story of the most famous assassination in history, “the last bloody day of the [Roman] Republic has never been painted so brilliantly” (The Wall Street Journal). Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate on March 15, 44 BC—the Ides of March according to the Roman calendar. He was, says author Barry Strauss, the last casualty of one civil war and the first casualty of the next civil war, which would end the Roman Republic and inaugurate the Roman Empire. “The Death of Caesar provides a fresh look at a well-trodden event, with superb storytelling sure to inspire awe” (The Philadelphia Inquirer). Why was Caesar killed? For political reasons, mainly. The conspirators wanted to return Rome to the days when the Senate ruled, but Caesar hoped to pass along his new powers to his family, especially Octavian. The principal plotters were Brutus, Cassius (both former allies of Pompey), and Decimus. The last was a leading general and close friend of Caesar’s who felt betrayed by the great man: He was the mole in Caesar’s camp. But after the assassination everything went wrong. The killers left the body in the Senate and Caesar’s allies held a public funeral. Mark Antony made a brilliant speech—not “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” as Shakespeare had it, but something inflammatory that caused a riot. The conspirators fled Rome. Brutus and Cassius raised an army in Greece but Antony and Octavian defeated them. An original, new perspective on an event that seems well known, The Death of Caesar is “one of the most riveting hour-by-hour accounts of Caesar’s final day I have read....An absolutely marvelous read” (The Times, London).


A Life from Beginning to End
Author: Hourly History
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781976038433
Page: 48
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Caligula Caligula was one of the first rulers of the Roman Empire, and yet numbers among the most famous. His family history is mired in political scandals, tragedy, and murderous plots to forward the agendas of shadowy cabals that sought to oppose the nation in its early infancy. The full story of his life begins long before his birth, and his legacy continues long after his sensational murder at the hands of those closest to him. Inside you will read about... - The Rise of the Roman Empire - The Julio-Claudian Dynasty - Caligula's Rise to Power - An Emperor Driven Mad - An Emperor Becomes a God - The Assassination of the Emperor And much more! A true product of his time, Caligula's rich and colorful story is sure to draw you in until the very end.

Women and Politics in Ancient Rome

Author: Richard A. Bauman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134821344
Category: History
Page: 310
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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Caesar's Legion

The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's Elite Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome
Author: Stephen Dando-Collins
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471095702
Category: History
Page: 320
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"A unique and splendidly researched story, following the trials and triumphs of Julius Caesar's Legio X-arguably the most famous legion of its day-from its activation to the slogging battle of Munda and from Thapsus, Caesar's tactical masterpiece, to the grim siege of the Jewish fortress of Masada. More than a mere unit account, it incorporates the history of Rome and the Roman army at the height of their power and gory glory. Many military historians consider Caesar's legions the world's most efficient infantry before the arrival of gunpowder. This book shows why. Written in readable, popular style, Caesar's Legion is a must for military buffs and anyone interested in Roman history at a critical point in European civilization." —T. R. Fehrenbach, author of This Kind of War, Lone Star, and Comanches Stephen Dando-Collins paints a vivid and definitive portrait of daily life in the Tenth Legion as he follows Caesar and his men along the blood-soaked fringes of the Empire. This unprecedented regimental history reveals countless previously unknown details about Roman military practices, Caesar's conduct as a commander and his relationships with officers and legionaries, and the daily routine and discipline of the Legion. From penetrating insights into the mind of history's greatest general to a grunt's-eye view of the gruesome realities of war in the Classical Age, this unique and riveting true account sets a new standard of exellence and detail to which all authors of ancient military history will now aspire.


A Sourcebook
Author: Prudence J. Jones
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806137414
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 345
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This fascinating sourcebook documents what we know of Cleopatra and also shows how she has evolved through the lens of interpretation.

