Sold to the Billionaire

Author: Emily Tilton
Publisher: Stormy Night Publications
Category: Fiction
Page: 104
View: 6478
As the daughter of the prime minister, eighteen-year-old Heather Gerber is used to society’s high expectations, until the day her entire world is radically changed in an instant and she becomes little more than property to be bought, sold, and used in any manner her future owner sees fit. Brought to the Institute to be prepared for her eventual sale, Heather quickly finds herself naked, blushing, and helplessly aroused as she is thoroughly and painfully spanked by stern, handsome trainer Paul Federico. But though Paul knows that Heather will soon belong to a powerful billionaire, as he teaches her what it means to surrender her virgin body to a dominant man he cannot help falling for the beautiful, innocent girl. Can he find a way to claim her for his own? Publisher’s Note: Sold to the Billionaire is the twelfth book of The Institute Series. The books of The Institute Series are stand-alone novels which can be read in any order. Sold to the Billionaire includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Sold to the Billionaire

new adult bdsm punishment humiliation older younger
Author: Cherry Hampton
Publisher: Cam Girl Studios
Category: Fiction
Page: 20
View: 7074
Book 1 in the Billionaire's BDSM Brat series To pay a debt for a family member, spoiled nineteen-year-old Madison Pearson must live with mysterious billionaire Victor Blomquist. Although she agrees to the arrangement, she has no idea what she's about to step into... Victor Blomquist is an alpha male dom who has yet to find his perfect sub. When he presents Madison with her contract, he expects her to bail just like all the others. But Madison is a special kind of girl. Deep down, she knows she deserves to be punished for her years of misbehavior. And Victor wields the authority that she never even knew she craved. Please note: This 6,000 word erotic romance short story contains some adult themes, such as domination, submission, may december romance, and more. For adult readers only.

Sold to a Futanari Billionaire

Book 2 of "Futanari Billionaire"
Author: Ashley Berry
Publisher: Boruma Publishing
ISBN: 1370387776
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 7249
After sleeping with the futa billionaire Michelle Tanaka, Chelsea Summers is confronted by Michelle’s rival, the controversial socialite Chantelle LeBron, who gives her an offer she can’t refuse: meeting her musical idol, and wild futanari sex. But unfortunately, this naïve teen doesn’t realize great offers come with a catch. Chantelle never gives a good time away for free. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ She knew she was being followed. No matter which twist or turn she took, or however out of her regular route she went, the black car persisted in trailing behind her. It was getting scary. At first, Chelsea thought it might be Michelle Tanaka, the billionaire half-Japanese beauty and pharmaceuticals magnate who had been her lover for a night, but would Michelle really do this? The teenager hadn’t known Michelle long, but she knew it wasn’t like her to simply skulk behind her like a predator. If Michelle wanted to speak to her, all she had to do was pull up next to her and— “So how long are you going to keep running away from me, hon?” Chelsea froze. She turned to the tanned face peering out of the tinted window. “Surprise!” the woman said, and then giggled. “Remember me?” How could she forget? That bleach blonde hair, that sharp nose, those eight-hundred-dollar sunglasses. This wasn’t the tall, fierce Michelle Tanaka, but rather her younger gambling partner; the socialite billionaire heiress Chantelle LeBron. And her white Pomeranian yipping in her arms. “H-hello Miss LeBron.” She laughed. “Miss LeBron? Honey, come on. I know you served me drinks, but I’ve seen you naked! I think we can be a little less formal with each other.” Heat rose to Chelsea’s face at the memory. Sure, she had made a killing that night as the naked cocktail waitress to Michelle, Chantelle and Trisha – three billionaires who could buy and sell people without a second thought. But it had cost her no small amount of self-respect, which she was only just starting to recover. “Did you have fun with Michelle after your shift?” There was suddenly a sharp barb in Chantelle’s tone. She didn’t like the sound of it one bit. “W-what do you want?” The billionaire in the limo beamed. “To give you a ride! Hop in, I’ll take you wherever you’re going.” Chelsea didn’t exactly want the socialite taking her home, thus knowing where she lived. She had wanted to put that night at the casino behind her, and Chantelle’s presence was making that very hard. “I’m just out for a run. I’m not going anywhere.” The heiress raised an eyebrow. “You have to go home some time.” She motioned with her head. “Come on. I won’t bite. And neither will this little guy.” She held up the dopey-looking Pomeranian. “He’ll be so sad if Chelsea doesn’t come for a ride with us, won’t he?” she said in baby talk. “He loves it when pretty girls ride in his car, doesn’t he?” Chelsea crossed her arms over her chest as a chilly breeze wafted by. She figured she could just ask Chantelle to drop her off a few streets away – assuming she didn’t keep following her after. If she did, she’d just call the cops. If the cops would even believe her that she was being stalked by a billionaire socialite like Chantelle LeBron. “Okay, sure. I’ll get in.”

