Natural garden style

gardening inspired by nature
Author: Noë̈l Kingsbury,Nicola Browne
Publisher: N.A
Category: Gardening
Page: 191
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A timely in depth exploration of approaches to garden design that take their inspiration from nature. Features a section on creating and maintaining your own natural style garden.

Gardens, Knowledge and the Sciences in the Early Modern Period

Author: Hubertus Fischer,Volker R. Remmert,Joachim Wolschke-Bulmahn
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3319263420
Category: Mathematics
Page: 374
View: 1651
This volume focuses on the outstanding contributions made by botany and the mathematical sciences to the genesis and development of early modern garden art and garden culture. The many facets of the mathematical sciences and botany point to the increasingly “scientific” approach that was being adopted in and applied to garden art and garden culture in the early modern period. This development was deeply embedded in the philosophical, religious, political, cultural and social contexts, running parallel to the beginning of processes of scientization so characteristic for modern European history. This volume strikingly shows how these various developments are intertwined in gardens for various purposes.

Garden Musings

Essays on Gardening and Life from the Kansas Flint Hills
Author: James K. Roush
Publisher: James Roush
ISBN: 1440137854
Category: Gardening
Page: 220
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In the first essay in "Garden Musings," this gardening writer states, "The evidence keeps racking up that I, the Hoosier-born offspring of several generations of farmers, chose through ignorance to garden in a delightful area combining the world's worst soil and an exasperating climate, all augmented by various man-made and natural catastrophes such as tornadoes, droughts, prairie fires, hail, drenching rains, ice-storms, late freezes, boiling summers, and seventy mile per hour winds. " Gardening, with all the pressures of struggle between the environment, wild animals, and the gardener, and particularly in the harsh Kansas weather, is not for the faint-hearted as demonstrated by the many essays in the book including Sweet (Corn) Pain, Weather-Weary, Midden Misery, and Soil Sorrows. While the essays are full of useful personal observations about gardening style, plant information, and garden practices, the author also turns his wry eye on tumbling a number of gardening tenets and institutions as he turns his attentions on composting, lawn maintenance, and landscape designers who work primarily in junipers, Japanese barberry and Stella de Oro daylilies. The timing and content of programming of the Home and Garden Television Network and the lack of availability of G-rated gardening statues are other topics that don't escape this garden curmudgeon. Gardeners searching for practical advice or simply for winter-reading pleasure will all find fulfillment within these pages.

Bunny Williams On Garden Style

Author: Bunny Williams
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1683350294
Category: Gardening
Page: 288
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First published in 1998, On Garden Style established Bunny Williams as a reputable expert on gardens. In Bunny Williams on Garden Style, Williams visits impeccably designed gardens around the world, shedding light on the key components that make a garden so appealing and idyllic. For Williams, gardens offer an escape, and she imparts vital information on how to envision your garden and design a space that translates into a lush sanctuary reflecting your taste and style. Once you’ve imagined your garden, Williams offers advice for bringing it to fruition—the garden structure,” furnishing the space, and establishing an aesthetic. The book also includes plant lists, a reading list, and more. Filled with new photography of spectacular gardens, this latest volume is both a wonderful inspiration and a practical guide to gardening from one of the world’s most renowned design experts. Also available from Bunny Williams: An Affair with a House and A House by the Sea.

The English Flower Garden

Style, Position, and Arrangement
Author: William Robinson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108037127
Category: Gardening
Page: 718
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This 1883 best-selling gardening book revolutionised garden design in later Victorian England, advocating a more natural style.

Thai Garden Style

Author: William Warren
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462907237
Category: Gardening
Page: 192
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This Thai gardening book presents the finest luxury gardens of Thailand and is of enormous importance to the field of tropical gardening. Containing over 250 photographs by world-renowned Italian photographer Luca Invernizzi Tettoni and authoritative text by gardening expert William Warren, Thai Garden Style is a unique book. Showcasing many of the finest contemporary Thai gardens in lavish color, it contains a wealth of botanical and other information. Some of the gardens are in private homes, others in top international hotels and resorts, and each is a fantastic portrayal of tropical luxury. Rich in detail and superbly photographed, Thai Garden Style will be of great interest to professional landscape architects and weekend gardening enthusiasts alike, as well as to anyone interested Thailand's extraordinary architecture and cultural heritage.

