The Shark Warrior of Alewai

A Phenomenology of Melanesian Identity
Author: Deborah Van Heekeren
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781907774034
Category: History
Page: 211
View: 6329
The first anthropological monograph published on the Vula'a people of south-eastern Papua New Guinea, The Shark Warrior of Alewai considers oral histories and Western historical documents that cover a period of more than 200 years in the light of an ethnography of contemporary Christianity. Van Heekeren's phenomenology of Vula'a storytelling reveals how the life of one man, the Shark Warrior, comes to contain the identity of a people. Drawing on the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, she goes on to establish the essential continuities that underpin the reproduction of Vula'a identity, and to demonstrate how these give a distinctive form to Vula'a responses to historical change. In an approach that brings together the fields of Anthropology, History and Philosophy, the book questions conventional anthropological categories of exchange, gender and kinship, as well as the problematic dichotomization of myth and history, to argue for an anthropology grounded in ontology.

Dermatology Made Easy

Author: Amanda Oakley
Publisher: Royal College of General Practitioners
ISBN: 1911510118
Page: 438
View: 9665
Dermatology Made Easy is based on the hugely popular DermNet New Zealand website and is designed to help GPs, medical students and dermatologists diagnose skin conditions with confidence. The book starts by providing a series of comprehensive tables, complete with over 500 thumbnail photos, to aid diagnosis according to symptoms, morphology, or body site. Once you have narrowed down the diagnosis, cross-references then guide you to more detailed descriptions, and another 700 photographs, covering: · common infections · inflammatory rashes · non-inflammatory conditions · skin lesions Every section provides consistent information on the disorder: · who gets it and what causes it? · what are the clinical features and does it cause any complications? · how do you diagnose it? · how do you treat it and how long does it take to resolve? The book concludes with a comprehensive section on further investigations and treatment options. Dermatology Made Easy combines the essential focus of the Made Easy book series with the authority and knowledge base of DermNet New Zealand’s unparalleled resources. Printed in full colour throughout.

Ghost South Road

Author: Scott Hamilton
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780994137623
Category: Great South Road (Auckland, N.Z.)
Page: 326
View: 3108
The Great South Road was built in 1862 to carry a British army into the Waikato Kingdom. When the British invaded the Waikato in 1863, soldiers shared the road with Maori refugees from Auckland. Today the eroding earthen walls of forts and pa and military cemeteries remember the road's history. They sit beside the car dealerships and kava bars and pawn shops of South Auckland, the most culturally diverse part of the world's most culturally diverse city. On their journeys up and down the Great South Road, Hamilton, Janman, and Powell have learned how the route's tragic past affects its present, and discovered the ways in which the road connects as well as divides the communities that live alongside it. Ghost South Road features obscure as well as famous figures from New Zealand history and illustrates the epic walk that the author and photographers made along the two hundred kilometre length of the Great South Road.

Pacific Futures

Projects, Politics and Interests
Author: Will Rollason
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 1782383514
Category: Social Science
Page: 256
View: 8559
The Pacific region presents a huge diversity of cultural forms, which have fuelled some of the most challenging ethnographic work undertaken in the discipline. But this challenge has come at a cost. Culture, often reconfigured as 'custom', has often served to trap the people of the Pacific in the past of cultural reproduction, where everything is what it has always been, or worse-outdated, outmoded and destined for modernization. Pacific Futures asks how our understanding of social life in the Pacific would be different if we approached it from the perspective of the futures which Pacific people dream of, predict or struggle to achieve, not the reproduction of cultural tradition. From Christianity to gambling, marriage to cargo cult, military coups to reflections on childhood fishing trips, the contributors to this volume show how Pacific people are actively shaping their lives with the future in mind.


Author: Jeffrey Weeks
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317691598
Category: Social Science
Page: 304
View: 1557
The new edition of Sexuality displays the qualities which have made this book a key text for understanding human sexuality. Jeffrey Weeks blends deep empirical knowledge with theoretical sophistication and a sensitivity to the politics of sexuality. Framing and shaping the analysis is an acute understanding of the world-wide changes that are remaking sexuality and gender, dramatized by the globalization of sex and the rise and rise of cybersex. These changes have opened unprecedented opportunities for sexual interaction and sexual choice, but also posed new sexual dangers and anxiety. Debates about the regulation and control of sexuality, and the intersection of various dimensions of power and domination are contextualised by a sustained argument about the importance of agency in remaking sexual and intimate life, above all for women and for LGBTQ people. Particular attention is given to the debates about same-sex marriage which symbolize the transformations that have taken place. These controversies in turn feed into debates about intimate citizenship and human sexual rights in a rapidly changing world.

