Story of Wine

Author: Hugh Johnson
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 9781840009729
Category: Cooking
Page: 256
View: 6775
Written by the world's bestselling wine author, this new illustrated edition is an enthralling read, tracing the story of wine from the dawn of civilization through the bacchanalian splendor of the ancient world to the present day. Updated to include the latest developments in wine, this edition features never before seen archival photographs.

The Story of Wine

Author: Hugh Johnson
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781857329971
Category: Wine and wine making
Page: 480
View: 7582
The winner of every wine book award in Britain and the U.S.. In tiffs fascinating book, Hugh Johnson, the world's best-selling wine author. traces the story of wine from the dawn of civilization through the bacchanalian splendor of the ancient world to the present day. In his incomparable style that combines wit, insight and anecdote, Hugh Johnson tells us about classical drinking paries and Islamic Prohibition, the voyages of 14th century wine ships and the invention of the wine bottle, and how Champagne survived the bombardments of World War 1. Critically acclaimed, exquisitely written, The Story of Wine is a necessary addition to the library of any afficianado.

A Century of Wine

The Story of a Wine Revolution
Author: Stephen Brook
Publisher: Board & Bench Pub
ISBN: 9781891267338
Category: Cooking
Page: 192
View: 5441
Some of the world's premier wine writers chronicle one hundred years in the evolution of the modern-day global wine industry, explore the development of wine in various regions around the world, and discuss the impact of political developments--including two world wars and their aftermaths--have affected popular tastes and styles.


The 8,000 Year-Old Story of the Wine Trade
Author: Thomas Pellechia
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 9781560258711
Category: Cooking
Page: 272
View: 7875
The grape pre-dates humans, so it's hard to know who discovered wine. However, archeological and other discoveries have made it easier to find this out since wine was used to meet spiritual needs. At least, this is the story that is usually told. But when civilization began about 8,000 years ago it didn't take long for wine to move from an instrument of spirituality to a dominant economic power; all it took was the development of trade. Thereafter, the life and death of certain cultures often depended upon the fortunes of wine trading. Wine may have even sparked the earliest wars. Presenting its history from a commercial perspective, Wine reveals how the historically powerful wine trade has been a catalyst in many important developments throughout the ages such as sea mercantilism, early glass blowing, cooperage and cork production, trade fairs and festivals, advertising and promotion, the survival of civilization during the so-called Dark Ages, war financing, placating or pacifying troops, tranquilizing marauders, politics, literature and more.


From Neolithic Times to the 21st Century
Author: Stefan K. Estreicher
Publisher: Algora Publishing
ISBN: 0875864775
Category: Antiques & Collectibles
Page: 186
View: 6248
The story of wine is the story of religion, medicine, science, war, discovery and dream. This compact, engaging, easy-to-read and well-illustrated text covers the essential historical background and the key developments in the history of wine through the ages, with lists of top vintages.

The Emperor of Wine

The Remarkable Story of the Rise and Reign of Robert Parker
Author: Elin McCoy
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781906502249
Category: Wine and wine making
Page: 352
View: 5526
'The Emperor of Wine' chronicles the rise of Robert Parker, the world's most influential and controversial wine critic, who over the last 25 years had dominated the international wine world.

Circle of Vines

The Story of New York Wine
Author: Richard Figiel
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438453825
Category: Cooking
Page: 208
View: 3145
Traces the history of the New York wine industry as it evolved across the state. Winegrower and journalist Richard Figiel offers the first comprehensive history of New York wine, following its turbulent evolution across the state and emerging as a dynamic player in the world of fine wine. He begins by examining New York’s distinctive viticultural roots and the geologic forces that shaped the state’s terrain for winegrowing. Starting with early efforts to grow grapes for wine in the Hudson Valley, the story moves west to the Finger Lakes and Lake Erie, circles around the state from Long Island to the North Country, and, finally, to contemporary New York City. Through industry booms and busts, he explores the New York wine industry’s continuing process of reinvention by resourceful immigrants, family dynasties, giant corporations, and back-to-the-land dreamers. Moving across centuries of winemaking, Figiel unfolds an extraordinary array of grape species, varieties, and wines. “This is a clear and coherent theme—the evolution of an important modern wine industry in New York. It is the most complete history of this topic.” — Ian A. Merwin, viticulturalist at Cornell University, coauthor of A Grower’s Guide to Organic Apples “What works is when the book weaves between providing basic history and then anecdotes that illuminate that history. I had difficulty putting the book down because it was entertaining. This should make a very fine contribution to the literature of wine-making in New York.” — John C. Hartsock, author of Seasons of a Finger Lakes Winery


A social and cultural history of the drink that changed our lives
Author: Rod Phillips
Publisher: Infinite Ideas
ISBN: 1910902470
Category: History
Page: 264
View: 6273
A social history of wine looks at how wine has been used to demarcate social groups and genders, how wine has shaped facets of social life as diverse as medicine, religion, and military activity, how vineyards have transformed landscapes, and how successive innovations in wine packaging have affected and been affected by commerce and consumption.

