The Three Legged Kangaroo

Author: Michelle Worthington
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781925520415
Category: Animals
Page: 32
View: 5887
The Three Legged Kangaroo from Uluru leaves behind everything he has ever known about friendship to test his bravery and discover that belonging to a family is about celebrating what makes us unique, not about fitting in. From thered rock to the blue waves, a kangaroo can do amazing things, as long as he believes in himself. Children will love ......

QI: The Third Book of General Ignorance

Author: John Lloyd,John Mitchinson,James Harkin,Andrew Hunter Murray
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571309003
Category: Humor
Page: 368
View: 5205
The Third Book of General Ignorance gathers together 180 questions, both new and previously featured on the BBC TV programme's popular 'General Ignorance' round, and show why, when it comes to general knowledge, none of us knows anything at all. Who invented the sandwich? What was the best thing before sliced bread? Who first ate frogs' legs? Which cat never changes its spots? What did Lady Godiva do? What can you legally do if you come across a Welshman in Chester after sunset?

The Three-Legged Camel

Author: Gary Towner
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1611602297
Category: Fiction
Page: 213
View: 7332
Johnny Walker is an undercover Interpol agent. When he is called to Somalia, he thinks he has a dream-come-true assignment when he is asked to guard the harem of a visiting Arabian prince. But the dream turns into a nightmare when the ravishing beauties disappear. He follows the trail to the abductors and discovers a flourishing White Slave trade. The Prince is so happy to get his harem ladies back, he offers Walker an old family heirloom. Walker graciously accepts, but privately he suspects the gold-plated statue caricature of a three legged camel probably has a Made in Hong Kong label on its bottom. After a drinking bout with a friend, Walker drops the statue. When he examines the broken pieces, he has to use tweezers to pull out a frayed map. A treasure map.


A Functional Approach
Author: M. B. V. Roberts
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780174480198
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 693
View: 3576
Cells and organisms - Energy - Homeostastis - Response and co-ordination - Reproduction - Development - Heredity - Genes and development - Evolution _

Taming the Taildragger

Author: Col R.L. Upchurch USMC
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146284166X
Category: Humor
Page: 359
View: 4859
When he earns his wings, Tom Fitzgerald learns that he will not be flying jets, but propeller driven Skyraiders. When he and his nemesis, Dean Claymore, report for duty in Miami, Florida they discover that the old taildragger can deliver tons ordnance; however it is unforgiving of inexperienced aviators. Fortunately Miami offers diversions, such as airline stewardesses, jai alai frontons, and all night cocktail lounges. When the squadron deploys to the Far East it deals with bizarre aircraft accidents, a humiliating encounter in a Manila bar, and a wacky operation to rescue US citizens from a civil war on Sumatra. Days before they are to return home, Tom and Dean disappear over the Philippines and are feared to be victims of communist guerillas. Crammed with nonstop aviation adventure, this saga will not let you go until the final page has been turned.


Ten Science Fiction Stories
Author: Jack Dann,George Zebrowski
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 1434447383
Category: Fiction
Page: 101
View: 7315
Long before their award-nominated and awarded stories and novels, these two writers word-jammed together, learning the music of story writing and the blood and bones of distinctive prose. And all these early efforts were published! Here they are again, together in one place--ten riveting stories of science fiction--as entertaining as they were fun to write--including the previously unpublished tale, "The Standard Crisis Scenario"!

Analog Science Fiction/science Fact

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Science fiction
Page: N.A
View: 4443

Science Fiction Analog Science Fact

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 4420


the final science fiction collection
Author: Isaac Asimov
Publisher: Harper Prism
Category: Fiction
Page: 345
View: 8528
The last science fiction collection from the great author contains stories previously unpublished in book form and centers around the powerful tale of a writer who gambles everything on a chance at immortality--a gamble the author himself made. 50,000 first printing.

