Gold Standard Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test

Author: Brett L. Ferdinand,Lisa Ferdinand
Publisher: Ruveneco Incorporated
ISBN: 9781927338056
Category: Medical
Page: 712
View: 4173
This edition includes an Online Access Card and Section 1 has been revised. This edition also takes into consideration the fact that the GAMSAT no longer permits calculators and so the steps of all calculations are shown. The Gold Standard has integrated textbook reading and many free features including online problem solving with explanations, essays for you to review in the book and online, ten hours of online teaching videos with ideas presented in clear terms, online equation lists and organic reaction summary, hundreds of additional practice questions with a forum thread to discuss every individual question--and much more. The Gold Standard GAMSAT DVD includes sixteen science review DVDs prepared for the MCAT with all the major GAMSAT science topics clearly explained,, and to increase study efficiency, flashcards, MP3s, and an iPhone application. The flashcards and iPhone App point to the appropriate section in the book and the book points to the DVD lecture.

The Gold Standard Gamsat

Author: Brett L. Ferdinand,Brett L Ferdinand, Dr
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781927338285
Category: Medical
Page: 1154
View: 6495
The Gold Standard GAMSAT textbook 2015-2016 Edition has more than 440 brand new pages of helpful content. We started by adding more Section 1 and 2 strategies, practice questions, and mini-tests with worked solutions. Over 100 brand new pages reviewing GAMSAT math from simple to complex including logs, exponents, graph analysis and lots of practice questions with helpful worked solutions. Included are revised questions for the full-length exam at the back of the book. And, for the first time ever, a total of more than 1000 practice questions available in the book and online using the Online Access Card which is found in each GAMSAT textbook.

The Gold Standard MCAT

Author: Brett L. Ferdinand,Lisa Ferdinand
Publisher: Ruveneco Incorporated
ISBN: 9780978463885
Category: Study Aids
Page: 1000
View: 6158
The 16th Edition of The Gold Standard is THE complete and fully updated review for the new Medical College Admissions Computer Based Test (MCAT CBT). The 16th Edition of The Gold Standard continues to be one of the best selling manuals, standing as the flagship for the industry. The Gold Standard includes a comprehensive and easy to understand review of the MCAT, 3 pull-out full-length practice exams with explanations, also available as MCAT CBTs online for free, and hundreds of pages in full color! NEW features include three dimensional color diagrams, MCAT objectives at the beginning of chapters, equation lists, free online chapter review questions with explanations, and an organic chemistry mechanisms summary. BONUS No.1: Students also get The 3 Gold Standard exams as MCAT CBTs - free and online. BONUS No.2: Free online access to ten hours of teaching videos! The 16th Edition of The Gold Standard covers all key aspects of medical school admissions. All science sections are covered in detail. The Gold Standard will teach you how to improve your grades, how to prepare for the medical school interview, strategies for autobiographical materials and letters of references, and much more. Over 100 diagrams and illustrations take the MCAT learning experience to a new level! Note: This edition is fully updated for the 2013 or 2014 MCAT exam but does not reflect the new 2015 MCAT exam changes.

Gold Standard GAMSAT Maths, Physics and General Chemistry

GAMSAT Physical Sciences - Learn, Review, Practice
Author: Brett Ferdinand
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781927338391
Category: Chemistry
Page: 470
View: 9420
From very simple maths to GAMSAT-level practice questions. Skills, strategies and hundreds of practice questions with worked solutions. For the first time, your enclosed online access card with PIN not only gives access to hundreds of MCQs with worked solutions, but now also provides one-year online access to over 100 helpful, topical videos. ......

Gold Standard GAMSAT Organic Chemistry and Biology

GAMSAT Biological Sciences - Learn, Review, Practice
Author: Brett Ferdinand
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781927338407
Category: Chemistry
Page: 470
View: 4911
From very simple concepts to GAMSAT-level practice questions. Skills, strategies and hundreds of practice questions with worked solutions. For the first time, your enclosed online access card with PIN not only gives access to hundreds of MCQs with worked solutions, but now also provides one-year online access to over 100 helpful, topical ......

The Meaning of Things

Applying Philosophy to life
Author: A.C. Grayling
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
ISBN: 1780221169
Category: Self-Help
Page: 224
View: 1298
A refreshing distillation of insights into the human condition, by one of the best-known and most popular philosophers in the UK. Thinking about life, what it means and what it holds in store does not have to be a despondent experience, but rather can be enlightening and uplifting. A life truly worth living is one that is informed and considered so a degree of philosophical insight into the inevitabilities of the human condition is inherently important and such an approach will help us to deal with real personal dilemmas. This book is an accessible, lively and thought-provoking series of linked commentaries, based on A. C. Grayling's 'The Last Word' column in the GUARDIAN. Its aim is not to persuade readers to accept one particular philosophical point of view or theory, but to help us consider the wonderful range of insights which can be drawn from an immeasurably rich history of philosophical thought. Concepts covered include courage, love, betrayal, ambition, cruelty, wisdom, passion, beauty and death. This will be a wonderfully stimulating read and act as an invaluable guide as to what is truly important in living life, whether facing success, failure, justice, wrong, love, loss or any of the other profound experience life throws out.

