The Children's Book of Faith

Author: William John Bennett
Publisher: Doubleday Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780385327718
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 101
View: 6419
Offers young readers an inspirational compilation of poems, tales, Bible stories, scripture passages, and other selections.

Joining Children on the Spiritual Journey

Nurturing a Life of Faith
Author: Catherine Stonehouse
Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 1585583111
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 240
View: 867
Understanding how a child's faith forms is crucial to knowing how adults can most significantly enhance the child's spiritual development. This book provides parents, teachers, and Christian education leaders with valuable insights into spiritual formation during childhood. With a biblical perspective as a starting point and a recognition of the crucial role of both the family and the faith community, Stonehouse reviews important contributions from noted child development experts Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, and James Fowler. This overview gives insight into the processes of psychosocial, cognitive, and moral development in children and adolescents. Stonehouse concludes with solid guidelines for designing children's ministries. By carefully "setting the stage" through liturgy, sacred stories, and parables, Christian educators can help children meet with God. Quiet times of "godly play," carefully adapted to the age level of the child, enable adults to join with children on the journey toward deeper intimacy with God.

Children's Book of Virtues

Author: William J. Bennett,Michael Hague
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 068481353X
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 111
View: 7419
A collection of stories and poems presented to teach virtues, including compassion, courage, honesty, friendship, and faith.

Children's Ministry

Nurturing Faith Within the Family of God
Author: Lawrence O. Richards,Larry Richards
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310520711
Category: Religion
Page: 448
View: 2794
This book combines both biblical and theological foundations for children's ministry with a careful assessment of other issues in nurturing children, such as developmentalism, the context of learning and growth, values, cognitive abilities, and social relationships.

The Children's Book of Islam Part One

Author: M. Manazir Ahsan
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 0860375897
Category: Religion
Page: 56
View: 1339

Big Book of Ideas for Children's Faith Formation

Fun Activities, Projects, Crafts
Author: Beth Branigan McNamara
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor (IN)
ISBN: 9780879730185
Category: Education
Page: 377
View: 8378
If you can round up some construction paper, a few old magazines, a box of Q-Tips, a spool of ribbon, and some glue, this book will show you how to make hours of fun for young children. These are all faith-centered, classroom-tested activities, and it's the only book of its kind made especially for Catholic children.

Understanding Children's Spirituality

Theology, Research, and Practice
Author: Kevin E. Lawson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1621893685
Category: Religion
Page: 454
View: 7256
How important is childhood in the spiritual formation of a person? How do children experience God in the context of their lives as they grow? What does God do in the lives of children to draw them to himself and help them grow into a vital relationship with him? How can adults who care about children better support their spiritual growth and direct it toward relationship with God through Jesus Christ? These are critical questions that church leaders face as they consider how best to nurture the faith of the children God brings into our lives. In this book, over two dozen Christian scholars and ministry leaders explore important issues about the spiritual life of children and ways parents, church leaders, and others who care about children can promote their spiritual formation.

Sharing Faith with Children

Rethinking the Children's Sermon
Author: Sara Covin Juengst
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 9780664254391
Category: Religion
Page: 116
View: 8006
This book is for anyone who faces the task of preparing a children's sermon...It is designed to provide practical information and suggestions for making this part of the worship service a meaningful experience for children and a joy for sermon-givers.

Offering the Gospel to Children

Author: Gretchen Wolff Pritchard
Publisher: Cowley Publications
ISBN: 146166067X
Category: Religion
Page: 219
View: 9207
Church education programs for children often substitute children's Bibles for Holy Scripture and simple moralism for imagination. Gretchen Wolff Pritchard shows how to offer the gospel imaginatively to children, with practical ideas on children's worship, liturgy, drama, pastoral care, and study of the Bible. The final chapter includes an exhaustive annotated bibliography of children's books for the parish library, and resources for parents and teachers.

