Knocked Up, Knocked Down

Postcards of Miscarriage and Misadventure from the Brink of Parenthood
Author: Monica Murphy LeMoine
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780980208139
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 208
View: 872
"After Monica Murphy LeMoine experiences a miscarriage, she has to figure out a way to get on with her life, but finds typical miscarriage grief literature sappy and unhelpful. LeMoine embarks on her own adventure to find healing"--T.p. verso.

8 Kids and 2 Suitcases

Knocked up Knocked down but not Knocked out
Author: Shelia Johnson
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1545605874
Category: Drama
Page: 182
View: 8520

Knock Me Up, Knock Me Down

Images of Pregnancy in Hollywood Films
Author: Kelly Oliver
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231530706
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 248
View: 1336
No longer is pregnancy a repulsive or shameful condition in Hollywood films, but an attractive attribute, often enhancing the romantic or comedic storyline of a female character. Kelly Oliver investigates this curious shift and its reflection of changing attitudes toward women's roles in reproduction and the family. Not all representations signify progress. Oliver finds that in many pregnancy films, our anxieties over modern reproductive practices and technologies are made manifest, and in some cases perpetuate conventions curtailing women's freedom. Reading such films as Where the Heart Is (2000), Riding in Cars with Boys (2001), Palindromes (2004), Saved! (2004), Quinceañera (2006), Children of Men (2006), Knocked Up (2007), Juno (2007), Baby Mama (2008), Away We Go (2009), Precious (2009), The Back-up Plan (2010), Due Date (2010), and Twilight: Breaking Dawn (2011), Oliver investigates pregnancy as a vehicle for romance, a political issue of "choice," a representation of the hosting of "others," a prism for fears of miscegenation, and a screen for modern technological anxieties.

Knocked Up

Author: Stacey Lynn
Publisher: Loveswept
ISBN: 1524797855
Category: Fiction
Page: 250
View: 7347
First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes baby in a baby carriage. Just not necessarily in that order. . . . Braxton: I should probably be dead or in jail right now. Instead, thanks to some tough love, I worked my ass off and now I own a string of tattoo parlors throughout the Pacific Northwest. And yet the one thing I’ve always wanted—a family—still seems out of reach. When my best friend gets married, I’m just hoping to blow off some steam with the super-hot maid of honor. But after Cara Thompson tracks me down to tell me she’s pregnant, she’s more surprised than I am when I tell her I’m all in. Cara: For the first time in my life, I’m living for myself—not for my parents and their ridiculous expectations. I gave up on my MBA, dropped out of the Ivy League, and moved to Portland to pursue my dream of becoming an artist. And what’s the first thing I do? Get knocked up. For a tatted-up sex god, Braxton Henley seems way too eager to “be there for me.” Is this guy serious? Maybe. He sure is patient. Because he won’t back down until I admit what I know in my heart: that our one night stand might’ve led me to the one. Advance praise for Knocked Up “Stacey Lynn always knows how to perfectly balance sexy and sweet, and has a modern writing style that makes all of her stories feel fresh and fun.”—New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne “A broody alpha hero with heart . . . I fell madly in love with Braxton from the very first page. Prepare to pull and all-nighter with Knocked Up.”—USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy “Braxton is your ultimate tattooed father-to-be—sweet and ever so sexy.”—Stina Lindenblatt, author of the Pushing Limits series The steamy standalone novels in Stacey Lynn’s Crazy Love series can be read together or separately: FAKE WIFE | KNOCKED UP And don’t miss her passionate Fireside series: HIS TO LOVE | HIS TO PROTECT | HIS TO CHERISH | HIS TO SEDUCE This standalone ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Knocked Down But Not Out

Author: Billy Joe Daugherty
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 0768493544
Category: Religion
Page: 144
View: 3771
The POWER OF FORGIVENESS "Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also..."(Luke 6:29) You may have been knocked down, but it's time to get up! Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty was hit in the face during a Sunday morning church service. He continued the service, forgiving the man and leading people in praise to God. The news went across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Around the world the scene was replayed--even Russia, China, and Iran carried the story. Knocked Down, But Not Out is a book to help you rise above the hurts you have experienced. Some people bleed on the outside, while others are brokenhearted and bleeding on the inside. You will get the help you need to: forgive those who have hurt you rise above your problems overcome adversity and difficulty live a full life of joy Even if you feel like you have been knocked down, you can get back up and be victorious. You will read inspiring stories of others who have risen above loss, pain, abuse, and trials.

