A Genealogy of Morals

Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Publisher: N.A
Category: Ethics
Page: 289
View: 6181

Jewish Christians and Christian Jews

From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
Author: R.H. Popkin,G.M. Weiner
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401109125
Category: Philosophy
Page: 218
View: 6411
The appearance of religious toleration combined with the intensification of the search for theological truth led to a unique phenomenon in early modern Europe: Jewish Christians and Christian Jews. These essays will demonstrate that the cross-fertilization of these two religions, which for so long had a tradition of hostility towards each other, not only affected developments within the two groups but in many ways foreshadowed the emergence of the Enlightenment and the evolution of modern religious freedom.

Abraham, Blessing and the Nations

A Philological and Exegetical Study of Genesis 12:3 in its Narrative Context
Author: Keith N. Grüneberg
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110895110
Category: Religion
Page: 308
View: 3507
Die Studie untersucht Gen 12,3 im Kontext des Buches Genesis. Der Vers ist in erster Linie als Verheißung der Gewissheit und Größe für Abraham und Israel zu verstehen. Insbesondere angesichts seiner Platzierung nach Gen 1-11 weist er jedoch auch auf Gottes Plan hin, seinen Segen auf alle Völker der Erde auszudehnen. Die Arbeit untersucht die engsten Parallelen im Buch Genesis und in Num 24,9, die diese Interpretation bestätigen. Des Weiteren werden das Konzept des Segens im Alten Testament und die Semantik der Nifal- und Hitpael-Stämme des Verbs barak eingehend untersucht.

Between State and Market

Essays on Charities Law and Policy in Canada
Author: Bruce Chapman,Jim Phillips,David Stevens,Kahanoff Foundation. Non-Profit Sector Research Initiative
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 9780773521124
Category: Law
Page: 594
View: 8781
Between State and Market surveys and critiques the existing literature on charities law as well as the laws themselves. The authors offer policy prescriptions for the future of an increasingly vital sector of Canadian society. The first section of the book contains an overview of the charitable sector in Canada, a sociological review of altruism in different societies, a discussion of altruism in various philosophical and religious traditions, an economic analysis of "rational voluntarism," and an assessment of the relationship between the charitable sector and the welfare state. The second section contains five papers on the legal definition of charity, both general (the jurisprudence of the Federal Court of Appeal and a proposal for rethinking the concept of "public benefit"), and particular (the political purposes doctrine, religion as charity, and a commentary on the recent major Supreme Court decision on the meaning of charity). The third section deals with the tax status of charities: two papers evaluate the current tax credit system and one deals with the administration of charities by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. The final section contains essays on charities and commercial enterprise, on the regulation of fund-raising, and on needed reforms in non-profit corporation law. At a time when the federal government is about to embark on a wide range of policy initiatives to assist and regulate the non-profit sector, these essays are necessary reading for anyone concerned with the future of the charitable sector in Canada. Contributors include Neil Brooks (Osgoode Hall Law School), Cara Cameron (McGill), Bruce Chapman, Kevin Davis (Toronto), Abraham Drassinower (Toronto), David Duff (Toronto), Richard Janda (McGill), Will Kymlicka (Queen's), Andrée Lajoie (Montreal), Mayo Moran (Toronto), Charles-Maxime Panaccio (office of Mr Justice Charles Gonthier), Jim Phillips, Jane Allyn Piliavin (Wisconsin-Madison), David Sharpe (Attorney-General's Office, New York State), Lorne Sossin (Osgoode Hall Law School), David Stevens, and Jen-Chieh Ting (Academia Sinica). Jim Phillips is professor of law at the University of Toronto. Bruce Chapman is professor of law at the University of Toronto. David Stevens is professor of law at McGill University

The State Nobility

Elite Schools in the Field of Power
Author: Pierre Bourdieu
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804733465
Category: Political Science
Page: 504
View: 5968
Examining in detail the work of consecration carried out by elite education systems, Bourdieu analyzes the distinctive forms of power—political, intellectual, bureaucratic, and economic—by means of which contemporary societies are governed.

Global Diasporas and Mission

Author: Chandler H. Im,Amos Yong
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1498209408
Category: Religion
Page: 312
View: 8511
The movement of people from their homelands is increasing exponentially. Such waves of both immigration and migration triggered by various factors have created new opportunities for the church and its mission. This volume explores such global diasporas from both ecclesiological and missiological perspectives. Its various case studies invite reconsideration of the missionary and evangelistic task of the church in response to contemporary global dynamics. The image of the dandelion on the front cover symbolizes diverse people groups dispersed around the globe, even as the Christian imagination views such dispersal as being carried by the winds of the Holy Spirit.

