The Rolls-Royce Armoured Car

Author: David Fletcher
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1780964021
Category: History
Page: 48
View: 4491
The first Rolls-Royce armoured car was a privately owned vehicle fitted with a machine-gun and a limited amount of armour plate, used by the Royal Naval Air Service in Flanders in 1914. By 1915, nearly 100 had been built and turned over to the Army. From then on, as Sir Albert Stern said 'They searched the world for war', operating as far apart as the northwest frontier of India, the Middle East and southern Africa. The cars were fast, quiet and reliable but above all powerful. 'A Rolls in the desert is above rubies,' said Lawrence of Arabia. After World War I, the War Office continued to produce the Rolls-Royce while tinkering with the design. These further cars served all across the Empire, including in Ireland and even later Shanghai, returning for a final brief appearance in the early stages of World War II.This book tells the complete story of the Rolls-Royce Armoured Car, following its design and development as it fought from theatre to theatre during World War I and the turbulent inter-war years.

Great War Tommy

The British soldier 1914-1918 (all models)
Author: Peter Doyle
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
ISBN: 9780857332417
Category: History
Page: 160
View: 9936
The Great War continues to fascinate, and never more so as we approach 2014, the centenary year of its outbreak. There is an abiding fascination in the uniform and equipment of the British Great War soldier. What was it like to wear? What were puttees? What does a gas mask look like? How heavy was the equipment? How did you dig a trench? These and other typical questions will be answered in Haynes Manual style, providing a vivid insight into life during the Great War for the average “Tommy Atkins."

JCB 3C MkIII Backhoe Loader (1977 onwards)

An insight into the design, engineering, maintenance and operation of JCB's iconic excavator loader
Author: Julian Carder
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
ISBN: 9781785210723
Category: Transportation
Page: 160
View: 3506
This Manual will cover the JCB Backhoe Loader - the iconic 'yellow' digger, variants of which have now been in production for over 50 years. The book will be produced with the full co-operation of JCB, who are likely to take approx 2,000 copies to use for promotional activity to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary in October 2015 (a year of celebrations is planed running until October 2016). JCB has an extensive archive from which material will be drawn for use in the book, and it is envisaged that the 'project vehicle' will be a 'classic' 1979 3C Backhoe Loader - revered by enthusiasts, and the machine that took JCB from leading British manufacturer to a global player.

War Cars

British Armoured Cars in the First World War
Author: David Fletcher
Publisher: Seven Hills Books
ISBN: 9780112904397
Category: Political Science
Page: 97
View: 4049

Camp Borden

A Century of Service
Author: William Anthony March,Terry Higgins
Publisher: Aviaeology
ISBN: 9780978069629
Category: History
Page: N.A
View: 9971
Camp Borden: A Century of Service is an overview of the history of this iconic institution. Over ten decades Borden has been a temporary posting, as either instructor or trainee, for countless thousands of military men and women who have served Canada in peace and war. For generations it has been a home to military families. And for a century it has been a part of the local community fabric of Ontario. This book, in a small way, pays tribute to Camp Borden as a unique part of Canada s history and heritage. It is not the complete story of Camp Borden, but hopefully it will inspire the reader to dig deeper into the layered history of a Canadian military treasure. Profusely illustrated with a good number of photos published here for the first time. For one hundred years Camp Borden has been part of the Canadian military landscape. During that time it has become an integral part of the history of the country, the province and the local counties. Thousands of men and women who have passed through Borden s gates have gone on to the serve the nation in peace and war leaving their mark on the Camp in countless ways. Families have called it home, even if for the short period of time that makes up a military posting, creating stories and memories of their own. Units have come and gone; some with the startling rapidity that is a hallmark of military life, while others have resided at Borden for decades and each has a rich history of its own. To put it simple, the history of Camp Borden is too large a tale to be captured in a book of this size. So the reader should consider this but a taste of the sumptuous banquet that is Borden s story. Commissioned by Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart Beaton (Retired), the Director of the Base Borden Military Museum, this book commemorates one hundred years of a very unique institution, but it does not tell the complete tale. There is much more work to be done. And an excellent starting place would be a visit to the Military Museum, and its Air Force Annex, where one will discover elements of Camp Borden s history that could not be covered in so slim a publication. Reaching out and touching one of the armored vehicles in the Major-General Worthington Memorial Tank Park, or visiting the restored First World War training trench, will give the visitor a concrete link to the words in this book. Wrinkles and all, Camp Borden is still going strong and will soldier on for many years to come. The landscape may change, buildings will come and go, and its role will adapt to changing times, but the men and women who are the heart and soul of Borden will see to it that the camp continues to serve Canada with honor. The stories that will fill the next chapter of Borden s history are even now being written. Enjoy the read. Major William A. March, CD Trenton, Ontario, March 2016"


The story of veteran motoring’s most famous car
Author: Rodney Loredo
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1787110079
Category: Transportation
Page: 160
View: 9426
Genevieve is the first definitive, documented, ownership history and cinematic record of the 1904 French Darracq motorcar. This car was propelled to international fame as Genevieve, in the record breaking 1953 film that centred around the annual London to Brighton run for veteran cars pre-1905.