Peanut Butter and Wine

The Story of Emmaline and Joseph
Author: Valerie Jeanne Brown
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781500351267
Category: Fiction
Page: 342
View: 2089
The Bruce Clan is a proud lot, with a pure Scottish background. It seems to some, that heritage means little these days, but ask a Bruce and they will give you a recount of their family back to the days of William Wallace. Some of it may even be true. Angus Bruce is the patriarch of the family, and even though the American Bruce's are few, he does what he can to keep the family together. This would be a very easy task for most families; however, most families do not have an Emmaline. Emmaline is the granddaughter of Angus Bruce and the youngest daughter of Catherine Bruce-Abernathy. As she tries to gain some independence from her family, her life unexpectedly begins to change. A change is not what she is looking for, she is happy with her life as it is. However, when a neighbor moves in next door, change comes in the form of Joseph Linden. They know how they feel about one another, from the start….. “You're a right smart ass you are!” Remembering she had wine on the porch, she turned to leave. “And you're a hot headed Irish woman!” He retorted. “I'm not Irish!” She yelled at his window as she picked up a glass of wine, which she quickly put down. She had no idea to whom she was speaking, but had decided that she didn't like him. This is the story of a young woman who—after being derailed—is coming into her own, at last. Living in a small town in Maine, she feels she has everything she needs. She soon discovers other venues, and a life that she has never known. Yes, she has everything she needs, however, she knows the difference between needs and wants, and she wants much more than she has.

Wine Heritage

The Story of Italian-American Vintners
Author: Dick Rosano
Publisher: Board and Bench Publishing
ISBN: 1891267132
Category: Cooking
Page: 256
View: 9930
Mondavi, Martini, Sebastiani, Gallo, Bargetto and Perelli-Minetti. Who could deny the importance of Italians to the development of America’s wine industry? It is little known that Italians have been planting vineyards and making wine in America since the early colonial days when Filippo Mazzei was the vineyard consultant for Thomas Jefferson. Grapes were planted and nurtured in virtually every corner of America where Italians settled. Wine making was as sacrosanct as making bread or pasta. Here is the story of Italian immigrants whose descendants now dominate American wine making. How they struggled and endured. How they persisted in the face of Prohibition and facilitated legislation permitting home wine making of 200 gallons per family. The intrigue, the feuds, the love affairs and financial triumphs are all in this authenticated history from the earliest days of America to the new Italian/American wine makers.

Sonoma Wine and the Story of Buena Vista

Author: Charles L. Sullivan
Publisher: Board and Bench Publishing
ISBN: 1935879847
Category: Cooking
Page: 240
View: 3054
The beginning of history for California wine starts with 17th-century , but the industry and commercial powerhouse that commands 60 percent of the United States market was birthed 200 years later, the product of a Hungarian aristocrat, European grapes, and the Sonoma Valley. In this groundbreaking book by historian and bestselling author Charles L. Sullivan, the untold history of Sonoma wine serves as backdrop to the turbulent story of California s first commercial winery, Buena Vista, from its founding by brilliant but quixotic Agoston Haraszthy, through phyloxera plague and the dry years of prohibition to its present-day market prominence. Sonoma Wine and the Story of Buena Vista is a scholarly study of two centuries of California wine history, told in a riveting narrative that will engage and delight.

A Short History of Wine

Author: Rod Phillips
Publisher: Harper Perennial
ISBN: 9780060937379
Category: Cooking
Page: 400
View: 1248
Variously regarded as a sacred, religious drink, an inebriant, and even the work of the Devil, throughout the ages wine has generated passions that verge on mania. In A Short History of Wine, Rod Phillips tells the story of wine in the Western world with all its grandeurs and miseries. Packed with fascinating stories, unexpected insights, and the myriad tricks of the trade, A Short History of Wine is an essential book for anyone who treats this most venerated drink with the zeal it deserves.

The Wine Hunter

The Life Story of Australia’s First Great Winemaker
Author: Campbell Mattinson
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483553639
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 306
View: 1990
Australia’s first great winemaker was a Frenchman. He walked onto a hillside vineyard in the Hunter Valley north-west of Sydney in the early 1920s – fresh from study at Montpellier – and in a hot, soggy climate worked to craft a set of wines that, when finally opened as forty and fifty and sixty-year-olds, could make people gasp. He made these wines without electricity, without any kind of personal or professional convenience, and with a broken heart. It makes no sense that these wines should prove so good; what he managed was a miracle. He died without knowing of the legend he and his wines would become. This is the story of Maurice O’Shea, creator of Australia’s first fine wines.

Religion and Wine

A Cultural History of Wine Drinking in the United States
Author: Robert C. Fuller
Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press
ISBN: 9780870499111
Category: Cooking
Page: 140
View: 4405
Wine, more than any other food or beverage, is intimately associated with religious experience and celebratory rituals. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in American cultural history. From the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock to the Franciscans and Jesuits who pioneered California's Mission Trail, many American religious groups have required wine to perform their sacraments and enliven their evening meals. This book tells the story of how viniculture in America was started and sustained by a broad spectrum of religious denominations. In the process, it offers new insights into the special relationship between wine production and consumption and the spiritual dimension of human experience.

Passion V. Arrogance

A Dana and Goliath Story of Wine, Women and Wrong!
Author: Margaret Broderick
Publisher: Passion Power Press
ISBN: 9780976259763
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 254
View: 6494
The compelling story of a small women-owned winery in the Midwest, from impressive start and international growth to the difficult business decision to close, with the ensuing results from the business world. Changes in relationships, economic times, and government involvement all cause a rippling effect of disastrous actions, and one improbable event after another leads to the destruction of a life's dream.