Julius Caesar

A Life
Author: Antony Kamm
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134220324
Category: History
Page: 192
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This is a fresh account of Julius Caesar - the brilliant politician and intriguing figure who became sole ruler of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar examines key figures such as Marius, Sulla, Cicero, Mark Antony, Gaius Octavius (emperor Augustus), Calpurnia and Cleopatra, as well as the unnamed warriors who fought for and against him, and politicians who supported and opposed him. Including new translations from classical sources, Antony Kamm sets Caesar’s life against the historical, political and social background of the times and addresses key issues: Did Caesar destroy the Republic? What was the legality of his position and the moral justifications of his actions How good a general was he? What was his relationship with Cleopatra? Why was he assassinated? What happened next? This is Caesar – the lavish spender, the military strategist, a considerable orator and historical writer, and probably the most influential figure of his time - in all his historical glory. Students of Rome and its figures will find this an enthralling, eye-opening addition to their course reading.

Ancient Rome

From Beginning to End
Author: Stephan Weaver
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781516867899
Page: 54
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Ancient Rome Ancient Rome is indeed an intriguing subject of history. The Roman Empire maintained European hegemony for half a millennium; it had legendary rulers like Augustus who as they say "found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble." Inside you will learn about... The Rise of RomeThe Roman KingdomThe Roman RepublicThe Roman EmpireThe Fall of RomeTen Little Known Facts about Ancient RomeThis eBook relates the history of Ancient Rome from its dawn to dusk: The Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. The tumultuous wars, the celebrated rulers, the factors that occasioned the fall of Rome-every prominent event of this epoch is discussed thoroughly.Structured in a very convenient style, the eBook provides a full account of Ancient Rome.

From Citizen Militia to Professional Military

Transformation of the Roman Army
Author: Robert Verlic,U.s. Army Command and General Staff College
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781494255572
Category: History
Page: 98
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The late Roman Republic faced what looked unsolvable social problems and all attempts made by the politicians from all parties failed or made the situation even worse. Finally the crisis was so deep that the security and survival of the state was at stake. Professionalization of the Roman military brought back stability to the state destabilized from internal conflicts and civil wars. The army became more efficient and expended Roman Empire through the most of the known world of the time, and reached its greatest extent in A.D.116 only two centuries after first military reforms brought the army toward professionalization. The state hierarchy became clearer with the Emperor who was commander in chief and patron of all military forces, and who was now able to conduct all necessary reforms which brought relative peace and stability to the people of Rome. Augustus success and his greatness were only possible because he had a standing army backing up his political work as well as suppressing his opponents.

The Middle Ages

A History From Beginning to End
Author: Hourly History
Publisher: Hourly History
ISBN: 1530376246
Category: History
Page: N.A
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What do you think of when you consider the Middle Ages? Knights in armor and damsels in distress? Vikings plundering monasteries? Religious dissenters burning at the stake? The dead bodies piling up as war, famine, and plague devastated Europe? Think again! While all these are part of the tapestry of the medieval era, the threads of politics, personality and war, culture, religion, education and the arts are vastly more intricate and fascinating. Think Charlemagne, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, Peter Abelard, Geoffrey Chaucer and a riveting cast of thousands. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Western Europe had to reinvent itself and redefine its philosophical parentage. Inside you will read about... - The Early Middle Ages - Advancing to Empire with Charlemagne - The High Middle Ages - The Flowering of the Church - Times of Change - The Late Middle Ages - The End and the Beginning As the Christian Church filled the void left by the loss of Roman authority, nations would emerge out of blurred geographical boundaries and dynastic kings would evolve from warlords. Rome gets the glory, and the Renaissance gets the glamor, but they are bookends for the dynamic centuries that are known as the Middle Ages.

India's Ancient Past

Author: R.S. Sharma
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199087865
Category: History
Page: N.A
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This book presents a complete and accessible description of the history of early India. It starts by discussing the origins and growth of civilizations, empires, and religions. It also deals with the geographical, ecological, and linguistic backgrounds, and looks at specific cultures of the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Vedic periods, as well as at the Harappan civilization. In addition, the rise of Jainism and Buddhism, Magadha and the beginning of territorial states, and the period of Mauryas, Central Asian countries, Satvahanas, Guptas, and Harshavardhana are also analysed. Next, it stresses varna system, urbanization, commerce and trade, developments in science and philosophy, and cultural legacy. Finally, the process of transition from ancient to medieval India and the origin of the Aryan culture has also been examined.

