The Digest of Justinian

Author: Alan Watson
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812205545
Category: History
Page: 768
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When Justinian became sole ruler of the Byzantine Empire in A.D. 527, he ordered the preparation of three compilations of Roman law that together formed the Corpus Juris Civilis. These works have become known individually as the Code, which collected the legal pronouncements of the Roman emperors, the Institutes, an elementary student's textbook, and the Digest, by far the largest and most highly prized of the three compilations. The Digest was assembled by a team of sixteen academic lawyers commissioned by Justinian in 533 to cull everything of value from earlier Roman law. It was for centuries the focal point of legal education in the West and remains today an unprecedented collection of the commentaries of Roman jurists on the civil law. Commissioned by the Commonwealth Fund in 1978, Alan Watson assembled a team of thirty specialists to produce this magisterial translation, which was first completed and published in 1985 with Theodor Mommsen's Latin text of 1878 on facing pages. This paperback edition presents a corrected English-language text alone, with an introduction by Alan Watson. Links to the three other volumes in the set: Volume 1 [Books 1-15] Volume 2 [Books 16-29] Volume 3 [Books 30-40]

The Digest of Justinian

Author: Charles Henry Monro
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107651018
Category: Law
Page: 462
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Originally published in 1903, this two-volume work contains an English translation of the first fifteen books of the Digest of Justinian, which formed one part of Roman civil law. Monro uses the Latin text edited by Theodor Mommsen, and translates Latin legal terms by using explanatory substitute words, not by giving the nearest approximation of the idea in English law. Volume Two contains the translation of Books Seven to Fifteen. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in late Roman law or the history of law in Europe.

The Digest of Justinian; Volume 1

Author: Charles Henry Monro,W W 1859-1946 Buckland,Emperor of the East 483?-5 Justinian I
Publisher: Franklin Classics
ISBN: 9780342644599
Page: 442
View: 1688
This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.

the digest of justinian

Author: N.A
Publisher: CUP Archive
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Geschichte von Grossbritannien ...

Author: David Hume
Publisher: N.A
Category: Great Britain
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The Second Amendment and Gun Control

Freedom, Fear, and the American Constitution
Author: Kevin Yuill,Joe Street
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351783335
Category: History
Page: 160
View: 7420
The Second Amendment, by far the most controversial amendment to the US Constitution, will soon celebrate its 225th anniversary. Yet, despite the amount of ink spilled over this controversy, the debate continues on into the 21st century. Initially written with a view towards protecting the nascent nation from more powerful enemies and preventing the tyranny experienced during the final years of British rule, the Second Amendment has since become central to discussions about the balance between security and freedom. It features in election contests and informs cultural discussions about race and gender. This book seeks to broaden the discussion. It situates discussion about gun controls within contemporary debates about citizenship, culture, philosophy and foreign policy as well as in the more familiar terrain of politics and history. It features experts on the Constitution as well as chapters discussing the symbolic importance of Annie Oakley, the role of firearms in race, and filmic representations of armed Hispanic girl gangs. It asks about the morality of gun controls and of not imposing them. The collection presents a balanced view between those who favour more gun controls and those who would prefer fewer of them. It is infused with the belief that through honest and open debate the often bitter cultural divide on the Second Amendment can be overcome and real progress made. It contains a diverse range of perspectives including, uniquely, a European perspective on this most American of issues.

The Morality of Self-defense and Military Action: The Judeo-Christian Tradition

Author: David B. Kopel
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440832781
Category: Religion
Page: 471
View: 7743
Shedding new light on a controversial and intriguing issue, this book will reshape the debate on how the Judeo-Christian tradition views the morality of personal and national self-defense. • Takes a multidisciplinary approach, directly engaging with leading writers on both sides of the issue • Examines Jewish and Christian sacred writings and commentary and explores how interpretations have changed over time • Offers careful analysis of topics such as the political systems of the ancient Hebrews, the Papacy's struggle for independence, the ways in which New England ministers incited the American Revolution, and the effects of the Vietnam War on the American Catholic church's views on national self-defense • Covers the many sects that have played crucial roles in the debate over the legitimacy of armed force, including Gnostics, Manicheans, Lutherans, Calvinists, and Quakers • Engages with the ideas of leading Jewish philosophers such as Rashi and Maimonides; Christian philosophers such as Origen, Augustine, Aquinas, and Sidney; and the most influential modern exponents of pacifism, such as Dorothy Day, the Berrigan Brothers, and John Howard Yoder

