The CalAware Guide to Journalism Law in California

Author: Terry Francke
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780976906223
Category: Law
Page: 315
View: 5477
Legal guide to public's right of access to government records, and to protections from disclosure of personal information in government records, in California

The CalAware Guide to

Open Meetings in California
Author: Terry Francke
Publisher: Californians Aware
ISBN: 9780976906209
Category: Administrative agencies
Page: 305
View: 6332
Legal guide to public's right of access to state and local government meetings in California

Official Voter Information Guide

General election
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: California
Page: N.A
View: 8674

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act

Author: John J. Watkins,Richard J. Peltz-Steele,Robert Steinbuch
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 1682260399
Category: Law
Page: 596
View: 7352
Since its first edition in 1988, The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act has become the standard reference for the bench, the bar, and journalists for guidance in interpreting and applying the state’s open-government law. This sixth edition, published fifty years after the passage of the Act in 1967, builds upon its predecessors, incorporating later legislative enactments, judicial decisions, and Attorney General’s opinions to present a synthesis of the law of access to public records and meetings in Arkansas.

Medical Language

Immerse Yourself
Author: Susan Turley
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780134318127
Page: 1088
View: 2750
For all courses covering medical terminology Promote mastery of medical language with an immersive experience One of the best ways to learn a language is to immerse yourself in all aspects of that language. Medical Language: Immerse Yourself does just that. It includes an unsurpassed quantity and variety of exercises to actively engage readers with the material and hone their word-building skills. Its appealing, uncluttered design contains hundreds of colorful, interesting images and plenty of white space for easy reading and note taking. And, its intuitive organization is based on medical specialties, not just body systems, so readers understand how what they are learning is applied in the real world of healthcare. Throughout the text, learners are encouraged to listen, speak, write, watch, examine, and make connections — all of the activities they need to truly master the language of medicine. Also available with MyMedicalTerminologyLab MyMedicalTerminologyLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts. No matter their learning style, students will build a solid foundation of medical language through MyMedicalTerminologyLab’s interactive games, adaptive Dynamic Study Modules, and author narrated lectures. Note: You are purchasing a standalone product; MyMedicalTerminologyLab™ does not come packaged with this content. Students, if interested in purchasing this title with MyMedicalTerminologyLab, ask your instructor for the correct package ISBN and Course ID. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyMedicalTerminologyLab, search for: 0134320476 / 9780134320472 Medical Language: Immerse Yourself PLUS MyMedicalTerminologyLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package, 4/e Package consists of: 0134318129 / 9780134318127 Medical Language: Immerse Yourself, 4/e 0134318404 / 9780134318400 MyMedicalTerminologyLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Medical Language: Immerse Yourself. 4/e

Municipal law institute

Author: Linda G. Howard,Lorna B. Goodman,Louise Renne,Burk E. Delventhal,Practising Law Institute,David Cruickshank
Publisher: N.A
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 784
View: 5380

Roots of Western Culture

Author: Herman Dooyeweerd
Publisher: Paideia Press
ISBN: 9780888152213
Category: Philosophy
Page: 258
View: 8163
Confronted with the implications of a biblical understanding of the human condition, human society and the place and calling of scholarly reflection, Dooyeweerd contends that humanism has done more for the recognition of human freedom for religious convictions than did 17th-century Calvinism.

Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook

Author: Rod Machado
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780963122995
Category: Transportation
Page: 572
View: 8779
Learn everything you need for the FAA private pilot exam, biennial flight reviews, and updating and refreshing your knowledge.