Organ Replacement Therapy: Ethics, Justice Commerce

First Joint Meeting of ESOT and EDTA/ERA Munich December 1990
Author: Walter Land,John B. Dossetor
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642764444
Category: Law
Page: 578
View: 9822
Leading medical ethicists, theologists, lawyers, transplant surgeons and physicians discuss 5 major ethical topics concerning the transplantation of human organs.

Applications of Flow in Human Development and Education

The Collected Works of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401790949
Category: Psychology
Page: 494
View: 1067
The third volume of the collected works of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi covers his work on the application of flow in areas that go beyond the field of leisure where the concept was first applied. Based on his personal experience with schooling and learning, as well as that of many others and contrary to what Cicero claimed, Csikszentmihalyi arrived at the conclusion that instead of taking pride in making the roots of knowledge as bitter as possible, we should try to make them sweeter. Just as flow became a popular and useful concept in voluntary activities, it could likewise be applied in education with the end result of young people being more likely to continue learning not just because they have to but because they want to. This volume brings together a number of articles in which Csikszentmihalyi develops ideas about how to make education and more generally the process of learning to live a good life, more enjoyable. Since theory is the mother of good practice, the first eleven chapters are devoted to theoretical reflections. Some are general and explore what it means to be a human being, what it means to be a person, when we look at life from the perspective of flow. Others are more narrowly focused on such topics as consumption, education, teaching and learning. They help laypeople reflect how they can arrange their lives in such a way as to leave a small ecological footprint while getting the most enjoyment. The second section of the volume contains a dozen empirical articles on similar topics. They deal with the development of identity and self-worth; with the formation of goals and motivation; with loneliness and family life.

Koenig and Schultz's Disaster Medicine

Comprehensive Principles and Practices
Author: Kristi L. Koenig,Carl H. Schultz
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107040752
Category: Law
Page: 720
View: 8517
This is the definitive reference on disaster medicine, outlining areas of proficiency for health care professionals handling mass casualty crises.

Accounting and Financial System Reform in Eastern Europe and Asia

Author: Robert W. McGee,Galina G. Preobragenskaya
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387257099
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 353
View: 2125
Much has been written about the economic and political problems of countries that are in the process of changing from centrally planned systems to market systems. Most studies have focused on the economic, legal, political and sociological problems these economies have had to face during the transition period. However, not much has been written about the dramatic changes that have to be made to the accounting and financial system of a transition economy. This book was written to help fill that gap. This book is the second in a series to examine accounting and financial system reform in transition economies. The first book used Russia as a case study. The present volume in the series examines some additional aspects of the reform in Russia and also looks at the accounting and financial system reform efforts that are being made in Ukraine, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Armenia and five Central Asian republics.

Living with Dignity

African perspectives on gender equality
Author: Elna Mouton,Gertrude Kapuma,Len Hansen,Thomas Togom
ISBN: 1920689133
Category: Social Science
Page: 396
View: 2105
By addressing gender equality as a fundamental expression of human dignity and justice on our continent, this collage of … essays [by 14 women and 6 men], is meant to serve as a concrete alternative to aspects of gender inequality … Its format is particularly devised for use in the classroom, and for critical-constructive group engagement. It is our sincere prayer that it will also be used in imaginative ways by clergy and in congregations as a necessary part of adult learning programmes.

Theology for Better Counseling

Trinitarian Reflections for Healing and Formation
Author: Virginia Todd Holeman
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830866043
Category: Psychology
Page: 208
View: 7865
At one time, Virginia Todd Holeman "Toddy" thought being biblically literate was all she needed and had little interest in what real theologians talked about. But in her counseling she found that clients pressed her for more. They didn't just want what she had gained through training in the best theories and practices available for counseling. They asked hard theological questions often related to their suffering. As she describes it, they experienced a kind of "theological disequilibrium . . . which left them discouraged, disoriented and often distraught." Holeman shows how deep and clear theological reflection can make a major difference in counseling practice. Not only can it shape who we are, it can also bring into greater alignment our theological commitments, our therapeutic practices and our professional ethics. All the while it can have the most practical effect on our counseling sessions. In this volume Holeman guides counseling students, pastoral counselors and licensed mental health professionals into becoming as well-formed theologically as they are trained clinically.

