Logo Recognition

Theory and Practice
Author: Jingying Chen,Lizhe Wang,Dan Chen
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439847851
Category: Computers
Page: 192
View: 8896
Used by companies, organizations, and even individuals to promote recognition of their brand, logos can also act as a valuable means of identifying the source of a document. E-business applications can retrieve and catalog products according to their logos. Governmental agencies can easily inspect goods using smart mobile devices that use logo recognition techniques. However, because logos are two-dimensional shapes of varying complexity, the recognition process can be challenging. Although promising results have been found for clean logos, they have not been as robust for noisy logos. Logo Recognition: Theory and Practice is the first book to focus on logo recognition, especially under noisy conditions. Beginning with an introduction to fundamental concepts and methods in pattern and shape recognition, it surveys advances in logo recognition. The authors also propose a new logo recognition system that can be used under adverse conditions such as broken lines, added noise, and occlusion. The proposed system introduces a novel polygonal approximation, a robust indexing scheme, and a new line segment Hausdorff distance (LHD) matching method that can handle more distortion and transformation types than previous techniques. In the first stage, raw logos are transformed into normalized line segment maps. In the second stage, effective line pattern features are used to index the database to generate a moderate number of likely models. In the third stage, an improved LHD measure screens and generates the best matches. A comprehensive overview of logo recognition, the book also presents successful applications of the technology and suggests directions for future research.

2D and 3D Image Analysis by Moments

Author: Jan Flusser,Tomas Suk,Barbara Zitova
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119039363
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 560
View: 1314
Presents recent significant and rapid development in the field of 2D and 3D image analysis 2D and 3D Image Analysis by Moments, is a unique compendium of moment-based image analysis which includes traditional methods and also reflects the latest development of the field. The book presents a survey of 2D and 3D moment invariants with respect to similarity and affine spatial transformations and to image blurring and smoothing by various filters. The book comprehensively describes the mathematical background and theorems about the invariants but a large part is also devoted to practical usage of moments. Applications from various fields of computer vision, remote sensing, medical imaging, image retrieval, watermarking, and forensic analysis are demonstrated. Attention is also paid to efficient algorithms of moment computation. Key features: Presents a systematic overview of moment-based features used in 2D and 3D image analysis. Demonstrates invariant properties of moments with respect to various spatial and intensity transformations. Reviews and compares several orthogonal polynomials and respective moments. Describes efficient numerical algorithms for moment computation. It is a "classroom ready" textbook with a self-contained introduction to classifier design. The accompanying website contains around 300 lecture slides, Matlab codes, complete lists of the invariants, test images, and other supplementary material. 2D and 3D Image Analysis by Moments, is ideal for mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, software developers, and Ph.D students involved in image analysis and recognition. Due to the addition of two introductory chapters on classifier design, the book may also serve as a self-contained textbook for graduate university courses on object recognition.

Intelligent Information and Database Systems

6th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, April 7-9, 2014, Proceedings
Author: Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen,Boonwat Attachoo,Bogdan Trawinski,Kulwadee Somboonviwat
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319054589
Category: Computers
Page: 618
View: 504
The two-volume set LNAI 8397 and LNAI 8398 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems, ACIIDS 2014, held in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2014. The 125 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 300 submissions. Suggestion: The aim of the conference is to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research in the technologies and applications of intelligent information and database systems. The papers are organized in topical sections on Natural Language and Text Processing, Intelligent Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Social Networks and Recommendation Systems, Intelligent Database Systems, Decision Support Systems, Computer Vision Techniques, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Multiple Model Approach to Machine Learning, MMAML 2014, Computational Intelligence, CI 2014, Engineering Knowledge and Semantic Systems , IWEKSS 2014, Innovations in Intelligent Computation and Applications, IICA 2014, Modelling and Optimization Techniques in Information Systems, Database Systems and Industrial Systems, MOT 2014, Innovation via Collective Intelligences and Globalization in Business Management, ICIGBM 2014, Intelligent Supply Chains, ISC 2014, and Human Motion: Acquisition, Processing, Analysis, Synthesis and Visualization for Massive Datasets, HMMD 2014.

