The Book of Heaven

A Novel
Author: Patricia Storace
Publisher: Pantheon
ISBN: 0307908690
Category: Fiction
Page: 304
View: 820
From the author of the classic travel memoir Dinner with Persephone, an accomplished poet, and frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books, here is an eagerly anticipated, stunningly original novel of heartrending lyricism about four women, a fierce mythopoeia that invites us to enter into a new and powerful imagination of the sublime: What if “a woman’s point of view” were God’s? As The Book of Heaven commences, Eve speaks about what is alleged to have happened in the Garden of Eden, a story she hardly recognizes. She tells her version of events, revealing that the constellations we are accustomed to seeing above conceal heavens with which we have yet to contend. In the four parts of the novel—The Book of Souraya, The Book of Savour, The Book of Rain, The Book of Sheba—and their accompanying proverbs, Eve accounts for four new zodiacs and teaches us how to view each and comprehend its centrality to women: a knife, a cauldron for cooking, a paradisiacal garden, lovers embracing. Each book keenly evokes the life of a woman newly freed from the old tales in which she was trapped: a metamorphosis of Sarah, Abraham’s wife; a polytheistic cook; Job’s wife; and the Queen of Sheba. In The Book of Heaven, Patricia Storace has brilliantly and radically reimagined the worlds of these women, putting them in the foreground of their stories and of the so-called Old Testament itself. From the Hardcover edition.

With the Clouds of Heaven

The Book of Daniel in Biblical Theology
Author: James M. Hamilton, Jr.
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830897216
Category: Religion
Page: 263
View: 4098
"And behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man, and he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him. And to him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom." (Daniel 7:13-14 ESV). Perceiving a hole in evangelical biblical theology that should be filled with a robust treatment of the book of Daniel, James Hamilton takes this chance to delve into the book's rich contribution to the Bible's unfolding redemptive-historical storyline. By setting Daniel in the broader context of biblical theology, this canonical study helps move us toward a clearer understanding of how we should live today in response to its message. First, Hamilton shows how the book's literary structure contributes to its meaning, and then addresses key questions and issues, concluding by examining typological patterns. This New Studies in Biblical Theology volume argues that the four kingdoms prophesied by Daniel are both historical and symbolic—that the "one like a son of man" seen by Daniel is identified with and distinguished from the Ancient of Days in a way that would be mysterious until Jesus came as both the son of David and God incarnate. He elaborates that the interpretations of Daniel in early Jewish literature attest to strategies similar to those employed by New Testament authors and exposes that those authors provide a Spirit-inspired interpretation of Daniel that was learned from Jesus. He also highlights how the book of Revelation uses Daniel's language, imitates his structure, points to the fulfillment of his prophecies and clarifies the meaning of his "seventieth week." Addressing key issues in biblical theology, the works comprising New Studies in Biblical Theology are creative attempts to help Christians better understand their Bibles. The NSBT series is edited by D. A. Carson, aiming to simultaneously instruct and to edify, to interact with current scholarship and to point the way ahead.

The Book of Heaven

An Anthology of Writings from Ancient to Modern Times
Author: Carol Zaleski,Philip Zaleski
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0195119339
Category: Religion
Page: 432
View: 8333
This rich anthology of writings about heaven spans the millennia as well as the globe: the sacred chants of the Buddhist Pure Land sutras reverberate alongside John Donne's holy sonnets, and Shaker songs complement Jewish mystical hymns. 10 illustrations.

The Mandate of Heaven

Hidden History in the Book of Changes
Author: S J Marshall,S. J. Marshall
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317849280
Category: Social Science
Page: 252
View: 1434
The Mandate of Heaven was originally given to King Wen in the 11th century BC. King Wen is credited with founding the Zhou dynasty after he received the Mandate from Heaven to attack and overthrow the Shang dynasty. King Wen is also credited with creating the ancient oracle known as the Yijing or Book of Changes. This book validates King Wen's association with the Changes. It uncovers in the Changes a record of a total solar eclipse that was witnessed at King Wen's capital of Feng by his son King Wu, shortly after King Wen had died (before he had a chance to launch the full invasion). The sense of this eclipse as an actual event has been overlooked for three millennia. It provides an account of the events surrounding the conquest of the Shang and founding of the Zhou dynasty that has never been told. It shows how the earliest layer of the Book of Changes (the Zhouyi) has preserved a hidden history of the Conquest.

