My Mother's Breast

Daughters Face Their Mothers' Cancer
Author: Laurie Tarkan
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 1461600286
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 240
View: 1001
Focusing on the unique psychological needs of women who must deal with the pain and devastation of a mother's breast cancer while repressing their fears for their own health, Tarkan profiles a wide range of women who have witnessed the effects of breast cancer.

A Mother's Fight

Author: Minister Kathy Pierce Thompson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479796166
Category: Self-Help
Page: 55
View: 1758
A Mothers Fight tells the story of the tests trials and tribulations of a mothers fight against cancer. Two weeks after the death of her husband, my mother never had the chance to mourn his death, because she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The diagnosis of Breast Cancer began her five year battle with a disease that changed her life and all of our familys life as well. My mother had the type of breast cancer that did not have a root to it, therefore allowing it to come back at any time and travelling to different areas of the body. During the years of 2007 through 2012 my mother had cancer in the breast, lung, and brain. Living in a small town with not much of a health care system, we were brought out of our comfort zone. In order for my mother to be cured and get the health care she needed, we had to travel a great distance, my entire family had to help, and we had to depend on God and the people He brought into our lives. My family and especially my mother went through a storm in dealing with the little c word called cancer, however it taught us to trust God, pray, lean and depend not in our understanding but in the understanding and wisdom of God. The night before my mother had brain surgery, she heard the words to a song in her ear singing He wont fail thee. God did not fail my mother in her fight against cancer, and that lets me know He will never fail any of His children.

Breast Feeding and Sexuality

Behaviour, Beliefs and Taboos Among the Gogo Mothers in Tanzania
Author: Mara Mabilia
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781845452995
Page: 139
View: 4676
In this study, the author examines the cultural and social context of breast feeding among the African Gogo women of the Cigongwe's village in Tanzania.

Breast Cancer

Daughters Tell Their Stories
Author: Julianne S Oktay,J Dianne Garner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135418187
Category: Medical
Page: 432
View: 9749
“I will always and forever feel I have a 'hole' in my life where my mother once existed.” “I think, when you have to think about the fact you might have to take care of your parents someday and juggle kids at the same time…It's a scary proposition.” “We had open communication during and before the breast cancer. But then after the breast cancer, I was often afraid to bring things up, in trying to protect Mom.” This insightful book tells the stories of women whose mothers had breast cancer. It uses their own voices to express the common fears and expectations of daughters in the periods before and during their mothers' illnesses, involving genetic risks, death and dying, and changes in their relationships. The case studies, tables and figures, and two appendices will benefit health professionals and counselors, while the poignant narratives will help mothers and daughters better understand their experiences with breast cancer. “I was kind of surprised to be alive and free of cancer at age 42, when at this point my mother was crippled by metastases. When I get to be 43—the age at which my mother died, or maybe when I get to 44—it's like, 'what do I do?' I have this life that I didn't expect to have.” Breast Cancer: Daughters Tell Their Stories presents the results of a qualitative, grounded theory study of breast cancer survivors, providing in-depth information about an aspect of breast cancer that has been previously overlooked. The book examines the daughters' experiences through four phases—the period prior to mother's illness, the period during mother's illness and treatment, the period following mother's death (if mother dies), and the long-term impact. From this study, recommendations are compiled for providing or improving services for tomorrow's daughters. “The radical mastectomy left her scarred and disfigured below her nightgown. It was bruised and nasty looking. That was kind of scary. I think that has terrified me since. Sometimes I'll have pains in my left breast and that's what I visualize. It's terrifying.” “I'm not really obsessed about dying of cancer. I'm more along the line of, 'If this is going to happen to me, and there's a chance it's going to, I'm gonna survive. I'm not going to die from it.” From an empathetic perspective, this book reveals how many daughters react to and deal with their mothers' diagnoses, depending on their age and family situation at the time of their mothers' illnesses. It shows how daughters can gain a more accurate idea of their level of risk by providing educational materials and developing new strategies for communication. It also helps breast cancer survivors see how their illnesses can shape their daughters' future outlook, offering new inspiration for resolving and preventing family crises.

Around My Mother's Table

Stories and Recipes Celebrating Lives Lost to Breast Cancer
Author: Lisa Burton
Publisher: Lisa Burton
ISBN: 9781585973798
Category: Cooking
Page: 173
View: 1129
A cookbook featuring 39 recipes and treasured memories of women whose mothers died of breast cancer.

