Sod Sitting, Get Moving!

Getting Active in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond
Author: Muir Gray,Diana Moran
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472943783
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 192
View: 1875
Sod Sitting, Get Moving! is the must-have guide to keeping fit and healthy in your sixties, seventies and beyond. Specifically designed for older adults the exercises, stretches and strengthening movements will help keep you fit, strong and supple for the years ahead. You will feel better, look better and younger and reduce your risk of disability and dementia. As we get older too many of us spend our time sitting and not exercising. This is a call to arms Â? a bonfire of the slippers! Walk more, get moving, get exercising, get fitter, and feel better! This handy book shows you how. With easy exercise ideas created by Green Goddess and health and fitness expert Diana Moran, with text from Sir Muir Gray, author of the bestselling Sod Seventy!, this is the perfect present for yourself, or for anybody turning sixty, seventy or eighty!

Sod Sixty!

The Guide to Living Well
Author: Claire Parker,Muir Gray
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472926005
Category: Medical
Page: 240
View: 3851
Getting older doesn't matter. Keeping active does. Sod turning sixty, make those small changes now and reap the rewards in your later decades! In the bestselling Sod Seventy! Sir Muir Gray demanded a 'bonfire of the slippers' and a reframing of what it is to be seventy and older, and how to make the most of your seventies, by closing the 'fitness gap' to stay fit and strong. Sod Sixty! is a fun, friendly, hands on guide to navigating your sixties - a very different decade with very different demands. Find out how to get fitter whatever your 'history', how to eat healthily, how to juggle looking after yourself with the responsibilities of family, friends and work, and how to make the most of this decade of change. But this is no boot camp regime. Sod Sixty! acknowledges the reality of our daily lives, and has a balanced approach, packed with achievable, practical and realistic strategies to improve your health and wellbeing. Our sixties are often thought of as the 'turning point' decade. Use this as an opportunity to take stock - to look after yourself, reduce your risk of disease and make simple lifestyle and attitude changes that will have real impact later on. Use your sixties to make sure you face your seventies more resilient and independent rather than more vulnerable as time passes. This series appeals to anyone looking for straightforward, practical, non-faddy advice to help them stay active and healthy. Written by Dr Claire Parker, a GP in her sixties, Sod Sixty! publishes at the same time as sister volume Sod it! Eat Well.

Sod Seventy!

The Guide to Living Well
Author: Muir Gray
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472918983
Category: Self-Help
Page: 224
View: 6805
Many of the problems older people suffer from have, as their underlying cause, a fundamental loss of fitness. Others are caused by preventable diseases (with these even being preventable after the age of seventy) and, broadly speaking, from the wrong approach to life, influenced by negative social pressures. This book – uniquely targeted at the 60–75 demographic – tells you what steps you can take in late middle age to give you the best chance of living a long, healthy and fulfilling later life. Keep fit, keep the brain going, and with a spot of good fortune you can be living a rewarding, active life into your nineties and beyond. This book – part exercise book, part manifesto for a happier, healthier life – tells you how.

Exercise for Older Adults

ACE's Guide for Fitness Professionals
Author: Cedric X. Bryant,Daniel J. Green
Publisher: Coaches Choice
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 291
View: 9575
Exercise for Older Adults: ACE's Guide for Fitness Professionals (Second Edition) offers a timely update of this go-to resource for the fitness industry. Original authors have added new information to their chapters, and four new contributors lend their expertise to the book. Each chapter provides comprehensive guidelines for fitness professionals who serve the older adult population, covering subjects such as physiology, health challenges, communication and motivation techniques, exercise modes and techniques, basic strength training guidelines, and more.

Age is Just a Number

What a 97 year old record breaker can teach us about growing older
Author: Charles Eugster
Publisher: Sphere
ISBN: 0751565385
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 288
View: 8122
Retired dental surgeon Charles Eugster rekindled a love of competitive rowing he'd neglected for most of his adult life at the age of 63. He took up bodybuilding at the age of 87. And at the age of 95 he started sprinting for the first time in his life, becoming World Champion at 200m indoor and 400m outdoor. He is a world record holder for his age group in a number of sports, and has 40 Gold Medals for World Masters Rowing. In this book, Charles shares his journey and his passionate belief that growing older needn't slow you down. And he shows his readers how taking on new challenges, learning new things, and improving your body as it ages is not only fun, but rewarding for the individual, and beneficial to society.

