The Illustrated Slave

Empathy, Graphic Narrative, and the Visual Culture of the Transatlantic Abolition Movement, 1800–1852
Author: Martha J. Cutter
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820351156
Category: Social Science
Page: 384
View: 5265
From the 1787 Wedgwood antislavery medallion featuring the image of an enchained and pleading black body to Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained (2012) and Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years a Slave (2013), slavery as a system of torture and bondage has fascinated the optical imagination of the transatlantic world. Scholars have examined various aspects of the visual culture that was slavery, including its painting, sculpture, pamphlet campaigns, and artwork. Yet an important piece of this visual culture has gone unexamined: the popular and frequently reprinted antislavery illustrated books published prior to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) that were utilized extensively by the antislavery movement in the first half of the nineteenth century. The Illustrated Slave analyzes some of the more innovative works in the archive of antislavery illustrated books published from 1800 to 1852 alongside other visual materials that depict enslavement. Martha J. Cutter argues that some illustrated narratives attempt to shift a viewing reader away from pity and spectatorship into a mode of empathy and interrelationship with the enslaved. She also contends that some illustrated books characterize the enslaved as obtaining a degree of control over narrative and lived experiences, even if these figurations entail a sense that the story of slavery is beyond representation itself. Through exploration of famous works such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin, as well as unfamiliar ones by Amelia Opie, Henry Bibb, and Henry Box Brown, she delineates a mode of radical empathy that attempts to destroy divisions between the enslaved individual and the free white subject and between the viewer and the viewed.

Redrawing the Historical Past

History, Memory, and Multiethnic Graphic Novels
Author: Martha J. Cutter,Cathy J. Schlund-Vials
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820352004
Category: History
Page: 370
View: 3699
Redrawing the Historical Past examines how multiethnic graphic novels portray and revise U.S. history. This is the first collection to focus exclusively on the interplay of history and memory in multiethnic graphic novels. Such interplay enables a new understanding of the past. The twelve essays explore Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece's Incognegro, Gene Luen Yang's Boxers and Saints, GB Tran's Vietnamerica, Scott McCloud's The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln, Art Spiegelman's post-Maus work, and G. Neri and Randy DuBurke's Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty, among many others. The collection represents an original body of criticism about recently published works that have received scant scholarly attention. The chapters confront issues of history and memory in contemporary multiethnic graphic novels, employing diverse methodologies and approaches while adhering to three main guidelines. First, using a global lens, contributors reconsider the concept of history and how it is manifest in their chosen texts. Second, contributors consider the ways in which graphic novels, as a distinct genre, can formally renovate or intervene in notions of the historical past. Third, contributors take seriously the possibilities and limitations of these historical revisions with regard to envisioning new, different, or even more positive versions of both the present and future. As a whole, the volume demonstrates that graphic novelists use the open and flexible space of the graphic narrative page--in which readers can move not only forward but also backward, upward, downward, and in several other directions--to present history as an open realm of struggle that is continually being revised. Contributors: Frederick Luis Aldama, Julie Buckner Armstrong, Katharine Capshaw, Monica Chiu, Jennifer Glaser, Taylor Hagood, Caroline Kyungah Hong, Angela Lafien, Catherine H. Nguyen, Jeffrey Santa Ana, and Jorge Santos.

Crossing Borders

Essays on Literature, Culture, and Society in Honor of Amritjit Singh
Author: Tapan Basu,Tasneem Shahnaaz
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1611479002
Category: Social Science
Page: 376
View: 8529
Crossing Borders engages with the emergent field of borders studies, particularly in relation to North America, South Asia, and the transnational spaces they continue to embrace. While multicultural theory tends to emphasize specific and individual cultures, border studies examines the intersection of cultures and the resulting effects.

Das Haus des Professors

Author: Willa Cather
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783442839865
Page: 258
View: 2746

Der Klapsmühlentrip

Author: Kate Millett
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 3462412221
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 396
View: 5464
Jahrelang sorgte Kate Millett durch ihre politischen Aktivitäten, ihr öffentliches Bekenntnis zur weiblichen Homosexualität und ihre Bücher, die zu »Bibeln« der Feministinnen wurden, für Schlagzeilen. Auf dem Höhepunkt ihres Erfolges wurde sie von einer »seelischen Mißstimmung« erfaßt. Was dann folgte, war die Psychiatrierung eines Menschen: seine Zwangseinweisung in Kliniken, Selbstmordversuche – ein dreizehn Jahre lang andauerndes Martyrium. Kate Millett schildert in ergreifender Weise ihre Odyssee durch die Psychiatrie.Die amerikanische Presse urteilte: Seit Ken Keseys »Einer flog über das Kuckucksnest« hat es in der Literatur keinen solchen Aufschrei gegen psychiatrische Einrichtungen und Praktiken gegeben.

L'an deux mille quatre cent quarante [by L.S. Mercier].

Author: Louis Sébastien Mercier
Publisher: N.A
Category: Utopias
Page: 402
View: 400

Literatur und Gesellschaft

Author: Antônio Cândido,Ligia Chiappini Moraes Leite
Publisher: N.A
Category: Literature and society
Page: 228
View: 7211

Der Weisse Sklave

Eine Erzählung Aus Virginien
Author: Richard Hildreth
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780543664129
Page: 197
View: 2913
This Elibron Classics title is a reprint of the original edition published by Christian Ernst Kollmann in Leipzig, 1853.

Das Labor in der Box

Technikentwicklung und Unternehmensgründung in der frühen deutschen Biotechnologie
Author: Inken Rebentrost
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 9783406544033
Category: Biotechnology industries
Page: 309
View: 9743

Wanderungen eines Künstlers unter den Indianern Nordamerika's von Canada nach der Vancouver's-Insel und nach Oregon durch das Gebiet der Hudsons-Bay-Gesellschaft und zuruck ...

Author: Paul Kane
Publisher: N.A
Category: Indians of North America
Page: 225
View: 2136

Das Volkswagenwerk und seine Arbeiter im Dritten Reich

Author: Hans Mommsen,Manfred Grieger
Publisher: N.A
Category: Automobile industry and trade
Page: 1055
View: 8957

Die Teilnehmer

Die Männer der Wannsee-Konferenz
Author: Hans-Christian Jasch,Christoph Kreutzmüller
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783863313067
Page: 336
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Author: Leslie Feinberg
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783896561565
Page: 323
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Author: David Small
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783551786951
Category: Artists
Page: 324
View: 1849
Finalist for the 2009 National Book Award and finalist for two 2010 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards: the prize-winning children's author depicts a childhood from hell in this searing yet redemptive graphic memoir. One day David Small awoke from a supposedly harmless operation to discover that he had been transformed into a virtual mute. A vocal cord removed, his throat slashed and stitched together like a bloody boot, the fourteen-year-old boy had not been told that he had cancer and was expected to die. In Stitches, Small, the award-winning children's illustrator and author, re-creates this terrifying event in a life story that might have been imagined by Kafka. As the images painfully tumble out, one by one, we gain a ringside seat at a gothic family drama where David, a highly anxious yet supremely talented child, all too often became the unwitting object of his parents' buried frustration and rage. Believing that they were trying to do their best, David's parents did just the reverse. Edward Small, a Detroit physician who vented his own anger by hitting a punching bag, was convinced that he could cure his young son's respiratory problems with heavy doses of radiation, possibly causing David's cancer. Elizabeth, David's mother, tyrannically stingy and excessively scolding, ran the Small household under a cone of silence where emotions, especially her own, were hidden. Depicting this coming-of-age story with dazzling, kaleidoscopic images that turn nightmare into fairy tale, Small tells us of his journey from sickly child to cancer patient, to the troubled teen whose risky decision to run away from home at sixteen, with nothing more than the dream of becoming an artist, will resonate as the ultimate survival statement. A silent movie masquerading as a book, Stitches renders a broken world suddenly seamless and beautiful again.

Das Philosophie-Buch

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783831019694
Page: 352
View: 6986