Knocked Up By the Billionaire

Author: Tasha Fawkes,M. S. Parker
Publisher: Safira Press LLC
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 2375
Brady Shaw is the sole heir to a billion-dollar oil empire in Texas. However, he has no desire to take over the family business. He’s too busy pandering in women, booze, and all of life’s other temptations. When his father shuts down the flow of money, Brady is presented with an ultimatum: marry and produce a grandchild within a year, or spend the remainder of his life like the rest of the world—poor as fuck. Dana Sommer is a hard-working college student down on her luck. After losing her scholarship due to budget cuts, she now must find a way to, not only pay her tuitions, but also get her hands on $50,000 to settle her brother’s gambling debt, or she could lose the only family she has left. To resolve her impasse, she answers a Craigslist ad with a very unusual offer that could solve all her problems—marry a rich, spoiled playboy for one year and bear his child. The reward? Half a million dollars.

They Were Still Born

Personal Stories about Stillbirth
Author: Janel C. Atlas, editor of They Were Still Born: Personal Stories About Stillbirth
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1442204141
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 280
View: 1926
The stories in this book are not easily told, but for the many thousands of families each year who endure the silent tragedy of a stillbirth, they offer a welcome voice of solidarity and guidance. Janel Atlas, familiar with the pain of losing a child, has selected here the firsthand accounts of not only mothers, but also fathers, and grandparents, all of whom have reached out to offer readers the comfort of knowing they are not alone on this painful path. Through these stories, the writers found validation of their babies' lives and have now shared the same gift with others, inspiring readers to write their own as well as showing them how to do so.

Knocked Up

A Bad Boy Sports Romance
Author: Lexi Cross
Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 6595
Knocked Up is book 2 of the Triple Threat series. Parts 1-9 can be found everywhere now! Book 1: Wrapped Up Book 2: Knocked Up Book 3: Tied Up Book 4: Pinned Down Book 5: Down for the Count Book 6: Touch Me Down Book 7: Locked In Book 8: Locked On Him Book 9: Lock It Up In Brooke Scott's world, business comes before pleasure. Brooke has been running her father's company for almost ten years. She's itching to take the reins for herself, but her father refuses to let her fully take charge until she's found herself a husband. She hates the idea, but he's as stubborn as they come, and she doesn't stand a chance of changing his mind. The problem is, there's no one who fits the bill… until she runs across her old flame, now a famous football star. Maybe, just maybe, he's the one. All-American heartthrob Jake Hall is too busy enjoying the limelight to care about anything else. But with a new owner determined to clean up the football team's bad boy image, Jake is under a lot of pressure to find a steady girl. He never wanted to be a role model, but it's the only way to stay in the owner's good graces. If he doesn't, he risks getting shipped right out of town. He's never been too picky when it comes to his girls – blond or brunette, curvy or slim – but when it comes to a life partner, he wants to make sure it's the perfect match. But love doesn't follow the rules of the game. A random encounter between Brooke and Jake sends them both hurtling down memory lane. They had a thing, once upon a time, but when it didn't work out, they went their separate ways. Now that the world has brought them back together, they might each be just what the other one is looking for. What starts as a business arrangement quickly becomes a whole lot more, as Jake and Brooke rediscover the electricity dancing between them. But just when it seems like there is hope for a future together, tragedy strikes. The question is, will they survive it?

Knocked-Up Cinderella

Author: Julie Hammerle
Publisher: Entangled: August
ISBN: 1640636900
Category: Fiction
Page: 267
View: 1924
I’m a walking contradiction. School principal who liberally drops the F bomb. Fiercely independent yet willing to auction myself off for charity. Serial monogamist who’s down for a no-strings one-night stand. Except now I’ve gone from one-working-ovary to co-parent in the time it took a stick to turn blue. F. Bomb. Ian Donovan may be a richer-than-hell venture capitalist, but he’s no Prince Charming ready to sweep me off my feet. Good thing I don’t need him. I’ve been doing fine on my own for forty years, and I’m not about to start changing that now. Ultrasounds, swollen feet, midnight cravings? Bring. It. On. But why is it when you finally swear off men, you meet one who’s too sexy—and determined we can make it work?