Educational Assessment in the 21st Century

Connecting Theory and Practice
Author: Claire Wyatt-Smith,Joy Cumming
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402099649
Category: Education
Page: 310
View: 4529
Signs of Change: Assessment Past, Present and Future Another Time, Another Place...Examinations Then and Now In the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam, a series of stone stelae records the names of the handful of illustrious examination candidates who, in each century, passed the national examination to become a Doctor of Literature. Beginning in the 11thcentury,theexamswereconductedpersonallybysuccessivekingswhopursued Confucian ideals that found expression in the enormous value placed on the pursuit of wisdom and learning. In the 21st century we are both puzzled and impressed by this tradition. Puzzled by such an explicit commitment to a meritocracy in an essentially feudal society; impressed by this enthusiasm for learning and the pursuit of wisdom at the highest level of society. Yet, there are also important similarities between the 11th and 21st centuries. Then, as now, assessment was associated with excellence, high standards, pr- tige and competition—success for the chosen few; disappointment for the majority. Then, as now, the pursuit of excellence was embedded in a social context that favoured the elite and determined success in terms of the predilections of the p- erful. Then, as now, the purpose of the assessment, the way it was conducted and its impact on society all re ected the social and economic priorities of the day.

Tabbner's Nursing Care

Theory and Practice
Author: Gabby Koutoukidis,Kate Stainton,Jodie Hughson
Publisher: Elsevier Australia
ISBN: 0729541142
Category: Medical
Page: 1082
View: 1107
A vital member of the health care team, the contemporary enrolled nurse faces increasing challenges and an increasing level of responsibility. Written specifically for Australian and New Zealand enrolled nurse students, this long awaited new edition reflects the changes and challenges in contemporary enrolled nurse practice as well as the additions and modifications that are occurring in nursing curricula. Tabbner's Nursing Care: Theory and Practice 5th edition has been written, reviewed and edited by the people who educate the enrolled nurse and continues to provide enrolled nurse students with the most comprehensive resource available.

The Barefoot Investor

The Only Money Guide You'll Ever Need
Author: Scott Pape
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0730324214
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 296
View: 1778
The Boxing Day sales

Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing - Australian Version

Author: Jackie Crisp,Catherine Taylor
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0729578623
Category: Medical
Page: 5742
View: 981
Please note that this eBook does not include the DVD accompaniment. If you would like to have access to the DVD content, please purchase the print copy of this title. Now in its 3rd edition, Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing continues to be the definitive text for nursing students in our region. The new edition builds on the strengths of the highly successful previous editions with greater authorship, increased local research, evidence and concepts particular to the health care systems of Australia and New Zealand. Fully revised and updated by leading Australian and New Zealand nurse educators. It presents essential nursing skills in a clear format consistent with Australian and New Zealand practice, placing greater emphasis on critical thinking skill explanations, revised procedural recommendations, infection control considerations and updated medications information. Health Care Delivery System (Chapter 2) – now includes New Zealand content and walks the student through the evolution of health care delivery systems in our region. Engaging in Clinical Inquiry and Practice Development (Chapter 5) written by Jackie Crisp and Professor Brendan McCormack provides a contemporary perspective on the processes underpinning nursing knowledge development, utilisation and their role in the ongoing advancement of nursing practice. Managing Client Care (Chapter 20) is an exciting newly revised chapter that engages the student in exploring nursing issues in managing client care within the context of contemporary health care systems. New Chapter on Caring for the Cancer Survivor New Zealand Supplement Legal Implications of Nursing Practice Now includes evolve e-books Now students can search across Potter & Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing 3E electronically via a fully searchable online version. Students can take notes, highlight material and more. The e-book is included with this edition at no extra cost. New Resources for Students and Instructors on Evolve: Nursing Skills Online for Fundamentals of Nursing provides students with 17 interactive modules which expand on textbook concepts, through the use of media rich animations. It encourages decision-making and critical-thinking skills through case-based and problem-oriented lessons. Nursing Skills Online for Fundamentals of Nursing may be purchased separately as a User guide & Access code (ISBN: 9780729539388) Online Study guide for students is an ideal supplement with Skills Performance Check lists designed to challenge students’ abilities. Clinical knowledge can be further tested through additional short answer and review questions.