The Country Garden

Author: John Brookes
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780863187421
Category: Gardening
Page: 224
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An inspirational and practical book of country gardens and gardening techniques, for all those who dream of creating their own country retreat. This book is designed to appeal to the country gardener, showing the practical techniques as well as the tools and materials necessary. It covers every size, style and type of garden including the country garden in any town. John Brookes is the author of The Garden Book, The Indoor Garden Book and The New Small Garden.

A Garden on the Edge

Creating a Heritage Habitat Garden
Author: Lorin Knapp
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 148364586X
Category: Gardening
Page: 139
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Daily life for most of us, particularly Americans, frequently achieves a pace that becomes busy to the point of being harried. As one activity spins into another, each day distinguishes itself little from any other day. In a like manner, our immediate surroundings of buildings, products, or media set a uniform scene for our lives. Meanwhile, the sameness spreads from one place to another relentlessly leaving cities and suburbs where once could be found bucolic countryside, native landscape, and wildlife habitat. Many people seek an escape. That escape need not be far away. It can be as close as a home garden, particularly one based upon a natural design that belongs where it is located. Particularly well suited to providing an escape from the mundane is a garden filled with native plants that belong in the general area of the site and that are chosen to specifically fit the conditions of the site. By being within such a garden, the authenticity of its site lets both people and wildlife know that they are home. A garden that provides such authenticity finds itself resting gently on the land gracing the site with a natural style that belongs. That garden breaks away from some of the conventions of design promoted by various media and the horticulture industry that intend first to sell profitably produced plants and landscaping material across the nation. Media promoted gardening styles, including the plants in them, besides intended for use just about anywhere come in and out of fashion and use. One years set of must-have plants and landscaping materials promoted by the media replaces another in succession. Meanwhile, the horticultural industry, naturally in pursuit of as much business as possible, touts varieties of plants for garden use that are adaptable to as wide an area as possible. As a result, similar-looking gardens or at least the plants in them appear across the country and even around the world often out of context of the area in which the garden grows. Having the latest plants and garden style at a minimum provides a point of conversation for the gardener and visitors to the garden even if much the same plants and landscaping appear across town or across the continent. Just as uniformity in garden styles and ubiquitous plants seem nearly to overtake suburban and urban areas, a movement to landscape with native plants has begun to gain acceptance. Any gardener can be a part of this. The effort to include native plants reflects a desire by some gardeners and landscapers to create a garden anchored with a sense of the place that includes the garden. This new direction may be happening just in time. More and more native habitats disappear leaving fewer places for the native plants that lived there, not to mention the wildlife that joins them. Both native plants and wildlife need new places in which to live. Home gardens that incorporate places for native plants and wildlife may be those sanctuaries. All gardeners are in fact gardening on the edge of an era in which widely dispersed cultivated gardens may be the key in continuing the existence of some plants and maybe even some of the other living things that go with them. In order to show an example of how a new garden style incorporating native plants can be done in nearly every garden, the story of the evolution of the gardens at Windflower Grove has been used for illustration. Growing on the tallgrass prairie of central Iowa along a woodland edge, the gardens continue to be the authors own life work, which continues on as it has for over sixty years. Many specific methods proven in the gardens to work for growing native plants are shared in order to make inclusion of native plants a little easier for others. Gardening with inclusion of native plants and encouragement of wildlife gradually evolved over the years at Windflower Grove into a garden style that can be described as heritage habitat gardening. Specific rules of the style are few and flexible in o


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Category: Ornamental horticulture
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New complete guide to gardening

Author: Susan A. Roth
Publisher: Better Homes & Gardens Books
ISBN: 9780696025730
Category: Gardening
Page: 600
View: 1744
A reference provides complete information on nearly five hundred plants, including growing tips, maintenance techniques, and favorable conditions for trees, vegetables, herbs, fruits, vines, annuals, perennials, ground covers, lawns, and more. 75,000 first printing. Tour.