Plutarch: Life of Antony

Author: Plutarch
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521240666
Category: History
Page: 352
View: 7455
Pelling presents the Greek text of Plutarch's Life of Antony, a work remarkable for its colorful narrative and vivid characterization of Antony and Cleopatra. Although mostly concerned with the literary merit of the Life, the text is accompanied by an extensive introduction that sets the work in its historical perspective and by detailed commentary that explains points of linguistic difficulty. Especially interesting is Pelling's discussion of the influence of the Life on Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, whose conception of the character and destiny of its protagonist is almost wholly shaped by Plutarch's work.

Globalisation and the Roman World

Archaeological and Theoretical Perspectives
Author: Martin Pitts
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107043743
Category: History
Page: 308
View: 9794
This book applies modern theories of globalisation to the ancient Roman world, creating new understandings of Roman archaeology and history. This is the first book to intensely scrutinize the subject through a team of international specialists studying a wide range of topics, including imperialism, economics, migration, urbanism and art.

From the Gracchi to Nero

a history of Rome from 133 B.C. to A.D. 68
Author: Howard Hayes Scullard
Publisher: Methuen Publishing
Category: Rome
Page: 484
View: 1420

World War 1

A History from Beginning to End
Author: Henry Freeman
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781534612433
Page: 50
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World War I World War One was one of the bloodiest wars in modern history. At its end, it had claimed over seventeen million lives. It led to the collapse of nations, the abdication of monarchies and ended empires. Entire divisions of men perished in the pursuit of mere miles of uninhabitable wasteland--towns were pulverized and millions displaced. It became a horrendous war of attrition, each side competing to kill as many of their foe as possible. Inside you will read about... - 1914 - Blood Is Spilled - 1915 - The Dawn Of The Industrialized War - 1916 - Unrelenting Bloodshed - 1917 - Revolution, Revelation and Catastrophe - 1918 - The Great War At An End It became the first industrialized war in history and introduced revolutionary technology into the fray. The Airplane, the Tank and the Machine Gun first saw action collectively during the conflict. It was also the first war in which poison gas was used to choke young men out of their trenches. This book is a timeline account of the important events that shaped the First World War. It details the events and causes that led the world to war. This book covers the milestone moments, important battles, and how the outcome changed the world forever.

The Roman Army

The Civil Wars 88–31 BC
Author: Nic Fields
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 9781846032622
Category: History
Page: 96
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The Roman Legions were the most highly organized troops of the ancient world, but the process of turning the Legions from what was essentially a part-time citizen militia into the professional force that first made Rome the dominant power in the Mediterranean and then built an empire that stretched across the known world, was no small feat Focusing on the organizational changes in the Roman Army during the Civil Wars, Nic Fields examines the role played by Caius Marius and his far-reaching reforms, which included having professional volunteers from the lowest social class enter the army in search of the possibility of plunder. He goes on to examine the consequences of encouraging these soldiers to follow their commanders without question, which broke the allegiance of the army to the Roman state, a trend that gave rise to militarily ambitious men such as Sulla, Pompeius, Caesar, Antonius, and Octavian. With the nuts and bolts detail that readers demand from the Battle Orders series, this is an intriguing description of how the Roman army grew, modernized, rebelled and finally helped build an empire, complete with full organizational charts, photographs and detailed maps.

Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire

Author: Matthew Bunson
Publisher: Facts on File
ISBN: 9780816045624
Category: History
Page: 636
View: 2667
Provides information on the key places, people, events, and culture of more than five hundred years of Roman history, from the reign of Julius Caesar to the fall of the last Roman emperor in 476 A.D.