My Baby & Me

Author: Sam Faiers
Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 191127466X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 304
View: 8468
For Sam Faiers life as part of the TOWIE cast, living it up Essex style, partying the night away is a distant memory but she wouldn't change it for the world. Since becoming a mum to Paul Jnr her life has taken a magical turn although at times it can be just as tiring and worrying too... Now Sam invites her fans, fellow mums or mums-to-be on an unforgettable journey through motherhood. Charting the highs and lows, she opens up about what being a mum is really like - from those treasured first cuddles and baby's first smile to dealing with leaking nappies and getting your body back in shape. Told in her no-nonsense, down-to-earth way Sam reveals that while having a baby is the best thing that has ever happened to her, caring for something so small is tough and the pressures put upon modern day mums can be even tougher. As funny as they are emotional, Sam's experiences in this intimate read will offer comfort and advice to others, including her own healthy diet and fitness tips, while also opening up fans to a whole new side of Sam Faiers that even she didn't know before.

Baby Me

Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher: MyLit Publishing
ISBN: 1927715547
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 7046

Walking My Baby Back Home

A moving, post-war saga of finding love after tragedy
Author: Joan Jonker
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 075539027X
Category: Fiction
Page: 392
View: 9456
A young widow learns to love again after a tragic loss... In Walking My Baby Back Home, Joan Jonker, beloved author of the Molly and Nellie series, gives a moving insight into the life of a family learning to hope again after the devastation of the Second World War. Perfect for fans of Cathy Sharp and Katie Flynn. 'A hilarious but touching story of life in Liverpool' - Woman's Realm Ever since Dot Baker lost her husband in the war she's tried to keep his memory alive. But when John Kershaw turns up on her doorstep, she can't blame her kids, Katy and Colin, for wanting another man about the house. John's the boss of a local factory, and a kind and caring man who can't seem to do enough for the Bakers and their friends and neighbours. He defends Mary Campbell when she is attacked by her violent husband; he encourages Colin and Katy in all that they do; and he puts a smile on Dot's face that's been missing since her husband's death. Everyone in the street can see they're meant to be together, but the one person who's blind to John's charm is Dot herself. What's it going to take to make her realise where her happiness lies...? What readers are saying about Walking My Baby Back Home: 'As usual a warm, cosy, lovely story by Joan Jonker. Written in her usual wonderful style making the reader feel a part of the story. Super characters with humour, love, friendships and heartache - recipe for any super book. Thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't put the book down' 'Easy to read and relax to. Great characters who you can't help but feel for and relate to. A brilliant story told with kindness and emotion. Well worth a read on a rainy night indoors or sunbathing on the beach!'

The Baby Box

A True Story
Author: Jane Hayward
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1789019354
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 200
View: 1707
It is December 1964. Jane’s mother is preparing for Christmas while Jane is refusing to take a do-it-yourself abortion pill from her school chum Rita. Persuading the father of the child, Nick, to be with her on Christmas Eve, Jane announces to her parents she is pregnant. Her mother wishes she’d dug the baby out with knitting needles.

Stories from Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

A Curious Space
Author: Henry Kronengold
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317431006
Category: Psychology
Page: 122
View: 8583
In Stories from Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy author Henry Kronengold explores the unpredictable world of child and adolescent psychotherapy through a series of engaging and innovative clinical vignettes. The ups, downs, and dilemmas of therapeutic work are considered in each realistic narrative as readers are offered a unique view of what happens between the therapist and child, as well as the therapist’s own process during the therapy. This captivating new resource is intended to spark a conversation within the reader, regardless of professional experience, regarding which therapeutic factors are ultimately most helpful to children and adolescents.

My Baby and Me

Author: Lynn Reiser
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375985468
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 32
View: 648
A NATURAL FOLLOW-UP to parent-baby bonding seen in You and Me, Baby!, Lynn Reiser and Penny Gentieu’s new concept book focuses on sibling bonding of the two-to-four year old with the new baby in the family. Told in the voice of the “big” brother or sister, close-up photos show the two siblings together doing what each does best, such as drinking from bottle versus from a cup, or giving a toothless gummy smile versus a big toothy grin. It’s a nice mix of diverse children of both genders. Here is an upbeat book that helps preschool siblings feel special and important as it promotes a loving relationship.

The Baby Bump and Beyond: Me and My Baby HandBook

Author: Fred Tega
ISBN: 1304130010
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 106
View: 4696
"Presents an easy and convenient way to plan, enjoy and memorialize your pregnancy and birth experience."--Back cover.

