Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks

Author: G. Patrick Vennebush
Publisher: Robert Reed Pub
ISBN: 9781934759486
Category: Humor
Page: 117
View: 4300
Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks is an absolute gem...---Jim Rubillo Professor Emeritus, Bucks County Community College, Newtown, PA The jokes in this book are well-chosen and cover a wide spectrum, from jokes for kids to jokes for math majors, from corny to thought-provoking---Art Benjamin Professor and Mathemagician, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA This is a book that every math teacher from elementary school through college should have in their classroom library. Who said math can't be funny?---Victoria Miles, Middle Grades Math Teacher, Weymouth, MA Patrick Vennebush has put together the most comprehensive set of mathematical jokes I have ever seen...if you like math and you like jokes---or if you need a joke to liven up an otherwise dull and boring lecture---then you need to buy this book.---Guy Brandenburg, Retired Teacher, Washington, DC Math nerds and punsters rejoice! This is the book you've been waiting for---your perfect source for that one-liner to impress your girlfriend, boyfriend, or 8th-grade math teacher. ---Cathy Seeley, Past President, NCTM; Author of Faster isn't Smarter---Messages About Math, Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century I haven't laughed so hard since I discovered that imaginary numbers are just numbers with a not-so-real complex. Enjoy!---Edward B. Burger Professor, Williams College Williamstown, MA When not solving problems, telling jokes, or playing ultimate, G. Patrick Vennebush manages online projects for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He has an M.A. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Maryland. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife Nadine, who faughs at 80% of his jokes; his twin toddlers Alex and Eli, who only appreciate 20% of his humor; and his golden retriever Remy, who has never been very good with percents

101 Math Jokes

Author: Erin O'Connor,Chrissy Bozik
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 1443107387
Category: Mathematics
Page: 96
View: 5339
These 101 math jokes are hilarious -- you can count on it! Calling all math-letes and math geeks: Yes, the whole idea of math jokes might seem a little strange, but these are really two funny -- in fact they are prime. Go figure! Why did I, V, and X keep wandering off? Because they're roman numerals! What happened when 8 lay down? He felt infinitely better! How did King Arthur reward the brave circle? He dubbed him Sir Cumference. People think math is too serious. They need to lighten up and be a little odd!

Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

Author: Ian Stewart
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 1847651283
Category: Mathematics
Page: 320
View: 590
School maths is not the interesting part. The real fun is elsewhere. Like a magpie, Ian Stewart has collected the most enlightening, entertaining and vexing 'curiosities' of maths over the years... Now, the private collection is displayed in his cabinet. There are some hidden gems of logic, geometry and probability -- like how to extract a cherry from a cocktail glass (harder than you think), a pop up dodecahedron, the real reason why you can't divide anything by zero and some tips for making money by proving the obvious. Scattered among these are keys to unlocking the mysteries of Fermat's last theorem, the Poincar Conjecture, chaos theory, and the P/NP problem for which a million dollar prize is on offer. There are beguiling secrets about familiar names like Pythagoras or prime numbers, as well as anecdotes about great mathematicians. Pull out the drawers of the Professor's cabinet and who knows what could happen...

400 Science & Math Jokes and Riddles and Puns

Author: Hank D. Mcroy
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781543117912
Page: 90
View: 5762
Jolly Jokes! Roguish Riddles! Puckish Puns! This hodgepodge of classic science and math jokes and other amusements has been compiled into a pocket-sized, easy-to-carry device called a "book." Share the joy with your students, teachers, thesis advisors, postdocs, friends, family, neighbors, and pets, and watch the laughs (and groans) ensue!

More Jokes 4 Mathy Folks

Author: G. Patrick Vennebush
Publisher: Robert Reed Publishers
ISBN: 9781944297183
Category: Humor
Page: 120
View: 9118
Who says math can't be funny? In 'More Jokes 4 Mathy Folks' as in 'Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks', Patrick Vennebush dispels the myth of the humorless mathematician. His quick wit comes through in this incredible compilation of jokes and stories. Intended for all math types, both 'More Jokes 4 Mathy Folks' and 'Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks' provide a comprehensive collection of math humor, each book containing over 400 jokes. This too is a book that all teachers from elementary school through college should have in their library. But the humor isn't just for the classroom -- it also appeals to engineers, statisticians, and other math professionals searching for some good, clean, numerical fun. From basic facts (Why is 6 afraid of 7?) to trigonometry (Mathematical puns are the first sine of dementia) and algebra (Graphing rational functions is a pain in the asymptote), no topic is safe. As Professor Jim Rubillo notes, Math Jokes 4 Math Folks is an absolute gem for anyone dedicated to seeing mathematical ideas through puns, double meanings, and blatant 'bad' jokes. Such perspectives help to see concepts and ideas in different and creative ways.