Das erfolgreiche Bewerbungsgespräch

Die härtesten Fragen - die besten Antworten
Author: Martin John Yate
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593500396
Category: Law
Page: 336
View: 4282
Unabhängig davon, auf welcher Stufe der Karriereleiter man steht – wer seinen potenziellen Arbeitgeber von sich überzeugen möchte, muss auf das Bewerbungsgespräch optimal vorbereitet sein. Bestsellerautor Martin John Yate zeigt in der grundlegend aktualisierten Neuausgabe seines Erfolgstitels nicht nur, wie man sich eine Einladung zum Bewerbungsgespräch sichert, souverän auf Stressfragen reagiert oder einen bleibenden positiven Eindruck hinterlässt. Er geht nun beispielsweise auch auf die schnelllebige Arbeitswelt ein und liefert 21 unschlagbare Networking-Strategien. So bekommen Sie den Job! »Das Buch gibt die besten Antworten auf über 100 kritische Fragen aus der Praxis.« Handelsblatt

Get Back Up: Trusting God When Life Knocks You Down

Author: Sheryl Giesbrecht
Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.
ISBN: 160494854X
Category: Religion
Page: 176
View: 1474
Life is not always easy or fair for the follower of Christ. Yet, Sheryl Giesbrecht has learned, from the depths of past pain, it is possible to be raised up. It is possible to heal. Most importantly, it is possible to exchange hurt for hope. In her inspirational new book, Get Back Up: Trusting God When Life Knocks You Down, Sheryl tells her own story. She uses scripture to tell the stories of so many other Biblical figures who stumbled before they could be helped up. Sheryl's message is one of hope. Trusting God in the midst of a life turned upside down is essential to survival. Without Him, life would not be worth living. Climbing out of the pits of despair would be impossible. Yes, with God to lean on, finding hope is possible. Healing is possible. God is capable of taking our losses and mistakes and turning them into something remarkably beautiful. Won't you let Him?

One Dream

Author: Lauren Blakely
Publisher: Knaur eBook
ISBN: 342645324X
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 9471
Ein Liebesroman wie ein Flirt: Frech, prickelnd, romantisch. In „One Dream“ erzählt New-York-Times-Bestseller-Autorin Lauren Blakely von verbotener Liebe und der Hoffnung auf mehr. Jetzt das eBook Einführungsangebot sichern! Abby hat den perfekten Job gefunden, um ihren Studienkredit zurückzuzahlen: Sie ist die Nanny der hinreißenden kleinen Hayden. Deren alleinerziehender Vater Simon zahlt allerdings nicht nur ausgesprochen gut – er sieht auch einfach verdammt gut aus! Und sein liebevoller Umgang mit Hayden macht ihn nur noch attraktiver. Bald hegt Abby Gedanken, die definitiv nicht in der Job-Beschreibung vorgesehen waren. Und auch Simon scheint durchaus an ihr interessiert. Oder wie sonst soll sie deuten, dass Simon seit Neuestem so viel Zeit mit ihr, der Nanny, allein verbringen will? Als er Abby um Hilfe bittet, seine Französischkenntnisse für einen Businessdeal aufzubessern, kommt er ihr gefährlich nahe. Aber jeder weiß, dass der Boss tabu ist! „One Dream“ ist der Auftakt zur romantisch-prickelnden The-One-Reihe. Die The-One-Reihe erzählt die Geschichten von befreundeten Liebespaaren in Manhattan, wobei sich jeder Liebesroman innerhalb der Reihe einem anderen Pärchen widmet. Entdecken Sie auch Band 2, „One Love“, in dem die junge Tierheim-Leiterin Penny sich auf einmal dem Mann gegenübersieht, der ihr vor einigen Jahren das Herz gebrochen hat – den sie aber nie vergessen konnte.

Knocked Up by the Bad Boy

Author: Vanessa Waltz
Publisher: Vanessa Waltz
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 6686
The last thing I need is a wife and kid. The only settling down I do is at night, when I take a girl home. I get laid to unwind from the chaos in my life. I live to hear them scream my name, but one night is all they get. One night was all I needed. Until I knocked up Maya. It was supposed to be one night. But one wild night made me want another, and another. I’m addicted to every inch of her body. Now that I have her, I can’t let her go. I thought I never wanted a family, but now I can’t imagine life without one. Only, there’s a problem. Her father wants me dead. I didn’t know she was his daughter. I don’t give a damn. She’s mine. Our child is mine. I protect what's mine. Even if it means war. Note: This 72,000-word standalone romance novel with a HEA is the second in the Cravotta Crime Family series, but can be enjoyed without reading the first in the series!