The Faith of a Child

A Step-by-Step Guide to Salvation for Your Child
Author: Art Murphy
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9781575678146
Category: Religion
Page: 152
View: 4137
Research shows that if children do not accept Christ before they are fourteen, their chance of becoming believers greatly diminishes. Children's pastor Art Murphy offers help for anyone who struggles with the issue of children and salvation. The Faith of a Child is designed to teach parents, grandparents, or anyone who works with children how to be equipped and confident in guiding them to a saving faith in Christ.

Was ist Gott?

Author: Etan Boritzer
Publisher: epubli
ISBN: 3737562679
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 4985
"Was ist Gott" bietet eine seltene, interkonfessionelle Herangehensweise an ein für Kinder schwer verständliches Thema. Es ermutigt Kinder (und Erwachsene), die unterschiedlichen Glaubensrichtungen der Welt gleichermaßen zu respektieren. In einer von religiösem Eifer zerrissenen Welt wird den Kindern geholfen, das Gemeinsame der unterschiedlichen Konfessionen zu begreifen und vielleicht ein tiefes Gespür für Toleranz zu entwickeln.

Children's Favorite Bible Stories

Author: Thomas Nelson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 140032159X
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 432
View: 6142
A family treasure that will help children and families grow together in their faith and knowledge of the Bible. This book includes: Almost 200 Bible stories! International Children’s Bible® text Prayer prompts, definitions of new and special words, and helpful introductions to the stories and books of the Bible Meaningful and fun family activities Quotes from giants of the faith such as John Wesley, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, Billy Graham, and others Give your child a foundation of faith, and encourage spiritual family interaction with this reverent and classically illustrated Bible storybook. Children’s Favorite Bible Stories will help children to know and understand Scripture, and grow in a personal faith in the Lord.

Listening to Children on the Spiritual Journey

Guidance for Those Who Teach and Nurture
Author: Catherine Stonehouse,Scottie May
Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9781441212030
Category: Religion
Page: 192
View: 931
How do children experience and understand God? How can adults help children grow their life of faith? Throughout more than a decade of field research, children's spirituality experts Catherine Stonehouse and Scottie May listened to children talk about their relationships with God, observed children and their parents in learning and worship settings, and interviewed adults about their childhood faith experiences. This accessibly written book weaves together their findings to offer a glimpse of the spiritual responsiveness and potential of children. Through case studies, it provides insight into children's perceptions of God and how they process their faith. In addition, the book suggests how parents, teachers, and ministry leaders can more effectively relate to and work with children and pre-adolescents to nurture their faith, offering a helpful picture of adults and children on the spiritual journey together.

The Children's God

Author: David Heller
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226326368
Category: Psychology
Page: 176
View: 8897
Examines how forty children, Catholics, Baptists, Jews, and Hindus, picture God, and shows what factors influence their spiritual perceptions

The Child with Autism Learns about Faith

15 Ready-to-Use Scripture Lessons, from the Garden of Eden to the Parting of the Red Sea
Author: Kathy Labosh
Publisher: Future Horizons
ISBN: 1935274198
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 97
View: 3325
Endorsed by religious leaders, this groundbreaking book offers 15 step-by-step lesson plans for family members, educators, or church staff, covering Bible stories from Creation to the parting of the Red Sea. The easy-to-understand lessons are written specifically for children with autism.

The Spiritual Life of Children

Author: Robert Coles
Publisher: HMH
ISBN: 0547524641
Category: Religion
Page: 384
View: 4765
A look at faith through the voices of children from varied religious backgrounds, by the Pulitzer-winning author of The Moral Intelligence of Children. A New York Times Notable Book What do children think about when they consider God, Heaven and Hell, the value of life in the here and now, and the inevitability of death? Child psychiatrist, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and Harvard professor Robert Coles spent thirty years interviewing hundreds of children—from South America and Europe to Africa and the Middle East—who are developing concepts of faith even as they struggle to understand its contradictions. Be they Catholic or Protestant, Jewish children from Boston, Pakistani children in London, agnostics, Native Americans, or young Christians in the American South, they offer honest, enlightening and sometimes startling ideas of a spiritual existence. A Hopi girl who knows for a fact that we are resurrected as birds; an African American child who believes God exists as a hurricane to “blow away” drug dealers; a young Christian who needs his faith to cope with the death of his sister, lest she be just “a big heartache to us till the day we die”; and a Tennessee child who rationalizes his belief by admitting that “if there's no God, that's all there is, ashes.” The Spiritual Life of Children is “a remarkable book. The generosity of vision that characterizes Dr. Coles's enterprise enables him to create a climate where words of great beauty and truthfulness can be spoken.” —The New York Times