Illinois Pension Scam

Author: Bill Zettler
Publisher: Champion News LLC
ISBN: 9780615627748
Category: Civil service
Page: 324
View: 2742
Scam: a fraudulent or deceptive act. Webster's Dictionary. Illinois' state pension systems are in the worst financial condition of any state system in the country. According to Pew Research, Illinois ranks dead last with only 51% of its pension obligations funded. In this well-documented and provocative book, Bill Zettler debunks the common myths surrounding the reasons why Illinois is last in pension funding. According to Zettler, collusion between public sector unions and the politicians they have funded with member dues has resulted in more than 130 benefit increases since 1970 most of them passed by the Illinois legislature with large majorities and with little or no publicity. Those benefit enhancements and their costs have been underplayed by both the public employees and the politicians to the point where there are currently over 6,700 pensions in excess of $100,000. These $100,000 pensions are growing at a rate of more than 20% per year thus projecting to more than 25,000 by 2020. Zettler uses publicly available information on salaries and pensions to develop a powerful argument for immediate restrictions on Illinois public salaries and pensions in order to bring them into line with the private sector and to prevent the state from bankrupting Illinois' children's future. Bill Zettler is Director of Research for the Family Taxpayers Foundation and has researched and written over 150 articles on Illinois public salaries and pensions since 2005. For 30 years prior to that Zettler was owner or principal of three different software companies.

Government Unions and the Bankrupting of America

Author: Daniel DiSalvo
Publisher: Encounter Books
ISBN: 1594035903
Category: Political Science
Page: 47
View: 8686
Government-workers unions have been political juggernauts in the U.S. since the unseen collective-bargaining-rights revolution of the 1960s and '70s. These unions are different and more powerful than those that battle owners and managers in the private sector. To advance their interests, unions in the public sector have created cartels with their political allies, mostly in the Democratic Party, to the exclusion of the taxpaying public. In this Broadside, Daniel DiSalvo shows us how this government takeover happened and tells us what can be done to protect the public interest. The fiscal consequences have already proven dire and threaten the long-term power and prestige of the United States on the world stage.

Retirement Heist

How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers
Author: Ellen E. Schultz
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101446072
Category: Political Science
Page: 256
View: 5490
"'As far as I can determine there is only one solution [to the CEO's demand to save more money]', the HR representative wrote to her superiors. 'That would be the death of all existing retirees.'" It's no secret that hundreds of companies have been slashing pensions and health coverage earned by millions of retirees. Employers blame an aging workforce, stock market losses, and spiraling costs- what they call "a perfect storm" of external forces that has forced them to take drastic measures. But this so-called retirement crisis is no accident. Ellen E. Schultz, award-winning investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal, reveals how large companies and the retirement industry-benefits consultants, insurance companies, and banks-have all played a huge and hidden role in the death spiral of American pensions and benefits. A little over a decade ago, most companies had more than enough set aside to pay the benefits earned by two generations of workers, no matter how long they lived. But by exploiting loopholes, ambiguous regulations, and new accounting rules, companies essentially turned their pension plans into piggy banks, tax shelters, and profit centers. Drawing on original analysis of company data, government filings, internal corporate documents, and confidential memos, Schultz uncovers decades of widespread deception during which employers have exaggerated their retiree burdens while lobbying for government handouts, secretly cutting pensions, tricking employees, and misleading shareholders. She reveals how companies: Siphon billions of dollars from their pension plans to finance downsizings and sell the assets in merger deals Overstate the burden of rank-and-file retiree obligations to justify benefits cuts while simultaneously using the savings to inflate executive pay and pensions Hide their growing executive pension liabilities, which at some companies now exceed the liabilities for the regular pension plans Purchase billions of dollars of life insurance on workers and use the policies as informal executive pension funds. When the insured workers and retirees die, the company collects tax-free death benefits Preemptively sue retirees after cutting retiree health benefits and use other legal strategies to erode their legal protections. Though the focus is on large companies-which drive the legislative agenda-the same games are being played at smaller companies, non-profits, public pensions plans and retirement systems overseas. Nor is this a partisan issue: employees of all political persuasions and income levels-from managers to miners, pro- football players to pilots-have been slammed. Retirement Heist is a scathing and urgent expose of one of the most critical and least understood crises of our time.