Das Ende der Menschheit

Author: Stephen Baxter
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641204925
Category: Fiction
Page: 592
View: 1955
Vierzehn Jahre sind vergangen, seit die Invasion der Marsianer Englands Städte in Schutt und Asche legte. Vierzehn Jahre, seit die Angreifer vom roten Planeten an den Mikroben der Erde zugrunde gingen. Seitdem herrschen Frieden, Wohlstand und Fortschritt. Als man erneut den Start von Marsraketen beobachtet, macht sich daher keiner Sorgen – bis auf Walter Jenkins. Und er hat recht. Denn die Marsianer kommen zurück. Und sie wollen nur eins: Rache.

Irre glücklich

Ein unfassbares Überlebenstraining für depressive Zeiten
Author: Jenny Lawson
Publisher: Kailash Verlag
ISBN: 3641189926
Category: Self-Help
Page: 320
View: 4237
Auf ihre unnachahmlich liebenswürdige und verrückte Art beschreibt Jenny Lawson ihren Kampf mit Depressionen und Angststörungen. Indem sie »Ja« zu absurden Möglichkeiten sagt und so alltägliche Momente wundervoll macht, findet sie ihre ganz persönliche Waffe gegen die Krankheit. Ja zu der Liebe zu einem ausgestopften Waschbären, ja zu einer Australienreise, obwohl es sie oft überfordert, auch nur das Haus zu verlassen, ja zu Voodoo-Vaginas, Ponys im Flugzeug und mitternächtlichen Katzenrodeos. In den dunklen Stunden zehrt sie von diesen Erinnerungen – eine Einstellung, die ihr Leben gerettet hat. Mit unendlich viel Humor, Mut und Ehrlichkeit will die Autorin zeigen, dass wir nicht allein sind, und uns die Stärke geben, trotz Depressionen das Leben auszukosten.

Curiosities of Natural History, In

Fourth Series
Author: Francis T. Buckland
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1605205559
Category: Social Science
Page: 384
View: 9263
A pioneer in the strange art and ambiguous science of zo phagy-that is, of studying animals by eating them-British natural historian FRANCIS TREVELYAN BUCKLAND (1826-1880) was a wildly popular speaker and writer of the Victorian era. In his classic four-volume Curiosities of Natural History, published between 1857 and 1872, he shared his love of creatures exotic and mysterious with readers who devoured his charming and erudite essays much in the same way he devoured his animal subjects. "If there is one person that I would have expected to have captured a sea serpent in the 19th century for the sole purpose of eating it, it would be Frank Buckland," writes cryptozoologist Loren Coleman in his new introduction to Buckland's series. One of the founding grandfathers of cryptozoology, the discipline that investigates animal mysteries, Buckland was not "a wild-eyed 'true believer' in anything strange," insists Coleman, but brought, instead, "a skeptical, open-minded approach" to his work. Indeed, here, in the "fourth series" of Curiosities of Natural History, Buckland's erudition is clear in his animated discussions of, among many other things, measuring a French giant, the "woolly woman of Hayti," performing fleas, six thousand parakeets, the intemperance of salmon, and fossil pork. This new edition, a replica of the 1888 "Popular Edition," is part of Cosimo's Loren Coleman Presents series. LOREN COLEMAN is author of numerous books of cryptozoology, including Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America and Mothman and Other Curious Encounters.

Finding True Balance

Great Balancing Acts of Life
Author: James LeVoy Sorenson
Publisher: Bookcraft, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781570087783
Category: Self-Help
Page: 155
View: 8756

Friends Like Us

Author: Lauren Fox
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 030795742X
Category: Fiction
Page: 272
View: 3084
With her critically acclaimed debut novel, Still Life with Husband, Lauren Fox established herself as a wise and achingly funny chronicler of domestic life and was hailed as “a delightful new voice in American fiction, a voice that instantly recalls the wry, knowing prose of Lorrie Moore” (Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times). Fox’s new novel glitters with these pleasures—fearless wordplay, humor, and nuance—and asks us the question at the heart of every friendship: What would you give up for a friend’s happiness? For Willa Jacobs, seeing her best friend, Jane Weston, is like looking in a mirror on a really good day. Strangers assume they are sisters, a comparison Willa secretly enjoys. They share an apartment, clothing, and groceries, eking out rent with part-time jobs. Willa writes advertising copy, dreaming up inspirational messages for tea bags (“The path to enlightenment is steep” and “Oolong! Farewell!”), while Jane cleans houses and writes poetry about it, rhyming “dust” with “lust,” and “clog of hair” with “fog of despair.” Together Willa and Jane are a fortress of private jokes and shared opinions, with a friendship so close there’s hardly room for anyone else. But when Ben, Willa’s oldest friend, reappears and falls in love with Jane, Willa wonders: Can she let her two best friends find happiness with each other if it means leaving her behind?