Human Rights and Personal Self-Defense in International Law

Author: Jan Arno Hessbruegge
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190655046
Category: Law
Page: 304
View: 1690
While an abundance of literature covers the right of states to defend themselves against external aggression, this is the first book dedicated to the right to personal self-defense in international law. Drawing on his extensive experience as a human rights practitioner and scholar, Dr. Hessbruegge sets out in careful detail the strict requirements that human rights impose on defensive force by law enforcement authorities, especially police killings in self-defense. The book also discusses the exceptional application of the right to personal self-defense in military-led operations, notably to contain violent civilians who do not directly participate in hostilities. Human rights also establish parameters on how broad or narrow the laws can be drawn on self-defense between private persons. Setting out the prevailing international standards, the book critically examines the ongoing trend to excessively broaden self-defense laws. It also refutes the claim that there is a human right to possess firearms for self-defense purposes. In extraordinary circumstances, the right to personal self-defence sharpens human rights and allows people to defend themselves against the state. Here the author establishes that international law gives individuals the right to forcibly resist human rights violations that pose a serious risk of significant and irreparable harm. At the same time, he calls into question prevailing state practice, which fails to recognize any collective right to organized armed resistance even when it constitutes the last resort to defend against genocide or other mass atrocities.

The Digest of Justinian

Author: William Warwick Buckland
Publisher: N.A
Category: Roman law
Page: 453
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Canon 1096 on Ignorance with Application to Tribunal and Pastoral Practice

Author: Girard M. Sherba
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 9781581121346
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 188
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Before Vatican II, marriage was often considered, or at least popularly expressed, as a union of bodies; that is to say, marriage was an exclusive contract by which a man and a woman mutually handed over their bodies for the purpose of acts which led to the procreation of children. Matrimonial jurisprudence was primarily focused on this marital contract. With the advent of Vatican II and its emphasis on the personalist notion of marriage, a new age dawned whereby canonists, especially auditors of the Roman Rota, were henceforth to view marriage as a union of persons. "Person" is more than a "body"; rather, a person is an individual consisting of wants, needs, desires, impulses, hopes and dreams, whose life experience has been shaped by the milieu "cultural, familial, religious" from which he or she comes. "Union" is not only simply understood as a "contract", but also is now once again recognized as a "covenant", a concept which, at least in the Latin Church, was prevalent until the 12th century.

Europäisches Verbraucherrecht

Author: Norbert Reich,Hans-W. Micklitz
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783832900410
Category: Competition, Unfair
Page: 1268
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Herrschaftsstrukturen und Herrschaftspraxis

Konzepte, Prinzipien und Strategien der Administration im römischen Kaiserreich
Author: Anne Kolb
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3050084774
Category: History
Page: 380
View: 7695
Die Beiträge des Bandes wollen anhand konkreter Fallbeispiele die grundlegenden Konzepte, Prinzipien und Verfahrensweisen der römischen Herrschaftsorganisation und Administration bzw. deren Schwächen herausarbeiten. Der Fokus liegt zunächst auf Zielen und Strategien der kaiserlichen Politik, wobei die Beiträge Zielsetzung und konkretes Vorgehen der Kaiser für einzelne Bereiche der Innenpolitik beleuchten. Im Anschluss thematisieren die folgenden Studien die Prinzipien staatlichen Handelns; d.h., beleuchtet werden die konkreten Funktionen der Führungsschichten in der Reichs-administration, verschiedene Funktionsträger sowie deren rechtlicher und sozio-politischer Status. Der nächste Teil fokussiert mit dem Amt des Provinzgouverneurs das wichtigste Organ der Provinzialverwaltung. Dabei untersuchen die Beiträge Aufgaben und Arbeitsweise des Statthalters sowie dessen Interaktion mit den Repräsentanten der provinzialen Gemeinden. Den Abschluss bildet die Betrachtung der Rolle und Aufgaben des römischen Heeres, der größten Personalressource des römischen Staates im Rahmen der Provinzialadministration.

Vengeance in Medieval Europe

A Reader
Author: Daniel Lord Smail,Kelly Gibson
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442601264
Category: History
Page: 474
View: 4046
How did medieval society deal with private justice, with grudges, and with violent emotions? This ground-breaking reader collects for the first time a number of unpublished or difficult-to-find texts that address violence and emotion in the Middle Ages. The sources collected here illustrate the power and reach of the language of vengeance in medieval European society. They span the early, high, and later middle ages, and capture a range of perspectives including legal sources, learned commentaries, narratives, and documents of practice. Though social elites necessarily figure prominently in all medieval sources, sources concerning relatively low-status individuals and sources pertaining to women are included. The sources range from saints' lives that illustrate the idea of vengeance to later medieval court records concerning vengeful practices. A secondary goal of the collection is to illustrate the prominence of mechanisms for peacemaking in medieval European society. The introduction traces recent scholarly developments in the study of vengeance and discusses the significance of these concepts for medieval political and social history.