Gold Standard Mcat Bio

Biology and Biochemistry
Author: Gold Standard Team
Publisher: Ruveneco Incorporated
ISBN: 9781927338278
Category: Study Aids
Page: 400
View: 1048
New MCAT Biology and Biochemistry comprehensive review from amino acids to Systems Biology! Hundreds of practice questions with answers and helpful explanations Over 100 diagrams and illustrations Personal access code to 1 year of free online access to additional practice questions with helpful solutions Gold Standard MCAT BIO: Biology and Biochemistryis a comprehensive biology review in color. This book covers Molecular, Cellular and Systems Biology with over 350 practice questions and solutions. This is book I of III from the GS MCAT set for the 2015-2016 MCAT exam. The Gold Standard team of authors and editors includes medical doctors who had taken the MCAT, aced it, and were admitted to their first choice medical schools. Our primary author, Brett Ferdinand MD, has written MCATbooks for more than 20 years, created the first online MCAT video library and was the first to develop 10 full-length practice MCAT tests.

Gamsat Section 2

Essay Writing Guide
Author: Irene Yang
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781974514793
Page: 58
View: 4811
With little literary experience, essay writing has posed a significant challenge to many science students taking the GAMSAT. This book intends to share some personal insights as a science student tackling essay writing. The book focuses on how to structure both essays and provides a step-by-step guide on how to successfully write an essay using this structure. The book also shares the tips, tricks and techniques collected over many months of preparing for section 2 of the GAMSAT. Included in this book is a GAMSAT word list to help students get a head start in building their vocabulary with some commonly used words (helpful for both section 1 and section 2). I hope that with this book, students will feel empowered to successfully tackle GAMSAT Section 2 essay writing, and be one step closer to becoming the next generation of doctors.


Aunt Marie's Book of Lore
Author: Titan Books
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 9781781166536
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 143
View: 7202
Offers fans of the television series their own copy of the guide to supernatural creatures that Detective Nick Burghardt inherited from his Aunt Marie, complete with diary entries, drawings, photographs, and memorabilia.

Stereochemistry II

In Memory of van’t Hoff
Author: Kendall N. Houk,Christopher A. Hunter,Michael J. Krische,Jean-Marie Lehn,Steven V. Ley,Massimo Olivucci,Joachim Thiem,Margherita Venturi,Pierre Vogel,Chi-Huey Wong,Henry N. C. Wong,Hisashi Yamamoto
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783662155592
Category: Science
Page: 132
View: 7985

My Baby Record Book Deluxe

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781488903014
Page: 40
View: 8970
Your baby's first year is an exciting and precious time. Create a lasting keepsake of each treasured milestone with My Baby Record Book. With traditional nursery rhymes to share and space for photographs, My Baby Record Book is a unique memento that your family will cherish. Capture your baby's special moments in this beautiful, gender-neutral book, filled with stunning illustrations, room for photographs and questions to fill in.

The Little Book of Chanel

Author: Emma Baxter-Wright
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781780979021
Category: Fashion design
Page: 160
View: 8100
This monograph on Coco Chanel chronicles the life and legacy of one of history's most influential couturiers. From her early days of millinery, through her revolutionary inventions in sportswear and jersey fashions for women, the classics that have made her name, such as the Chanel cardigan jacket and the little black dress, to the global empire of the brand under the helm of Karl Lagerfeld, this beautifully illustrated book offers a fascinating account of Chanel's evolution and innovation. Detailed photographs and sketches of her designs, along with fashion photography and catwalk shots, pay tribute to one of the world's most highly regarded fashion houses and the woman behind it.

Essential Aussie Drugs

A Little Pocket Book of Common Aussie Drug Facts
Author: Majella Hales,Robin Fisher,Eun Jeong Roh
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780994311702
Page: N.A
View: 4688
This book contains:* Over 2000 drug names organised alphabetically.* Trade & Generic names, Drug class, and Indication for almost any drug you will administer.* Definitions of hundreds of medical acronyms.* Review of commonly used drug suffixes.* A brief summary of the Mechanisms of Action for 30 of the most common drug classes.

7 Full-Length MCAT Practice Tests: 5 in the Book and 2 Online

1610 MCAT Practice Questions Based on the AAMC Format
Author: Brett Ferdinand
Publisher: Ruveneco
ISBN: 9781927338445
Category: Medical
Page: 460
View: 430
7 Full-length MCAT Practice Tests: 5 in the Book and 2 Online

Gamsat Biology

Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions
Author: With Honours
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781999945206
Page: N.A
View: 8255
GAMSAT Biology consists of a comprehensive and rigorously developed collection of multiple choice questions (MCQs), covering the core topics assessed in Section III of the GAMSAT. Each chapter tackles a different component of the biological sciences, and corresponds to the level expected of a first-year undergraduate biology student. These practice questions can be completed under exam conditions or attempted sequentially to help consolidate your learning. By working through these MCQs and the detailed solutions provided, you will not only broaden your scientific knowledge base but significantly improve your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Accordingly, this book will equip you, whether a science or non-science graduate, with the foundations necessary to excel in the biology section of the GAMSAT, and ultimately secure that all-important place at medical school.