The Alexander Romance by Ps.-Callisthenes

A Historical Commentary
Author: Krzysztof Nawotka
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004335226
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 330
View: 2824
The Alexander Romance by Ps.-Callisthenes is a historical commentary on a third century AD Greek fictional biography of Alexander the Great, the anonymous Historia Alexandri Magni. The text is used as a source for the Ancient History of Greece, Macedonia and Egypt.

The King as Exemplar

The Function of Deuteronomy's Kingship Law in the Shaping of the Book of Psalms
Author: Jamie A. Grant
Publisher: Society of Biblical Lit
ISBN: 158983108X
Category: Religion
Page: 335
View: 5212
The rationale of the order of Psalms is a puzzle at least as old as Augustine in the fourth century, and Grant (Biblical studies, Highland Theological College, Scotland) does not aspire to solve the whole thing here and now. Rather he bites off only one aspect, a particular paradigm that may have influenced the shape of the Psalms in certain ways.

Middle Knowledge and Biblical Interpretation

Luis de Molina, Herman Bavinck, and William Lane Craig
Author: Sze Sze Chiew
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783631672549
Category: Free will and determinism
Page: 225
View: 4007
If God knows human actions in advance, do humans really have freedom of choice? Throughout the centuries various solutions have been offered as to how to retain or reconcile both the concepts of divine omniscience and human freedom. One solution focuses on the idea of middle knowledge. This theory originates with the Spanish Jesuit Luis de Molina, was contested by Reformed theologians such as Herman Bavinck, and makes a remarkable comeback among present-day analytical philosophers such as William Lane Craig. Apart from a wealth of philosophical considerations, the appeal to biblical texts also plays an important role in the work on middle knowledge by each of these thinkers. The book examines their writings and investigates how contemporary biblical scholars interpret the biblical texts used by them. The author elaborates a creative proposal as to how these gained insights apply to the theory of middle knowledge and what this means for our overall evaluation of this theory.

Painting in Renaissance Sie

Author: Keith Christiansen,Laurence B. Kanter,Carl Brandon Strehlke
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 0810914735
Category: Art and society
Page: 386
View: 5122
Shows the background of paintings by Sienese artists

Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary

How to Reach Friends and Family Who Avoid God and the Church
Author: Lee Strobel
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310872758
Category: Religion
Page: 240
View: 3782
Who Are Unchurched Harry and Mary?He or she could be the neighbor who is perfectly happy without God.Or the coworker who scoffs at Christianity.Or the supervisor who uses Jesus’ name only as profanity.Or the family member who can’t understand why religion is so important.Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary isn’t a book of theory. It’s an action plan to help you relate the message of Christ to the people you work around, live with, and call your friends.Using personal experiences, humor, compelling stories, biblical illustrations, and the latest research, Lee Strobel helps you understand non-Christians and what motivates them. The book includes:* 15 key insights into why people steer clear of God and the church* A look at Christianity and its message through the eyes of a former atheist* Practical, inspirational strategies for building relationships with non-Christians* Firsthand advice on surviving marriage to an unbelieving spouse

Polymer-modified Hydraulic-cement Mixtures

Author: Louis A. Kuhlmann
Publisher: ASTM International
ISBN: 9780803114906
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 154
View: 2669
A dozen papers from a June 1992 symposium in Louisville, Kentucky review the current use of organic polymers dispersed in water and formulated to add to portland cement. One sets out the status of ASTM's forthcoming specification and test methods. Others discuss such aspects as solid grade acrylic c

Beyond Classical Physics

Author: Mark A. Cunningham
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319631608
Category: Science
Page: 358
View: 9828
This undergraduate textbook discusses the nature of the microscopic universe from a modern perspective, based on Einstein's notions of relativity and Noether's proof of the emergence of conservation laws from symmetries of the equations of motion. These ideas drove the development of the Standard Model of particle physics and subsequent attempts to define a unified (string) theory. The second half of the book explores various aspects of many-body physics, ranging from chemical systems to plasmas to black holes. Like the previous textbook authored by by Mark Cunningham, Neoclassical Physics, this text uses a guided discovery approach of instruction, highlighting the experimental results that drove development of our modern picture of subatomic physics. Many problems utilize Mathematica® software to enable students to explore the meaning of different equations in a graphical manner. Students will gain an appreciation of the current state of physical theory, in preparation for more detailed, advanced study as upperclassmen.

An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax

Author: Bruce K. Waltke,Michael Patrick O'Connor
Publisher: Eisenbrauns
ISBN: 9780931464317
Category: Bible
Page: 765
View: 8676