The Happy Heretic

Author: Judith Hayes
Publisher: N.A
Category: Philosophy
Page: 268
View: 1246
This irreverent romp over the sacred cows of religion is a humorous and refreshingly down-to-earth call for common sense. Judith Hayes, the Erma Bombeck of the secular humanist community, has the unique ability to raise serious points while making us laugh as she throws buckets of cold water on the irrational beliefs and maddening inconsistencies that often characterize popular religion. She's at her best when recounting modern-day "miracles" such as the apparition of the Virgin Mary's face in a waffle at a Fresno diner; or when she describes how she started rubbing a stuffed penguin whenever she had the urge to pray, and got the same results. But there are also poignant stories about believing friends and acquaintances whose struggles with irrational beliefs in the face of perplexing dilemmas and personal tragedies are in many cases heartrending. She also devotes a chapter to explaining in clear, concise, layperson's terms exactly what humanism is and stands for, in particular extolling its tolerance. "When people ask me why I write what I write," she says, "I usually answer, 'To nudge people.' This is literally the truth. I try to nudge people into thinking about things they might otherwise never give a passing thought to. I try to make it easier for them to do so by using satire, vivid imagery, and a sprinkling of merry nonsense." By turns funny, provocative, and touching, Judith Hayes is the perfect popular spokesperson for clear thinking and reason.

Vtiger Crm Beginner's Guide

Author: Ian D. Rossi
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 184951187X
Category: Computers
Page: 233
View: 8187
Record and consolidate all your customer information with vtiger CRM.

Mass Communication Law in Virginia

Author: W. Wat Hopkins
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781581070477
Category: Law
Page: 222
View: 6658
MASS COMMUNICATION LAW IN VIRGINIA brings between two covers a valuable reference to state law affecting communication professionals and students. Written for the layperson, it examines issues that occur in daily news-gathering activities, such as libel, open records, and reporter privilege. Media law is consistently evolving, and Virginia law is no exception. With timely updates covering this dynamic field, Mass Communication Law in Virginia will earn its place on every media professional's desk.

Mass Communication Law in Oklahoma

Author: Joey Senat
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781581071313
Category: Freedom of speech
Page: 334
View: 696

Federal information disclosure

Author: James T. O'Reilly
Publisher: N.A
Category: Political Science
Page: N.A
View: 8613

Remediating Reading Difficulties

Author: Sharon Crawley,King Merritt
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
ISBN: 0077433483
Page: N.A
View: 7567

Paper Trails

A Guide to Public Records in California
Author: Stephen Levine,Barbara T. Newcombe
Publisher: Cir/Cnpa
ISBN: 9780962179327
Category: Investigative reporting
Page: 243
View: 4753

Joris Laarman Lab

Author: Joris Laarman
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781947359000
Category: Design
Page: 326
View: 678
Furniture generated by smart algorithms, the first fully functional 3-D printed steel bridge, and a 3-D printable chair that can be downloaded from the Internetthese are but a few examples of the ingenious oeuvre of Dutch designer and inventor Joris Laarman (b. 1979), who works at the intersection of design, art and engineering. Part of the recent high-profile Dutch design movement, Laarman quickly set himself apart from his peers with the Heat Wave Radiator, which erases the lines between the functional and the decorative. Quickly embracing digital technologies and applying them to the traditional field of design, Laarman has produced instant icons such as the Bone Chair designs, which harnesses a computer algorithm to mimic bone growth for the form of the designs. He has also bridged the distance between digital technology and craftsmanship with his Makerchair, downloadable as an open-source design. Abolishing the distinctions between natural and manmade, Laarmans work opens a new avenue for the future of design. In parallel with the touring exhibition, this handsome hardcover catalog with over 300 color illustrations goes far beyond the exhibition, revealing Laarmans process, his studio and numerous designs in office, home and workshop settings. Flowing throughout the book are informative project descriptions, a statement from the LAB and assorted essays. The American museum tour includes the Cooper Hewitt, NY (2017), the High Museum, Atlanta, and MFA, Houston (201718).