Mammal Tracks & Sign

A Guide to North American Species
Author: Mark Elbroch
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811726269
Category: Nature
Page: 779
View: 8468
Organized for in-the-field use or at-home reference, this guide brings together text, line drawings, range maps, and more than 1,000 color photographs to illustrate and describe the tracks and sign left by North American mammals -- feeding signs, scat, burrows, tunnels, bedding areas, rubbings, remains, and 104 life-size tracks.

Bird Tracks & Sign

A Guide to North American Species
Author: Mark Elbroch,Eleanor Marie Marks
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811726962
Category: Nature
Page: 456
View: 7881
Songbirds, waterfowl, owls, shorebirds, warblers, woodpeckers, nightjars, birds of prey Dozens of feather groups photographed in color A sighting in the field is just one way birders can identify bird species. Observant nature-lovers can discover what birds are where by examining tracks, trails, and a variety of bird sign: discarded feathers, feeding leftovers and caches, pellets, nests, droppings, and skulls and bones. This fully illustrated guide--the first of its kind for North American birds--presents thorough and straightforward instruction for identifying bird families or individual species by careful examination of the unique sign they leave behind. It also offers keys to the birds' behavior in the wild.

A Field Guide to Animal Tracks

Author: Olaus Johan Murie,Mark Elbroch
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618517435
Category: Nature
Page: 391
View: 790
A new edition of the classic guide to animal tracking includes descriptions of habitats, habits, signs, and much more, providing thousands of line drawings of bird, reptiles, amphibians, and insects that leave tracks. Original.

Field Guide to Animal Tracks and Scat of California

Author: Lawrence Mark Elbroch,Michael Kresky,Jonah Evans
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520951646
Category: Science
Page: 398
View: 4458
Spotting an animal’s fresh footprints in the wild can conjure a world for the hiker: Why did the deer tracks disappear? Where did the cougar turn off the trail? What does it mean when two sets of footprints seem to coincide? This beautifully illustrated field guide, the first devoted to the tracks and signs of California animals—including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates like spiders and beetles—blends meticulous science with field experience to provide an engaging companion for both armchair exploration and easy field identification. Filled with useful tools for the wildlife expert, and essential background and visual aids for the novice, including in-depth information about the ecology of each species, this book goes beyond basic recognition of types to interpret what animals leave behind as a way of "seeing" how they move through the world.

Track Finder

A Guide to Mammal Tracks of Eastern North America
Author: Dorcas S. Miller
Publisher: Nature Study Guild Publishers
ISBN: 9780912550121
Category: Nature
Page: 60
View: 7336
Pocket guide to mammal tracks. Includes keys to print shapes and track patterns, discussion of scat and other signs, habitat information, range maps, and drawings of the animals and their tracks. For identifying tracks in mud or snow. Covers the eastern half of U.S. and Canada.

Camera Trapping Guide

Tracks, Sign, and Behavior of Eastern Wildlife
Author: Janet Pesaturo
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 081176804X
Category: Nature
Page: 304
View: 2219
Using a specially made, inexpensive and rugged heat-detecting camera, you can view wildlife up close. Camera Trapping Guide gives you the trapping techniques and knowledge of animal behaviors so you can get the best possible photos and videos. Includes 37 species common to the eastern U.S. Large and small mammals, squirrels to bears, deer, and moose, plus birds and even the American alligator—are covered. With photos and range maps each entry gives details on physical characteristics, tracks and sign, diet, habitat, and breeding. Also included are specific camera trapping techniques pertinent to each animal. You’ll learn the characteristics of the various cameras, where to place the camera and the camera settings to get best results, and how to minimize impacts on the environment.

Scats and Tracks of North America

A Field Guide to the Signs of Nearly 150 Wildlife Species
Author: James Halfpenny
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780762755615
Category: Nature
Page: 336
View: 3535
This guide helps readers figure out what they are looking at with superb illustrations and informative text.

Tracks and Signs of Reptiles and Amphibians

A Guide to North American Species
Author: Filip A. Tkaczyk
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780811711869
Category: Nature
Page: 464
View: 6850
Library Journal wrote that Mammal Tracks & Sign "will set the standard for years to come and is essential to anyone interested in tracking this continent's mammals." This new book in the Tracks & Sign series aims to set the same standard for reptile and amphibian tracking. It's an invaluable resource for both beginning and experienced trackers. Features over 600 color photos, line drawings, and range maps to illustrate and describe the tracks and sign left by reptiles and amphibians Covers frogs, snakes, lizards, turtles, salamanders, and more Includes detailed information for quick identification of digs and burrows, nests and eggs, sheds, and scats

Die Säugetiere Europas, Nordafrikas und Vorderasiens

der Bestimmungsführer
Author: Stéphane Aulagnier,Jean Chevallier,Olivier Roth
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783258075068
Category: Paläarktis West - Säugetiere - Wildtiere - Bestimmungsbuch
Page: 271
View: 6775

Landowner's Guide to Wildlife Habitat

Forest Management for the New England Region
Author: Richard M. DeGraaf
Publisher: UPNE
ISBN: 9781584654674
Category: Nature
Page: 111
View: 4616
An easy-to-use guide for enhancing wildlife habitat quality, timber values, and the appearance of forest lands.