The kingdom of heaven

a textbook of peace..a book of happiness
Author: George Clayton Field
Publisher: N.A
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 95
View: 8764

This Side of Heaven

A Book of Poems, Prayers and Spiritual Writings
Author: Samira E. Robinson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462826210
Category: Religion
Page: 180
View: 3771
This Side of Heaven is a powerful book of inspirational and cutting-edge reality based poetry, prayer, prose and what the author calls “spiritual writings,” or essays of faith, that help us to look at the issues of life, examine the doubts and pains of living, and still look to a brighter tomorrow as we celebrate the very real power and presence of God. Designed with Reflection and Application Study pages at the end of each chapter, Robinson helps us to chart our feelings, dreams, and fears, and challenges us to embrace the power of God within, and affirm not just ourselves, but others. Upon reading this book your life will be enhanced and ideas made to come alive as you realize that she touches a very real place within your heart, and helps you to see the unlimited possibilities of a God-centered lifestyle. Sheila V. Baldwin, Columbia College Chicago English professor and Co-Chair of the English Department says: [In the beginning of this new millennium], the African-American community still lives within the shadows of post-traumatic stress resulting from slavery. Samira E. Robinson’s collection of poetic writings, This Side of Heaven, provides a source of solace and optimism. [For] Before Iyanla Vanzant became a pop icon, before Oprah Winfrey fashioned a moment of spirituality into her television show, and long before urban, top-forty radio stations across the country began to include gospel music on their play list, collectively the African-American community appeared to say: Lord, I need help. Samira E. Robinson’s writings remind us that we need only to follow and surrender all to God, and to be quiet and listen to our still small voice, the voice of God within who constantly advises us to expect the best. Bishop Arthur M. Brazier, pastor of the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Illinois states: Samira E. Robinson is a woman of faith who has dedicated her life to God through helping others. Her book, This Side of Heaven, is an insightful approach on how to enjoy life to its fullest potential. And finally, Melody Spann-Cooper, President & General Manager of WVON Radio (The Talk of Chicago) had this to say: This Side of Heaven - what a joy to read! The passion of her gift shows in every line.

Glimpses of Heaven: or, Evening meditations [on the Book of Revelation] for every Sunday in the year [by M. Sandberg].

Author: Maria Sandberg
Publisher: N.A
Category: Devotional calendars
Page: 191
View: 788

The Book of Heaven

Author: Harvey Minkoff
Publisher: Testament
ISBN: 9780517164051
Category: Religion
Page: 192
View: 6561
A fascinating exploration of Heaven, its lore, legends, and wonders, featuring questions and information covering everything from near-death experience to the meaning of hell.

Blick in die Ewigkeit

Die faszinierende Nahtoderfahrung eines Neurochirurgen
Author: Eben Alexander
Publisher: Integral
ISBN: 3641095913
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 256
View: 8996
Eine spektakuläre Reise in das Leben nach dem Tod Was geschieht, wenn wir sterben? Gibt es ein Leben nach dem Tod? Fragen, die jeden Menschen berühren und die in diesem Buch auf revolutionäre Weise neu beantwortet werden. Mit 54 Jahren erkrankt der renommierte Neurochirurg und Harvard-Dozent Eben Alexander an einer extrem seltenen Form der Hirnhautentzündung. Er fällt ins Koma. Die Ärzte stellen fest, dass sein Gehirn irreparabel geschädigt ist, und prognostizieren sein baldiges Ende. Doch Eben Alexander kehrt ins Leben zurück – und gesundet innerhalb kurzer Zeit. Minutiös berichtet der Gehirnforscher, was er während des Komas durchlebte: Begleitet von einem Engelwesen taucht er ein in eine Welt ohne Zeit und Raum, in der sich ihm die göttliche Quelle allen Seins offenbart. Hier erfährt er: Wir alle sind Teil eines universalen, unsterblichen Bewusstseins.

Der Junge, der aus dem Himmel zurückkehrte

Eine wahre Geschichte.
Author: Kevin und Alex Malarkey
Publisher: adeo Verlag
ISBN: 3641131138
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: N.A
View: 5460
Kevin Malarkey quälen schreckliche Vorwürfe: "Ich habe meinen Sohn getötet" Am 14. November 2004 gerät er mit seinem Auto in einen schweren Unfall. Während er relativ unbeschadet überlebt, liegt sein sechsjähriger Sohn Alex im Koma. "Ich glaube, Alex ist jetzt bei Jesus", meint ein Freund. Was eher so dahingesagt war, stellt sich tatsächlich als wahr heraus, als Alex wieder aufwacht. Sein Bericht von himmlischen Begegnungen mit Gott und den Engeln hat bereits tausende Menschen berührt. "Gott ist erstaunlich, ich bin nur ein Kind", sagt er. Doch er möchte weitergeben: Der Himmel ist real. Ein zutiefst aufwühlendes Buch, das die Sicht auf das Leben und den Tod tiefgreifend verändern kann.


Author: George Morton
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781361845752
Category: History
Page: 302
View: 4323

Sure of heaven

Author: Thomas Mills
Publisher: N.A
Category: Heaven
Page: 278
View: 9406

A Guide to the Book of Heaven

Luisa Piccarreta's Writings Evaluated in the Light of Catholic Doctrine
Author: Stephen Patton
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780990677307
Page: 157
View: 3382
The Vatican is considering a cause for the canonization of Luisa Piccarreta, a simple bed-ridden woman who lived in southern Italy from 1865-1947. Though renowned for her life of extraordinary holiness, what has drawn the attention of the world has been the vast, decades-long diary that she kept of her mystical conversations with Jesus. Those conversations present a number of astonishing claims and promises.For the first time in 2000 years Jesus invites all of mankind - through his revelation to Luisa - to experience the ultimate state of union with God: "living in the divine will". What had previously been experienced on Earth by only four persons - Jesus, Mary, and Adam and Eve before the Fall - could now be experienced by anyone.Even more remarkably, Jesus described his invitation - and Luisa's (and our) response to it - as the Third Fiat of God, claiming that it would somehow complete and even surpass his First Fiat of Creation and his Second Fiat of Redemption.Can such stunning claims be reconciled with Sacred Scripture and Tradition?This book shows - to those with doubts or reservations about Luisa's writings - that they indeed can be viewed within a framework of Catholic teaching. But it does more. It also shows - to those inspired by and drawn to her writings - how and why they indeed must be viewed within such a framework.

