Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement

Author: Kären Hess,Christine Hess Orthmann
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1439056447
Category: Social Science
Page: 608
View: 6517
MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION IN LAW ENFORCEMENT, 6th edition is a practical and straightforward book that focuses on law enforcement managers and supervisors, their jobs, and the complicated interrelationships between members of the law enforcement team and the communities they share. This new edition adds Chief Shaun LaDue as a contributor to give a practitioner’s perspective to management and supervision. Additionally, the text has an increased emphasis on leadership and has been reorganized to begin the text focusing on management. The text focuses on post-9/11 policing and includes research on the effects of 9/11 as well as data driven policing, including CompStat policing, intelligence-led policing and evidence based policing. The text also includes discussions on the effects of the current economic crisis on law enforcement, including two 2009 PERF studies and reports. MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION IN LAW ENFORCEMENT, 6th edition presents a comprehensive overview of the responsibilities of law enforcement leaders and covers everything from the newest principles in policing to the exciting technological aids changing the face of law enforcement today, preparing readers to become tomorrow’s leaders. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Supervision of police personnel

Author: N. F. Iannone
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Category: Political Science
Page: 451
View: 2033
This text covers the basic elements of supervision (such as discipline, performance ratings, deployment, and training) and addresses recent increases in worker entitlements and public demands for police accountability. After discussing the supervisor's key role on the police team, the book outlines the supervisor's administrative and management functions. The principles of leadership and command presence are described, as are causes of employee dissatisfaction and methods for handling grievances. Other topics addressed are the psychological aspects of supervision, with attention to methods of handling the frustrated employee and written communication skills. The text offers guidelines on interviewing, counseling employees, maintaining a high level of discipline, and investigating complaints about personnel. Both employee evaluation systems and performance rating standards are explained. The text considers scientific methods for routinely deploying field forces and responding to unusual situations such as disasters, civil disorders, or searches for lost persons. The final chapters on training explore learning patterns, teaching techniques, and conference organizing skills.

Progressive Police Supervision

A Simple & Effective Approach for Managing a Police Agency
Author: Jody Kasper
Publisher: Looseleaf Law Publications
ISBN: 1608850226
Category: Political Science
Page: 142
View: 3542
Confront the unique leadership challenges of 21st century policing with confidence, commitment and success!

Effective Police Supervision

Author: Harry W. More,Larry S. Miller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1437755879
Category: Political Science
Page: 612
View: 4420
Good police officers are often promoted into supervisory positions with little or no training for what makes a good manager. Effective Police Supervision is a core text used in college-level classes on supervisory practices in criminal justice. This popular book combines behavioral theory with case studies that allow the reader to identify and resolve personal and organizational problems. It provides readers with an understanding of the group behaviors and organizational dynamics, with a focus on effectiveness as well as proficiency, and on how a supervisor can help to create an effective organization. This book is also a vital tool in the preparation of police officers for promotional exams. NEW THIS EDITION This revised and updated edition has a new chapter Homeland Security and Terrorism -- A Changing Role. New material has been added throughout the textbook on the following topics: characteristics of an effective coach, mentoring, work values, unions, dealing with change, supervisory styles, empowerment, SARA, identifying stakeholders, dealing with Limited English Proficient individuals, intercultural communication, and equity theory. The case studies and references have been throgoughly updated and expanded. Each chapter opens with a case study to illustrate the concept and includes key terms. Contains a new chapter on homeland security and terrorism and how they are changing the role of the police supervisor. Used nationwide for police promotional exams.

Effective Police Supervision

Author: Larry S. Miller,Harry W. More,Michael C. Braswell
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315400812
Category: Political Science
Page: 648
View: 3804
Outstanding first-line supervisors are essential to the success of any law enforcement agency, yet many officers lack the supervision training necessary to excel. Effective Police Supervision immerses readers in the group behaviors and organizational dynamics supervisors must master in order to lead their teams and to help create an effective police department. Combining behavioral theory and updated case studies, this core text, now in its eighth edition, is a vital tool for all college students pursuing criminal justice courses on supervisory practices, as well as police officers preparing for promotional exams.