The Most Secret Place on Earth

The Story of the East Anglian Village of Elveden and the Birth of the World's First Tanks
Author: Roger Pugh
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781904006763
Page: 144
View: 1830

RAND in Southeast Asia

A History of the Vietnam War Era
Author: Mai Elliott
Publisher: Rand Corporation
ISBN: 0833049151
Category: History
Page: 694
View: 3794
This volume chronicles RAND's involvement in researching insurgency and counterinsurgency in Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand during the Vietnam War era and assesses the effect that this research had on U.S. officials and policies. Elliott draws on interviews with former RAND staff and the many studies that RAND produced on these topics to provide a narrative that captures the tenor of the times and conveys the attitudes and thinking of those involved.

Eyes of Artillery

The Origins of Modern U.S. Army Aviation in World War II
Author: Edgar F. Raines
Publisher: Government Printing Office
Category: Aerial observation (Military science)
Page: 372
View: 1653

Memoirs Of A Cold War Son

Author: Post, Jr. Gaines
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 1587293048
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 248
View: 8617
In 1951 Gaines Post was a gangly, bespectacled, introspective teenager preparing to spend a year in Paris with his professorial father and older brother; his mother, who suffered from extreme depression, had been absent from the family for some time. Ten years later, now less gangly but no less introspective, he was finishing a two-year stint in the army in West Germany and heading toward Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, having narrowly escaped combat in the Berlin crisis of 1961. His quietly intense coming-of-age story is both self-revealing and reflective of an entire generation of young men who came to adulthood before the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. Post's experiences in high school in Madison, Wisconsin, and Paris, his Camus-influenced undergraduate years at Cornell University, and his army service in Germany are set very effectively against the events of the Cold War. McCarthyism and American crackdowns on dissidents, American foreign and military policy in Western Europe in the nuclear age, French and German life and culture, crises in Paris and Berlin that nearly bring the West to war and the Post family to dissolution—these are the larger scenes and subjects of his self-disclosure as a contemplative, conflicted "Cold War agnostic." His intelligent, talented mother and her fragile health hover over Post's narrative, informing his hesitant relationships with women and his acutely questioning sense of self-worth. His story is strongly academic and historical as well as political and military; his perceptions and judgments lean toward no ideological extreme but remain true to the heroic ideals of his boyhood during the Second World War.

A Guide to the Naval Records in the National Archives of the UK

Author: Randolph Cock,N. A. M. Rodger
Publisher: Institute of Historical Research
ISBN: 9781905165391
Category: Great Britain
Page: 383
View: 7386

1914-1938 Armored Fighting Vehicles

Author: George Bradford
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811742113
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 136
View: 8341
George Bradford's latest collection of scale drawings of armored fighting vehicles focuses on the years from World War I to the eve of World War II.

British Battle Tanks

British-made tanks of World War II
Author: David Fletcher
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472821491
Category: History
Page: 288
View: 429
Plagued by unreliable vehicles and poorly thought-out doctrine, the early years of World War II were years of struggle for Britain's tank corps. Relying on tanks built in the late 1930s, and those designed and built with limited resources in the opening years of the war, they battled valiantly against an opponent well versed in the arts of armoured warfare. This book is the second of a multi-volume history of British tanks by renowned British armour expert David Fletcher MBE. It covers the development and use of the Matilda, Crusader, and Valentine tanks that pushed back the Axis in North Africa, the much-improved Churchill that fought with distinction from North Africa to Normandy, and the excellent Cromwell tank of 1944–45. It also looks at Britain's super-heavy tank projects, the TOG1 and TOG2, and the Tortoise heavy assault tank, designed to smash through the toughest of battlefield conditions, but never put into production.

Inside the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Styling Department 1971 to 2001

Author: Graham Hull
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 184584601X
Category: Transportation
Page: 176
View: 876
A unique and personal account of young designer’s journey after joining that most prestigious of marques, Rolls-Royce. Sometimes eccentric, often humorous, the workings of this uniquely British institution during a period of immense change are described in detail. Generously supported by previously unseen illustrations, the author’s story, from his position as designer to Chief Stylist, pulls back the curtain concealing an idiosyncratic institution, motivated as much by pride as the bottom-line.