How to become a billionaire by selling nothing

Author: Aditya Magal
Publisher: Random House India
ISBN: 8184006187
Category: Humor
Page: 387
View: 8440
A billionaire stock investor with a dragon-sized ego finds himself in an outrageous pickle when an eccentric entrepreneur approaches him to invest in his company which makes a revolutionary new product–NOTHING. While the billionaire dismisses him with 1 lakh rupees to seek psychiatric help, the entrepreneur instead uses the money to start manufacturing NOTHING, assigning him a stake in the company as a sign of gratefulness. Caught in a precarious situation, the billionaire must now debate the validity of the stake he has unintentionally picked up in the company as it becomes more and more valuable each day with everyone from politicians to filmstars to aam aadmis parading the power of Nothing. Things escalate into a circus when another company sues for what they believe is a blatant patent plagiarism of their original idea. Rambunctious, packed with tons of sarcasm, spoofs, and sketches, How to Become a Billionaire by Selling Nothing looks at the inherent madness of human nature and the ridiculous lengths people go to while doing business.

Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge

Author: Clare Connelly
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459293185
Category: Fiction
Page: 192
View: 9319
Sold to the ruthless tycoon! Innocent socialite Marnie Kenington was devastated when her parents forced her to spurn Nikos Kyriazis. She’s never forgotten him, nor his raw sensuality. So years later, when Nikos insists on a meeting, Marnie’s heart leaps…until Nikos strikes a cold, hard deal. Her family is on the verge of bankruptcy and he will rescue them—if she becomes his wife! Marnie’s rejection drove self-made billionaire Nikos to unimaginable success. Now, he’ll take his revenge. Marnie’s poise is legendary, but he knows in the bedroom he can take her apart, piece by sensual piece…

The Self-made Billionaire Effect Deluxe

How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value
Author: John Sviokla,Mitch Cohen
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698198263
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 256
View: 2607
The Deluxe Edition of The Self-made Billionaire Effect includes seven videos of authors John Sviokla and Mitch Cohen expanding on the book’s themes and their findings, along with behind-the-scenes insights into what makes self-made billionaires unique.A study of self-made billionaires reveals the key distinction between “producers” and “performers” There are about 800 self-made billionaires in the world today. What enables this elite group to create truly massive value, and what can the rest of us learn from them? John Sviokla and Mitch Cohen set out to answer this question with the first systematic study of 120 self-made billionaires, including extensive interviews with icons like Steve Case, Mark Cuban, and T. Boone Pickens, Jr. The authors conclude that self-made billionaires aren't necessarily smarter, harder working, or luckier than their peers. The key difference is what they call the “producer” mindset, in contrast to the far more common “performer” mindset. Performers strive to excel in well-defined areas, and they are essential to any company. But producers are even more valuable because they redefine what's possible, rather than simply meeting pre-existing goals and standards. Producers think up entirely new products, services, strategies, and business models, with dramatic results. This book offers fresh stories and insights into producers' habits of mind. It also provides corporate leaders with a new approach to selecting and managing breakthrough talent, and advice about innovation and value creation for aspiring leaders or entrepreneurs.