Private Security and Private Justice

The Challenge of the 80s : a Review of Policy Issues
Author: Clifford D. Shearing,Philip C. Stenning
Publisher: IRPP
ISBN: 9780886450007
Category: Social Science
Page: 63
View: 2132

The Police Manager

Author: Egan K. Green,Ronald G. Lynch,Scott R. Lynch
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1455730475
Category: Political Science
Page: 360
View: 5718
A practical, field-tested guide for students and professionals who aspire to leadership roles in law enforcement. Provides a comprehensive explanation of issues and challenges that are faced by police supervisors, and covers recent research findings as well as sample department forms and documents.

Supervision of Police Personnel

Author: Nathan F. Iannone,Marvin Iannone,Jeffrey L. Bernstein
Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed
ISBN: 0133056015
Category: Political Science
Page: 360
View: 6956
This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. The must-read text for criminal justice students, prospective police supervisors, and police promotional exams. Supervision of Police Personnel, Eighth Edition, offers complete coverage of the principles and practices of police supervision for leadership training of supervisors in law enforcement and allied fields. This newly updated text explores relationships involved in individual and group management methods and the practical techniques for carrying out the various responsibilities of the police supervisor. Discussions focus on real issues faced by police supervisors in interpersonal, operational, and administrative relationships. Written by experienced police officers, the text presents time-tested content that is an indispensible resource for promotional exams.

Law Enforcement Management

What Works and what Doesn't!
Author: Michael J. Carpenter,Roger Fulton
Publisher: Looseleaf Law Publications
ISBN: 1932777903
Category: Political Science
Page: 165
View: 5701
Benefit from the combined wisdom of a team of successful managers who have discovered - through years of actual experience - the leadership techniques that succeed and those that don't.Topics include:- Gaining confidence- Earning respect- Fostering loyalty- Administrative "survival"- Leading the wayAvoid pitfalls on your path to success!Includes analysis, exploration and advice on more than 50 actual management topics and situations that illustrate leadership principles you can broadly apply to your own work.

Managing and Leading Today's Police

Challenges, Best Practices, Case Studies
Author: Kenneth Peak,Larry K. Gaines,Ronald W. Glensor
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 9780134701271
Category: Police
Page: 320
View: 2512
For courses in police administration and management. A problem-solving approach to modern police leadership Managing and Leading Today's Police: Challenges, Best Practices, and Case Studies provides a comprehensive insider's view into the challenging work of police leaders at all levels of management. Using a problem-based learning approach, the authors draw on their extensive practical experience to critique the organizational, personnel, and operational issues facing police agencies and to assert "what works" in contemporary police management. The 4th edition is a major revision, moving from a supervision to a management perspective. It covers new policing strategies, methods, and technologies transforming the field and demanding new knowledge of police supervisors, managers, and leaders.

Effective Police Supervision Study Guide

Author: Larry S. Miller,Michael C. Braswell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0323279392
Category: Social Science
Page: 152
View: 372
Good police officers are often promoted into supervisory positions with little or no training for what makes a good manager. Effective Police Supervision provides readers with an understanding of the group behaviors and organizational dynamics necessary to understand the fundamentals of police administration. The Effective Police Supervision Study Guide, which includes quizzes and other study tools, gives students, as well as professionals training for promotional exams, a way to review the material and be fully prepared for examinations and the world of police supervision. This new edition, like the new edition of the textbook it accompanies, includes information on the following topics: police accountability, police involvement with news media, dealing with social media, updates on legal considerations, and avoiding scandals. Updated to coincide precisely with the 7th edition of Effective Police Supervision Each chapter includes learning objectives, key terms, chapter summaries, and review questions Includes access to the instructor and companion sites for Effective Police Supervision