Understanding Breast Cancer Risk

Author: Patricia T. Kelly
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 9780877228134
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 157
View: 1601
The threat of breast cancer concerns all women. Those who rely on media reports of various risk factors find they often contain information that is confusing, contradictory, incomplete, and not relevant to individual risk. Patricia T. Kelly, a medical geneticist who specializes in breast cancer risk assessment and counseling, has brought together materials from the fields of genetics, medicine, epidemiology, sociology, and counseling to provide a guide to breast cancer risk analysis that is accessible to both health care providers and patients. By addressing the social as well as the scientific aspects of breast cancer risk, this book helps health care professionals to better guide and inform their patients. Understanding Breast Cancer presents the most up to date information about genetic and environmental factors that are either known or believed to influence the risk of breast cancer. Kelly discusses: how to interpret and clarify study results and statistics women's personal fears and beliefs the importance of understanding how each patient defines the disease special concerns of those who have a family history of cancer, benign breast disease, or questions about hormones the active role women should take in devising their own breast health program useful strategies and methods of effective communication to help patients put their risk into perspective and achieve appropriate breast health care This concise, clearly written book enables health care professionals to assess factors that contribute to breast cancer risk; to alleviate fears; to dispel myths about risk factors such as age, family history, diet, stress, and personality; and to help patients achieve an individual and comprehensive view of personal risk and appropriate breast health care. Author note: Patricia T. Kelly, Ph.D. is a medical geneticist who has specialized in providing Cancer Risk Analysis in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than ten years. She is the director of the Cancer Risk Analysis service at Children's Hospital of San Francisco and the author of Dealing with Dilemma: A Manual for Genetic Counselors.

The Baby Bump and Beyond: Me and My Baby HandBook

Author: Fred Tega
ISBN: 1304130010
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 106
View: 889
"Presents an easy and convenient way to plan, enjoy and memorialize your pregnancy and birth experience."--Back cover.

On Matricide

Myth, Psychoanalysis, and the Law of the Mother
Author: Amber Jacobs
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231512058
Category: Social Science
Page: 240
View: 1470
Despite advances in feminism, the "law of the father" remains the dominant model of Western psychological and cultural analysis, and the law of the mother continues to exist as an underdeveloped and marginal concept. In her radical rereading of the Greek myth, Oresteia, Amber Jacobs hopes to rectify the occlusion of the mother and reinforce her role as an active agent in the laws that determine and reinforce our cultural organization. According to Greek myth, Metis, Athena's mother, was Zeus's first wife. Zeus swallowed Metis to prevent her from bearing children who would overthrow him. Nevertheless, Metis bore Zeus a child-Athena-who sprang forth fully formed from his head. In Aeschylus's Oresteia, Athena's motherless status functions as a crucial justification for absolving Orestes of the crime of matricide. In his defense of Orestes, Zeus argues that the father is more important than the mother, using Athena's "motherless" birth as an example. Conducting a close reading of critical works on Aeschylus's text, Jacobs reveals that psychoanalytic theorists have unwittingly reproduced the denial of Metis in their own critiques. This repression, which can be found in the work of Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein as well as in the work of more contemporary theorists such as André Green and Luce Irigaray, has resulted in both an incomplete analysis of Oresteia and an inability to account for the fantasies and unconscious processes that fall outside the oedipal/patricidal paradigm. By bringing the story of Athena's mother, Metis, to the forefront, Jacobs challenges the primacy of the Oedipus myth in Western culture and psychoanalysis and introduces a bold new theory of matricide and maternal law. She finds that the Metis myth exists in cryptic forms within Aeschylus's text, uncovering what she terms the "latent content of the Oresteian myth," and argues that the occlusion of the law of the mother is proof of the patriarchal structures underlying our contemporary social and psychic realities. Jacobs's work not only provides new insight into the Oresteian trilogy but also advances a postpatriarchal model of the symbolic order that has strong ramifications for psychoanalysis, feminism, and theories of representation, as well as for clinical practice and epistemology.