Robot Evolution

The Development of Anthrobotics
Author: Mark E. Rosheim
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471026228
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 423
View: 5632
Lavishly Illustrated, Comprehensive, Detailed, and Reader–Friendly––This is the Ultimate Robot Book! From newly discovered designs of Leonardo da Vinci to the pioneering nineteenth–century work of Nikola Tesla, and on to burgeoning anthropomorphic robots, "anthrobots," that are dextrous, communicative, and autonomous, Robot Evolution covers the length and ever–widening breadth of this new robotics field. Acknowledged robotics expert Mark Rosheim offers at once a fascinating look at more than 2,000 years of robot history, as well as a technical guide to their development, design, and component parts. This book explores the evolution and increasing complexity of robot designs and points out the advantages and disadvantages of various design approaches for robot arms, hands, wrists, and legs. By analyzing the kinematics of robot components in comparison to human limbs, Robot Evolution also introduces a powerful new design tool to measure and evaluate past, present, and new designs. This book features: ∗ Robot survey from ancient Greece to the nineteenth century ∗ Analysis of modern robots from 1950 to the present ∗ Comparative anatomy of human and robot joints ∗ Chapter–by–chapter analysis of robot arms, wrists, hands, and legs ∗ Evolution of sensors and artificial intelligence ∗ Development of mechanical men from man–amplifiers to amazing anthropomorphic robots––anthrobots!

Eine kurze Geschichte der Menschheit

Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Publisher: DVA
ISBN: 364110498X
Category: History
Page: 528
View: 3247
Krone der Schöpfung? Vor 100 000 Jahren war der Homo sapiens noch ein unbedeutendes Tier, das unauffällig in einem abgelegenen Winkel des afrikanischen Kontinents lebte. Unsere Vorfahren teilten sich den Planeten mit mindestens fünf weiteren menschlichen Spezies, und die Rolle, die sie im Ökosystem spielten, war nicht größer als die von Gorillas, Libellen oder Quallen. Vor 70 000 Jahren dann vollzog sich ein mysteriöser und rascher Wandel mit dem Homo sapiens, und es war vor allem die Beschaffenheit seines Gehirns, die ihn zum Herren des Planeten und zum Schrecken des Ökosystems werden ließ. Bis heute hat sich diese Vorherrschaft stetig zugespitzt: Der Mensch hat die Fähigkeit zu schöpferischem und zu zerstörerischem Handeln wie kein anderes Lebewesen. Anschaulich, unterhaltsam und stellenweise hochkomisch zeichnet Yuval Harari die Geschichte des Menschen nach und zeigt alle großen, aber auch alle ambivalenten Momente unserer Menschwerdung.


Author: Julie Murray
Publisher: ABDO
ISBN: 1617830119
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 2970
Provides information about the appearance, homes, eating habits, and reproduction of kangaroos, and includes photographs.

The jungles of randomness

a mathematical safari
Author: Ivars Peterson
Publisher: Wiley
Category: Mathematics
Page: 239
View: 6251
Examines the concept of randomness and how it affects everyday life, including games, music, and the combination of atoms

Hawaiian cowboys

Author: John Yau
Publisher: Black Sparrow Pr
Category: Fiction
Page: 169
View: 7451
Thirteen stories on people of mixed Asian and Caucasian origin. In the title story a man of Chinese-Dutch origin, who feels a foreigner wherever he goes, discovers the pleasure of feeling at home when on a visit to Hawaii people take him for a local resident. By the author of Crossing Canal Street.