Eat Well for Less

Author: Jo Scarratt-Jones
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473530555
Category: Cooking
Page: 256
View: 2514
Do you find it difficult to budget for your weekly shop? Are you tempted by impulse buys and special deals? Do you make the same meals week in, week out? Eat Well for Less shows you how to create more nutritious dishes for your family while spending less on your supermarket shop. As well as 80 delicious recipes, you will find a meal-planning guide, help on freezing and storing food, a family budget planner and lots of ideas to get kids cooking. Learn how to use your leftovers, make savvy swaps and add more fruit and veg to your diet without spending extra time in the kitchen. With tasty food, sample shopping lists and practical tips from Gregg, Chris and the experts from the hit BBC show, this is your essential guide to eating well for less.

A SUPER Home Exercise Book For Seniors

An Empowering Home Exercise Routine That Really Packs A Punch
Author: Kevin Saint Clair
Publisher: Saint Clair Fitness
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 67
View: 1170
This book provides Seniors and people who are aging into their mature years, with some very effective, scientifically based exercise techniques and combines them into a workout routine, which can be performed at home, or in an assisted living facility. This exercise book for aging men and women has a well-rounded workout, which will increase strength in all major muscle groups...FAST. This book provides Seniors and people who are aging into their mature years, with some very effective, scientifically based exercise techniques and combines them into a workout routine, which can be performed at home, or in an assisted living facility. Having spent a quarter-century studying and applying strength techniques to Athletes, recreational enthusiasts and military personnel, I explain the fastest methods, known to man, to regain and develop strength in certain muscle groups. Members of the U. S. Navy SEALS and other elite members of the Armed Forces currently use modified versions of some of these exercises, when deployed, due to their limited access to exercise equipment. I designed this routine specifically for Seniors, not only for its effectiveness but also for the same reason of possible, limited access to exercise equipment. This book provides Seniors with some very effective, scientifically based exercise techniques and combines them into a workout routine, which can be performed at home, or in an assisted living facility. This exercise book for the aging has a well-rounded workout that will increase strength throughout all of your major muscle groups...FAST. Seniors are "aging-in-place" now more than ever before and with the routine in this book, they can now strengthen all of the major muscle groups in the body, get daily exercise and noticeable improvements from this routine without having to purchase any exercise or fitness equipment. This is one the most effective exercise books for the aging because it condenses certain revolutionary training principles into a book, for seniors and aging individuals and allows them to use these exercise methods in the privacy of their own home. Exercise is even more important for aging seniors due to the loss of muscle mass, decreasing bone density and other physical limitations among many of them. "Aging gracefully" includes a daily plan of some type of exercise activity, eating healthy meals and following a low-stress lifestyle. It is said that people who follow these principles live a more-fulfilled life and aging seniors are no exception to this rule. Exercise has been proven to lower stress, increase muscle tissue, fight depression, obesity and a host of other health problems. Regular exercise is crucial to improve the quality of life among today's aging seniors. Seniors now have the knowledge and "tools" to perform a full-body workout at home, which is zero impact and minimizes the risk of injury by emphasizing slow and controlled exercise movements.


Author: Jessica Matthews
Publisher: Althea Press
ISBN: 9781623158064
Page: N.A
View: 9043
Discover how the practice of stretching can increase your flexibility, strengthen your body, and renew your youth with Stretching to Stay Young. As we age, our bodies move less and less. And the less we move, the tighter our muscles and joints become. But this isn t our natural state in fact, our bodies were designed for movement. Stretching is a gentle, simple activity that anyone can do. Doctors often prescribe stretching to patients to alleviate ongoing aches and pains, as well as improve range of motion and flexibility. Those who enjoy an active lifestyle find that regular stretching improves athletic performance and decreases the risk of injury. Jessica Matthews knows how important stretching is. Her work as a seasoned yoga instructor, exercise physiologist, and graduate-level health educator has impacted thousands of lives, and has made her a leading and trusted expert in the health and fitness industry. In Stretching to Stay Young, Jessica meets you at your current level of stretching ability and guides you step-by-step through each stretch, arming you with the confidence you need to progress into deeper levels of stretching for enhanced flexibility and strength over time. Stretching to Stay Young is your all-in-one guide to creating a stretching regimen that is tailor fit to your specific needs. In these pages you ll find: Detailed illustrations that provide visual aids for the correct positioning of your body Easy-to-understand explanations of the cutting edge research behind each stretch and how it works Change it up tips for modification that allow you to increase or decrease intensity level while stretching The most current, up-to-date information on the basic how-to s of proper stretching Beginning to end guidance from preparation to self-customization, Stretching to Stay Young delivers stretching options that consider your current issues and the lifestyle you want to lead No matter your age or level of activity, Stretching to Stay Young will take the confusion out of starting and put the enjoyment into stretching. "