Migration and New Media

Transnational Families and Polymedia
Author: Mirca Madianou,Daniel Miller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136577572
Category: Social Science
Page: 192
View: 8311
How do parents and children care for each other when they are separated because of migration? The way in which transnational families maintain long-distance relationships has been revolutionised by the emergence of new media such as email, instant messaging, social networking sites, webcam and texting. A migrant mother can now call and text her left-behind children several times a day, peruse social networking sites and leave the webcam for 12 hours achieving a sense of co-presence. Drawing on a long-term ethnographic study of prolonged separation between migrant mothers and their children who remain in the Philippines, this book develops groundbreaking theory for understanding both new media and the nature of mediated relationships. It brings together the perspectives of both the mothers and children and shows how the very nature of family relationships is changing. New media, understood as an emerging environment of polymedia, have become integral to the way family relationships are enacted and experienced. The theory of polymedia extends beyond the poignant case study and is developed as a major contribution for understanding the interconnections between digital media and interpersonal relationships.

Environmental Transformations and Cultural Responses

Ontologies, Discourses, and Practices in Oceania
Author: Eveline Dürr,Arno Pascht
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137533498
Category: Social Science
Page: 233
View: 5580
This book explores the various ways in which different communities and peoples in Oceania respond to and engage with recent environmental challenges and concurrent socio-political reconfigurations. Based on empirical research, the book discusses topics such as belonging, emotional attachment to land, and new forms of environmental knowledge. The theoretical framework of the book is inspired by current debates among diverse conceptualisations of the environment and thus, of various ways of knowing, making sense of, and interacting with worlds. With this focus in mind, the book provides new insights into recent socio-cultural and environmental dynamics in the Pacific.

Bradshaw’s Continental Railway Guide (full edition)

Author: George Bradshaw
Publisher: Old House Books
ISBN: 9781908402479
Category: Transportation
Page: 1560
View: 9306
Following its bestselling edition of Bradshaw's Handbook 1863, Old House brings you this fascinating guide to Europe's rail network on the very brink of the First World War. Published in 1913, it is divided into three sections: timetables for services covering the continent, short guides to each city and notable destination and features, and a wealth of advertisements and ephemeral materials concerning hotels, restaurants and services that might be required by the early twentieth century traveller by rail. It affords a fascinating glimpse of fin de siècle Europe and of a transport network that was shortly to be devastated by the greatest war the world had ever seen.

The Motu of Papua

Tradition in a Time of Change
Author: Murray Groves
ISBN: 1926820088
Category: Motu (Papua New Guinean people)
Page: 255
View: 8674

Saltwater Sociality

A Melanesian Island Ethnography
Author: Katharina Schneider
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 0857453025
Category: Social Science
Page: 260
View: 6217
The inhabitants of Pororan Island, a small group of 'saltwater people' in Papua New Guinea, are intensely interested in the movements of persons across the island and across the sea, both in their everyday lives as fishing people and on ritual occasions. From their observations of human movements, they take their cues about the current state of social relations. Based on detailed ethnography, this study engages current Melanesian anthropological theory and argues that movements are the Pororans' predominant mode of objectifying relations. Movements on Pororan Island are to its inhabitants what roads are to 'mainlanders' on the nearby larger island, and what material objects and images are to others elsewhere in Melanesia.

Consumption and Its Consequences

Author: Daniel Miller
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745676030
Category: Social Science
Page: 200
View: 9952
This is a book for those looking for different answers to some of today's most fundamental questions. What is a consumer society? Does being a consumer make us less authentic or more materialistic? How and why do we shop? How should we understand the economy? Is our seemingly insatiable desire for goods destroying the planet? Can we reconcile curbs on consumption with goals such as reducing poverty and social inequality? Miller responds to these questions by proposing feasible and, where possible, currently available alternatives, drawn mainly from his own original ethnographic research. Here you will find shopping analysed as a technology of love, clothing that sidesteps politics in tackling issues of immigration. There is an alternative theory of value that does not assume the economy is intelligent, scientific, moral or immoral. We see Coca-Cola as an example of localization, not globalization. We learn why the response to climate change will work only when we reverse our assumptions about the impact of consumption on citizens. Given the evidence that consumption is now central to the way we create and maintain our core values and relationships, the conclusions differ dramatically from conventional and accepted views as to its consequences for humanity and the planet.