Gospel- Telling

The Art and Theology of Children's Sermons
Author: Richard J. Coleman
Publisher: CSS Publishing
ISBN: 078801949X
Category: Religion
Page: 161
View: 1316
When was the last time you took a moment to consider the purpose and effectiveness of your children's sermons? After all, nothing is more important than sowing the seeds of faith early in life. In this comprehensive look at all aspects of preaching the gospel to young people, Richard Coleman challenges you to examine your approach with a critical eye and gives you plenty of practical guidance for developing simple, direct messages that help children form a relationship with Jesus Christ. In the first section of "Gospel-Telling," Coleman discusses what constitutes meaningful children's sermons, offering a thoughtful rationale for the idea that we must proclaim the gospel so youngsters experience God's love. You'll learn how you can mine your own experience for inspiration and proclaim gospel stories that flow from your specific circumstances. Then in the second portion of the book you'll see this process at work, with over thirty examples illustrating several different types of children's sermons. Whether you're a pastor, Christian educator, or engaged in the teaching ministry, you're sure to profit from the practical advice and in-depth reflection in these pages. With "Gospel-Telling," you'll be equipped to share with young people the good news -- with creativity and theological integrity. "Gospel-Telling is an enriching book that treats children with the spiritual respect they deserve. Richard Coleman understands the transformative language of children -- play and metaphor -- and shows how our weekly children's sermons can reach the heart of the child and not simply the mind of the adult. This is a must-have resource for educators and pastors alike." Mickie O'Donnell Executive Director, Children's Ministries of America "Richard Coleman understands the core of the biblical message as well as the learning processes of children and puts them together in theory and practice. This is a valuable treatment of a too long neglected topic." Rev. Ray Kostulias Pastor, First Congregational Church Park Ridge, New Jersey Author of "Character Witness" and "I Witness" Richard J. Coleman has served as the teaching minister of a university church, the pastor of a small-town congregation, and the director of an interdenominational inner-city Christian center. He has published children's sermons, leadership training articles, and seasonal devotionals, as well as books on the dialogue between science and theology and the dialogue between Evangelicals and Liberals. Coleman is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Princeton Theological Seminary.

Formational Children's Ministry (ēmersion: Emergent Village resources for communities of faith)

Shaping Children Using Story, Ritual, and Relationship
Author: Ivy Beckwith
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 144120735X
Category: Religion
Page: 160
View: 6126
Much ministry to children looks more like mere entertainment than authentic spiritual formation. But what if children's ministries were rooted in a mind set whereby we taught children, with our words and actions, how the story of God, the story of church history, the story of the local community, and the story of the child intersect and speak to one another? What if children's ministry was less about downloading information into kids' heads and more about leading them into these powerful, compelling stories? Beckwith aims to help ministers and parents create a ministry that captures children's imaginations not just to keep them occupied, but to live as citizens of the kingdom of God. In addition to providing theological reasons for formational children's ministry, the book offers examples of how Ivy and other practitioners are implementing a formational model.

God's Own Child

A Book for Parents Welcoming Their Child Into the Christian Community
Author: William L. Coleman,Patricia Coleman,Patty Coleman
Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications
ISBN: 9780896226524
Category: Religion
Page: 63
View: 5996
This volume aims to open parents' hearts and minds to a deeper understanding of their Catholic faith. It asks them to confirm their own beliefs as they prepare to share their faith with their child. Parents are offered basic information as well as new insights on the topics of baptism, sin, grace, faith, and the baptismal rite and its symbols.