The Billionaire's Vinegar

The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine
Author: Benjamin Wallace
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 9780307410306
Category: True Crime
Page: 336
View: 5718
The rivetingly strange story of the world's most expensive bottle of wine, and the even stranger characters whose lives have intersected with it. The New York Times bestseller, updated with a new epilogue, that tells the true story of a 1787 Château Lafite Bordeaux—supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson—that sold for $156,000 at auction and of the eccentrics whose lives intersected with it. Was it truly entombed in a Paris cellar for two hundred years? Or did it come from a secret Nazi bunker? Or from the moldy basement of a devilishly brilliant con artist? As Benjamin Wallace unravels the mystery, we meet a gallery of intriguing players—from the bicycle-riding British auctioneer who speaks of wines as if they are women to the obsessive wine collector who discovered the bottle. Suspenseful and thrillingly strange, this is the vintage tale of what could be the most elaborate con since the Hitler diaries. “Part detective story, part wine history, this is one juicy tale, even for those with no interest in the fruit of the vine. . . . As delicious as a true vintage Lafite.” —BusinessWeek

Rise of Utopia

U.S.A. Descending - Utopia Ascending
Author: Tanagrid Chongkittiraks
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1449065791
Category: Fiction
Page: 392
View: 2870
Rise of Utopia is a land that most people would dream the world and humanity to be, under the current situation of individual’s dissatisfaction. It wants to draw attention of the world readers to realize the world’s myth of an unknown mysterious nation – UTOPIA. The past, the current and the future story of the book do not all match today’s truth. But, they are somehow related in the possibility of author’s imagination and any incident may be twisted as the reader reads on.

Underwriting the Internet

How Technical Advances, Financial Engineering, and Entrepreneurial Genius are Building the Information Highway
Author: Leslie S. Hiraoka
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9780765615176
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 297
View: 8027
Filled with fascinating glimpses behind today's financial headlines, Underwriting the Internet is a fast-paced story of one of the most exciting developments that has ever occurred. This comprehensive treatment of the technical advances, financial engineering, and entrepreneurial genius behind the Internet revolution includes actual corporate case studies, stock market analyses, and synopses of regulatory investigations. While focusing on the Internet's commercial development, the author describes the little understood technical and financial areas of the Internet revolution. He shows how the industry set off an investment frenzy built on biased financial research, executive malfeasance, and lax oversight by corporate directors and government agencies that ultimately destroyed the majority of dot-com startups as well as countless investment portfolios across America. Hiraoka analyzes specific events and corporate alliances that contributed to the Internet's development, and compares the startup companies that began operating with questionable business plans that inevitably failed. He covers the anti-trust case against Microsoft; the successes of eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and Google; "road-kills" along the information highway such as the forgotten eToys; as well as the Enron implosion and other corporate scandals. After tracing this amazing story he concludes that the illegal practices and the ensuing $7 trillion loss in equity markets slowed the Internet revolution but could not snuff it out, and with worldwide economic recovery e-business surges onward.


The Unauthorized Biography
Author: Carlo DeVito
Publisher: Triumph Books
ISBN: 1629370436
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 368
View: 3603
In this revealing biography, the exhaustive research of acclaimed sports historian Carlo DeVito sheds new light on football coaching legend Bill Parcells, exposing the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach's moxie and lifelong dedication to football. The book digs deep into Bill Parcells' past to unlock the secrets of what made him who he is today, following him from his childhood, through 15 years of college coaching, to his first big chance in the pros and the year that almost broke him. With more than 3,000 interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, and scores of primary resources, DeVito's book brings Parcells to life as readers have never seen him before.

Taken Over by the Billionaire

A Billionaire Romance
Author: Miranda Lee
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460343506
Category: Fiction
Page: 192
View: 4269
Driven to distraction… Hotshot entrepreneur Benjamin Da Silva is used to being in the driver's seat, but when he finds himself in need of a chauffeur, beautiful, straight-talking Jess Murphy proves that sometimes taking his foot off the pedal can be equally pleasurable! Jess isn't impressed by his wealth, but each glimpse in the rearview mirror has her aching to climb into the backseat and submit to Benjamin's every command. His recent takeover cost her her job, and she knows she should steer clear—so why can't she get off the collision course leading right toward Benjamin?