Die Regeln des Managements

Author: Richard Templar
Publisher: books4success
ISBN: 3941493337
Category: Self-Help
Page: 250
View: 9312
Manche Zeitgenossen scheinen als perfekte Manager auf die Welt gekommen zu sein. Scheinbar spielend bewältigen sie die Fallstricke der Büropolitik, kümmern sich um die Probleme ihrer Mitarbeiter und haben auch mit nahezu unerreichbaren Zielen und endlosen Massen an Arbeit keine Probleme. Sie sagen und tun das Richtige und kommen mit jeder Situation zurecht. Wie schaffen sie das? Die Antwort ist einfach: Sie kennen die Regeln - die Regeln des Managements. Enthüllt werden diese Regeln nun von Richard Templar in seinem neuen Werk "Regeln des Managements". Der Bestsellerautor beschreibt, wie man als Manager andere behandeln und sich selbst verhalten soll. Wie schon in den vorangegangenen Bänden seiner Bestseller-Serie bringt Templar das komplexe Thema in 100 einfachen Regeln auf den Punkt. Locker geschrieben und sehr informativ - lesen Sie und werden Sie erfolgreich!

Stress and the Police Officer

Author: Katherine W. Ellison
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 0398074585
Category: Political Science
Page: 224
View: 1133
"Good policing is not impossible. The reactions that have been associated with stressors are not inevitable. Many officers retire in good physical and emotional health and 100 back on their careers with pleasure. In a situation where stressers have led to maladaptive behavior on the part of individuals or organizations, change is called for. Change must be constant, as social conditions in the world around us vary. The police represent a force for the order necessary for society to function. It is not an easy job, but it is one that is worth doing well."

Police Leadership and Administration

A 21st-Century Strategic Approach
Author: William F. Walsh,Gennaro F. Vito
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351244418
Category: Social Science
Page: 352
View: 3451
William Walsh and Gennaro Vito have adapted the strategic management process to the police organizational world in this innovative new text, Police Leadership and Administration: A 21st-Century Approach. Focusing principally on the police executive, this book covers pioneering management techniques for leaders facing the challenges of today’s complex environment, providing the police practitioner instruction in planning, setting direction, developing strategy, assessing internal and external environments, creating learning organizations, and managing and evaluating the change process. It also tackles how to handle the political, economic, social, and technical considerations that differ from one community to the next. Police Leadership and Administration trains individuals to search for solutions, rather than relying on old formulas and scientific management principles. It shows how to tailor responses to the unique problems and issues that professionals are likely to face in the field of law enforcement, providing a foundation with which to adapt to an ever-changing criminal justice climate. This book is essential for forward-thinking police leadership courses in colleges and professional training programs.

Handbook of Police Psychology

Author: Jack Kitaeff
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136861688
Category: Psychology
Page: 592
View: 5326
The Handbook of Police Psychology represents the contributions of over thirty police psychologists, all experts in their field, on the core subject matters of police psychology. Police psychology is broadly defined as the application of psychological principles and methods to law enforcement. This growing area includes topics such as screening and hiring of police officers; conducting screening for special squads (e.g., SWAT); fitness-for-duty evaluations; investigations, hostage negotiations; training and consultation, and stress counseling, among others. The book examines the beginnings of police psychology and early influences on the profession such as experimental investigations of psychological testing on police attitude and performance. Influential figures in the field of police psychology are discussed, including the nation’s first full-time police psychologist who served on the Los Angeles Police Department, and the first full-time police officer to earn a doctorate in psychology while still in uniform with the New York Police Department.