The 9/11 Commission Report

Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Authorized Edition
Author: National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393060416
Category: History
Page: 604
View: 1373
Provides the final report of the 9/11 Commission detailing their findings on the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Fitness for the Over 60s

Author: Susie Dinan,Craig Sharp
Publisher: Piatkus Books
ISBN: 9780749923181
Category: Exercise for older people
Page: 144
View: 6118
This exercise programme has been developed to meet the needs of the older exerciser. It focuses on strengthening muscles and bones, on improving stamina and increasing mobility.

Timeless Style

What to Wear Over Fifty; Dressing Well for the Rest of Your Life
Author: Anna Harvey
Publisher: Double Barrelled Books
ISBN: 9780957150096
Category: Self-Help
Page: 176
View: 3529
For the high-spending, full-living baby boomer generation, dressing well is as important as ever after all, if 50 is the new 30, then 60 is the new 40. But much as the baby boomers might wish to avoid the facts different ages bring different dressing conundrums. No-one wants to be thought of mutton dressed as lamb, but neither do they want to look like mutton dressed as more mutton. The good news is that it IS possible to be well-dressed, stylish and happy. Timeless Style will show you how, and its author, Vogues Anna Harvey, who advised Diana, Princess of Wales on styling, will be the perfect guide. She is authoritative, direct, helpful, sympathetic and positive. Timeless Style covers such essentials as what to wear to suit your shape; how to disguise the bits you dont like and show off the bits you do; what to spend money on, what to save money on and much, much more. Timeless Styles subtitle is Dressing Well for the Rest of Your Life. When youve read it, youll long to go shopping again.

Me Against My Brother

At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda
Author: Scott Peterson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135955514
Category: Political Science
Page: 400
View: 9974
As a foreign correspondent, Scott Peterson witnessed firsthand Somalia's descent into war and its battle against US troops, the spiritual degeneration of Sudan's Holy War, and one of the most horrific events of the last half century: the genocide in Rwanda. In Me Against My Brother, he brings these events together for the first time to record a collapse that has had an impact far beyond African borders.In Somalia, Peterson tells of harrowing experiences of clan conflict, guns and starvation. He met with warlords, observed death intimately and nearly lost his own life to a Somali mob. From ground level, he documents how the US-UN relief mission devolved into all out war - one that for America has proven to be the most formative post-Cold War debacle. In Sudan, he journeys where few correspondents have ever been, on both sides of that religious front line, to find that outside "relief" has only prolonged war. In Rwanda, his first-person experience of the genocide and well-documented analysis provide rare insight into this human tragedy.Filled with the dust, sweat and powerful detail of real-life, Me Against My Brother graphically illustrates how preventive action and a better understanding of Africa - especially by the US - could have averted much suffering. Also includes a 16-page color insert.

School Dinners

Author: Becky Thorn
Publisher: Anova Books
ISBN: 9781906032449
Category: Cooking
Page: 176
View: 2235
If you remember lusting after a Chopper, a Space Hopper or even The Milky Bar Kid, then chances are you’ll also have had school dinners. Steaming pies, sloppy mash and puddings drowning in custard evoke a plethora of memories, some good, others frankly awful – depending on what you had served up when you reached the front of the lunch queue. This is the book that will transport you back to those halcyon days, evoking the smells, flavours, tastes and textures of school dinners, covering everything from beef cobbler and spam fritters to chocolate concrete and jam roly-poly. 'School Dinners' is replete with full recipes to make over fifty dishes, including both traditional favourites and meals that were strictly school-canteen-only. They are all tried and tested, prised from the apron pockets of school cooks or otherwise recreated as authentically as possible. Cook yourself back to a golden age when tank tops were cool and lapels were so wide you could catch them on door frames. If you’ve got a craving for a food not eaten since school, chances are you’ll find it here – at last, an opportunity to reproduce the flavours of youth. Fill the kitchen with glorious smells and fill the stomachs of loved ones with custard - you could even round up a few friends and have a ‘back-to-school’ dinner party.