Do You Get the Point?

Author: Dee Goldstein
Publisher: Goldstein
ISBN: 9780615891514
Page: 140
View: 1555
DO YOU GET THE POINT?" is a great book, in which the author, Dee Goldstein, definitely makes mathematics fun and enjoyable at ALL LEVELS! What could be better than laughing, thinking, and learning ... all at the same time By utilizing graphics, cartoons, and witty subtleties ... this entertaining, challenging, and uniquely humorous book captivates ALL AGES into a delightful and amusing world of mathematical thinking at its best ... all the way from simple arithmetic and algebra through more complicated and advanced graduate school theories!!! Each individual page independently challenges the reader to view mathematics from a totally humorous vantage point ... and each illustration captivates one into a delightful and amusing world of indisputable pleasure, laughter and all-encompassing entertainment! Challenge yourself with each and every illustration, cartoon, and graphic ... and have fun throughout your journey. There are explanations for every page of this book's humor, with detailed discussions and fully descriptive thought processes for each extremely special and individualized funny twist ... all this, as one explores every facet of the mathematical inquisitiveness of one's mind. This unique humor offers many enjoyable and mind-expanding hours of pure fun for the math enthusiast, as well as affording many smiles and lots of chuckles for even the casual fan of mathematics, shapes, and numbers!!! Have fun stimulating your mind with each exciting page ... while satisfying your desire for total enjoyment and smiling with delight at all these entertaining illustrations of MATHEMATICAL CLEVERNESS!!! If you like mathematics ... if you know someone who likes mathematics ... or if you would like to encourage a specific someone to enjoy mathematics more ... then "THIS BOOK IS PERFECT"! ENJOY!!!

Proofs from THE BOOK

Author: Martin Aigner,Günter M. Ziegler
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662442051
Category: Mathematics
Page: 308
View: 1193
This revised and enlarged fifth edition features four new chapters, which contain highly original and delightful proofs for classics such as the spectral theorem from linear algebra, some more recent jewels like the non-existence of the Borromean rings and other surprises. From the Reviews "... Inside PFTB (Proofs from The Book) is indeed a glimpse of mathematical heaven, where clever insights and beautiful ideas combine in astonishing and glorious ways. There is vast wealth within its pages, one gem after another. ... Aigner and Ziegler... write: "... all we offer is the examples that we have selected, hoping that our readers will share our enthusiasm about brilliant ideas, clever insights and wonderful observations." I do. ... " Notices of the AMS, August 1999 "... This book is a pleasure to hold and to look at: ample margins, nice photos, instructive pictures and beautiful drawings ... It is a pleasure to read as well: the style is clear and entertaining, the level is close to elementary, the necessary background is given separately and the proofs are brilliant. ..." LMS Newsletter, January 1999 "Martin Aigner and Günter Ziegler succeeded admirably in putting together a broad collection of theorems and their proofs that would undoubtedly be in the Book of Erdös. The theorems are so fundamental, their proofs so elegant and the remaining open questio ns so intriguing that every mathematician, regardless of speciality, can benefit from reading this book. ... " SIGACT News, December 2011.

A Friday Night Lights Companion

Love, Loss, and Football in Dillon, Texas
Author: Leah Wilson
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1935618903
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 256
View: 9587
Called one of the best shows on TV by more than a dozen media publications, including Time and Entertainment Weekly, Friday Night Lights is not just one of the most critically acclaimed shows on air, it’s also one of the most watchable. Despite its focus on high school football, its masterfully crafted characters and honestly portrayed relationships make its portrait of small town Texas life compelling and relatable in ways that have nothing to do with field goals or touchdowns. Love, Loss, and Dillon Football: A Friday Night Lights Companion explores the victories and pitfalls of Dillon, Texas – both the town itself and those who live and love there. Because Friday Night Lights is so much more than just a teenage football drama: it’s about the struggle to not get trapped in the circumstances one is born into. It’s about love, it’s about loss, and, yes, it’s even about football.