Class and Race Formation in North America

Author: James W. Russell
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802096784
Category: Social Science
Page: 204
View: 2819
"Russell's meticulously researched and highly detailed book presents a critically important people's history of North America. It provides rich insights and demonstrates the potential of comparative research to broaden our perspective." - Dan Zuberi, University of British Columbia

Fast Company

A Memoir of Life, Love, and Motorcycles in Italy
Author: David M. Gross
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1429997540
Category: Travel
Page: 336
View: 1625
It's the thick of the mid-1990s boom, and David M. Gross is racking up billable hours for a Manhattan corporate law firm and thinking that there must be more to life. Out of the blue, a friend calls with a tantalizing and risky proposal: How would he feel about moving to Bologna to help turn around a legendary, down-on-its-luck Italian motorcycle company, known for its dominance on the track and its inability to turn a profit? After a brief soul-search and popping his first (unintentional) wheelie during his maiden ride on the company's monstrous superbike, he signs on. And so Gross heads to Bologna, fabled home of marbled meats, radical leftist politics, and bespoke shoes, diving into his new life as the "corporate image consultant" to gearheads and learning to navigate the giddy mores of Bolognese society. He meets the CEO, who can relax only on planes between meetings; the manic, bellicose bike designer, convinced that only his genius can save the company; and the director of the museum, obsessed by the factory's role in World War II. Gross sparks the business's "spectacularization" with sexy ad campaigns starring factory workers who, when not on strike, strut to the espresso machine clad in Versace. Above all, he falls in love with motorcycles, seduced by speed, and realizes that becoming a better rider means tapping into dormant parts of his self that, as it turns out, were just waiting to be unleashed. And when he picks up a handsome, young—and closeted—skinhead, things really get interesting . . . In sensuous, hilarious, and wildly entertaining prose, Gross pens a wry yet ecstatic love letter to an uproarious city and its style-obsessed denizens, and to the motorcycle that gave him the freedom to live life at its very fastest.


Author: Patricia McCormick
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783596852437
Page: 311
View: 1094
Ein Leben ohne Rechte: Lakshmi ist zwölf, als sie von ihrem Stiefvater verkauft und von Nepal nach Indien verschleppt wird. Sie glaubt dort als Dienstmädchen arbeiten zu können, merkt aber bald, dass sie als Prostituierte arbeiten soll. Mit anderen Mädchen eingesperrt, wird sie von der hartherzigen Bordellbesitzerin Mumtaz überwacht, zur Prostitution gezwungen und ausgebeutet. Zudem muss sie erkennen, dass sie ihre "Schuld" niemals wird abarbeiten können, um wieder frei zu sein und heimzukehren. Lakshmi schöpft erst wieder Hoffnung, als ein Fremder auftaucht und ihr von einem Ort erzählt, wo Mädchen wie sie, ein neues Leben beginnen können... Die Autorin verbrachte mehrere Monate in Nepal und Indien, sprach mit vielen betroffenen Frauen. Jährlich erleiden über 12'000 nepalesische Mädchen das gleiche Schicksal. Manche, die durch Hilfsorganisationen gerettet worden sind, gehen in die Dörfer und klären die Mädchen auf. In einfacher direkter Sprache erleben wir Lakshmis Schicksal mit. Ein Buch, das erschüttert, betroffen macht. Es erhielt mehrere Auszeichnungen. ab 15 Jahren, *****, Denise Racine.

The Unauthorized Guide To Doing Business the Philip Green Way

10 Secrets of the Billionaire Retail Magnate
Author: Liz Barclay
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780857080226
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 172
View: 5554
Philip Green, retail's most colourful figure, is widely regarded as the finest retailer of his generation and one of the best business brains in the UK. He made his first million at 33, and now owns the Arcadia Group, running about an eighth of the UK clothing retail market. So how did a man who just fell into the industry by accident go on and build this business empire? The Unauthorized Guide to Doing Business the Philip Green Way draws out the universal lessons from Philip Green's remarkable success and identifies 10 strategies for building a business empire that can be applied to any business or career: Do it your way Make the business run as efficiently as possible Keep the customer satisfied Whatever you do, don't break the supply chain People matter - you can't run an empire without them Spot the money-making opportunity When the going gets tough - work harder! Aim high and keep trying Stay private but enjoy the publicity Give something back Want to be the best? The secrets of phenomenal success are in your hands. Check out the other Unauthorized Guides in this series: Richard Branson; Duncan Bannatyne; Alan Sugar; Jamie Oliver; and Bill Gates.

