Marxism and Other Western Fallacies

An Islamic Critique
Author: Ali Shari'ati
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483555518
Category: Political Science
Page: 112
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Throughout history, Shari'ati reminds us in these lectures and writings, people in search of deliverance from constricting social and intellectual systems have all too often followed influential thinkers out of one form of captivity and directly into another. He warns that great case must be taken in this day of search and upheaval to examine the prevailing movements that promise solutions for humanity. Marxism, which holds special appeal for the world's oppressed peoples and those sensitive to their suffering because of its emphasis on justice, merits particularly close scrutiny. Shari'ati analyzes its roots in materialism, its relation to the Hegelian dialectic, its preoccupation with matters of production, the sources of its diametrical opposition to Islam, Marx's objection to religion, and other crucial aspects to Marxism. But his attention is not confined to Marxism alone. He discusses the established religions, bourgeois liberalism, and existentialism, beginning with their fundamental notions of man. He examines the characteristic refusal of the major freedom-seeking movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to accept any spiritual dimension in man. Throughout his inquiry, Shari'ati offers comparisons with the ideology of Islam, drawing upon the principles and precepts contained in the Qur'an as well as cultural material from the history of Islamic society. Gradually and eloquently, he expounds his personal view of Islam as the philosophy of human liberation.

On the Sociology of Islam

Author: Ali Shari'ati
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483555526
Category: Religion
Page: 133
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In preparing the way for the unparalleled surge of Islamic revival in Iran, many factors have been at work. One of the most important is the legacy of Dr. Ali Shari'ati (1933-1977). A teacher, scholar and writer, Shari'ati and a dynamic influence on the young people of Iran with his classes, discussions, free lectures and articles during the 1960's and 1970's. Shari'ati works are constantly reprinted and eagerly studies through-out Iran. This anthology is the first systematic presentation in English of some of his major ideas.

Economic Facts and Fallacies

Second Edition
Author: Thomas Sowell
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465026303
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 304
View: 1307
Economic Facts and Fallacies exposes some of the most popular fallacies about economic issues-and does so in a lively manner and without requiring any prior knowledge of economics by the reader. These include many beliefs widely disseminated in the media and by politicians, such as mistaken ideas about urban problems, income differences, male-female economic differences, as well as economics fallacies about academia, about race, and about Third World countries. One of the themes of Economic Facts and Fallacies is that fallacies are not simply crazy ideas but in fact have a certain plausibility that gives them their staying power-and makes careful examination of their flaws both necessary and important, as well as sometimes humorous. Written in the easy-to-follow style of the author's Basic Economics, this latest book is able to go into greater depth, with real world examples, on specific issues.

School of Thought and Action

Author: Ali Shariati,Cyrus Bakhtiar
Publisher: Kazi Publications
ISBN: 9781871031102
Category: Religion
Page: 55
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The underlying infrastructure of Islam as a school of thought and action is presented by Ali Shariati along with its superstructure in terms of ideology.

An Islamic Utopian

A Political Biography of Ali Shariati
Author: Ali Rahnema
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781860645525
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 418
View: 9474
Ali Shariati is for many the ideological father of the Iranian revolution. His radical blend of Islam and Marxism mobilised a generation of young Iranians. This book provides a political biography of his life and thought.

Adam's Fallacy

A Guide to Economic Theology
Author: Duncan K. Foley
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674027078
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 288
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This book could be called "The Intelligent Person's Guide to Economics." The title expresses Duncan Foley's belief that economics at its most abstract and interesting level is a speculative philosophical discourse, not a deductive or inductive science. Adam's fallacy is the attempt to separate the economic sphere of life, in which the pursuit of self-interest is led by the invisible hand of the market to a socially beneficial outcome, from the rest of social life, in which the pursuit of self-interest is morally problematic and has to be weighed against other ends.

Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies

Communicative Capitalism and Left Politics
Author: Jodi Dean
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822390922
Category: Political Science
Page: 228
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Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies is an impassioned call for the realization of a progressive left politics in the United States. Through an assessment of the ideologies underlying contemporary political culture, Jodi Dean takes the left to task for its capitulations to conservatives and its failure to take responsibility for the extensive neoliberalization implemented during the Clinton presidency. She argues that the left’s ability to develop and defend a collective vision of equality and solidarity has been undermined by the ascendance of “communicative capitalism,” a constellation of consumerism, the privileging of the self over group interests, and the embrace of the language of victimization. As Dean explains, communicative capitalism is enabled and exacerbated by the Web and other networked communications media, which reduce political energies to the registration of opinion and the transmission of feelings. The result is a psychotic politics where certainty displaces credibility and the circulation of intense feeling trumps the exchange of reason. Dean’s critique ranges from her argument that the term democracy has become a meaningless cipher invoked by the left and right alike to an analysis of the fantasy of free trade underlying neoliberalism, and from an examination of new theories of sovereignty advanced by politicians and left academics to a look at the changing meanings of “evil” in the speeches of U.S. presidents since the mid-twentieth century. She emphasizes the futility of a politics enacted by individuals determined not to offend anyone, and she examines questions of truth, knowledge, and power in relation to 9/11 conspiracy theories. Dean insists that any reestablishment of a vital and purposeful left politics will require shedding the mantle of victimization, confronting the marriage of neoliberalism and democracy, and mobilizing different terms to represent political strategies and goals.