Lessons from the Miracle Doctors

A Step-by-step Guide to Optimum Health and Relief from Catastrophic Illness: Easyread Large Bold Edition
Author: Jon Barron
ISBN: 1442969563
Category: Medical
Page: 348
View: 3959
Holistic healers, herbalists, and renegade medical doctors throughout the world are performing miracles on a daily basis. Thousands of people have come to these ''miracle doctors''certain that they were terminally ill and have left perfectly healthy. And now the secrets of these miracle doctors are revealed in this book: a step-by-step program that will allow you to take back control of your own health and well-being.

The Stretching Bible

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Fitness and Flexibility
Author: Lexie Williamson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472929888
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 272
View: 1733
Let The Stretching Bible guide you through the key exercises to gain mobility, improve your sporting performance and prevent common muscular injuries. Whatever your age or ability, you'll find a range of stretches suitable for you, clearly organised by body part, including lower leg, back and upper body, to help target key areas of concern. The book also features a series of sports-related stretches aimed at keeping athletes supple, and includes a section on stretching techniques to avoid and treat common injuries such as lower back strain or iliotibial band syndrome, as well as easy stretches to help office and manual workers.

What Makes Women Happy

Author: Fay Weldon
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1556526814
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 229
View: 1516
With an inimitable wit and insight, this encouraging tome humorously addresses what women can do to lead more balanced lives. Women learn how to tackle anxiety, envy, guilt, and other sources of stress, while giving in to indulgences and desires like sex, food, friends, family, and shopping.

Stripped Bare

Author: Sharon Bull
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1788033248
Category: Psychology
Page: 192
View: 3205
A British woman in her mid-years, was finally catapulted into her worst months of shame and self-destruction, after thirty years battling with mental health issues including depression, anxiety and a spending addiction incurring 50k debt. This is a true story based on the experiences of the author Sharon Bull, who in 2010 lost almost everything, including her life, but it wasn’t until after her failed suicide attempt Sharon finally faced up to her fears. She transformed her life in a way that will inspire and encourage others to realise they can do the same, no matter how impossible it may seem. This is a heartfelt journey in which the author strips herself bare, allowing readers to see behind the façade we can so often portray to others. There will certainly be aspects of this story many relate to after reading her honest and open accounts about situations and circumstances that were repeatedly determined by past issues. The book also lifts the lid on the toxic effects our society can have on people's lives, and the huge pressure we put on ourselves as we tirelessly strive to live out the perfect lifestyles seen in magazines, adverts and media. It also helps to break down the stigma attached to mental illness and how our perceptions of others can be far from their reality.

Interaction Design

Beyond Human-Computer Interaction
Author: Jenny Preece,Yvonne Rogers,Helen Sharp
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119020751
Category: Computers
Page: 584
View: 2313
This is an ideal resource for learning the interdisciplinary skills needed for interaction design, human computer interaction, information design, web design and ubiquitous computing. This text offers a cross-disciplinary, practical and process-oriented introduction to the field, showing not just what principles ought to apply to interaction design, but crucially how they can be applied.

Fresh Face

The Easy Way to Look 10 Years Younger
Author: Diana Moran
Publisher: Hamlyn (UK)
ISBN: 9780600612117
Category: Beauty, Personal
Page: 128
View: 7845
[UNK] Forget surgery! Find out how to wipe years off your face, instantly and forever, the natural way; Diana Moran - TV's Green Goddess - is living proof that life after 50 can look and feel wonderful; Her 20 brilliant facial exercises will restore a smoother, more youthful face and neck; Work on your whole face or focus on any area that need attention; Also includes make-up tricks and beauty treatments for that immediate face lift

Fitness Over Fifty

An Exercise Guide from the National Institute on Aging
Author: National Institute on Aging,John Glenn
Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
ISBN: 9781578262243
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 134
View: 3116
Culled from the advice of a team of experts selected by the National Institute on Aging, a book-and-CD guide shares a range of exercises selected to help older adults maintain their health and independence, in a reference that provides coverage of staying motivated, increasing flexibility, and eating for optimum nutrition. Reprint.