I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)

Single Songbook
Author: Harry Warren,Bud Green
Publisher: Roba Digital Sheets
ISBN: 3841801803
Category: Music
Page: 7
View: 1065
This Ebook contains the score of the song in G-Major. It includes Piano, Vocals & Chords. The musical genre is Traditional Pop. Die Originalversion von "I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)" wurde 1926 veröffentlicht. In den letzten Jahrzehnten wurden zahlreiche Bearbeitungen des Songs angefertigt. In dieser Ausgabe sind die Klaviernoten im Violin- und Bassschlüssel enthalten. Text, Akkorde und Gesangsmelodie sind separat notiert.

Me and My Baby View the Eclipse

Author: Lee Smith
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698140885
Category: Fiction
Page: 288
View: 5349
A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK “Extremely powerful…Me and My Baby View the Eclipse is about striving and the secret nobility of people who live in a small-town American South. In these stories—thank heaven—not everything fits: they are loose, they are sometimes awkward, but just about every one shines with revelation and awe in the face of momentary greatness and tragedy.…Nearly every one of these stories could move a reader to tears, for in almost every one of them there is a moment of vision, or love, or unclothed wonder that transforms something plain into something transcendent.”—The New York Times Book Review “Remarkable…Lee Smith is a Southern storyteller in the very best tradition, combining an unmistakable voice with an infallible sense of story.… Her craft is so strong it becomes transparent, and, like the best storytellers, she knows how to get out of the way so the story can tell itself.”—San Francisco Chronicle “From its wonderful title to its final sentence, this book brims with the poetry of the South.”—Los Angeles Times Book Review “Marvelously entertaining…These are stories you want to read again to catch all the things you missed the first time around."—The Boston Globe

Breeze (Blow my Baby back to me)

as performed by Jim Reeves, Single Songbook
Author: James F. Hanley,Ballard Macdonald,Joe Goodwin,Jim Reeves
Publisher: Roba Digital Sheets
ISBN: 384180098X
Category: Music
Page: 7
View: 7108
Here available is the score of the song in Eb-Major. It includes Piano, Vocals & Chords. The musical genre is Traditional Pop. Die Originalversion von "Breeze (Blow my Baby back to me)" wurde 1919 veröffentlicht. Von verschiedenen Künstlern wurden in den letzten Jahrzehnten zahlreiche Bearbeitungen des Songs angefertigt. Die bekannteste Version stammt von Jim Reeves. In dieser Ausgabe sind die Klaviernoten im Violin- und Bassschlüssel enthalten. Text, Akkorde und Gesangsmelodie sind separat notiert.

I'm Pregnant, Now What?

Heartfelt Advice on Getting Through An Unplanned Pregnancy
Author: Ruth Graham,Sara Dormon
Publisher: Gospel Light Publications
ISBN: 9780830735754
Category: Religion
Page: 208
View: 6726
We have been where you are. Our book comes out of experience. This book has been written by people who know what you are confronting. If you are reading this, you are full of questions for which you have few if any, answers. People may be giving you answers, but they do not really know your questions and do not seem to be listening to you. You are under a great amount of stress and pressure. You may be alone in your dilemma with no support from those who made you promises. You feel rejected and betrayed. You are hurt and angry. We understand those feelings. It is our desire to address your needs factually and to encourage you. We will examine the issues involved from all sides and give you the best information available so you can make a decision with which you can live.

My Babies and Me

Author: Tara Taylor Quinn
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459253655
Category: Fiction
Page: 224
View: 4183
By the Year 2000: BABY! What have you resolved to do by the year 2000? Susan Kennedy's going to have a baby…by the time she turns forty. Which is in the year 2000. It's something she's wanted—planned—for the past decade. Now she's got everything she needs to go ahead. A nice home, a successful career, a loving family. Everything except for a husband. She used to have a husband—Michael Kennedy—and that's the man she wants for her baby's father. She only needs Michael's "biological" contribution, though. But then, when Susan's pregnant, she discovers two unexpected complications: 1. She loves Michael more than ever and wants him to be her husband again—and a father to his child. 2. There isn't goin to be one baby, but two—she's having twins!

Me and Us

Special Memories of a North Carolina Country Girl
Author: Faye L. Gardner
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1622122909
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 198
View: 3876
"This is my story. It's the unvarnished truth about my cultural heritage and it starts in the countryside of southeastern North Carolina. My parents and my entire family have always found things to laugh about in life. When I married my husband, we spent our first 15 months together in Casablanca, which proved a wonderful opportunity to explore another culture." Faye Lanier Gardner grew up on a small farm in Pender County, North Carolina, about 30 miles from the well-known beaches. This book is about her many unusual experiences growing up. As a very young child, she had typhoid fever, and before school age, she also had osteomyelitis, a bone infection of the left arm, which was very painful and debilitating. But this pain became her gain. As a high school senior, she was eligible for a full college scholarship because of her "handicap." Faye met her husband-to-be during her first month of college. They married almost four years later. She received her BS in business education and English education from East Carolina University, and her M.Ed. in occupational education from North Carolina State University, Raleigh. She taught at Campbell University, Forsyth County Schools, Hardbarger Business College, and Wake County Public Schools. She also performed secretarial duties on Nouasseur Air Depot near Casablanca, North Africa, and at a law office in Winston Salem.