Science Fictionary

The Best Jokes in the Universe
Author: James H. Buffington
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530408139
Page: 230
View: 8343
An uproarious collection of jokes and humor spanning the entire universe of science.

The Boy Who Loved Math

The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos
Author: Deborah Heiligman
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
ISBN: 146683952X
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 44
View: 7380
Most people think of mathematicians as solitary, working away in isolation. And, it's true, many of them do. But Paul Erdos never followed the usual path. At the age of four, he could ask you when you were born and then calculate the number of seconds you had been alive in his head. But he didn't learn to butter his own bread until he turned twenty. Instead, he traveled around the world, from one mathematician to the next, collaborating on an astonishing number of publications. With a simple, lyrical text and richly layered illustrations, this is a beautiful introduction to the world of math and a fascinating look at the unique character traits that made "Uncle Paul" a great man. The Boy Who Loved Math by Deborah Heiligman is a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2013 and a New York Times Book Review Notable Children's Book of 2013.

The Little Book of Maths Theorems, Theories and Things

Author: Surendra Verma
Publisher: New Holland Publishers (AU)
ISBN: 1921655321
Category: Mathematics
Page: 169
View: 6163
Mathematics is indeed fun as this little book testifies. This book presents a unique collection of mathematical ideas, theories, theorems, conjectures, rules, facts, equations, formulas, paradoxes, fallacies and puzzles with short, simple and witty explanations that require no background in mathematics.

Let's Play Math

How Families Can Learn Math Together—and Enjoy It
Author: Denise Gaskins
Publisher: Tabletop Academy Press
ISBN: 1892083248
Category: Education
Page: 290
View: 1675

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Author: Christopher Danielson
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781625310804
Category: Mathematics
Page: N.A
View: 6758

Red Plenty

Author: Francis Spufford
Publisher: Graywolf Press
ISBN: 1555970419
Category: History
Page: 448
View: 863
"Spufford cunningly maps out a literary genre of his own . . . Freewheeling and fabulous." —The Times (London) Strange as it may seem, the gray, oppressive USSR was founded on a fairy tale. It was built on the twentieth-century magic called "the planned economy," which was going to gush forth an abundance of good things that the lands of capitalism could never match. And just for a little while, in the heady years of the late 1950s, the magic seemed to be working. Red Plenty is about that moment in history, and how it came, and how it went away; about the brief era when, under the rash leadership of Khrushchev, the Soviet Union looked forward to a future of rich communists and envious capitalists, when Moscow would out-glitter Manhattan and every Lada would be better engineered than a Porsche. It's about the scientists who did their genuinely brilliant best to make the dream come true, to give the tyranny its happy ending. Red Plenty is history, it's fiction, it's as ambitious as Sputnik, as uncompromising as an Aeroflot flight attendant, and as different from what you were expecting as a glass of Soviet champagne.


The Art and Science of Prediction
Author: Philip E. Tetlock,Dan Gardner
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 080413670X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 352
View: 586
A New York Times Bestseller An Economist Best Book of 2015 "The most important book on decision making since Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow." —Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal Everyone would benefit from seeing further into the future, whether buying stocks, crafting policy, launching a new product, or simply planning the week’s meals. Unfortunately, people tend to be terrible forecasters. As Wharton professor Philip Tetlock showed in a landmark 2005 study, even experts’ predictions are only slightly better than chance. However, an important and underreported conclusion of that study was that some experts do have real foresight, and Tetlock has spent the past decade trying to figure out why. What makes some people so good? And can this talent be taught? In Superforecasting, Tetlock and coauthor Dan Gardner offer a masterwork on prediction, drawing on decades of research and the results of a massive, government-funded forecasting tournament. The Good Judgment Project involves tens of thousands of ordinary people—including a Brooklyn filmmaker, a retired pipe installer, and a former ballroom dancer—who set out to forecast global events. Some of the volunteers have turned out to be astonishingly good. They’ve beaten other benchmarks, competitors, and prediction markets. They’ve even beaten the collective judgment of intelligence analysts with access to classified information. They are "superforecasters." In this groundbreaking and accessible book, Tetlock and Gardner show us how we can learn from this elite group. Weaving together stories of forecasting successes (the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound) and failures (the Bay of Pigs) and interviews with a range of high-level decision makers, from David Petraeus to Robert Rubin, they show that good forecasting doesn’t require powerful computers or arcane methods. It involves gathering evidence from a variety of sources, thinking probabilistically, working in teams, keeping score, and being willing to admit error and change course. Superforecasting offers the first demonstrably effective way to improve our ability to predict the future—whether in business, finance, politics, international affairs, or daily life—and is destined to become a modern classic. From the Hardcover edition.