Histories and Fallacies

Problems Faced in the Writing of History
Author: Carl R. Trueman
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 9781433520808
Category: History
Page: 192
View: 6067
Recent years have brought about a crisis of confidence in the historical profession, leading increasing numbers of readers to ask the question: “How can I know that the stories told by a historian are reliable?” Histories and Fallacies is a primer for those seeking guidance through conceptual and methodological problems in the discipline of history. Historian Carl Trueman presents a series of classic historical problems as a way to examine what history is, what it means, and how it can be told and understood. Each chapter in Histories and Fallacies gives an account of a particular problem, examines a classic example of that problem, and then suggests a solution or approach that will bear fruit. Readers who come to understand the question of objectivity through an examination of Holocaust denial or interpretive frameworks through Marxism will not just be learning theory but will already be practicing fruitful approaches to history. Histories and Fallacies guides both readers and writers of history away from dead ends and methodological mistakes, and into a fresh confidence in the productive nature of the historical task.

Marxism and Christianity

Author: Alasdair MacIntyre
Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess
ISBN: 0268161291
Category: Philosophy
Page: 160
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Contending that Marxism achieved its unique position in part by adopting the content and functions of Christianity, MacIntyre details the religious attitudes and modes of belief that appear in Marxist doctrine as it developed historically from the philosophies of Hegel and Feuerbach, and as it has been carried on by latter-day interpreters from Rosa Luxemburg and Trotsky to Kautsky and Lukacs. The result is a lucid exposition of Marxism and an incisive account of its persistence and continuing importance.

Marxism and the Muslim World

Author: Maxime Rodinson
Publisher: Zed Books
ISBN: 9781783603367
Category: Political Science
Page: 229
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In the aftermath of the Arab Uprisings, Maxime Rodinson's Marxist commentary has a new and powerful resonance. Political repression, corruption and economic stagnation stimulated revolt across the Arab world. Now the revolutionary euphoria has faded, leaving violent power struggles, overtly Islamic political parties have begun to take power. Meanwhile hysteria over terrorism and fundamentalism has made Islam the neoliberal West's enemy number one. In this collection Rodinson studies the economic and political, rather than religious, characteristics of Islam. His major themes include: the history of the Marxist Movement in the Islamic Middle East; the dialogue between Socialism and Islam, and Marxism and Arab nationalism; the relationship between national conflicts and class struggle; and the history of Communism in Arab states such as Syria and Egypt. Breaking from colonial "Orientalism" Rodinson invented new critical approaches, helping to define the discipline of Islamic studies. Unashamedly political and polemical, he provides an insightful picture of political Islam and Marxism, and the implications for the Arab working class. The subject of this book could hardly be more relevant to politics today.

Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason

Author: David Harvey
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190691484
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 236
View: 1021
Prologue -- The visualisation of capital as value in motion -- Capital, the book -- Money as the representation of value -- Anti-value: the theory of devaluation -- Prices without values -- The question of technology -- The space and time of value -- The production of value regimes -- The madness of economic reason -- Coda

Man & Islam

Author: Ali Shari'ati
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 148355550X
Category: Religion
Page: 126
View: 638
Man and Islam is a series of seven lectures which were given by Shari'ati in different universities in Iran, In this series he analysis the philosophy of the creation of man, Islamic world-view, the limitations of the material world,and the responsibility of man in the scheme of the universe. The first lecture, "Man and Islam", analyzes the creation of man according to Islamic doctrine and present man as God?s vicegerent on earth as is described in the Holy Qur'an. In the second lecture, Shari'ati discusses the differences world-views of numerous regions and philosophies. The third lecture concerns the "Extraction and Refinement of Cultural Resources." In the fourth work, "Modern man and His Prisons," Shari'ati states that there are four constraints under which man is bound. Man can become a rue human being only after he has released himself from the yoke of these constraints. The fifth lecture in this series deals with Shari'ati addressing the question of the intellectual and categorizing him into three types. In the next lecture entitled "Ideology," Shari'ati explains the meaning of ideology as well as philosophy, and expounds on the question that those who relate to them. In the last lecture, Shari'ati addresses the question, "If we believe we a true free-thinking intellectuals, what must be our relationship with the society and what path should we follow." In these seven brief lectures, Shari'ati brings an enlightening perspective to the study of Islamic ideology, its world-view, man's constraints, and the responsibility of the free-thinker towards the construction of a new society.