Happy Isles in Crisis

The Historical Causes for a Failing State in Solomon Islands, 1998-2004
Author: Clive Moore
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780731537099
Category: History
Page: 265
View: 2066
Gaining independence in 1978, the Solomon Islands, or 'Happy Isles' as they are commonly known, have recently been rent by crisis. The nation has been torn by dissent and violence, which saw the removal of a legitimate government in 2000 and culminated in the intervention of an Australian-led regional assistance mission in 2003. The forces unleashed by Guale and Malaitan militants in recent years-atrocities, chaos and dislocation-have terrorized the people of the Solomon Islands and will not easily be controlled. A large-scale program of restorative or transformative justice is needed. Militants on all sides need to confess their terrible acts; criminals, the pain and distress they have caused; and leaders the mess they have overseen. Happy Isles in Crisis traces the deep historical roots of this crisis of discontent, disaffection and dissatisfaction among the sometimes disparate communities of the Solomon Islands over land and resources, over the complex entwinement of traditional culture and modern society, and over poor governance and poor economic performance.

Tales from Facebook

Author: Daniel Miller
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745637876
Category: Social Science
Page: 240
View: 5713
Facebook is now used by nearly 500 million people throughout the world, many of whom spend several hours a day on this site. Once the preserve of youth, the largest increase in usage today is amongst the older sections of the population. Yet until now there has been no major study of the impact of these social networking sites upon the lives of their users. This book demonstrates that it can be profound. The tales in this book reveal how Facebook can become the means by which people find and cultivate relationships, but can also be instrumental in breaking up marriage. They reveal how Facebook can bring back the lives of people isolated in their homes by illness or age, by shyness or failure, but equally Facebook can devastate privacy and create scandal. We discover why some people believe that the truth of another person lies more in what you see online than face-to-face. We also see how Facebook has become a vehicle for business, the church, sex and memorialisation. After a century in which we have assumed social networking and community to be in decline, Facebook has suddenly hugely expanded our social relationships, challenging the central assumptions of social science. It demonstrates one of the main tenets of anthropology - that individuals have always been social networking sites. This book examines in detail how Facebook transforms the lives of particular individuals, but it also presents a general theory of Facebook as culture and considers the likely consequences of social networking in the future.

Global Denim

Author: Daniel Miller,Sophie Woodward
Publisher: Berg
ISBN: 1847886310
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 204
View: 1299
On any given day nearly half of the world's population is wearing blue jeans: this is a fascinating study of the causes, nature and consequences of the rise of global denim.

Villagers and the City

Melanesian Experiences of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Author: Michael Bruce Goddard
Publisher: Sean Kingston Publishing
Category: Social Science
Page: 177
View: 8870
Since Papua New Guinea¿s Independence in the 1970s, Port Moresby has been transformed from a colonial administrative centre to a distinctively Melanesian city. In this book, experts from the fields of anthropology, ethnomusicology and human ecology seek to represent Port Moresby as Papua New Guineans experience it rather than as outsiders perceive it, often from unsympathetic media accounts of violence and corruption. Considering groups of migrants, long-term residents and the traditional landholders of the territory on which it has grown, the contributors offer intimately informed perspectives on the vibrant, dynamic, exciting, hybrid environment that is `Mosbi¿.

Legends of People, Myths of State

Violence, Intolerance, and Political Culture in Sri Lanka and Australia
Author: Bruce Kapferer
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 0857455176
Category: Social Science
Page: 446
View: 504
The civil war in Sri Lanka and the part that nationalism seemed to play in it inspired the writing of this book some twenty-three years ago. The argument was developed through a comparative analysis of nationalism in Sri Lanka with the author's native Australia. At the time this constituted an innovative approach to comparison in anthropology, as well as to nationalism and its possibilities. It was not based on differences but on the way in which perspectives from within the two nationalisms, when seen side-by-side, could present an understanding of their implication in producing the violence of war, racism, and social exclusion. The book has lost none of its importance and urgency as proven by the chapters in the Appendix, written by top scholars working in Sri Lanka and in Australia. These contributions bring together new material and critically explore the book's themes and their continued relevance to the various trajectories in nationalist processes since the first publication of the book.

The Voice of the Tambaran

Truth and Illusion in Ilahita Arapesh Religion
Author: Donald F. Tuzin
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520039643
Category: Religion
Page: 355
View: 3374

Savage Money

Author: C.A. Gregory
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135299404
Category: Social Science
Page: 357
View: 9127
This volume is not simply another general theory of world system. It is a theoretically and ethnographically informed collection of essays which opens up new questions through an examination of concrete cases, covering global and local questions of political economy.