Pocketguide to Eastern Wetlands

Author: T. Travis,Shanda Brown
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811758613
Category: Nature
Page: 304
View: 9604
More than 200 plants, trees and shrubs, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds commonly found in eastern wetland habitats are featured in this detailed field guide.

A Field Guide to the Mammals

North America North of Mexico
Author: William Henry Burt
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780395910986
Category: Nature
Page: 289
View: 7569
Describes species with common and scientific names with detailed information

Teaching Green

The Middle Years
Author: Tim Grant,Gail Littlejohn
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9780865715011
Category: Education
Page: 240
View: 7520
A complete resource for "teaching green" to young people in grades 6-8


Big Pine of the Southwest
Author: Sylvester Allred
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 0816531439
Category: Nature
Page: 120
View: 2094
"This manuscript examines the ponderosa pine forests of the US Southwest (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah) by describing the author's observations as he walks through the forests around his home in Flagstaff, Arizona. It discusses the basic history of ponderosa pines, their range from Canada to Mexico, and the plant and animal life found in these forests"--Provided by publisher.

Atlas der Säugetiere Europas, Nordafrikas und Vorderasiens

Author: Eckhard Grimmberger,Klaus Rudloff
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783866590908
Category: Europa
Page: 495
View: 7492

A Field Guide to Mammal Tracking in Western America

Author: James C. Halfpenny
Publisher: Big Earth Publishing
ISBN: 9780933472983
Category: Nature
Page: 161
View: 4830
Guide to identifying mammals in North America through tracking, and using this information in understanding their behavior.

A Field Guide to the Familiar

Learning to Observe the Natural World
Author: Gale Lawrence,Adelaide Tyrol
Publisher: UPNE
ISBN: 9780874518658
Category: Nature
Page: 274
View: 6001
Essays offer a fresh look at common plants, animals, and natural phenomena

The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Manhood
Author: Frank Miniter
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
ISBN: 1621571696
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 224
View: 4406
Do you know how to fight off an alligator? Throw a four-seam fastball? Mix the perfect martini? How about Ben Franklin’s 13 Rules of Improvement? Learn all this and more in the new expanded paperback edition of Frank Miniter’s New York Times bestseller The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide. Broken into seven sections—survivor, provider, athlete, hero,romantic, cultured man, and philosopher—Miniter teaches guys the skills,attitudes, and philosophies they need to be the ultimate man.

Kleine Vogelkunde Ostafrikas

Author: Nicholas Drayson
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644306915
Category: Fiction
Page: 400
View: 3318
Ein bezaubernder Liebesroman, den man mit einem Lächeln zuklappt Mr. Malik ist ein warmherziger, schüchterner Mann mit einem großen Geheimnis: Er ist bis über beide Ohren verliebt in Rose, die Leiterin der örtlichen Gruppe von Vogelbeobachtern. Während er noch überlegt, wie er die Dame seines Herzens als Begleiterin zum jährlichen Nairobi Hunt Ball gewinnen kann, trifft der charmante Draufgänger Harry Khan in der Stadt ein. Auch er hat bald ein Auge auf Rose geworfen und möchte sie ebenfalls zum Ball einladen. Da schreiten die Gentlemen aus Mr. Maliks Club ein und schlagen den beiden Rivalen eine Wette vor ... «Selten war ein Buch auf so charmante Art witzig wie dieses.» Frankfurter Neue Presse


Das verlorene Wissen um Gemeinschaft und Menschlichkeit
Author: Sebastian Junger
Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag
ISBN: 3641203619
Category: Social Science
Page: 192
View: 2451
Unser Trauma: eine Gesellschaft ohne Gemeinschaft. »Entbehrungen machen dem Menschen nichts aus, er ist sogar auf sie angewiesen; worunter er jedoch leidet, ist das Gefühl, nicht gebraucht zu werden. Die moderne Gesellschaft hat die Kunst perfektioniert, Menschen das Gefühl der Nutzlosigkeit zu geben. Es ist an der Zeit, dem ein Ende zu setzen.« Sebastian Junger Warum beschließen Soldaten nach ihrer Rückkehr aus dem Krieg und in die Heimat, sich zu neuen Einsätzen zu melden? Warum sind Belastungsstörungen und Depressionen in unserer modernen Gesellschaft so virulent? Warum erinnern sich Menschen oft sehnsüchtiger an Katastrophenerfahrungen als an Hochzeiten oder Karibikurlaube? Mit Tribe hat Sebastian Junger eines der meistdiskutierten Werke des Jahres vorgelegt. Er erklärt, was wir von Stammeskulturen über Loyalität, Gemeinschaftsgefühl und die ewige Suche des Menschen nach Sinn lernen können.