RAF Wings Over Florida

Memories of World War II British Air Cadets
Author: Willard Largent
Publisher: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 9781557532039
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 258
View: 479
"In their own words, British pilots tell of their Florida experiences. Many of them still in their late teens, away from home the first time, pale and thin from years of rationing, these young men encountered immense challenges and overwhelming generosity during their training in Florida. Now retired, these former pilots still smell the scent of orange blossoms when they glance through the log books they kept while flying their Stearmans and Harvards over Florida citrus groves. They fondly remember the times when they buzzed over the homes of their Florida "families" to let them know to expect them for Sunday dinner. More than fifty years later, their stories still resonate with universal emotions: fear of failure, love of country, camaraderie, romantic love, and the pain of tragic deaths. Their stories also remind the American reader of a unique time in our history, when, poised on the brink of war, the United States reached out to help a country in distress."--BOOK JACKET.

Aeronautical Research in Germany

From Lilienthal until Today
Author: Ernst Heinrich Hirschel,Horst Prem,Gero Madelung
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642184847
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 694
View: 7993
From the pioneering glider flights of Otto Lilienthal (1891) to the advanced avionics of today’s Airbus passenger jets, aeronautical research in Germany has been at the forefront of the birth and advancement of aeronautics. On the occasion of the centennial commemoration of the Wright Brother’s first powered flight (December 1903), this English-language edition of Aeronautical Research in Germany recounts and celebrates the considerable contributions made in Germany to the invention and ongoing development of aircraft. Featuring hundreds of historic photos and non-technical language, this comprehensive and scholarly account will interest historians, engineers, and, also, all serious airplane devotees. Through individual contributions by 35 aeronautical experts, it covers in fascinating detail the milestones of the first 100 years of aeronautical research in Germany, within the broader context of the scientific, political, and industrial milieus. This richly illustrated and authoritative volume constitutes a most timely and substantial overview of the crucial contributions to the foundation and advancement of aeronautics made by German scientists and engineers.

Disciplinary Convergence in Systems Engineering Research

Author: Azad M. Madni,Barry Boehm,Roger G. Ghanem,Daniel Erwin,Marilee J. Wheaton
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331962217X
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 1201
View: 3108
The theme of this volume on systems engineering research is disciplinary convergence: bringing together concepts, thinking, approaches, and technologies from diverse disciplines to solve complex problems. Papers presented at the Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER), March 23-25, 2017 at Redondo Beach, CA, are included in this volume. This collection provides researchers in academia, industry, and government forward-looking research from across the globe, written by renowned academic, industry and government researchers.

Panzer III

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. A to N (SdKfz 141)
Author: Michael Hayton,Dick Taylor
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
ISBN: 9780857338273
Category: History
Page: 160
View: 1650
When Hitler unleashed Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union in June 1941, the 23-tonne Panzer III was in the vanguard of the German assault. The German Panzer III tank (official designation Panzerkampfwagen III, Sd Kfz 141, abbreviated to PzKpfw III) saw widespread use during the Second World War campaigns in Poland, France, the Soviet Union and the Balkans, and in North Africa with the famous Afrika Korps. A small number were still in use in Normandy (1944), at Anzio (1943), in Norway and Finland and in Operation Market Garden (1944). Some 5,774 were built between 1937 and 1943. Although the Panzer III was conceived to operate alongside the infantry-supporting Panzer IV to fight other tanks and armoured fighting vehicles, the roles were reversed when the German Army came up against the formidable Soviet T-34 tank. A tank with a more powerful anti-tank gun was needed so the Panzer IV with its larger turret ring and long-barrelled 7.5cm KwK 40 gun was used in tank-versus-tank battles, with the Panzer III being redeployed in the infantry support role. Production of the Panzer III ended in 1943, although its dependable chassis provided hulls for the Sturmgeschutz III (StuG III) assault gun, one of the most successful of the war, until the end of the war. Centrepiece of the Haynes Panzer III Tank Manual is the Bovington Tank Museum's PzKpfw III Ausf L, which has been restored to running condition. This tank belonged to the same battalion as the museum's famous Tiger I (the 501st (Heavy) Panzer Abteilung) and is an early production Ausf L, modified for tropical service. It was shipped via Naples to Benghazi in Libya in July 1942 and was issued to the 8th Panzer Regiment, part of the 15th Panzer Division and probably fought in the Battle of Alam Halfa. It was subsequently captured by the British Army and shipped to the UK.The Tank Museum has restored the tank to running order, has repainted it in its original camouflage and markings and is currently replacing many of the ancillary tools and equipment that it carried.

Rolls Royce Motors: The Crewe Years

Author: Malcolm Bobbitt
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781908347183
Category: Transportation
Page: 64
View: 6020
Rolls-Royce Motors: The Crewe Years covers the five generations of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys built at Crewe from the company's wartime effort to becoming an icon of luxury.