The Boss, the Baby and Me

Author: Raye Morgan
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 9781426882265
Category: Fiction
Page: 384
View: 7210
In this secretary's opinion, Allman Industries' newest bigwig was a snake in the grass! After all, the feud simmering between the rival Allman and McLaughlin clans had divided Chivaree, Texas, for over a century. So why in tarnation had Kurt McLaughlin switched sides to work for Jodie Allman's family-run her boss no less? Although Jodie harbored a forbidden attraction to the disarmingly handsome thorn in her side, she didn't trust him. Then, in a twist of fate, she found herself playing house with the sidelined single dad--and her heart melted at the sight of Kurt doting on his angelic baby girl. Would Jodie be satisfied with mending fences with the enemy after a taste of family bliss had given her an appetite for so much more?

My Baby, My Baby Our Timeless Journey of Faith, Hope, and Love

Author: Alma B. Allen and Jennifer B. Sturgeon
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1496904613
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 316
View: 7117
Life and death struggles, a common thread that connects us as human beings, are vividly revealed in this inspirational and unforgettable true story as told by a mother and her daughter of their babies, born with life threatening birth defects. Swept away on an uncharted and treacherous journey one thing clearly emerges, God, the ultimate thread that held them together through their darkest hours, was waiting for them there. He gave them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness so He might be glorified through their babies' life and death struggles. (Isaiah 61: 3b) At every bend in the road lives were forever changed. The baby boy unable to ever speak a word about what he endured in his fight for life went to his grave never knowing what a giant impression his tiny handprint had left on every heart he touched...leaving this world a better place than he found it. For the little girl, the veil separating Heaven and Earth was lifted . . . "Mommy, I see an angel!" Hoping to get a glimpse, her mommy searched the hospital room eagerly. "Where do you see an angel?" her mommy asked. She pointed overhead, "Up there . . . in the corner of my room . . . one angel with big, pink wings." Although her mommy didn't see the Heavenly being, together they felt the comfort of its presence. On their timeless journey of faith, hope, and love, their loving God went with them through it all: healing hearts, changing lives, sharing their deepest sorrows, and sending his angels to comfort and help them. Their stories, formed in the crucible of life and death struggles, were transformed by the grace of God into a thing of beauty. "He hath made every thing beautiful in his time." (Ecclesiastes 3: 11a, KJV)

The Cattleman, the Baby and Me

Author: Michelle Douglas
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426855249
Category: Fiction
Page: 192
View: 6628
4th May, Newarra Cattle Station, the Outback… Dear Diary, I came to the Outback to fulfill my sister's wishes and find my baby nephew's father. But poor Harry no longer has a daddy, so I'm staying with his uncle. Liam's an Outback cattleman through and through, and doesn't seem happy about us landing on his doorstep. But, wow, he's unbelievably gorgeous! I've seen his tough edges soften whenever little Harry smiles…maybe I can make his heart melt, too? Sapphie x


Author: Holly Chamberlin
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0758288212
Category: Fiction
Page: 400
View: 9710
And To Think Pink Was Once My Favorite Color. . . Then the two pink lines appeared. Pink, as in positive. . .as in pregnant. . .as in pure, unadulterated panic. This wasn't supposed to happen: I'm scheduled to marry the handsome, successful, and very appropriate Ross Davis in six months. Unfortunately, while Ross may not rock my world with kitchen-table sex, his technique worked well enough to put a bun in my thirtysomething oven. . . Don't get me wrong, babies are great--in theory. But I enjoyed my life the way it was. Loved my job, my rooftop apartment, my friends; was having fun planning my wedding and gazing at my pretty three-carat diamond. I didn't need anything more. . .did I? Well, whatever I needed, here's what I currently have: A nasty case of morning sickness, a future mother-in-law obsessed with "Ross's Baby," and a custom-designed wedding dress I'll soon be too fat to wear. Now, as I burst the seams on my pencil skirts, I'm trying to take some small comfort in the fact that one is never too bloated for a really cute purse. But impending motherhood also has me reassessing more than my wardrobe--and wondering how fast I can finish growing up. . .