"Knocked Down Long Enough To Pray"

Author: Robin Blue
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1481709089
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 138
View: 6081
Some people get knocked down to the point they never knew what hit them. This book will open the eyes to those who have felt hurt, rejected, abused, slander, in grief and at the point of despair or loss. You may have talked yourself in believing “No one cares, no one really needs to know what you are going through”. The truth is, God has never taken a nap and is concerned about you! He’s looking. “Know Down Long Enough to Pray” is a book about one woman who found the strength to overcome deformity, sexual abuse, gain and domestic violence, addiction, sickness, denial, hurt, grief, shattered dreams and the ultimate betrayal. She is still standing. Her story has swept the world as a Keynote speaker in Conferences, Seminars, Church Services, Television, Radio and Newspapers from the United States to Africa. When you listen to her story or read about it, you will find the encouragement to find your place of purpose and passion to fulfill your destiny and watch dreams come to pass. Some may say, “When life deals you lemons, make lemonade”. But this author see’s it quite differently; She says, “When Life deals you lemons, take the seeds out and plant you an orchard and sale the lemons and prosper”. The inspiration the author finds out of life’s situations, won’t keep you down, but you can find your way to a special place and have time alone with a loving Heavenly Father. It’s in that place you learn what’s really important and how important your existence in the earth realm truly is. You will never live another day without having your prayers answered. When you are knocked down, there may be times you have to fight your way back up. Yes, so while you’re down, you may as well stay “Knocked Down, Long Enough to Pray”. There is victory on the other side.

Race War!

White Supremacy and the Japanese Attack on the British Empire
Author: Gerald Horne
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814744559
Category: History
Page: 409
View: 5158
Japan’s lightning march across Asia during World War II was swift and brutal. Nation after nation fell to Japanese soldiers. How were the Japanese able to justify their occupation of so many Asian nations? And how did they find supporters in countries they subdued and exploited? Race War! delves into submerged and forgotten history to reveal how European racism and colonialism were deftly exploited by the Japanese to create allies among formerly colonized people of color. Through interviews and original archival research on five continents, Gerald Horne shows how race played a key—and hitherto ignored—;role in each phase of the war. During the conflict, the Japanese turned white racism on its head portraying the war as a defense against white domination in the Pacific. We learn about the reverse racial hierarchy practiced by the Japanese internment camps, in which whites were placed at the bottom of the totem pole, under the supervision of Chinese, Korean, and Indian guards—an embarrassing example of racial payback that was downplayed by the defeated Japanese and the humiliated Europeans and Euro-Americans. Focusing on the microcosmic example of Hong Kong but ranging from colonial India to New Zealand and the shores of the U.S., Gerald Horne radically retells the story of the war. From racist U.S. propaganda to Black Nationalist open support of Imperial Japan, information about the effect of race on U.S. and British policy is revealed for the first time. This revisionist account of the war draws connections between General Tojo, Malaysian freedom fighters, and Elijah Muhammed of the Nation of Islam and shows how white racism encouraged and enabled Japanese imperialism. In sum, Horne demonstrates that the retreat of white supremacy was not only driven by the impact of the Cold War and the energized militancy of Africans and African-Americans but by the impact of the Pacific War as well, as a chastened U.S. and U.K. moved vigorously after this conflict to remove the conditions that made Japan's success possible.