Brand Management

Research, Theory and Practice
Author: Tilde Heding,Charlotte F. Knudtzen,Mogens Bjerre
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317619196
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 296
View: 6990
For more than three decades it has been argued that the brand is an important value creator and should be a top management priority. However, the definition of what a brand is remains elusive. BRAND MANAGEMENT: RESEARCH, THEORY, AND PRACTICE fills a gap in the market, providing an understanding of different 'schools of thought' in brand management and offers deep insight into the opening question of the opening question of almost every brand management course: 'What is a brand?' This comprehensive second edition offers an exhaustive scientific analysis of various approaches to brand management developed over the past thirty years. It also delivers a thorough understanding of the strategic and managerial implications of different brand perspectives.

Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of The Logos. Book Four

The Logos of Scientific Interrogation, Participating in Nature-Life-Sharing in Life
Author: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402037376
Category: Philosophy
Page: 356
View: 8430
Prompted and ever diversified by the specifically human interrogative logos, scientific inquiries seek a common system of links in order to mutually confirm and rectify their results. Coming closer and closer to phenomenology, the sciences of life find the common ground of the reality in the ontopoiesis of life. Could it not be that the interrogative logos of science, participating in human creative inventiveness will bring together also the divergent scientific methods in a common network? A network which comprises natural processes, societal sharing-in-life, and existential communication.

Protagoras and Logos

A Study in Greek Philosophy and Rhetoric
Author: Edward Schiappa
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 1611171814
Category: Religion
Page: 272
View: 1858
Protagoras and Logos brings together in a meaningful synthesis the contributions and rhetoric of the first and most famous of the Older Sophists, Protagoras of Abdera. Most accounts of Protagoras rely on the somewhat hostile reports of Plato and Aristotle. By focusing on Protagoras's own surviving words, this study corrects many long-standing misinterpretations and presents significant facts: Protagoras was a first-rate philosophical thinker who positively influenced the theories of Plato and Aristotle, and Protagoras pioneered the study of language and was the first theorist of rhetoric. In addition to illustrating valuable methods of translating and reading fifth-century B.C.E. Greek passages, the book marshals evidence for the important philological conclusion that the Greek word translated as rhetoric was a coinage by Plato in the early fourth century. In this second edition, Edward Schiappa reassesses the philosophical and pedagogical contributions of Protagoras. Schiappa argues that traditional accounts of Protagoras are hampered by mistaken assumptions about the Sophists and the teaching of the art of rhetoric in the fifth century. He shows that, contrary to tradition, the so-called Older Sophists investigated and taught the skills of logos, which is closer to modern conceptions of critical reasoning than of persuasive oratory. Schiappa also offers interpretations for each of Protagoras's major surviving fragments and examines Protagoras's contributions to the theory and practice of Greek education, politics, and philosophy. In a new afterword Schiappa addresses historiographical issues that have occupied scholars in rhetorical studies over the past ten years, and throughout the study he provides references to scholarship from the last decade that has refined his views on Protagoras and other Sophists.

Intellectual Property Theory and Practice

A Critical Examination of China’s TRIPS Compliance and Beyond
Author: Wenwei Guan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 364255265X
Category: Law
Page: 168
View: 3966
This book explains China’s intellectual property perspective in the context of European theories, through a critical examination of intellectual property theory and practice focused on China’s compliance with the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). The author’s critical review of contemporary intellectual property philosophy suggests that justifying intellectual property protection through Locke or Hegel’s property theories internalizes a theoretical paradox. “Professor Wenwei Guan’s treatment of intellectual property law and practice in the PRC offers new perspectives that enrich an already active field of study . . . This book will be a useful contribution to academic and policy discourses examining conceptual and operational dimensions of China’s intellectual property protection system and the broader process of China’s international engagement.” – Dr. Pitman B. Potter, Professor of Law, University of British Columbia, Canada “Dr. Guan reminds us of the daunting challenge of the public-private divide in forming and reforming TRIPS regime; how this regime has failed to address development needs and public concerns in developing countries like China; and how TRIPS’s ‘birth defect’ can be overcome and its evolution can be put back on the right track.” – Dr. Yahong Li, Associate Professor at Faculty of Law, Hong Kong University

Examining Central Issues in Literacy Research, Theory, and Practice

Forty-second Yearbook of The National Reading Conference
Author: Donald J. Leu,Charles K. Kinzer
Publisher: N.A
Category: Literacy
Page: 468
View: 8081

Theory and Practice of Nursing

An Integrated Approach to Caring Practice
Author: Lynn Basford,Oliver Slevin
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748758388
Category: Medical
Page: 854
View: 9336
This title aims to cover the needs of the pre-registration nursing student, serving as a study guide and a foundation text. It emphasises the importance of community care and the social and cultural aspects of nursing.