Facing the Breast Cancer Gene and Making Life-Changing Decisions
Author: Dina Roth Port
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110144391X
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 288
View: 4348
The first guide to all surgical and nonsurgical options for women with a high risk for breast cancer. Advances in genetic testing and risk assessment have changed the face of medicine, but with them has come a Pandora's box of dilemmas. Imagine discovering you had a significant risk for developing breast cancer. What would you do? Through the incredible true stories of five young friends, as well as interviews with more than seventy top breast cancer experts, health writer Dina Roth Port addresses the universal questions of women everywhere who have watched family members suffer from the disease and wondered, "Am I next?" Full of practical information, Previvors is the first comprehensive book to guide women through the difficult process of determining their risk, weighing the options, and coping with the emotions of deciding to undergo surgery. Readers will learn: •The pros and cons of getting tested for the BRCA gene •How to decide between surgical or nonsurgical options •The latest research in breast cancer surveillance •The advanced new world of breast reconstruction •How to overcome body image and sex issues post-surgery, and more From navigating health insurance coverage to finding the right medical team, Previvors is an invaluable resource for women facing decisions about their risk and future health. Watch a Video

Mad Mothers, Bad Mothers, and What a "Good" Mother Would Do

The Ethics of Ambivalence
Author: Sarah LaChance Adams
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231537220
Category: Philosophy
Page: 256
View: 9776
When a mother kills her child, we call her a bad mother, but, as this book shows, even mothers who intend to do their children harm are not easily categorized as "mad" or "bad." Maternal love is a complex emotion rich with contradictory impulses and desires, and motherhood is a conflicted state in which women constantly renegotiate the needs mother and child, the self and the other. Applying care ethics philosophy and the work of Emmanuel Levinas, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Simone de Beauvoir to real-world experiences of motherhood, Sarah LaChance Adams throws the inherent tensions of motherhood into sharp relief, drawing a more nuanced portrait of the mother and child relationship than previously conceived. The maternal example is particularly instructive for ethical theory, highlighting the dynamics of human interdependence while also affirming separate interests. LaChance Adams particularly focuses on maternal ambivalence and its morally productive role in reinforcing the divergence between oneself and others, helping to recognize the particularities of situation, and negotiating the difference between one's own needs and the desires of others. She ultimately argues maternal filicide is a social problem requiring a collective solution that ethical philosophy and philosophies of care can inform.

Poems About Life Big City Style

Poems About Life Second Edition
Author: Jim Davis Jr.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469102854
Category: Poetry
Page: 119
View: 4887
There is no available information at this time.

Nursing Mother, Working Mother - Revised

The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding Your Baby Before and After Your Return to Work
Author: Gale Pryor,Kathleen Huggins
Publisher: Harvard Common Press
ISBN: 9781558323315
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 237
View: 4424
For the working mother: How to keep the breastfeeding bond between mother and child strong.


Physiology, Nutrition, and Breast-Feeding
Author: Margaret Neville
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461336880
Category: Nature
Page: 466
View: 4409
This book had its genesIs In the frustrations of the editors in locating authoritative, up-to-date material for an interdisciplinary graduate course in mammary gland biology, lactation, and breast-feeding. As we turned to the original literature several reasons for the dearth of usable material became clear: (1) In the areas of mammary gland biology and physiology, particularly as they relate to the human, reviews simply have not kept up with current research, which has in the last two decades provided tremendous insight into the mechanisms of milk secretion and its control. (2) The lack of interest in human milk as infant food inhibited researchers until very recently from investigating human lactation. (3) Much of the relevant clinical information remains anecdotal with little scientific basis. In this book we have tried to present the fundamentals of mammary gland physiology at the organismic and cellular levels in a form readily understood by physicians, scientists, and other professionals. This basic information is accompanied by authoritative reviews of the nutritional and immunological properties of human milk and by clinically relevant chapters designed to help health care professionals deal with the medical problems of the breast-feeding mother and her infant. We have strived in these chapters for up-to-date, authoritative, but readable accounts. In so far as possible we have avoided areas where much of our understanding rests on speculation. In the clinical domain this was not always possible because of a lack of solid, scientific information about breast-feeding.

You Don't Have to be Your Mother

Author: Gayle Feldman
Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated
ISBN: 9780393036404
Category: Breast
Page: 256
View: 6952
One woman's story of breast cancer, discovered in the midst of a hard-won pregnancy, captures the terror and hope with which she must deal, as she remembers her mother's struggle with the same disease. 30,000 first printing. National ad/promo. Tour.