Das Wunder von Coldwater

Author: Mitch Albom
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641142768
Category: Fiction
Page: 336
View: 5262
Was, wenn das Ende gar nicht das Ende ist? Es ist ein Abend im Herbst, als bei Tess Rafferty in der kleinen Stadt Coldwater am Lake Michigan das Telefon klingelt. Am anderen Ende der Leitung hört Tess die Stimme ihrer Mutter – und lässt vor Schreck den Hörer fallen. Ihre Mutter ist seit vier Jahren tot ... Und Tess bleibt nicht die einzige; auch andere Bewohner erhalten Anrufe von Verstorbenen. Schnell ist die Rede von einem Wunder, und Coldwater rückt in den Fokus der Medien. Immer mehr Menschen glauben an die Anrufe aus dem Himmel. Nur einer nicht: der Pilot Sully Harding ist entschlossen zu beweisen, dass alles ein riesiger Schwindel ist. Aber ist es das? Oder existiert das Wunder von Coldwater wirklich?

Laws from Heaven for Life on Earth

Illustrations of the Book of Proverbs
Author: William Arnot
Publisher: N.A
Category: Bible
Page: 581
View: 9173
Laws from Heaven for Life on Earth : Illustrations of the Book of Proverbs by William Arnot, first published in 1873, is a rare manuscript, the original residing in one of the great libraries of the world. This book is a reproduction of that original, which has been scanned and cleaned by state-of-the-art publishing tools for better readability and enhanced appreciation. Restoration Editors' mission is to bring long out of print manuscripts back to life. Some smudges, annotations or unclear text may still exist, due to permanent damage to the original work. We believe the literary significance of the text justifies offering this reproduction, allowing a new generation to appreciate it.

The Beginning of Heaven and Earth

The Sacred Book of Japan's Hidden Christians
Author: Christal Whelan
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824818241
Category: Religion
Page: 135
View: 491
From a universal religion the Tenchi constructs a system of beliefs entirely Japanese in spirit. Its earliest context was in all likelihood the encounter between a storyteller and a group of Kakure Kirishitan.

A Brief History of Heaven

Author: Alister E. McGrath
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470779918
Category: Religion
Page: 216
View: 7082
This engaging book by one of today's best-known Christian writers explores the history of heaven, from its origins in biblical writings to its most recent representations. A short, accessible book on the history of heaven. Draws together representations of heaven by a wide range of writers, theologians, politicians and artists. Covers literary works such as Dante's Divine Comedy, Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, and the poems of George Herbert. Considers discussions by Marx and Freud of heaven's role in society. Based on serious scholarship but is ideal for the non-specialist who wants to learn more about the idea of heaven. Alister E. McGrath is one of today's best-known Christian writers.

The Book of Thel, and the Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Author: William Blake
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781409936640
Category: Poetry
Page: 48
View: 9390
William Blake (1757-1827) was an English poet, painter, and printmaker. Largely unrecognized during his lifetime, Blake s work is now considered seminal in the history of both poetry and the visual arts. Once considered mad for his idiosyncratic views, Blake is highly regarded today for his expressiveness and creativity, as well as the philosophical and mystical undercurrents that reside within his work. His work has been characterised as part of the Romantic movement. Blake s first collection of poems, Poetical Sketches, was published circa 1783. In 1788 Blake began to experiment with relief etching, a method he would use to produce most of his books, paintings, pamphlets and poems. His other works include: Tiriel (1789), Songs of Innocence (1789), The Book of Thel (1789), The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1790), The French Revolution (1791), Songs of Experience (1794) and The Ghost of Abel (1822).

Den Himmel gibt's echt

Die erstaunlichen Erlebnisse eines Jungen zwischen Leben und Tod
Author: Todd Burpo,Lynn Vincent
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783775152785
Page: 160
View: 1111
Unglaublich oder erstaunlich? Urteilen Sie selbst: Colton ist vier Jahre alt, als er lebensgefährlich erkrankt und operiert werden muss. Er überlebt um Haaresbreite. Später erzählt er seinen Eltern, dem Pastorenehepaars Todd und Sonja Burpo von erstaunlichen Dingen, die er während dieser Zeit zwischen Leben und Tod gesehen hat. Er berichtet von Tatsachen, die er gar nicht wissen konnte. Coltons Fazit: "Den Himmel gibt's echt!"