Reporting World War II: the 75th Anniversary Edition 2C BOX SET

Author: Samuel Hynes
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781598535105
Category: History
Page: 1882
View: 1195
This deluxe two-volume collector's boxed set captures a world at war as seen through the eyes of a generation's greatest reporters. Released to mark the 75th anniversary of America's entrance into World War II, this Library of America two-volume boxed set gathers the acclaimed collection that evokes an extraordinary period in American history--and in American journalism. In two authoritative Library of America volumes, nearly 200 pieces by 80 writers record events from Munich to the birth of the nuclear age. Included are reports by William L. Shirer, Edward R. Murrow, Martha Gellhorn, Ernie Pyle, Margaret Bourke-White, and scores of other of the era's great journalists, as well as the complete texts of two books: Bill Mauldin's Up Front, the classic evocation of war from the GI's point of view, presented with his famous cartoons, and Hiroshima, John Hersey's compassionate account of the first atomic bombing and its aftermath. Each volume contains a chronology, maps, biographical profiles, notes and a glossary, and 32 pages of photographs.

Reporting World War II.: American journalism, 1944-1946

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781883011048
Category: Journalism
Page: 1882
View: 2037
An anthology of articles describing World War II written by numerous journalists from 1938 to 1944.

Myth and the Greatest Generation

A Social History of Americans in World War II
Author: Kenneth Rose
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135909946
Category: History
Page: 384
View: 1199
Myth and the Greatest Generation calls into question the glowing paradigm of the World War II generation set up by such books as The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw. Including analysis of news reports, memoirs, novels, films and other cultural artefacts Ken Rose shows the war was much more disruptive to the lives of Americans in the military and on the home front during World War II than is generally acknowledged. Issues of racial, labor unrest, juvenile delinquency, and marital infidelity were rampant, and the black market flourished. This book delves into both personal and national issues, calling into questions the dominant view of World War II as ‘The Good War’.

American Nightingale

The Story of Frances Slanger, Forgotten Heroine of Normandy
Author: Bob Welch
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416586494
Category: History
Page: 320
View: 2806
Of the 350,000 American women in uniform during World War II, none instilled more hope in American GIs than Frances Slanger. In Army fatigues and helmet she splashed ashore with the first nurses to hit the Normandy beach in June 1944. Later, from a storm-whipped tent amid the thud of artillery shells, she wrote a letter to Stars and Stripes newspaper that would stir the souls of thousands of weary soldiers. Hundreds wrote heartfelt responses, praising Slanger and her fellow nurses and honoring her humility and patriotism. But Frances Slanger never got to read such praise. She was dead, killed the very next day when German troops shelled her field hospital, the first American nurse to die in Europe after the landing at Normandy. Frances Slanger was a Jewish fruit-peddler's daughter who survived a chilling childhood in World War I-torn Poland and immigrated to America at age seven. Inspired by memories of her bitter past and a Nazi-threatened future, she defied her parents' wishes by becoming a nurse and joining the military. A woman of great integrity and courage, she was also a passionate writer and keeper of chapbooks. This is the story of her too brief life.

World War II in Literature for Youth

A Guide and Resource Book
Author: Patricia Hachten Wee,Robert James Wee
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810853010
Category: Education
Page: 391
View: 5673
This comprehensive volume provides a wealth of information with annotated listings of more than 3,500 titles—a broad sampling of books on the war years 1939-1945. Includes both fiction and nonfiction works about all aspects of the war. Professional resources for educators aligned to the educational standards for social studies; technical references; periodicals and electronic resources; a directory of WWII museums, memorials, and other institutions; and topics for exploration complement this excellent library and classroom resource.

Eine kurze Geschichte der alltäglichen Dinge

Author: Bill Bryson
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641090970
Category: Fiction
Page: 640
View: 7195
Die Welt verstehen, ohne einen Fuß vor die Tür zu setzen Was bleibt nach der „Geschichte von fast allem“ eigentlich noch zu schreiben? Die Geschichte von fast allem anderen, natürlich. Bill Bryson hat sich daher in seinen vier Wänden umgesehen und sich gefragt: Warum leben wir eigentlich, wie wir leben? Warum nutzen wir ausgerechnet Salz und Pfeffer, und weshalb hat unsere Gabel vier Zinken? Aber es bleibt nicht bei Geschichten von Bett, Sofa und Küchenherd. Die Geschichte des Heims ist auch immer eine der großen Entdeckungen und Abenteuer. Ohne die Weltausstellung in London hätte man vermutlich das Wasserklosett nicht so schnell zu schätzen gelernt. Und ohne die großen Entdecker müssten wir wohl ohne Kaffee, Tee oder Kakao auskommen. Bill Bryson zeigt uns unser Heim, wie wir es noch nie gesehen haben. Und wir verstehen ein wenig mehr, warum es so ist, wie es ist.