Knocked Up by the Hitman

A Dark Bad Boy Mafia Romance
Author: Nicole Fox
Publisher: MBK Hanson Inc.
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 5702
Knocked Up by the Hitman is book 1 of the Killer's Vessel Romance trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Ruined by the Hitman and Possessed by the Hitman are available everywhere now! I HAD TWO CHOICES: GET LOCKED UP OR GET KNOCKED UP. It was either submit to the hitman… Or surrender to his gun against my head. Can you really blame me for what I did next? Living out of my car, down to my last few bucks… Could things be any worse? Turns out the answer is yes. When my car gets stolen – with me still in the backseat – by a gun runner and his junkie brother, I figure I've seen my last sunrise. This is it for me. But to my surprise, the hitman makes me a deal. He'll help me erase my old life and start fresh. In return, I owe him… Anything he wants. I'll do whatever it takes to get away from my past. But as it turns out, Russell has a hunger that only a taste of me will satisfy. I strip down and give him what he desires – over and over and over again. For a while, it seems like things might be better. I have a new home, a new identity, a new purpose. But then I see the three little lines no girl like me ever wants to see. It means I'm pregnant. Before I can tell Russell about our baby, his junkie brother comes looking for his slice of the pie. There might be a beautiful new life lying in wait for Russell and me. But only if I can get out of this bedroom alive.


Trump im Weißen Haus
Author: Bob Woodward
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644002738
Category: Political Science
Page: 512
View: 1078
Bob Woodward, die Ikone des investigativen Journalismus in den USA, hat alle amerikanischen Präsidenten aus nächster Nähe beobachtet. Nun nimmt er sich den derzeitigen Präsidenten vor und enthüllt den erschütternden Zustand des Weißen Hauses unter Donald Trump. Woodward beschreibt, wie dieser Präsident Entscheidungen trifft, er berichtet von eskalierenden Debatten im Oval Office und in der Air Force One, dem volatilen Charakter Trumps und dessen Obsessionen und Komplexen. Woodwards Buch ist ein Dokument der Zeitgeschichte: Hunderte Stunden von Interviews mit direkt Beteiligten, Gesprächsprotokolle, Tagebücher, Notizen – auch von Trump selbst – bieten einen dramatischen Einblick in die Machtzentrale der westlichen Welt, in der vor allem eines herrscht: Furcht. Woodward ist das Porträt eines amtierenden amerikanischen Präsidenten gelungen, das es in dieser Genauigkeit noch nicht gegeben hat.

Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out

Author: Joseph Blessing Omosigho
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1606472984
Category: Religion
Page: 140
View: 8938
Pastor Joseph B. Omosigho is an experienced preacher and teacher of the uncompromising word of God, serving to reach the world with the surpassing love of Jesus Christ. Married to Yav (Gloria) and blessed with three children: David, Samuel and Hannah. He is a graduate of Christ for the Nations, All Nations for Christ Bible Institute, Freedom Ministries Deliverance School, Lagos State University, and also holds a bachelor's degree from Calvary Institute. The senior pastor of New Life Christian Center, Lewisville, Texas, (The Redeemed Christian Church of God) and President of The Ministry of Christ, a global outreach ministry reaching the world for Jesus Christ. I strongly believe that the Holy Spirit has brought you to this book to express that He wants to comfort and encourage you, and develop the champion within you. What you are going through has an expiration date attached it. The sound of celebration will soon be heard from your lips, "if God be for you, who can be against you." Do you know that only God has the final say in your life? In this book you will find that God desires to lift you up through the circumstances where you have been knocked down, train you, and place you back into the arena to win. This book is timely, truly inspired by the Spirit of God to encourage all who are down cast, those who are frustrated and at the point of asking "God, have You forsaken me?" No matter what you are going through or been through, this book is strategically needed to awaken your faith and trust in God's unfailing love and faithfulness. This book will encourage, enlighten and empower you for all your lifetime. Remember, "only God has the final say in your life." Welcome to His presence.

The Man Who Was Never Knocked Down

The Life of Boxer Seán Mannion
Author: Rónán Mac Con Iomaire
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 153811061X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 246
View: 7144
Seán Mannion was once ranked the #1 US light middleweight boxer, but his world title challenge was crushed by future Hall of Famer Mike McCallum. This book tells Mannion’s story, including his journey from Ireland to Boston, development as a boxer, struggles with alcoholism, foray into coaching, and present search for purpose outside of the ring.

McGraw-Hill's Dictionary of American Idoms and Phrasal Verbs

Author: Richard Spears
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071486859
Category: Reference
Page: 1098
View: 6645
Learn the language of Nebraska . . .and 49 other states With more entries than any other reference of its kind, McGraw-Hill’s Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs shows you how American English is spoken today. You will find commonly used phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions, proverbial expressions, and clichés. The dictionary contains more than 24,000 entries, each defined and followed by one or two example sentences. It also includes a Phrase-Finder Index with more than 60,000 entries.