Soccer in a Football World

Author: Dave Wangerin
Publisher: WSC Books Limited
ISBN: 9780954013479
Category: Soccer
Page: 350
View: 9034

The African American's Guide to Working from Home and Neighborhood

Author: Sam King
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
ISBN: 0741426463
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 213
View: 7426
Entrepreneurship for ambitious African Americans has always been a survival strategy. Even racism, unemployment or discrimination from banks, couldn't hold them back. KNOWLEDGE + AMBITION = SUCCESS !

Bought and Sold (A BWWM Billionaire Interracial Erotica) Book 2

bwwm billionaire interracial erotica romance
Author: Erica Storm
Publisher: Erica Storm
Category: Fiction
Page: 50
View: 4676
Zack Crossman wants to forget about his week with Anita Johnson. It has all been a nightmare except for the accidental night they spent in bed after too much wine. But it’s business as usual when he’s awakened by Anita. She doesn’t want him to forget why she bought him at the auction, and she plans to get her money’s worth, or his money’s worth. It all depends on who’s counting. Anita Johnson wants to punish the arrogant handsome Zack Crossman for all that he has done to her, but especially the sexual seduction which has her wanting more. Anita wants to take out her frustrations by breaking him. Who will give in first? Anita or Zack. key words bwwm free 1st book erotica interracial box set, bwwm box set, bwwm box set, erotica box set, erotica box set, bwwm interracial box set, bwwm erotic romance box set, bwwm erotica, bwwm erotica box set, black woman mff box set, mff alpha twins box set. bwwm erotica, bwwm erotica box set, black woman white man box set, African American interracial erotica box set, bwwm, bwwm, bwwm erotica box set, box set, box set erotica, erotica box set, erotica box set, bw/wm box set, erotica romance, erotica romance box set, erotica romance box set, box set, box set, erotica. free book 1, free erotica box set, free erotica box set, free, billionaire romance, billionaire romance, bwwm billionaire romance, bwwm billionaire romance, free box set, free African American romance, African American romance box set, African American box set, African American romance, bwwm romance, bwwm romance, African American erotic romance, African American erotic romance, African American erotic romance, African American erotic romance, billionaire bwwm romance, billionaire bwwm erotic romance, billionaire bwwm erotica, billionaire bwwm erotica, billionaire erotica, billionaire erotica, erotica, erotica, free box set, free book 1, billionaire erotica, billionaire romance, billionaire romance, free billionaire romance book 1, bwwm, bwwm

Stranded With A Billionaire: Billionaire Boys Club 1

Author: Jessica Clare
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472218582
Category: Fiction
Page: 192
View: 3232
Fans of Maya Banks, Melody Anne and J. Kenner - prepare to be dazzled by Jessica Clare's Billionaire Boys Club. The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six incredibly wealthy men who have vowed success in business - at any cost. But success when it comes to love is a different matter... Billionaire Logan Hawkings needs a vacation. He's had a rough time after the death of his father and the betrayal of his fiancée. But with a visit to a recent business acquisition - a private island resort in the Bahamas - he has a chance to mend his broken heart. Bronte Dawson, a waitress from the Midwest, is stranded with the hotel's domineering yet sexy manager Logan. What's the harm in a little fling when it's just the two of them, alone in paradise? But she soon discovers there's more to Logan than he's told her...a billion times more. Now, Bronte's caught in a whirlwind affair with one of the world's most powerful men. But can their love endure their differences or will it all just blow over? Want more irresistible romance? Look for the rest of Billionaire Boys Club titles, as well as the sizzling spinoff series, Billionaires and Bridesmaids, starting with The Billionaire And The Virgin.