De iustitia et iure

Author: Georg Thielmann
Publisher: Duncker & Humblot
ISBN: 9783428447398
Page: 871
View: 5588

Geschichte des römischen Rechts

Author: Ulrich Manthe
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 9783406447327
Category: Roman law
Page: 125
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Images of Shame

Infamy, Defamation and the Ethics of oeconomia
Author: Carolin Behrmann
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110312301
Category: Art
Page: 272
View: 6479
Im Grenzbereich von Bild, Recht und Ökonomie erhalten Bilder der Infamie und Diffamierung eine brisante Bedeutung. Wo im Spätmittelalter über eine Pädagogik der Scham die Schuldner bestraft werden sollten, um dem Schuld- und Vertragsrecht Beihilfe zu geben, stellen Schandbilder bis heute ein Mittel der moralischen Verurteilung und der diffamierenden Darstellung rechtswidrig handelnder Personen dar. Die Beiträge des Bandes diskutieren sowohl den mit ihnen verbundenen "Bildzauber" als auch die Bedeutung von Ehren- und Schandstrafen in der Rechtspraxis, wie der "pittura infamante" und dem Bildnisgebrauch im Rechtswesen im Allgemeinen.


Author: Prokop
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110358050
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 586
View: 6180
Jetzt beim Akademie Verlag: Sammlung Tusculum - die berühmte zweisprachige Bibliothek der Antike! Die 1923 gegründete Sammlung Tusculum umfasst ca. 200 klassische Werke der griechischen und lateinischen Literatur des Altertums und bildet damit das Fundament der abendländischen Geistesgeschichte ab. Die Werke Ciceros, Ovids und Horaz’ gehören ebenso zum Programm wie die philosophischen Schriften Platons, die Dramen des Sophokles oder die enzyklopädische Naturgeschichte des Plinius. Die Reihe bietet die weltliterarisch bedeutenden Originaltexte zusammen mit exzellenten deutschen Übersetzungen und kurzen Sachkommentaren. Von renommierten Altphilologen betreut, präsentiert Tusculum zuverlässige Standardausgaben mit klassischer Einbandgestaltung für Wissenschaftler und Bibliotheken, Studenten und Lehrer sowie das allgemeine Publikum mit Interesse an antiker Dichtung und Philosophie. Der Name der Reihe geht auf die ehemalige Stadt Tusculum in Latium zurück, in der Cicero eine Villa besaß, die ihm als Refugium diente und in der er die Tuskulanen verfasste. Neben der hochwertig ausgestatteten Hauptreihe erscheinen in der Serie Tusculum Studienausgaben einschlägige Texte für Universität und Schule im Taschenbuch. Im Akademie Verlag startet die Reihe 2011 mit sieben wichtigen Neuerscheinungen.

The Forum and the Tower

How Scholars and Politicians Have Imagined the World, from Plato to Eleanor Roosevelt
Author: Mary Ann Glendon
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199843732
Category: History
Page: 280
View: 8690
As Mary Ann Glendon writes in this fascinating new book, the relationship between politics and the academy has been fraught with tension and regret-and the occasional brilliant success-since Plato himself. In The Forum and the Tower, Glendon examines thinkers who have collaborated with leaders, from ancient Syracuse to the modern White House, in a series of brisk portraits that explore the meeting of theory and reality. Glendon discusses a roster of great names, from Edmund Burke to Alexis de Tocqueville, Machiavelli to Rousseau, John Locke to Max Weber, down to Charles Malik, who helped Eleanor Roosevelt draft the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. With each, she explores the eternal questions they faced, including: Is politics such a dirty business that I shouldn't get involved? Will I betray my principles by pursuing public office? Can I make a difference, or will my efforts be wasted? Even the most politically successful intellectuals, she notes, did not all end happily. The brilliant Marcus Tullius Cicero, for example, reached the height of power in the late Roman Republic, then fell victim to intrigue, assassinated at Mark Antony's order. Yet others had a lasting impact. The legal scholar Tribonian helped Byzantine Emperor Justinian I craft the Corpus Juris Civilis, which became a bedrock of Western law. Portalis and Napoleon emulated them, creating the civil code that the French emperor regarded as his greatest legacy. Formerly ambassador to the Vatican and an eminent legal scholar, Glendon knows these questions personally. Here she brings experience and expertise to bear in a timely, and timeless, study.