Korea, South Justice System and National Police Handbook

Author: Usa International Business Publications
Publisher: Int'l Business Publications
ISBN: 1433028212
Category: Law
Page: 300
View: 4045
Korea South Justice System and National Police Handbook

Justice Administration

Police, Courts, and Corrections Management
Author: Kenneth J. Peak
Publisher: N.A
Category: Criminal justice, Administration of
Page: 436
View: 1292

Die Idee der Gerechtigkeit

Author: Amartya Sen
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 9783406606533
Category: Civil rights
Page: 493
View: 2215
Drei Kinder streiten darüber, wem von ihnen eine Flöte gehören sollte. Das erste Kind hat Musikunterricht gehabt und kann als einziges Flöte spielen. Das zweite ist arm und besitzt keinerlei anderes Spielzeug. Das dritte Kind hat die Flöte mit viel Ausdauer selbst angefertigt. Mit diesem Gleichnis eröffnet Amartya Sen, einer der wichtigsten Denker unserer Zeit, sein Buch über die Idee der Gerechtigkeit. Es ist John Rawls gewidmet und grenzt sich doch von der wirkungsmächtigsten Gerechtigkeitstheorie des 20. Jahrhunderts ab. Wer eine weitere abstrakte Diskussion der institutionellen Grundlagen einer gerechten Gesellschaft erwartet, der wird enttäuscht sein. Wer sich hingegen darüber wundert, was diese Theorien eigentlich zur Bekämpfung real existierender Ungerechtigkeiten beitragen, der wird großen Gewinn daraus ziehen. Sen nämlich stellt die Plausibilität solcher Anstrengungen der reinen Vernunft in Frage. Seine Theorie der Gerechtigkeit ist weniger an der Ausformulierung einer ethisch perfekten Gesellschaft interessiert als an Argumenten, deren Maßstab die konkrete Überwindung von Ungerechtigkeit ist. Sen eröffnet Perspektiven, die dem westlichen Denken meist fehlen. Seine Kenntnis der hinduistischen, buddhistischen und islamischen Kultur ist wundervoll eingewoben in das Buch und prägt den ganzen Charakter seines Philosophierens. Die Vernunft sucht die Wahrheit, wo immer sie sich finden lässt - und wie der Autor dieses außergewöhnlichen Werkes entdeckt sie auf ihrer weiten Reise viele gangbare Wege zu einer gerechteren Welt.

Leading Change

Wie Sie Ihr Unternehmen in acht Schritten erfolgreich verändern
Author: John P. Kotter
Publisher: Vahlen
ISBN: 3800646153
Category: Fiction
Page: 158
View: 6585
John P. Kotters wegweisendes Werk Leading Change erschien 1996 und zählt heute zu den wichtigsten Managementbüchern überhaupt. Es wurde in zahlreiche Sprachen übersetzt und millionenfach verkauft. Der Druck auf Unternehmen, sich den permanent wandelnden internen und externen Einflüssen zu stellen, wird weiter zunehmen. Dabei gehört ein offener, aber professionell geführter Umgang mit Change-Prozessen zu den Wesensmerkmalen erfolgreicher Unternehmen im 21. Jahrhundert und zu den größten Herausforderungen in der Arbeit von Führungskräften. Einer der weltweit renommiertesten Experten auf diesem Gebiet hat basierend auf seinen Erfahrungen aus Forschung und Praxis einen visionären Text geschrieben, der zugleich inspirierend und gefüllt ist mit bedeutenden Implikationen für das Change-Management. Leading Change zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie Wandlungsprozesse in Unternehmen konsequent führen. Beginnend mit den Gründen, warum viele Unternehmen an Change-Prozessen scheitern, wird im Anschluss ein Acht-Stufen-Plan entwickelt, der Ihnen hilft, pragmatisch einen erfolgreichen Wandel zu gestalten. Wenn Sie wissen möchten, warum Ihre letzte Change-Initiative scheiterte, dann lesen Sie dieses Buch am besten gleich, sodass Ihr nächstes Projekt von Erfolg gekrönt wird. Ralf Dobelli, Leading Change is simply the best single work I have seen on strategy implementation. William C. Finnie, Editor-in-Chief Strategy & Leadership Leading Change ist ein weltweiter, zeitloser Bestseller. Werner Seidenschwarz, Seidenschwarz & Comp.