The West and the Rest
Author: Niall Ferguson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143122061
Category: History
Page: 402
View: 1052
A history of Western civilization's rise to global dominance offers insight into the development of such concepts as competition, modern medicine, and the work ethic, arguing that Western dominance is being lost to cultures who are more productively utilizing Western techniques.

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Author: Thomas Piketty
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674979850
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 816
View: 1743
The main driver of inequality—returns on capital that exceed the rate of economic growth—is again threatening to generate extreme discontent and undermine democratic values. Thomas Piketty’s findings in this ambitious, original, rigorous work will transform debate and set the agenda for the next generation of thought about wealth and inequality.

The Devil's Pleasure Palace

The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West
Author: Michael Walsh
Publisher: Encounter Books
ISBN: 159403768X
Category: Education
Page: 280
View: 3869
In the aftermath of World War II, America stood alone as the world’s premier military power. Yet its martial confidence contrasted vividly with its sense of cultural inferiority. Still looking to a defeated and dispirited Europe for intellectual and artistic guidance, the burgeoning transnational elite in New York and Washington embraced not only the war’s refugees, but many of their ideas as well, and nothing has proven more pernicious than those of the Frankfurt School and itsreactionary philosophy of "critical theory.” InThe Devil's Pleasure Palace, Michael Walsh describes how Critical Theory released a horde of demons into the American psyche. When everything could be questioned, nothing could be real, and the muscular, confident empiricism that had just won the war gave way, in less than a generation, to a central-European nihilism celebrated on college campuses across the United States. Seizing the high ground of academe and the arts, the New Nihilists set about dissolving the bedrock of the country, from patriotism to marriage tothe family to military service. They have sown, as Cardinal Bergoglio--now Pope Francis--once wrote of the Devil, "destruction, division, hatred, and calumny,” and all disguised as the search for truth. The Devil's Pleasure Palace exposes the overlooked movement that is Critical Theory and explains how it took root in America and, once established and gestated, how it has affected nearly every aspect of American life and society.

Third World Ideology and Western Reality

Manufacturing Political Myth
Author: Carlos Rangel
ISBN: 9780887386015
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 180
View: 1134
There is a wide, unthinking accep­tance of the premise that the gap between rich and poor countries is largely due to the exploitation of the latter by the former, first through colonialism and more recently through neocolonialism and eco­nomic dependency. Carlos Rangel rejects this approach. He traces the sudden appearance and rise of this "Third World ideology" as a kind of socialism of last resort, made neces­sary by the failure of the original Marxist prophecy of imminent cap­italist collapse, with the "prole­tarian" and "bourgeois" nations substituted for the proletarian and bourgeois classes in the Marxist drama of struggle and salvation through revolution. Rangel also ex­plains the emotional appeal, and therefore pervasiveness, of this ideology not only in the Third World but also among all alienated mem­bers of Western society. This volume presents a critical assessment of the Third World ideology. Rangel argues that it is false that Third World mis­fortunes and shortcomings are di­rectly related to its having been overwhelmed by the West. He offers a new path toward understanding the problem of economic inequality between nations, and therefore opens the possibility of searching for creative solutions to that problem.

The Prophet

Author: Kahlil Gibran
Publisher: Rajpal & Sons
ISBN: 9788170287636
Category: Meditation
Page: 96
View: 1179
The Prophet is a book of 26 poetic essays written in English in 1923 by the Lebanese-American artist, philosopher and writer Khalil Gibran. An all time classic and world wide bestseller. Prophet, after twelve years of living in a foreign country, is about to set sail to go home when he is stopped by a group of people who ask him about the various aspects of life. Prophet's answers are twenty-six sermons offering insights of profound wisdom which are universally true. The inclusion of sketches made by the author enhance the appeal of this book.

Marx After Marxism

The Philosophy of Karl Marx
Author: Tom Rockmore
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470695439
Category: Philosophy
Page: 248
View: 5515
Marx After Marxism encourages readers to understand Karl Marx in new ways, unencumbered by political Marxist interpretations that have long dominated the discussions of both Marxists and non-Marxists. This volume gives a broad and accessible account of Marx's philosophy and emphasizes his relationship to Hegel.


The Complete Edition, in a New Translation
Author: Roland Barthes,Richard Howard,Annette Lavers
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0809071940
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 288
View: 3516
"This new edition of MYTHOLOGIES is the first complete, authoritative English version of the French classic, Roland Barthes's most emblematic work"--