The Day My Baby Was Born

The Joys, Wonders, and Surprises of the Day You'll Never Forget
Author: LaNita McMeekan-Cates
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402242247
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 272
View: 7429
Inspiring Stories for Moms-to-Be | Real moms share their intimate birth stories Share in the beauty and wonder of the birth experience with this touching collection of true stories from 60 real moms, describing in their own words how their newborns came into the world. Their intimate recollections capture the remarkable range of birth experiences and remind us of the extraordinary bond that forms from this moment on. A great shower gift or self-purchase for expectant mothers that shares the amazing childbirth experience. Beautifully packaged to reflect the warmth, wonder, and mystery of the childbirth experience, The Day My Baby Was Born presents true stories from a wide variety of women about the different ways their child came into the world and the incredible bond this moment forms among all mothers.The Day My Baby Was Born gives moms-to-be a full sense of what to expect, through real stories from real people - the voices of friends, sisters, neighbors, and others sharing their own thoughts on the incredible moment. Featuring these stories: Birthing Iris: a slight deviation from the plan (Meredith Davis) Longer second labor, drug free (Laura Hubacek) Easy pregnancy and easy labor (Missy Bowen) My second baby was more difficult than my first (Allison McGee) Baby born on due date (Ally Channing) First baby born at home (Nancy Hatcher) The birth of my baby Carson (Brenda Allen) Our big surprise! (Trina Hollander) Jakson's birth story (Cristina Ramirez) Fast labor (Sara Hankes) Hurry up, Doc! (Harmony T) Extremely easy first delivery (Paige Nelson) My second birth just as wonderful as the first (Rachel R) A different water birth than expected (Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt) The birth of my angel Kylee Faith (Stephanie Wiseman) Thirty-two-week preemie after bed rest (Marsha Hammond) Too easy to be a first (Toni Williams) C-section wasn't as bad as I expected (Vickie Freeman) A not-so-scary birth story (Rebecca K) Miss Ashely's arrival (Carrie Herbst) Fast and furious first baby (Beth Johanson) My angel Madison (Candice Pesotini) Third time's the charm (Ann Larson) No progress results in Cesarean (Michelle Schroeder) My baby boy...easy birth and easy baby (Hope Lehmann) Jade's birth story (Sara A) Water birth was perfect (Kim Goodspeed) Pregnancy-induced hypertension with first (Shelly Evans) Baby Bre's story (Jennine Mustard) Intense back labor with no epidural (Katherine Harris) Difficult pregnancy but completely worth it (Anneli Nilsson) First baby born at thirty-six weeks, but so easy! (Lynda Lipske) That can't be right! (Kathy Colbern) Twin girls and a bonus (Liz Adams) Four weeks early and long labor (Brenda Erickson) I did it my way but almost didn't makee it (Melissa W) Baby girl born early (Stephanie Williamson) Quick for a first-time mom (Ilona Pope) Suzaan, our mircle (Martie van Biljon) My sweet (big) baby girl (Allie McDonaldson) Great expectations run amok (Rachel Karlsen) Sunny-side up, baby Braxton (Autumn Fagan) Easy as 1-2-3 (Emily O'Reilly) The longest labor but well worth it (Cara Martin) My drug-free birth (Sheldene Wade) Come on, baby! (Lindsay A.E.) Fintan's birth story (Jessica Aldridge) Seven days late with 7 pound, 7 ounce girl (Lisa Patterson) Speedy first labor and delivery (Robyn Cassidy) Eyes wide open (Erika Starman) Seven-hour labor, one week late and all natural (Darlene Fulton) Overdue water birth at home (Kerri Connell) Long labor but easy delivery (Bonnie Wenzel) An unexpected delivery at home (Kris Krynicki) I loved my fast and easy delivery with Pitocin (Allison McGreger) Night of the full moon (Aimee Wimbush-Bourque) Lamaze teacher gives birth (Christine Hughes) The grand entrance of the second man in my life (Jennie C)

Angel Babies

Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies
Author: Patricia Seaver McGivern
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595636105
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 168
View: 7339
For any parent, losing a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death is devastating. For Patricia McGivern and her husband, Tim, it was no different. They endured fear and physical pain from the miscarriage of their first child. Four years later, Patricia heard a child call to her. Thinking it was her young daughter awakening from her nap, she turned around. But Meghan was not there; she was sound asleep upstairs. The communication continued, and Patricia, seeking guidance from intermediaries, became convinced she was communicating with her miscarried child from beyond. Exploring this connection to her lost son, she was able to communicate with her deceased parents as well. It was a journey that changed Patricias life as she never could have imagined. With Angel Babies, Patricia explores spirit communication with miscarried and other early-loss babies, a phenomenon thats quite universal. Patricia recounts her journey to bridging with her child and how the experiences lead her to become a certified hypnotist. In the course of her research, she met many others who have also communicated with their lost children. Through their inspiring stories, Angel Babies offers awareness, hope, and comfort to anyone facing the agony of the loss of a child.