Journalists at Risk

Reporting America's Wars
Author: George Sullivan
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books
ISBN: 9780761327455
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 128
View: 1310
Covers reporters' roles and risks during war time; the issue of censorship; and how their jobs have changed with each conflict since the Civil War.

Denn das Blut ist das Leben

und andere Geschichten
Author: Francis Marion Crawford
Publisher: neobooks
ISBN: 3847612859
Category: Fiction
Page: 72
View: 9817
Nachdem sein Name lange Zeit fast vergessen war, ist Francis Marion Crawford (1854-1909) in den letzten Jahrzehnten wieder als Meister übernatürlicher Erzählungen ins literarische Bewusstsein gerückt. Diese Sammlung präsentiert neben einer Einführung in Leben und Werk Crawfords vier seiner fantastischen Geschichten: „Die obere Koje“: Mr. Brisbane erzählt von seiner Begegnung mit einem Geist auf einem Ozeandampfer , „wenn es ein Geist war. Tot jedenfalls war es.“ - H.P. Lovecraft rühmte „Die obere Koje“ als Crawfords „Meisterwerk und eine der eindruckvollsten Horrorgeschichten in der Literatur überhaupt.“ „Denn das Blut ist das Leben“: eine düster-romantische Vampirgeschichte, die durch ihre nahezu poetischen Passagen und die gekonnte Skizzierung des ebenso harschen wie pittoresken süditalienischen Schauplatzes besticht. „Der kreischende Schädel“: eine eindringliche, psychologisch-raffinierte Warnung vor dem allzu sorglosen Umgang mit makaberen Anekdoten. „Der Puppengeist“: Bernard Puckler, Londons führender Puppendoktor, wird von Todesangst um seine Tochter Else und von einer unheimlichen Erscheinung heimgesucht. - Eine Geschichte nicht ohne Sentimentalität, aber mit sanfter Ironie erzählt und einmal mehr virtuos im Spannungsaufbau. Übersetzt, eingeleitet und herausgegeben von Thomas Jeenicke.

Reporting World War 2

Author: John Hersey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781931082051
Category: History
Page: 874
View: 994
Includes the work of nearly ninety writers, including Ernie Pyle, Martha Gellhorn, A.J. Liebling, and Edward R. Murrow, capturing the urgency of events as they happened.

Tales of the Great American Victory

World War II in Politics and Poetics
Author: Diederik Oostdijk,Markha G. Valenta
Publisher: Vu University Press
ISBN: 9789053839768
Category: History
Page: 211
View: 7479
The essays featured here are all based on papers presented at the conference The Stories of World War II, which was held in the Summer of 2004 at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This volume contains essays by young, up-and-coming European and American scholars as well as by top researchers in the field of war and culture, including Steven Gould Axelrod on war poetry, Lorrie Goldensohn on Holocaust memoirs, and Pulitzer-prize winning historian John W Dower on the analogy between World War II and the Iraqi war.

We, the People: Since 1865

Author: Peter N. Carroll
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780534593575
Category: Education
Page: 732
View: 4012
This if Volume II (chapters 15-30) of WE THE PEOPLE. Crafted from the ground up to be a "brief" U.S. History text (rather than a condensed version of a larger text), WE THE PEOPLE tells the story of America through five recurring, interwoven themes: (1) the role of interacting cultures in the development of the American nation; (2) the social/cultural environment's interaction with political forces; (3) the evolution of a national identity; (4) changing cultural values; and (5) individuals' attempts to impose order on physical place and chronological time. Frequent quotations from individuals at all levels of society make this text well-rounded in its presentation of social and cultural history. In addition, each chapter opens with a story that features a longer quotation that illuminates the topics, events, and themes explicated in that chapter. WE THE PEOPLE is available in the following split options: WE THE PEOPLE, Complete, First Edition (Chapters 1-30), ISBN: 0534593550; WE THE PEOPLE, Volume I to 1877 (Chapters 1-15), ISBN: 0534593569; WE THE PEOPLE, Volume II, Since 1865 (Chapters 15-30), ISBN: 0534593577.