Consumer Behaviour in Canada : Theory and Practice

Author: Crane, F. G,Clarke, T. K
Publisher: Dryden
ISBN: 9780039229290
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 571
View: 9814

Social Justice and the Urban Obesity Crisis

Implications for Social Work
Author: Melvin Delgado
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231534256
Category: Social Science
Page: 288
View: 8989
A number of economic, cultural, and contextual factors are driving urban America's obesity crisis, which can create chronic health conditions for those least able to manage them. Considering urban obesity through a social justice lens, this book is the first to help social workers and others develop targeted interventions for effective outcomes. The text dissects the problem of urban obesity in populations of color from individual, family, group, community, and policy perspectives. Beginning with a historical survey of urban obesity in communities of color, anti-obesity policies and programs, and the role of social work in addressing this threat, the volume follows with an analysis of the social, ecological, environmental, and spatial aggravators of urban obesity, such as the food industry's advertising strategies, which promote unhealthy choices; the failure of local markets to provide good food options; the lack of safe exercise spaces; and the paucity of heath education. Melvin Delgado reviews recent national obesity statistics; explores the connection between food stamps and obesity; and reveals the financial and social consequences of the epidemic for society as a whole. He concludes with recommendations for effective health promotion programs, such as youth-focused interventions, community gardens, and community-based food initiatives, and a unique consideration of urban obesity in relation to acts of genocide and national defense.

Inquiries in Literacy Theory and Practice

Forty-sixth Yearbook of the National Reading Conference
Author: Charles K. Kinzer,Kathleen A. Hinchman,Donald J. Leu
Publisher: N.A
Category: Literacy
Page: 566
View: 3001

First-things, First

Towards a Phenomenology of Political Theory
Author: Matthew Clark Weidenfeld
Publisher: N.A
Page: 528
View: 1475


Theory & Practice
Author: Dennis O. Harper
Publisher: Thomson Brooks/Cole
Category: Computers
Page: 409
View: 3369

Buyer Behavior in Marketing Strategy

Author: John A. Howard
Publisher: N.A
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 603
View: 7744

Logo Design Love

Author: David Airey
Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH
ISBN: 9783827329882
Category: Electronic books
Page: 204
View: 1650

Blood and wine

the unauthorized story of the Gallo wine empire
Author: Ellen Hawkes
Publisher: N.A
Category: Cooking
Page: 464
View: 6818
A portrait of the Gallos uncovers the existence of the family's black sheep, Joseph jr.--Ernest and Julio's younger brother--and probes into why he was denied his third of the winery

Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning

First International Joint Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning, ECSQARU-FAPR'97, Bad Honnef, Germany, June 9-12, 1997 Proceedings
Author: International Joint Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540630951
Category: Computers
Page: 620
View: 8093
This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Joint Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning, ECSQARU-FAPR'97, held in Bad Honnef, Germany, in June 1997. The volume presents 33 revised full papers carefully selected for inclusion in the book by the program committee as well as 12 invited contributions. Among the various aspects of human practical reasoning addressed in the papers are nonmonotonic logics, default reasoning, modal logics, belief function theory, Bayesian networks, fuzzy logic, possibility theory, inference algorithms, dynamic reasoning with partial models, and user modeling approaches.

James Ussher and John Bramhall

The Theology and Politics of Two Irish Ecclesiastics of the Seventeenth Century
Author: Jack Cunningham
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754684312
Category: History
Page: 254
View: 2800
This book provides a comparative study of the theologies and politics of two leading seventeenth century ecclesiastics, James Ussher (1581-1656) and John Bramhall (1594-1663). The works, thoughts and careers of these two important figures in the English and Irish established churches are analysed in parallel to examine the religious differences and similarities between the two men.


An American Animal Hospital Association Publication
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Veterinary hospitals
Page: N.A
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