Who She Was

My Search for My Mother's Life
Author: Samuel G. Freedman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743227353
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 337
View: 5565
Documents the author's efforts to learn about his mother's life before her early death, a personal quest during which he learns about his mother's desire for an education and rediscovers the Jewish immigrant Bronx of the 1930s and 1940s.

Advances in Human Clinical Nutrition

Author: Joseph J. Vitale,Selwyn A. Broitman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400982909
Category: Medical
Page: 228
View: 2007
Boston University School of Medicine has established a series of Medical Education Programs in Nutrition held each summer since 1975. These deal with controversies in human clinical nutrition. The subjects have covered various topics, including those dealing with the relation ships between diet and heart disease, diet and cancer, breast· versus bottle-feeding, and dietary fiber and disease. Other noncontroversial topics were also covered at these conferences; they were discussed simply to bring to the attention of the health professional new happenings in nutritional research. These topics dealt with the relationships of nutrition to immune function, to neurotransmitters, to infection, to obesity, and to chemotherapy. This text is a compilation of selected manuscripts of interest to the health professional in the area of human clinical nutrition. Whatever success this text enjoys is in no small way due to the ad ministrative and editorial efforts of our administrative assistant, Mrs Geraldine Rankin - our sincere thanks.

What To Expect When You're Breast-feeding... And What If You Can't?

Author: Clare Byam-Cook
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407029150
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 208
View: 1416
While some mothers take to breast-feeding like a duck to water, others just can't seem to get the hang of it. Clare Byam-Cook agrees that breast is best but she stresses that the most important thing is that your baby is fed - whether by the breast or bottle - and you, the mother, should feel comfortable with whatever you choose to do. This comprehensive guide contains all the latest information on breast-feeding your baby successfully, including: - how to prepare for breast-feeding - what to expect in the early stages - how to overcome common problems, such as sore nipples and mastitis And if you can't... the first rule is you shouldn't feel a failure. Clare Byam-Cook recognises there are certain circumstances where bottle feeding is an advisable alternative. Rather than making you feel guilty if you prefer, or have to, bottle feed, she is wholly supportive and sympathetic, providing you with all the practical advice and information you need.

Genetic Counseling in Breast Cancer

Author: Beth N. Peshkin
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 9781586037932
Category: Medical
Page: 150
View: 3488
"This publication is a testament to how far the field of genetic counseling for breast cancer susceptibility has advanced since the mid-1990s, following the cloning of two major breast (and ovarian) cancer susceptibility genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2. For women who test positive, several recent studies confirm what we suspected early on namely that prophylactic mastectomy and oophorectomy confer significant protection against the development of breast and ovarian cancer. Ongoing research to develop better screening measures for ovarian cancer is especially critical now given the substantial number of women who are identified by BRCA1/2 positive status as being at high risk for this disease. In addition, we are learning more about other genetic contributions to familial breast cancer risk including low penetrance gene mutations, SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and mutations in modifier genes. In this continuum of learning and awareness, it is the shared efforts of policy-makers, researchers, healthcare providers, theologians, ethicists, consumers, and others who will navigate us through and beyond the genetics nexus. As a community, we have a window of opportunity to embrace lessons learned from cancer genetic counseling and extrapolate them to other pursuits of genetic knowledge."

Boost Your Breast Milk

An All-in-One Guide for Nursing Mothers to Build a Healthy Milk Supply
Author: Alicia C. Simpson
Publisher: The Experiment
ISBN: 1615193472
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 256
View: 4020
I want to breastfeed my baby, but will I be able to? Every mom wants to produce enough nutritious milk for her tiny one—but many worry about low milk supply and other potential hurdles. In Boost Your Breast Milk, you’ll find the most up-to-date practices that support a healthy milk supply for baby and a healthy mom. Clear, calm advice on breastfeeding—preparing to nurse, latching techniques, when to feed, and more How to spot and manage the causes of low supply and milk slumps—from mastitis to your baby’s natural growth spurts What to eat when you’re nursing—from superfoods like avocado to naturally lactogenic (milk-boosting) foods like oats and papaya Plus, 75 recipes packed with goodness that the whole family can enjoy! A healthy beginning starts now!

Expectant Prayers for Expectant Mothers

Author: Jennifer J. Weiss
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1600344984
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 308
View: 3778
Day-by-day guide from planning pregnancy to delivery. Featuring over 260 engaging and interactive prayers formatted with a daily topic, verse, devotional, and journal tip. A book worth experiencing!