Der Knüller

Author: Evelyn Waugh,Elisabeth Schnack
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783257211764
Page: 282
View: 7052


Eine junge Frau überlebt in Berlin 1940 - 1945
Author: Marie Jalowicz Simon
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104028974
Category: Fiction
Page: 416
View: 9214
Berlin 1942: Die Verhaftung durch die Gestapo steht unmittelbar bevor. Die junge Marie Jalowicz will leben und taucht unter. Über 50 Jahre danach erzählt Marie Jalowicz Simon erstmals ihre ganze Geschichte. 77 Tonbänder entstehen – sie sind die Grundlage dieses einzigartigen Zeitdokuments. Offen und schonungslos schildert Marie Jalowicz, was es heißt, sich Tag für Tag im nationalsozialistischen Berlin durchzuschlagen: Sie braucht falsche Papiere, sichere Verstecke und sie braucht Menschen, die ihr helfen. Vergeblich versucht sie, durch eine Scheinheirat mit einem Chinesen zu entkommen oder über Bulgarien nach Palästina zu fliehen. Sie findet Unterschlupf im Artistenmilieu und lebt mit einem holländischen Fremdarbeiter zusammen. Immer wieder retten sie ihr ungewöhnlicher Mut und ihre Schlagfertigkeit – der authentische Bericht einer außergewöhnlichen jungen Frau, deren unbedingter Lebenswille sich durch nichts brechen ließ. Mit einem Nachwort von Hermann Simon, Sohn von Marie Jalowicz Simon, Historiker und Direktor der Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin – Centrum Judaicum.

Italy's Sorrow

A Year of War, 1944-45
Author: James Holland
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Category: Italy
Page: 606
View: 2874
James Holland's ground-breaking account expertly documents the German advance to the stalemate of the Gothic line and a segment of Italian history that has been largely neglected. The war in Italy was the most destructive campaign in the west as the Allies and Germans fought a long, bitter and highly attritional conflict up the mountainous leg of Italy during the last twelve months of the Second World War. While the Allies and Germans were slogging it out through the mountains, the Italians were fighting their own battles, one where Partisans and Fascists were pitted against each other in a bloody civil war. Around them, civilians tried to live through the carnage, terror and anarchy while, in the wake of the Allied advance, beleaguered and impoverished Italians were forced to pick their way through the ruins of their homes and country and often forced into making terrible and heart-rending decisions in order to survive.


United Press International Covering the 20th Century
Author: Richard M. Harnett,Billy G. Ferguson
Publisher: Fulcrum Pub
Category: History
Page: 368
View: 9959
This is a history of United Press International's role in the fight with the Associated Press: the battles won and lost, the UPI people who fought them and finally the agonizing demise of United Press International.

Together We Stand

America, Britain, and the Forging of an Alliance
Author: James Holland
Publisher: Miramax Books
Category: History
Page: 732
View: 4879
By the middle of 1942, Allied fortunes had reached their lowest ebb, Britain's military command was in tatters and the U.S., Britain's new ally, had only fledgling, severly under-trained forces. It seemed all might be lost in the Middle East, while collapse seemed inevitable in Russia. Yet at this crucial time, America and Britain began to work together, and it was this alliance of the weary combatant and naive newcomer, fighting shoulder to shoulder under shared command for the first time in North Africa, that would eventually lead to the defeat of the Axis powers in the west. Whilst drawing on a wide range of archival material from around the world and offering new perspectives and analysis to a critical period of World War II, Together We Stand is also about the men and women who found themselves caught up in this struggle, people drawn from all parts of the globe, from all ranks and services, to make up these polyglot Allied forces. From the heat and dust of the Western Desert to the mud and mountains of Northern Tunisia, Holland retells the remarkable stories of these brave soldiers and charts the extraordinary first days of an alliance that has worked together ever since.


Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Periodicals
Page: N.A
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WMD terrorism

science and policy choices
Author: Stephen M. Maurer
Publisher: The MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262012980
Category: History
Page: 608
View: 7394
This first comprehensive overview of what scientists and scholars know about WMD terrorism clears away many of the misconceptions that surround this topic.

A century of media, a century of war

Author: Robin Andersen
Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing
Category: History
Page: 350
View: 2022

Citizen soldiers

the U.S. Army from the Normandy beaches to the Bulge to the surrender of Germany, June 7, 1944-May 7, 1945
Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
Publisher: Hubsta Ltd
ISBN: 9780684848013
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 528
View: 1450
Draws on interviews with enlisted men to examine the last year of the war in Europe