Romance Fiction: A Guide to the Genre, 2nd Edition

A Guide to the Genre
Author: Kristin Ramsdell
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1610692357
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 719
View: 8618
A comprehensive guide that defines the literature and the outlines the best-selling genre of all time: romance fiction. • A core collection list in chronological order • An exhaustive bibliographic listing of romance titles • Research materials and a brief history of the genre • Indexes organized by author, title, and subject

By the Numbers

A Contemporary Fantasy Menage (FFM threesome erotic romance)
Author: K.D. West
Publisher: Stillpoint Digital Press
ISBN: 1938808371
Category: Fiction
Page: 207
View: 7991
Jen and Jack’s marriage is magical — in more ways than oneBut that doesn't mean that something isn't missing When they were young, Jack and Jen fought and won a war, and came out heroes. Then they got married, got jobs, raised kids, and lived, for the most part, happily ever after. But Jen’s childhood best friend has been missing for nearly twenty years, and Jen’s beginning to give up hope. A game of very adult let’s-pretend leads to a discovery that is very magical indeed, but that could destroy Jen’s life. Or could lift it to a whole new plane. What happens when rediscovering your youth leads to discovering something altogether new about yourself? (Novel-length contemporary fantasy ménage, FFM threesome)

Best Erotic Romance 2014

Author: Kristina Wright
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 162778022X
Category: Fiction
Page: 242
View: 3217
This decidedly blissful and romantic anthology is filled with couples in every stage of love and lust who simply can't get enough of each other. Best Erotic Romance 2014 is naughty and nice, and has both the heat and the sweet. Editor Kristina Wright has developed a stellar reputation with romance readers and fans, winning the coveted Golden Heart award. Desire, love, and realism are the heartbeat of the third edition of this popular, well-reviewed series. The authors are top writers in the erotica and erotic romance genres and they capture the essence of lustful loving in their passionate stories. From new lovers to married couples who have withstood the test of time and parenting, these are luscious, heartfelt tales layered with eroticism and emotion.

Encyclopedia of Lesbian Histories and Cultures

Author: Bonnie Zimmerman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136787518
Category: Reference
Page: 862
View: 2777
A rich heritage that needs to be documented Beginning in 1869, when the study of homosexuality can be said to have begun with the establishment of sexology, this encyclopedia offers accounts of the most important international developments in an area that now occupies a critical place in many fields of academic endeavours. It covers a long history and a dynamic and ever changing present, while opening up the academic profession to new scholarship and new ways of thinking. A groundbreaking new approach While gays and lesbians have shared many aspects of life, their histories and cultures developed in profoundly different ways. To reflect this crucial fact, the encyclopedia has been prepared in two separate volumes assuring that both histories receive full, unbiased attention and that a broad range of human experience is covered. Written for and by a wide range of people Intended as a reference for students and scholars in all fields, as well as for the general public, the encyclopedia is written in user-friendly language. At the same time it maintains a high level of scholarship that incorporates both passion and objectivity. It is written by some of the most famous names in the field, as well as new scholars, whose research continues to advance gender studies into the future.

Encyclopedia of Lesbian and Gay Histories and Cultures

Author: George Haggerty,Bonnie Zimmerman
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1135578702
Category: Social Science
Page: 800
View: 907
Beginning in 1869, when the study of homosexuality can be said to have begun with the establishment of sexology, this Encyclopedia offers accounts of the most important international developments in an area that now occupies a critical place in many fields of academic endeavours. While gays and lesbians have shared many aspects of life, their histories and cultures developed in profoundly different ways. To reflect this crucial fact, the Encyclopedia has been prepared in two separate volumes assuring that both histories receive full, unbiased attention and that a broad range of human experience is covered. Written by some of the most famous names in the field, as well as new researchers this is intended as a reference for students and scholars in all areas of study, as well as the general public.

Thieving Fairies

A Paranormal Lesbian Romance
Author: Giselle Renarde
Publisher: Giselle Renarde
ISBN: 1311892044
Category: Fiction
Page: 20
View: 4201
Urban fairy Honoria and her wife Shelagh are knee-deep in junk mail and overdue bills. Their bachelor apartment isn't big enough for the two of them and they spend their days at each other’s throats. Despite the difficulties of city life, Honoria's dead-set against using their magical powers. Even when Shelagh devises a plot to make money off fairy gold, her girl won't go for it. Honoria would rather steal the old-fashioned way than end up in a military facility after the government catches wind of their abilities--which isn't so far-fetched a concern. It happened to a friend of a friend. When Shelagh insists they can earn a living off cash-for-gold services, the irritable couple begins a career in small-time thievery. Who knew breaking and entering would be such fun?

The Mammoth Book Of Gaslit Romance

Author: Ekaterina Sedia
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472111699
Category: Fiction
Page: 160
View: 6838
A fantastic collection of stories of love and intrigue that focus on the trappings of the popular Victorian era, enlivened with fantastical elements and incorporating some noir and detective pieces, by O. M. Grey, Leanna Renee Hieber, N. K. Jemisin, Eliza Knight, Sarah Prineas, Delia Sherman, Genevieve Valentine and many more. Full list of contributors: Vivian Caethe; Leanna Renee Hieber; Seth Cadin; Tiffany Trent; Eliza Knight; Sara Harvey; Rick Bowes; Genevieve Valentine; Nisi Shawl; Maurice Broaddus; Ella D’Arcy; E. Catherine Tobler; Sarah Prineas; Barbara Roden; Mary Braddon; Mae Empson; Caroline Stevermer; Delia Sherman; Tansy Roberts; N. K. Jemisin; O.M. Grey.

Seltsamer Wein

Author: Katherine V. Forrest
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3959170092
Category: Fiction
Page: 244
View: 8702
Sieben Frauen zwischen dreißig und vierzig treffen sich zu Skiferien auf einer Berghütte. Am abendlichen Kaminfeuer reden und streiten sie und enthüllen einander ihre Liebes- und Eheerfahrungen. Zwischen zwei der Frauen, Lane und Diana, bahnt sich eine leise Liebesgeschichte an, die sich bald zu dramatischer und leidenschaftlicher Intensität steigert. Ein Klassiker der lesbischen Literatur - einer der meistgelesenen Lesbenromane aller Zeiten.

The Girl with the Million Dollar Butt

A collection of five erotic stories
Author: Elizabeth Coldwell,Gerome Asanti,N. Vasco,Maggie Morton,Viva Jones
Publisher: Accent Press Ltd
ISBN: 1908192305
Category: Fiction
Page: 67
View: 1430
A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including bdsm, rubenesque, multicultural,m/f, f/f, and role playing. The Girl with the Million Dollar Butt by Elizabeth Coldwell Pop singer Ciara isn’t too impressed with her manager’s plan to insure her bottom for a million dollars. She thinks it’s just a cheap publicity stunt, until she meets the insurance company’s assessor, Leo, and realises he has a very hands-on approach to establishing her suitability for a policy... Presenting Eve by Gerome Asanti Eve has joined the Agency out of desperation, unsatisfied with her loser boyfriend’s lack of attention. When the call comes she finds herself presented as a gift from a rich stranger to his exquisite wife for her birthday. Her orders are simple: dress well and do everything the client instructs. Whether or not that extends to the servants is another matter ... Thea by N Vasco A bad break up can lead to many things but can one of them be starting a sexy, hot relationship with a tall, shapely Greek goddess? Maybe that’s what can happen when an IT professional befriends a sexy, divorced co- worker who just happens to leave a video of herself doing a sensuous belly dance in her computer. Does he show it around work? Does he keep it for himself? Does he post it on a website for all the world to see? Or does he ‘do the right thing’ and wind up being with the woman of his dreams? A Different Light by Maggie Morton Char has thought of herself as straight for her entire life. That is, until she starts seeing her friend Lauren in a very different light. And then, one night, a miracle occurs - Lauren wants to go to a BDSM club with her. Lauren has no idea what will transpire once they enter the room where all the kinky magic happens, but she’s hoping for a little more than just some sexy fun, as she’s not only interested in Lauren’s body. Will she be lucky enough to get to touch Lauren, or will she be even luckier and get Lauren’s heart, too? Simple Pleasures by Viva Jones Lucy and Vicky have a problem – their expensive gift shop Simple Pleasures is failing in the recession, and they must either sell up or drastically change their stock. While mother-of-two Lucy has pretty much given up on ever having good sex again, Vicky and her boyfriend Stuart indulge in wild role-playing and sex games. But when a sex toy she’s ordered arrives in the post, Vicky suddenly realises how to improve their shop’s fortunes. And the only way to persuade Lucy is to make her try out the merchandise for herself…

Love Spell

Author: Bridget Essex
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781974347025
Page: 274
View: 5612
Escape into the magical, passionate pages of LOVE SPELL. In this rich collection of lesbian romantic short stories and novellas, best-selling author Bridget Essex offers romantic tales of love found and broken hearts mended, magic, werewolves, witches and much more. But, in the end, each story in this collection is bound together by two women who fall deeply and irrevocably in love with one another. Full of romance, passion and the magic you've come to expect and love from Bridget Essex, LOVE SPELL is the perfect escape into love stories that will sweep you off your feet.

Vorsicht, Sternschnuppe

Author: Jae
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783955332617
Page: 400
View: 4586
Sternschnuppen sollen eigentlich Gluck bringen, vor allem in der Vorweihnachtszeit, aber Austen erlebt das glatte Gegenteil. An ihrem ersten Tag im neuen Job soll sie den Weihnachtsbaum in der Lobby schmucken, aber Dee, die stellvertretende Chefin der Firma und ein zwanghafter Kontrollfreak, ist mit der Anordnung der Kerzen so gar nicht zufrieden. Als Dee versucht, die Kerzen neu zu arrangieren, fallt ihr prompt der Stern, der die Spitze des Baumes ziert, auf den Kopf. Dee macht ihre Kopfwunde dafur verantwortlich, dass sie sich zu Austen hingezogen fuhlt. Sie ist entschlossen, ihre Gefuhle zu ignorieren, vor allem auch deshalb, weil Austen keine Ahnung hat, dass Dee ihre Vorgesetzte ist.