New Wild Garden

Author: Ian Hodgson
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 9780711237285
Category: Gardening
Page: 176
View: 5773
New Wild Garden combines new approaches to a more naturalistic design with the practical side of growing wildflowers and shows how to incorporate wildflowers, real meadows and a looser meadow-style planting into gardens and wild spaces. With serious concern into the decline of pollinators and habitats, meadows are currently the focus of enormous creativity. Gardeners, wildlife lovers, professional designers and seed manufacturers are all pushing the envelope of what can be grown, the pictorial effects that can be achieved, and the benefits that this provides for gardeners and wildlife. This book includes 15 step-by-step projects and an essential plant list, as well as offering inspiration to gardeners and an overview of the most influential movement in garden design over recent decades. In this book you can learn: * How to sow or plant meadow to suit your space * Planting plans for every plot size: from a container, small patch, allotment or an acre * How to grow and propagate more than 50 kinds of wildflowers * Understand and emulate the new natural style followed by designers * Meadow recipes for every soil, situation and wildlife habitat.

Natural Style for Gardens

Author: Francesca Greenoak
Publisher: SOMA Books
ISBN: 9781579590338
Category: Gardening
Page: 159
View: 4359
Describes garden styles sympathetic to their natural environments, and includes advice on plant selection and placement, working with different ecological conditions, and providing for the needs of wildlife within the garden

Gardening All-in-One For Dummies

Author: The National Gardening Association,Bob Beckstrom,Karan Davis Cutler,Kathleen Fisher,Phillip Giroux,Judy Glattstein,Michael MacCaskey,Bill Marken,Charlie Nardozzi,Sally Roth,Marcia Tatroe,Lance Walheim,Ann Whitman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118053168
Category: Gardening
Page: 744
View: 2008
"God almighty first planted a garden: and, indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures." --Sir Francis Bacon National surveys show that gardening has become the most popular, least exclusive hobby nationwide. From the balconies of Manhattan to the patios of Malibu to the backyards of Chicago, anybody with a few square feet of earth is doing their best to make their little corner of the world more gracious and beautiful. And the best thing is, you really don't have to be born with a green thumb to give life to a glorious garden. Anybody can do it with a little coaching. Which is where Gardening All-in-One For Dummies comes in. Puzzled by pruning? Baffled by bulbs? Can't tell a hosta from a hyacinth? Don’t worry! This all-in-one reference delivers the know-how you need to transform your little patch of the outdoors into a blooming paradise. Drawing upon the expertise of the National Gardening Association, it gets you up to speed on: Basic gardening skills—from understanding your microclimate to using gardening tools to managing pests and common plant diseases How to design, plan and build a garden landscape that reflects your unique sense of style Selecting, planting and maintaining stunning roses Building a raised bed for your perennials and making them bloom in any climate Choose, grow and maintain annuals From amaryllis to spider dahlias to wood tulips—coaxing beauty from homely bulbs Enjoying nature’s bounty by growing you own vegetables and herbs A veritable encyclopedia of gardening, this Gardening All-in-One For Dummies is an indispensable resource for novices and experienced gardeners alike. It brings together between the covers of a single volume seven great books covering: Gardening Basics Garden Design Roses Perennials Annuals Bulbs Vegetables and Herbs Your one-step guide to a beautiful garden, Gardening All-in-One For Dummies shows you how to experience the “purest of human pleasures” in your own backyard.

The Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Gardening
Page: N.A
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Plants in Garden History

An Illustrated History of Plants and Their Influences on Garden Style
Author: Penelope Hobhouse
Publisher: Pavilion
ISBN: 9781862056602
Category: Gardening
Page: 336
View: 6052
How did exotic, oriental plants find their way into the borders of English gardens? Penelope Hobhouse - plantswoman, garden designer and authority on historic gardens - is uniquely qualified to shed new light on the absorbing history of gardens from ancient Egypt to the twentieth century. This is the definitive book on the history of gardens and gardening which describes the evolution of the Western model and explains the various historical factors which have created the modern idea of gardening as both art form and popular pastime. In her magnificent survey of the rich heritage of Western gardening, Penelope Hobhouse's engrossing text is perfectly complemented by an unsurpassable collection of beautiful illustrations that range from the earliest Egyptian tomb painting to some of today's best garden photography. Great care has been taken in the design of the book, making it both structured and accessible. 'Plants in Garden History' is a classic work that will be referred to for many years to come.

Exploring Garden Style

Creative Ideas from America's Best Gardeners
Author: Lee Anne White,Taunton Press
Publisher: Taunton Press
ISBN: 9781561584741
Category: Architecture
Page: 170
View: 5992
A step-by-step guide to creating a garden based on theme, style, or need--from kitchen gardens to tropical gardens--furnishes a look at the pleasures of creating a landscape that nurtures the gardener as well as wildlife. Original.

French Garden Style

Author: Georges Lévêque,Marie-Françoise Valéry
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Category: Gardening
Page: 239
View: 4311
Reveals the atmosphere and artistry of more than 30 of France's most beautiful gardens.

What Gardens Mean

Author: Stephanie Ross
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226728070
Category: Gardening
Page: 271
View: 2981
Are gardens works of art? What is involved in creating a garden? How are gardens experienced by those who stroll through them? In What Gardens Mean, Stephanie Ross draws on philosophy as well as the histories of art, gardens, culture, and ideas to explore the magical lure of gardens. Paying special attention to the amazing landscape gardens of eighteenth-century England, she situates gardening among the other fine arts, documenting the complex messages gardens can convey and tracing various connections between gardens and the art of painting. What Gardens Mean offers a distinctive blend of historical and contemporary material, ranging from extensive accounts of famous eighteenth-century gardens to incisive connections with present-day philosophical debates. And while Ross examines aesthetic writings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including Joseph Addison's Spectator essays on the pleasures of imagination, the book's opening chapter surveys more recent theories about the nature and boundaries of art. She also considers gardens on their own terms, following changes in garden style, analyzing the phenomenal experience of viewing or strolling through a garden, and challenging the claim that the art of gardening is now a dead one. Showing that an artistic lineage can be traced from gardens in the Age of Satire to current environmental installations, this book is a sophisticated account of the myriad pleasures that gardens offer and a testimony to their enduring sensory and cognitive appeal. Beautifully illustrated and elegantly written, What Gardens Mean will delight all those interested in the history of gardens and the aesthetic and philosophical issues that they invite. "Replete with provocative musings, Ross delineates links that should prove interesting to readers engaged in pondering our capacity to relate to the natural world through the gardens we create."—Booklist "[A]n innovative and absorbing study of the garden as an object of aesthetic interest."—Allen Carlson, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism "[P]leasantly readable. . . . A thought-provoking book for all who reflect as they dig."—Noel Kingsbury, Country Life "[A] refreshing view of the subject. . . . Ross's book is continually illuminating in unexpected ways."—Gillian Darley, Architects' Journal "What Gardens Mean is a wonderful intellectual combination of discussions on the interdisciplinary histories of art, gardening, and philosophy."—Choice

All About Creating Japanese Gardens

Author: Ortho
Publisher: Meredith Books
ISBN: 9780897214896
Category: Gardening
Page: 112
View: 5096
Getting started -- Designing a Japanese garden -- Elements of Japanese gardens -- Plants for Japanese gardens.

Nature and Ideology

Natural Garden Design in the Twentieth Century
Author: Joachim Wolschke-Bulmahn
Publisher: Dumbarton Oaks
ISBN: 9780884022466
Category: Architecture
Page: 278
View: 8528
This volume explores the broad range of ideas about nature reflected in 20th- century concepts of natural gardens, suggesting the various ways in which "nature" is an ideologically defined concept. The 11 contributions range from an evolutionary perspective on the concept of native plants by Stephen Jay Gould to a piece on nationalism and Teutonic trends in early 20th century landscape design. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR