The Rites of Passage

Author: Arnold van Gennep
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136538852
Category: Social Science
Page: 208
View: 9358
Van Gennep was the first observer of human behaviour to note that the ritual ceremonies that accompany the landmarks of human life differ only in detail from one culture to another, and that they are in essence universal. Originally published in English in 1960. This edition reprints the paperback edition of 1977.

Deeply Into the Bone

Re-inventing Rites of Passage
Author: Ronald L. Grimes
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520215337
Category: Religion
Page: 384
View: 5315
"There is no other book even remotely like this. Deeply into the Bone is an exceptional, imaginative book on the topic of rites and the shaping of human life. Grimes is one of the few people who ably combines scholarly disciplines and perspectives with firsthand narratives, literary essays, films and observations of general culture. He is unquestionably a first-rate author and thinker, and this is an unquestionably magnificent book."--Lawrence Hoffman, author of Covenant of Blood "Deeply into the Bone is guaranteed to change our minds about ritual. Using a global and ethnic array of rites new and old, Grimes shows that contrary to popular belief, the ritual marking of life passages is anything but universal. By teaching us how to think comparatively we see that rites of passage are enduring rituals not for their uniformity, but because they serve as cornerstones for cultural and spiritual creativity and innovation."--Madeline Duntley, College of Wooster

The Rites of Passage of Jean Genet

The Art and Aesthetics of Risk Taking
Author: Gene A. Plunka
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838634615
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 357
View: 9496
In this book, Gene A. Plunka argues that the most important single element that solidifies all of Genet's work is the concept of metamorphosis. Genet's plays and prose demonstrate the transition from game playing to the establishment of one's identity through a state of risk taking that develops from solitude. However, risk taking per se is not as important as the rite of passage. Anthropologist Victor Turner's work in ethnography is used as a focal point for the examination of rites of passage in Genet's dramas. Rejecting society, Genet has allied himself with peripheral groups, marginal men, and outcasts--scapegoats who lack power in society. Much of their effort is spent in revolt or direct opposition in mainstream society that sees them as objects to be abused. As an outcast or marginal man, Genet solved his problem of identity through artistic creation and metamorphosis. Likewise, Genet's protagonists are outcasts searching for positive value in a society over which they have no control; they always appear to be the victims or scapegoats. As outcasts, Genet's protagonists establish their identities by first willing their actions and being proud to do so. Unfortunately, man's sense of Being is constantly undermined by society and the way individuals react to roles, norms, and values. Roles are the products of carefully defined and codified years of positively sanctioned institutional behavior. According to Genet, role playing limits individual freedom, stifles creativity, and impedes differentiation. Genet equates role playing with stagnant bourgeois society that imitates rather than invents; the latter is a word Genet often uses to urge his protagonists into a state of productive metamorphosis. Imitation versus invention is the underlying dialectic between bourgeois society and outcasts that is omnipresent in virtually all of Genet's works. Faced with rejection, poverty, oppression, and degradation, Genet's outcasts often escape their horrible predicaments by living in a world of illusion that consists of ceremony, game playing, narcissism, sexual and secret rites, or political charades. Like children, Genet's ostracized individuals play games to imitate a world that they can not enter. Essentially, the play acting becomes catharsis for an oppressed group that is otherwise confined to the lower stratum of society. Role players and outcasts who try to find an identity through cathartic game playing never realize their potential in Genet's world. Instead, Genet is interested in outcasts who immerse themselves in solitude and create their own sense of dignity free from external control. Most important, these isolated individuals may initially play games, yet they ultimately experience metamorphosis from a world of rites, charades, and rituals to a type of "sainthood" where dignity and nobility reign. The apotheosis is achieved through a distinct act of conscious revolt designed to condemn the risk taker to a degraded life of solitude totally distinct from society's norms and values.

Rites of Passage in Ancient Greece

Literature, Religion, Society
Author: Mark William Padilla
Publisher: Bucknell University Press
ISBN: 9780838754184
Category: History
Page: 312
View: 956
The twelve essays in this volume of Bucknell Review treat the topic of rites of passage in ancient Greece, focusing largely on Athenian tragedy, but also Plato, the Greek novel, the festival of Anthesteria, and other topics.

Opening the Doors of Wonder

Reflections on Religious Rites of Passage
Author: Arthur Magida
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520941717
Category: Religion
Page: 304
View: 5816
This bold, pioneering book explores rites of passage in America by sifting through the accounts of influential thinkers who experienced them. Arthur J. Magida explains the underlying theologies, evolution, and actual practice of Jewish bar and bat mitzvahs, Christian confirmations, Hindu sacred thread ceremonies, Muslim shahadas and Zen jukai ceremonies. In rare interviews, renowned artists and intellectuals such as Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, holistic guru Deepak Chopra, singer Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), actress/comedienne Julia Sweeney, cartoonist Roz Chast, interfaith maven Huston Smith, and many more talk intimately about their religious backgrounds, the rites of passage they went through, and how these events shaped who they are today. Magida compares these coming of age ceremonies' origins and evolution, considers their ultimate meaning and purpose, and gauges how their meaning changes with individuals over time. He also examines innovative rites of passage that are now being "invented" in the United States. Passionate and lyrical, this absorbing book reveals our deep, ultimate need for coming-of-age events, especially in a society as fluid as ours. Conversations with: Bob Abernethy, Huston Smith, Julia Sweeney, Roz Chast, Harold Kushner, Ram Dass, Elie Wiesel, Deepak Chopra, Robert Thurman, Coleman Barks, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), And others

Food and the Rites of Passage

Author: Laura Mason
Publisher: Prospect Books (UK)
Category: Cooking
Page: 166
View: 8971
Baptism, marriage, childbirth, death: these are the milestones of life, invariably marked by a feast or comforting rituals founded on food and drink. Some of these habits flourished, then died away - think of the cups of wine passed around the gossips gathered at a lying in; others have gone on to be industries in their own right - the wedding cake, which has slowly but surely evolved from the giant flat discs of bride cake illustrated in the sensational full-colour cover of a fete in Bermondsey by Hofnagel in the seventeenth century, to the many-tiered and icing-bedaubed monuments of today. The book consists of six essays by recognised food-historians, each taking in turn one of these milestones, sometimes (but not always) with a certain north-country bias: Peter Brears writes on funerals; Dr Layinka Swinburne writes on childbirth; Laura Mason on wedding cakes; Ivan Day on old marriage customs; and Professor Tony Green on the sociology of the modern wedding celebration. There is also an overview of Irish food customs, with reference to these rites, by the well-regarded young Irish food historian, Regina Sexton.

The Rites of Passage for Males Manual

Just about Everything a Young Man Needs to Know about Life and Manhood
Author: D. Harold Greene
Publisher: University Press of Amer
ISBN: 9780761839422
Category: Social Science
Page: 63
View: 7541
The Rites of Passage for Males Manual is a four-part manual that focuses on building critical thinking skills for young men to help them make positive life choices. The four sections are: Basic Life Skills; Self-Esteem Training; Finding My Career & Life Purpose; and Dress for Business Success. Use this manual in youth workshops, as a parent, or in other youth development training programs. Tests after each section help to ensure that the reader understands the information provided.

The Rites of Passage

Author: Bruce Mincks
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450031404
Page: 117
View: 6989
Skipper, an otherwise normal colt, must go through the Rites of Passage as strangely, his steps have tended to skips since birth, kind of strangely. Between his knees, his manners don't make sense for Thor, his father, and Grace, his mother, can't always be there as Skipper continues to explore the wilder ranges surrounding him now in California's Central Valley. While his own herd disdains Skipper's strange ways, still the yearling manages to make friends with its guardian dogs. The other colts his age love sports, but Skipper can't really score in his isolation. As he learns to focus on next fall's rodeo, not the summer's final scores, he finds the Central Valley isn't always fair--so how does a stallion emerge?

The Rites of Passage, Second Edition

Author: Arnold Van Gennep
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780226629490
Category: Religion
Page: 256
View: 8194
Folklorist Arnold van Gennep's masterwork, The Rites of Passage, has been a staple of anthropological education for more than a century. First published in French in 1906, and translated into English by the University of Chicago Press in 1960, this landmark book explores how the life of an individual in any society can be understood as a succession of stages: birth, puberty, marriage, parenthood, advancement to elderhood, and, finally, death. Van Gennep's command of the ethnographic record enabled him to discern crosscultural patterns in rituals of separation, transition, and incorporation. With compelling precision, he elaborated the terms that would both define twentieth-century ritual theory and become a part of our everyday lexicon. This augmented new edition of his work demonstrates how we can still make use of its enduring critical tools to understand our own social, religious, and political worlds. Featuring an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning anthropologist and historian David I. Kertzer, this edition reminds readers just how startlingly insightful The Rites of Passage remains a century after its initial publication.

Passing on the rites of passage

girls' initiation rites in the context of an urban Roman Catholic community on the Zambian Copperbelt
Author: Thera Rasing
Publisher: Avebury
Category: Social Science
Page: 112
View: 3298
This book aims to contribute to current debates over initiation rites in the context of the Catholic church. The amalgamation of traditional initiation rites and Catholic dogma has not been studied before by anthropologists. Initiation rites are presently performed by women's church groups, which are lay groups centered around a church. The specific ideas and practices related to these rites are the main subject of this book. An initiation rite performed by members of a women's church group located in an urban Roman Catholic community in Zambia, is described here in detail.

A Guide to Surviving a Career in Academia

Navigating the Rites of Passage
Author: Emily Lenning,Sara Brightman,Susan Caringella
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135146411
Category: Social Science
Page: 160
View: 2193
Navigating an academic career is a complex process – to be successful requires mastering several 'rites of passage.' This comprehensive guide takes academics at all stages of their career through a journey, beginning at graduate school and ending with retirement. A Guide to Surviving a Career in Academia is written from a feminist perspective, and draws on the information offered in workshops conducted at national meetings like the American Society of Criminology and the Society for the Study of Social Problems. Through the course of the book, an expert team of authors guide you through the obstacle course of finding effective mentors during graduate school, finding a job, negotiating a salary, teaching, collaborating with practitioners, successfully publishing, earning tenure and redressing denial and, finally, retirement. This collection is a must read for all academics, but especially women just beginning their careers, who face unique challenges when navigating through these age-old rites of passage.

The Rites of Passage

A Brief History
Author: Edward Dorn
Publisher: N.A
Category: American fiction
Page: 155
View: 2877

Her Rite of Passage

How to Design and Deliver a Rites of Passage Program for African-American Girls and Young Women
Author: Cassandra Mack
Publisher: Authors Choice Press
ISBN: 9780595470365
Category: Education
Page: 160
View: 549
Her Rite of Passage presents a complete curriculum that shows you what to do to design and carry out a successful African-centered rites program from start to finish. This guidebook will help you: understand the rites of passage process, incorporate African-centered rituals and interactive activities into your program, develop a better understanding of the social and cultural orientation of African-American girls, facilitate weekly rap sessions and plan and organize the initiation retreat and crossover ceremony.

Coming of Age the Rite Way

Youth and Community Development Through Rites of Passage
Author: David Blumenkrantz
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190297336
Page: 280
View: 3470
Coming of Age the RITE Way: Youth & Community Development through Rites of Passage addresses the absence of community-oriented rites of passage. This book is distinguished from others in that it combines almost fifty years of scholarship and practice to examine the concepts of rites of passage and sense of community, as it exists in literature and life. It focuses on the reciprocal relationship between rites of passage and sense of community and ways for it to impact the development of children and the health and adaptability of their community. This text raises and answers some of the most fundamental questions facing parents, schools and communities; How do we raise our children to be resilient, self-reliant, capable adults who are competent and with compassion that is manifested in civic engagement for social justice? The book sets forth guiding principles and clear methods for putting into practice a whole systems approach to youth development through rites of passage. The approach involves connecting and enhancing environments and building competencies, which promote the positive development of children and youth in their families, in their schools, among their peers in their community and with a strong connection to the natural world. It provides extensive narratives and case studies to illustrate how a framework of rites of passage is used to weave a common language throughout the community and links techniques for youth development with prevention, identification, intervention, and treatment and strengthens the fabric of community support.


Author: Arnold Van Gennep
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 9783593378367
Category: Rites and ceremonies
Page: 258
View: 1962

Rite of Passage

Fundamental Dynamics of Faith : the Act & Process
Author: Ian Traill
Publisher: Traillblazer Bookshop
ISBN: 0980707218
Category: Bible
Page: 272
View: 4201
When God sets in His Word a pattern, He has a reason. The reason is so that, we will look for the clues, and like Sherlock Holmes, we unravel the cryptogram in His Word to see His fingerprints on all of creation. Once we have accepted the fact that God is the author and finisher of all things inside and outside of time and space, and then we realize that nothing is by coincidence. Everything is by 'God-incidence'. 'God-incidences' happen because He is God and simply He can do it, but never does He break or contradict His dynamics. On the following page are the seven factors that control all factors.

A Girl's Gateway to Womanhood

The Rite of Passage Guidebook
Author: Frederica Chapman
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457509202
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 78
View: 2698
What is a rite of passage, and why make one? What do I have to do to prepare, and who will I choose to help me? After accomplishing my goals, how do I create my Celebration? Where will I hold my Celebration, who will I invite? Making a rite of passage is a challenging experience-one you can surely achieve with the help of a few people who are close to you. In this book you will find everything you need to begin. "At the moment of stepping through the Gateway, I felt so loved! I felt that every girl should have the opportunity to experience a Gateway Celebration! At thirteen, I took on the three-month challenge of this personal initiation. Through it, I came to understand myself. I understood what it meant to be connected to a great network of strong women.- Now I see that the work I did then has created a life-long root structure for me. I know that, should I need help, all I have to do is reach out to my community." Hilary Melcher Chapman, Girl's Gateway initiate "Frederica Chapman is a woman of creativity, courage, and optimism, and while most of us pay little or no attention to ritual, she believes in the power of ritual to guide our lives." Jane Burdick, Feldenkrais practitioner, and Girl's Gateway mentor As busy as girls are these days, the author writes, suggesting that they take time out to think about their life as a story, to discover more possibilities, and out of these possibilities to make better choices for themselves. She encourages girls to choose a circle of friends and older women to Celebrate their moment of becoming a young woman. This book supports the tendency of adolescent girls to want to do things differently and more independently. It supports them as they experience the many changes that naturally occur for anyone moving from childhood to young adulthood. It supports their sense of responsibility. With step by step guidance, a girl learns about girls rites of passage from other cultures, about imagining the possible challenges she could set for herself, choosing and working with her mentors, setting a date, creating an invitation, and choosing a location for her Celebration. It includes a chapter on the use of symbols in the planning of her initiation ritual, as well as a complete list of resource materials - books and videos - that pertain to girls' initiations. The book is both informative and fun, inspiring a sense of PLAY throughout the initiation process, and in preparing for the completing Celebration.

The Rites of Passage

Author: Jonathan Taylor
ISBN: 9780999533635
Page: N.A
View: 473
Jamie Goldberg suspects his homosexuality at an early age and manages to hide it from his homophobic Seventies Detroit community, his Jewish political activist parents, and even from himself until his rape, at the hands of a male prostitute, at the age of 16. Profoundly ashamed, he hides in two worlds.