Lustfully Ever After

Fairy Tale Erotic Romance
Author: Kristina Wright
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1573448001
Category: Fiction
Page: 232
View: 1895
In Lustfully Ever After, classic fairy tales are reimagined for an adult audience with twists (and kinks) to keep readers entertained. In Michelle Augello-Page's romantically charged BDSM tale "Wolf Moon," Little Red Riding Hood is the big bad wolf, while Kristina Lloyd rewrites "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" as a scorching hot MFM threesome in "The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces." Shanna Germain's "Mirror Mirror" shows the sensual Sapphic side of Snow White's stepmother and Andrea Dale pens a contemporary version of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" in the poignantly erotic "Steadfast." This delightful collection of fairy tales will lead you down a magical path into forbidden romance and erotic love. You won’t need those bread crumbs to find your way home—for home is where the heart is and the authors of Lustfully Ever After know your heart’s most wicked and secret desires.

Best Erotic Romance of the Year

Author: Kristina Wright
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1627781145
Category: Fiction
Page: 244
View: 6685
The fourth edition in the Best Erotic Romance series delivers the sexy, sensual, romantic stories readers have come to expect from editor Kristina Wright ever since the first edition received a starred review and was hailed as "deeply passionate" by Publishers Weekly. The new edition continues a tradition of excellence, with stories from the some of the brightest new stars in the genre including Renee Luke, Malin James and Crystal Jordan.


Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 3641189586
Category: Fiction
Page: 464
View: 7674
Wenn es Sterne regnet, werden Träume wahr ... Die junge Künstlerin Sasha Riggs lebt zurückgezogen in einem kleinen Haus in North Carolina. Hier wollte sie ihren Frieden finden und sich ganz auf ihre Gemälde konzentrieren. Doch sie kommt nicht zur Ruhe: Schon ihr ganzes Leben lang quälen sie des Nachts Träume, die sie nicht versteht und bei Tag verdrängt. Doch seit einiger Zeit gelingt ihr das nicht mehr, so sehr sie es auch versucht. Ein gefährlich attraktiver Mann stiehlt sich jede Nacht in ihren Kopf, ein Mann, der sagt, dass er auf sie wartet, dass sie ihn finden soll. Diese Visionen führen sie schließlich auf die griechische Insel Korfu, doch wird Sasha dort finden, was sie unbewusst seit Jahren sucht?


Das Zeichen : Roman / aus dem Engl. von Ann Lecker. Buch 1
Author: Jacqueline Carey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783453522565
Page: 953
View: 2035

The Circlet Treasury of Lesbian Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy

Author: Cecilia Tan
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC
ISBN: 1936833514
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 9434
This out-standing collection of lesbian erotic science fiction and fantasy was originally published as two anthologies, WORLDS OF WOMEN and STARS INSIDE HER. In these pages women writers turn their vivid imaginations to faraway planets, erotic futures, and sensual fairy tales, to celebrate sexuality and explore what it means to be a woman who loves women. In these stories, women seek their pleasure through magic, from goddesses, in enchanted forests, and with fairy women. Taking desire out of our modern-day political context, and letting imagination run free, these writers create fantasies like no other. PRAISE FOR WORLDS OF WOMEN "Circlet Press is where I go to find fresh, authentic women's writing. Cecilia Tan puts together some of the most honest and genuinely provocative new work [with] erotica science fiction and fantasy. I strongly recommend you check out WORLDS OF WOMEN." —Dorothy Allison WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ABOUT STARS INSIDE HER: "Fantasy and science fiction can inspire erotica that stretches the imagine... [This book] proves it."—Lambda Book Report "The writing is superb and the use of [science fiction' is skilled. Many... writers would do well to emulate these authors for they have renewed the future. And it is brave, bold, thought-provoking, and sexy indeed."—SFRA Review "These gentle books hold your attention, are highly spiritual, intelligently written, and oh-so-smooth to read! Treat yourself!" —EIDOS Magazine

Three of Hearts

Erotic Romance For Women
Author: Kristina Wright
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1940550092
Category: Fiction
Page: 232
View: 2557
Three’s company? No, three’s a charm! Three of Hearts features sexy trios who are not just falling into bed, they’re falling (or have already fallen) in love. These stories explore the threesome dynamic emotionally as well as sexually. Whether it’s a couple introducing a third person to their relationship for just one night of fun or for a lifetime commitment, or a woman torn between two lovers who decides not to choose, the focus of this collection of sexy stories is entirely on female pleasure.

A Day at the Inn, a Night at the Palace and Other Stories

Author: Catherine Lundoff
Publisher: Lethe Press
ISBN: 1590213785
Category: Fiction
Page: 217
View: 4639
A collection of stories previously published in various periodicals and anthologies.