More Good Questions

Great Ways to Differentiate Secondary Mathematics Instruction
Author: Marian Small
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807773026
Category: Electronic books
Page: 225
View: 4103
We know that Differentiated Instruction helps all students to learn. Yet DI challenges teachers, and nowhere more than in mathematics. In this new book, written specifically for secondary mathematics teachers, the authors cut through the difficulties with two powerful and universal strategies that teachers can use across all math content: Open questions and Parallel tasks. Showing teachers how to get started and become expert with these strategies, this book also demonstrates how to use more inclusive learning conversations to promote broader student participation. Strategies and examples are organized around Big Ideas within the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) content strands. With particular emphasis on Algebra, chapters also address Number and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability, with examples included for Pre-Calculus.


A Book of Days for Your Mathematical Year
Author: Theoni Pappas
Publisher: Wide World Pub Tetra
ISBN: 9781884550201
Category: Mathematics
Page: 248
View: 8584
This entertaining book of mathematical days exercises the brain with confounding puzzles, intriguing math problems, and, of course, detailed solutions to all the conundrums. Readers will enjoy 366 days' worth of stimulating math.

Cows in the Maze

And Other Mathematical Explorations
Author: Ian Stewart
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199562075
Category: Games
Page: 306
View: 7640
Following on the success of his books Math Hysteria and How to Cut a Cake, Ian Stewart is back with more stories and puzzles that are as quirky as they are fascinating, and each from the cutting edge of the world of mathematics. From the math of mazes, to cones with a twist, and the amazing sphericon--and how to make one--Cows in the Maze takes readers on an exhilarating tour of the world of mathematics. We find out about the mathematics of time travel, explore the shape of teardrops (which are not tear-drop shaped, but something much, much more strange), dance with dodecahedra, and play the game of Hex, among many more strange and delightful mathematical diversions. In the title essay, Stewart introduces readers to Robert Abbott's mind-bending "Where Are the Cows?" maze, which changes every time you pass through it, and is said to be the most difficult maze ever invented. In addition, he shows how a 90-year old woman and a computer scientist cracked a long-standing question about counting magic squares, describes the mathematical patterns in animal movement (walk, trot, gallop), looks at a fusion of art, mathematics, and the physics of sand piles, and reveals how mathematicians can--and do--prove a negative. Populated by amazing creatures, strange characters, and astonishing mathematics explained in an accessible and fun way, and illustrated with quirky cartoons by artist Spike Gerrell, Cows in the Maze will delight everyone who loves mathematics, puzzles and mathematical conundrums.

Lost in Math

How Beauty Leads Physics Astray
Author: Sabine Hossenfelder
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465094260
Category: Science
Page: 304
View: 5239
A contrarian argues that modern physicists' obsession with beauty has given us wonderful math but bad science Whether pondering black holes or predicting discoveries at CERN, physicists believe the best theories are beautiful, natural, and elegant, and this standard separates popular theories from disposable ones. This is why, Sabine Hossenfelder argues, we have not seen a major breakthrough in the foundations of physics for more than four decades. The belief in beauty has become so dogmatic that it now conflicts with scientific objectivity: observation has been unable to confirm mindboggling theories, like supersymmetry or grand unification, invented by physicists based on aesthetic criteria. Worse, these "too good to not be true" theories are actually untestable and they have left the field in a cul-de-sac. To escape, physicists must rethink their methods. Only by embracing reality as it is can science discover the truth.